codes: MF

by Cashmere Bates

I shaved my pussy this morning just in case Mo is able to give me a ride home
tonight. Mo’s got those lips that are as soft as jelly on the inside but a little corn-
husky and purple from smoking too much weed. He balls them up when he’s not
talking and I imagine wrapping my mouth around his.

He’s got a keen nose, low fade, naturally tanned skin, lazy-like, slouch, a nice
swagger. He holds on to things when he stands; the counter, the doorframe, the
bread warmer, the pop cooler, anything to carry some of his weight for a minute. He’
s not heavy though. 160? Nice.
His sub shop is right next door to my pizza shop so he comes in all the time and
immediately he checks for me and if I’m in the back of the store, I go up to say
“what’s up” to him and he says something in his whispery way and I say “what?”
and he says it again and I can almost hear him.

“Maybe you should try mumbling” I say. “See if that works for ya cuz I can’t hear a
word you’re saying.

He grins and we share a look that says “I want you so bad”.

Then he enunciates clearly and carefully, “CAN I GET A CHEESE PIZZA?’”

And I oblige him. Throw in a free Coke because they only have Pepsi at their shop.
And he doesn’t have to pay because he gives me free subs and cookies and chips
and Pepsi.

Tonight, when he comes in, I’ll remind him that he said he might be able to give me
a ride home sometimes.

Sometimes I wonder about Mo though. You can tell a lot about a guy from his
swagger. Mo’s got a smooth ease about him. He kind of leans on the door as it’s
closing and his eyes roll around in his head a lot. Also, he doesn’t really look
directly at you when he speaks and he almost never uses his hands or any other
part of his body when he communicates. Actually, he seems pretty apathetic about
everything. If I had to describe him the word irresponsible would come to mind. But I
don’t worry about it much because I always carry protection.

As soon as I saw him I asked him and he agreed to give me a ride home so I
worked all day thinking about us riding side by side in silence just feeling each
other’s vibe; something good on the radio, I just tell him what turns to make and
when I get out at my house he says “alright now” and I say “alright, thanks” the way
we country folks do. But that ain’t the way it ends up going. It goes like this…

As he’s driving me home he fires up a blunt, just a roach really, and he’s smoking it
and watching the road when he asks me if I want to hit it and I say yeah even
though I haven’t smoked in about five years. He passes it to me without even
looking at me and I hit it real deep and say “daaaaamn” real long like that and Mo
smiles and laughs and I hit it again, then I pass it back to him and lightly rub the
inside of his thigh from the knee up. He looks at me real serious like; inviting; and
turns his face back toward the road. He lets his head fall back just a little and I can
see his sensual thoughts. As he balls up his lips I move my hand up to his stomach.
His muscles are hard but he’s not forcing it.

I go up to his chest and rub lightly with my finger tips.

I pull my steaming ass up off the seat and rest my hand on his neck. He smells so
good. Not like food or cologne but the natural scent of his body, it makes my body
writhe. Hungrily, I suck on his neck in several spots squeezing, gently choking at
the same time. I want his mouth now. I find his juicy bottom lip and suck on it for a
moment before slipping my tongue in his mouth. I lick on his tonsils and he doesn’t
pull away to see the street. He just surrenders to me as I gently pinch his taught,
tiny nipples between my fingers. Then I move down just enough to kiss his chest. I
nibble on his nipples and catch them in the gap between my two front teeth. I’m
enjoying all of this and I want to explore every inch of him for as long as I can
before my body peaks with pleasure.

I move my hand back down to what has grown more than twice its original size in
just a few moments.

Mo says “let me pull over”.

“No. Don’t.” I whine.

“I have to. I’m gonna crash”

“No you won’t” I say as I go to work on his belt buckle, then the buttons, the zipper.
“I’m gonna pull over” he says.

“Baby, please, drive faster”. I beg   “This road goes on forever and there ain’t no
stops for about 10 miles”.

I move his jeans just enough to pull his dick out through his boxers.
“Besides,”  I look up at him and squeeze my breast hard as I say it. “It helps me get
off”. I wrap my hand around his dick and I stroke it lightly a couple of times. I rub my
thumb across the head and I think about it. I shouldn’t be putting this into my
mouth. Only God knows where it’s been.  I think too long. He looks at me. His eyes
are innocent and pleading. I know there’s no turning back now.

He’s driving about 25-30 miles per hour. “Faster” I say. I stroke it one more time
then put my tongue on the tip. It’s good. I pop the head in and out then lick the
shaft with the juiciest of tongues. I lick it all over, then, I concentrate on the
underside where it’s sensitive, then back to the head again. I ride around it with my
tongue then I suck it hard as I stroke him with my hand. Slowly, gradually, with my
tongue still circling I slide my lips down his shaft and back up, deeper and deeper
till I can feel his dick in the back of my throat, pushing, pushing, pushing my tonsils
over and over (trying to make room) and I wish I could just compress my whole
mouth snugly around it and suck him like a thumb.

“Faster” I say again.

I cup his balls with one hand and stroke with the other as I try to swallow him, but
his head just rubs around on my tonsils. My stroking becomes more intense.

”Faster baby, please” I beg.

I want to cry because I want the juice in my throat so bad and at the same time, I
want him in my pussy. He’s driving at 95 miles per hour on this hilly, desolate
country road.  My ass is up toward the window, my clit is jumping and I’m cuming all
over myself. He reaches his hand around and rubs me. I’m so wet, he can feel the
moisture through my jeans. His dick starts to pulsate then I feel the lump of his
creamy white cum, a protruding bulge in the center of his dick. It wants to escape. I
look up at him. His mouth hangs slightly open as he guides his car through the
thick folds of dark sky. Through the driver side window I can see every star in the
sky clearly. He’s still rubbing between my legs and I can feel the heat from him
through my jeans.

He slows the car and pulls it over to the side of the road. He snatches my face out
of his lap and pulls me up to kiss him and it’s so erotic, the way we move in time.
Slow tender.

“Do you have any condoms?” he asks.

“No” I say, hoping this wouldn’t ruin my plans.

He lifts my shirt and checks out my tits for a moment before filling his hands with
them. My nipples are hard and pouty like tootsie rolls in the center of his palms. He
nips at them with his lips then flicks them with his slick tongue. My hands revert
back to his thick hot pole. He palms the back of my head encouraging me in that
direction. I move down under the steering wheel so that I can grind on his leg while
he fucks me in my mouth.

I’m sucking him now, good and hard.  My cheeks begin to ache. My head is
bobbling, my tongue is moving, my whole body’s into it. He thrust to meet me now.
He rolls his hips, he begins to pulsate, he grips my head; palms it like a melon,
thrusting harder, shoving my head onto his dick with so much force that I begin to
gag. He moans at the feeling of my gag reflex so I gag purposely. His dick is
throbbing and he can’t take much more. I get excited at the thought of a mouthful of
cum, hot and thick like lava sliding down my throat.  I love it. I want every sticky
drop in my mouth. I feel it land right on the back of my tongue. As his body is
convulsing, I orgasm on his leg. Three more shots, “mmmm, mm, m” he’s done. I
lick the last drop from his head. Now I’m done.

I rise up and sit back in my seat. He tucks himself away and rests his head back on
the seat. He massages my head while he stares first out at the trees, then at me
like he’s in love and I smile because I know it ain’t love, I know he knows too, but
that that look is only for the moment.
I tap the dash board and say  “ I guess you better get me home”. He breaks his
gaze a little reluctantly and starts the car. As were riding he tells me to open the
center console and pull out that baggie. I hand it to him and he says “ Damn, I
thought I had one rolled”. I find a cd case and roll one on it. He lights it and holds it
out to me.

“Naw, I’m straight” I say.

He smokes half, then crushes the tip. A couple of minutes later he pulls up into my

“Do you need a ride home tomorrow?”

“Yeah. I think you owe me” I smile.

He smiles. ”Yup,I do.” He agrees, happy to owe me. I just hope he knows what I’m
talking about.
He kisses me aggressively and as I get out and watch him drive off I think to myself,
“I can’t wait to get into my own bed and feel my smooth hot thighs rub against one

Copyright© 2007

Cashmere Bates is an aspiring writer currently residing in L.A.
She is employed as a sales specialist for adult dvds on ebay for
She enjoys writing screenplays, music, team sports, wine and pornography.