Story Codes: MF, Exhibitionist-Voyeur

Carnal Desires...
by Matthew Scott Harris.

A series of exceedingly fortunate events finds both of us shuttered behind
closed either yours or mine bedroom door.

An introductory embrace allows us to hold each other close and breathe in
the fragrance of the other. At some arbitrary time, we make eye contact and
allow our slightly opened mouths to blend into a fusion of one oral cavity.

Teeth accidentally clack and click (like the tappet brothers hammering out a
piston) against unfamiliar dentifrice while tongues create some playful spur of
the moment cat and mouse chase game!

An excess of saliva spills back and forth necessitating an intermittent
breakaway similar to basketball players dribbling prior to the next ploy! In the
interim our naked bodies strategically perched atop a Rockaway Mattress
akin to be nestled in cloud sixty nine!

Upon one of these occasions, I take liberty (perhaps with just a barely audible
objection) to kiss thy brow, cheek and nape of neck. Unique female aroma
wafts my nostrils.

A spontaneous urge to nibble (and taste the salt from flesh) finds tongue
(mine) doing some data mining around upper arms and setting sights toward
those engorged and ripe breasts. The surface of my hand seems colder and
rougher against the silky smooth base of bosom. Lips gravitate toward these
swollen mammary glands. An infantile pang inducts this older guy suckling like
a babe.

Akin to a newborn, I apply a gentle suction upon the nipple and also describe
circular motions atop this supposedly sensitive of teat. Optimism exists to
draw out your milky white substance. Even if this endeavor made in vain, I
also try to cause arousal and listen for any vocalization of pleasure.

Meanwhile my unoccupied hands caress and rub your upper thigh getting
ever closer to that sacred triangular hot spot. While continuing to and pet
stroke the pubic area with one hand, I gently spread your legs with the other.
Akin to some gravitational pull, my head descends upon that fecund, mossy
and warm glade.

At first blush, I try (ahem) to get the lay of the little landscape! Ears get put on
high (red) alert and cocked to listen for any audible reaction. If lucky with a
certain oral stroke of luck, I make a concerted effort to zero in on that
particular erogenous zone!

Visions of your spread legs adrip with milky colored droplets clinging to the
fibers of each and every darkly hued pubic hair (akin to beads of ice strung
limbs of a tree - where the prismatic splay of light casts a spectrum to form),
causes immediate salivation.

This quizzical countenance (mine) finds itself one lickity split second (no pun
intended) away from tasting the tangy twat (yours)!

Tongue thrusts out and takes a jaunt within the miniature rills in an attempt to
brook sinful delight. Increase in cooing and moaning indicates heading closer.
The tip of my tongue probes and touches and luckily trips the geyser.

Trials and errors at long last bridges that gap (no greater than a single kinky
fiber - yet seeming to be an infinite chasm in length) and stings - with one tear
shaped droplet upon the tongue with that most supreme genital stew!

A slight shift in position thenceforth allows, enables and provides just the
perfect strategic angle to stretch oral appendage across glistening and moist
clitoris! I oblige this just dessert (of mine) and begin to let fingers of each
hand carefully and gently pull apart the most prominent or rather pink) print of
the labia!

Vaginal features to offer most advantageous opportunity for tongue to apply
just adequate pressure upon hidden crannies and nooks!

An intent made to strike that supposed G spot (if applicable and existent) and
burst that hidden dam and salient seductive wellspring!

Increased groans and moans indicative that the hidden valley (latent with
sought after libidinal liquid asset) fast becomes ready to explode in a
concomitant synchronization of intense uttering accompanied by your geyser
like release of cum!

My woody like pecker now peeks and peeps outa his pantz and wants to pick
(a dill oh) (like some puny panzer) pink panties particularly laden with
pheromone pussy willow flavor!

This smallish pistol-packing penultimate pal gets perfectly positioned and
primed for firing off his load!

Upon discovering where within YOUR estuaries, a pang of pleasure arises, a
firmer force comes down (and eventually out) to bear!

Regular lunging and pumping motions with this hardened vein bulging penis
(in rapid fire succession) means to draw up (and out) the eruption of YOUR
(ahem) well-deserved comeuppance!

© 2008  Matthew Scott Harris