Story Code: MF, Consensual, Exhibitionist,

by Peter Baltensperger

It rained. Molly Hunter hurried along the sidewalk from the parking lot to the entrance to her
office building, the rain drumming on her umbrella. She managed to stay relatively dry. Once
inside, she shook her hair back in place, closed her umbrella, and took the elevator to the top
floor of her building. She had been doing well for herself. She had climbed the corporate ladder
more quickly and with more ease then most. Now she was finally at the top, thanks to her
determined pursuit of her goals. Her most recent promotion had been to Director of Accounting,
reporting to one of the Vice-Presidents, and she felt she had probably moved as high up as
she could, or even wanted to.

She attributed her success to the fact that she had a predominantly mathematical mind and
always thought in straight lines. Yet deep down she knew very well that everything moved and
evolved in cycles. There was always a beginning, a middle, and an end, but just as every end
always had a new beginning, every beginning always had its own end, again and again. Like
the seasons, coming and going and coming again. Like rain. She missed being aware of the
cycles, and she missed being aware of the seasons and the rain. The middles always tended to
look after themselves.

The way she really liked to see the world was not in mathematical terms and straight lines, but
rather as a giant carousel, going around and around, day in and day out. Sometimes the
carousel stopped, and various people climbed on. Sometimes the carousel stopped, and other
people stepped off. The calliope kept playing its merry tunes, regardless of what happened in
the world. Or on the carousel.

What bothered her the most was that while vying for her last two promotions, she had been
neglecting her private and social life much more than she would have liked. Before that, she
always had a string of boyfriends and lovers to fill her life after her office hours, provide her with
outside companionship, and take her mind off all her responsibilities.

For some time now, one of the Vice-Presidents, an intelligent, ambitious, and dedicated
co-worker probably a bit older than she, had been openly flirting with her and even asked her
out a couple of times, but she always put him off to concentrate on her work. His name was
Jason Brown. He had a very pleasant personality and seemed to have a good, solid character.
She thought that maybe the time had come to encourage him and accept his invitation to take
her out. She hadn't had sex with anyone in quite some time, and she was beginning to miss that
as well.

Molly felt that sex generally boiled down to a very simple concept. A penis in a vagina, again
and again. A cycle. A quick ride on the carousel. She herself always tried her best to make it
more than just that, although some of her past lovers hadn't been particularly interested in
cooperating with her. She never kept them for more than a night. She was hoping that Jason
wouldn't be one of them, but she didn't think it was a likely possibility.

A couple of days later, Jason happened to walk past her glassed-in office and winked at her, a
big grin on his face. She summoned up her courage and winked back. He stopped short in his
tracks and looked at her as if wanting to make sure he had seen right. She thought maybe he
would come into her office, but he caught himself, waved at her, and went on his way.

The next morning, he surprised her with a bouquet of flowers and asked her out to dinner on
the weekend. They went for dinner and a movie, he drove her home, and she took him up to
her apartment. It couldn't have been easier.

She needn't have worried about his sexual behaviour patterns. He was very attentive and
considerate and seemed to know all about her body and what to do with it. Molly thoroughly
enjoyed having her breasts fondled and her nipples sucked for a change, her pussy rubbed
and probed, her buttocks stroked and squeezed. She sighed and moaned and cried out his
name at all the appropriate times to let him know she was enjoying what he was doing, and also
because it made her feel good to articulate her pleasure in this way. She had become a rather
vocal lover over the years and always enjoyed her expressions of joy.

Jason was quite aggressive in his approach and took control of things right from the start. Yet
he didn't dominate, but gave her time to do her own thing and pleasure him the way he
pleasured her. He wasn't nearly as vocal as she, as men, she had found, usually weren't, but
he did moan and groan when she started to manipulate his penis and rubbed his balls. On the
whole, they worked very well together, considering it was their first time. They spent a long time
just fondling and stimulating each other in various different ways, each paying close attention to
the other's reactions and responses.

In the end, of course, it did boil down to a very simple concept, a penis in a vagina, but he did it
slowly and carefully so as to give her a chance to reach her own orgasm before he had his. All
in all, it turned out to be a very pleasant and enjoyable evening. He spent the night with her,
she made breakfast in the morning, and then he left. She was very pleased with herself and
completely satisfied with the way things had turned out.

They went out together quite regularly after that, being careful not to let their relationship
interfere with their work. They made it a point to keep their intimacy strictly to themselves.
Nobody in the office seemed to suspect anything about their activities. At least nobody ever
said anything to them.

As they grew more and more used to each other and became gradually more familiar and more
intimate with each other, they started to experiment with various techniques and expand their
range of positions that they had in their respective repertoires from their previous involvements.
They enjoyed their sexual togetherness more and more and delighted in showing each other
various different approaches to make each other feel good and satisfied.

The more often they were together, the more adventurous they became and the more fun they
had together. They had long moved past the simple penis in a vagina thing and found
increasingly more interesting and varied ways to stimulate and pleasure each other and bring
each other to stronger and more enjoyable orgasms as time went by. He always spent the night
with her, and they always cuddled for a while before going to sleep. More often than not, they
resumed their activities when they woke up in the morning and continued with their mutual
explorations until they brought each other to wonderful orgasms again.

They were always ravenously hungry in the mornings, and Molly always cooked a big breakfast
for them. They sat at the kitchen table and talked and talked, enjoying each other's intellects
and sharing their innermost thoughts and dreams with each other.

Molly was feeling better and better about herself, and her career didn't seem to be quite as
important anymore, at least not to the exclusion of everything else. She felt much more relaxed
and happy again. Her job seemed to become easier as time went by. She was still the same
dedicated employee she had always been, and she made sure she did everything to the
absolute best of her abilities and training. It was just that her days in her office weren't quite so
stressful anymore because she always had her weekends with Jason to look forward to. She
was riding the most beautiful carousel imaginable and she had no intention of getting off.

One Sunday morning they were sitting at her kitchen table across from each other, devouring
their breakfast and chatting amicably with each other. Jason announced out of the blue that he
was transferring to a different city to head a much larger department for their company.

Molly was flabbergasted. Of all the things she could have worried about, this was definitely the
last thing she would have considered. The carousel suddenly and inexplicably stopped.

"How long have you known this?" she asked, as if it made any difference. But she had to say
something, and that was the first thing that came into her puzzled mind.

"It doesn't matter," Jason replied. "I thought it was best to tell you this way."

"I'll miss you," Molly said.

"I'll miss you, too," Jason said.

They went back to bed after they finished their breakfast and had sex together for the last time.
They made it as interesting and enjoyable as they could and made it last as long as they
possibly could. Then they lay quietly on the bed together, their arms tightly around each other,
until it was time for Jason to leave. There wasn't anything else to be said.

Molly had a long, hot bath to calm herself down, but it didn't help much. She still couldn't quite
figure out what had happened, and nothing she did that evening was making any sense or
succeeded in pacifying her troubled mind.

She didn't sleep well that night. In one of her dreams, she was clinging desperately to one of
the horses on a carousel, trying her hardest not to fall off. The calliope kept playing its tunes as
if nothing had happened at all while she kept going around and around on the carousel, her
head spinning from the continuous rotation.

Copyright© 2012

Peter Baltensperger is a Canadian writer of Swiss origin and the author of ten books of poetry,
fiction, and non-fiction. His stories, poems, essays, and articles have also appeared in several
hundred publications around the world. His erotic writing has been published in The
International Journal of Erotica, In the Buff, Erotic Tales, and Kairos, is forthcoming in The
Mammoth Book of Erotic Confessions, and appears on line in Lucrezia Magazine, Oysters and
Chocolate, Eros Monthly, and Samarel Artcore Fantasies.

He makes his home in London, Canada with his wife Viki and their two cats and a tortoise.

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