Car Story
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“Car Story”
by M. Earl Smith

Being teased was, in its own way, fun. The frustration that built, the tension that mounted, often heightened
whatever experience one ended up having. At some point, however, things would always spill over, and the
results often straddled a fine line between chaos and ecstasy.

August 6th. For some stupid reason, I passed on an amazing research fellowship to see if I could pass your
stupid little test one more time. This was the day of the get together, one I had scheduled online, for our
mutual friends to part ways. A group of us were leaving for Kansas the following morning. You would be there,
as would a few others, but there was really no telling with these things who would come and who wouldn’t.
And, of course, August 6th turned out to be a great day for rain. I had just arrived at the park with others in tow
when the downpour started. I rolled my eyes, and muttered. Could we not ever have any luck for one of these
stupid things? It was always rain, or stupid drama, or any one of a thousand other things. I picked up my
phone, and glanced at the battery life. 7%. Yay.

Sure enough, you messaged me. I knew you hated the storms, so I expected you to panic and, sure enough,
you were. I grabbed my keys and told everyone what was going on, and Mariam rolled her eyes and agreed to
hold the party down. Peeling out, I headed towards you, in the general direction on the highway where you
were sitting.

I arrived, and it was much like it was before, just a different, more isolated barn, with no house attached to it.
Oddly enough, the rain had almost ceased by the time I got there, but, all the same, I hopped out of my car
and into yours. We both stared forward, although I did take your hand. We watched the rain for a moment
before you looked over and shook your head.

"You're nuts, Martin."

I said nothing, just stared forward for a moment. "You're right. I am nuts. Nuts for everything I've done to make
this work, nuts for watching you to be told to hate yourself for what you feel, and nuts for being here, alone
with you, one more time. Just nuts."

You shook your head again. "Nuts."

I, of course, was incapable of resisting you, so I came across the seat to kiss you. You turned your head away.


"Fine." I said lightly, returning to my side of the car as you shook you head. You looked at me and chuckled.


I came back across the seat. "Nope," you said.

"Fine." I returned to my spot.


I came in stronger this time, kissing your neck as I did. "Nope," you said, although you allowed my lips to
remain on your neck.

"Fine." I said, pulling away again.


This time I was back, and, before you could protest, my tongue was in your mouth, rolling against yours as you
worked your jaw and kissed me with all the pent up frustration inside of you. My hands were all over you, using
your hips to pull you awkwardly closer, then cupping your ass, and, finally, to rub against your pussy through
your shorts.

You allowed this to go on for a moment before, as I went to reach down your shorts, you push my hand away. I
groaned, and pulled away. You laugh.


I looked at you, and rolled my eyes. "You pushed me away."

"Nope," You said. "Chicken."

I came back in, yet this time I managed to get your hair in my hands, and I slowly pulled your eyes to mine.
"You're scared, Ashley , and you know why? It's not because of your mom or other people or some set of
rules. You're scared because, deep down, you're dirty, and you've been told it's wrong to even think about
these things. Ashley...I know you're dirty. And it turns me the fuck on."

I barely got the last word out before you grabbed my hand and jammed it down the front of your shorts. I'm
wasn’t kissing you, but my hand started to work rough circles on your clit, which was quickly wet. Instead. I was
staring at you. "All the tests, all the lies, all the frustration.  You called me a control freak, when you've been
the one trying to control all this. You called me jealous, when you're the one that has been trying to make me
jealous all the time, only to demand details of anyone I see or have been with. I may or may not leave in a few
days. I may go to Chicago, or I may have to stay, and I may come back once a month or I may never come

Your hand reached for my zipper, and, while still working on your clit, I slide one finger inside you. "Here's the
problem. You do this with, say, another guy, and you slip up, you're stuck with a fry cook who has no idea how
to fuck and who can't compete with you on an intellectual level. You're not going to do this with who your mom
sets you up with. He's going to ignore you and mock you in alternating cycles. No school district he works for is
going to like the thought of him marrying an 18 year old. None of the guys at work really do it for you, and
besides, how are you going to get away?"

You moaned, and reached down, stopping my hand for a second. "And you can take care of me? You're
fucking leaving. You're bailing on me."

I slowly pushed my finger inside you, as far as it will go, and you shuddered, using your hand to work mine in
and out of you. "You give me so little credit. If we do this, and do it all the way, I know what that entails. I'm
prepared for that. Chicago is almost a thousand miles away. I know that if I go there, I lose all of this. I know
that this will be a major headache, dealing with everything that entails being with you. But here we are, after
trying to break apart half a dozen times, and we can't. You want me to stay? You want true love and happiness
and all the craziness that makes me the one you always wanted, without knowing it was what you wanted? Give
me a fucking reason to stay, Ashley,”

You stared at me for a moment, even as your hips betrayed you, and you started to grind against my finger.
You finished undoing my zipper and pulled my cock out. Licking your lips, you slid around and brought your
mouth to my dick, slowly sliding it all the way to the back of your throat. I leaned my head back and moaned,
using your hair to guide your mouth back and forth on my cock, as my other hand worked your pussy. My hand
was soaked, we'd been away from the party for close to 40 minutes, and neither of us cared. I felt you come
against my hand, and I worked my hand frantically for a moment, extending the experience.

I worked your mouth against my cock for a few more minutes before slowly pulling you off, with a groan of
frustration. I grabbed your legs, stretching you across the seat as I pulled your thighs apart. I slowly worked
your shorts and panties off, leaving your top on. I slowly worked my pants down as well, even as I work your
throbbing cunt with my hand.

"Fuck me," you said, reaching for my cock and pulling me towards you.

I stopped. "Nope."

"Fine," you said, closing your legs a little.

I looked down and laughed. "Chicken."

You grabbed my cock and put it against your clit, rubbing it in circles, as your pussy soaked me. "Fuck me."

I stared at you. "Nope."

You sighed, and pushed me away slightly. "Fine."

I laughed again. "Chicken."

You brought my cock right to the opening of your pussy, as close to having the head in as possible. "Fuck me."

I shook my head. "Nope." I, however, didn’t move.

You stared at me, unflinchingly. "Fine."

I laughed again. "Chick--"

            You, without warning, arched your hips and slid me inside of you, slowly. It was first time, and I knew
this, so I moved myself in, inch by inch, until I was sure you were comfortable. Your tight, trim pussy fit nicely
around my cock, and I felt how tight you were as I slowly started to slide in and out of you. You panted slightly,
running your nails along the flesh of my back as I slowly pumped in and out of you. It was humid in the car, and
soon we were both covered in sweat, but neither of us minded. You reached up and slowly pulled your shirt off,
then your bra, and my mouth slid to your nipples, licking slow circles around them, working to the outer edge,
where I nibbled at the point playfully as my hips continued to work my cock in and out of you.

My hand slid down to your ass, grasping at your ass cheeks, allowing me to pull you closer, to thrust deeper
into you. You raised your legs and wrapped them around me, whispering "I love you" into my ear over and over
again as each thrust carried a little more steam, and was a little faster. The rain started again, but neither of us
seem to mind.

You reached up and pressed your hand against the foggy glass of the window, your hips meeting each of my
thrusts with a buck of their own. Your back started to arch, and I feel your soaked pussy start to wrap tightly
around my cock. You were going to come, and so I started to rotate my hips, giving each push into you a little
more depth. You dug your nails into the skin at my shoulders and scream, finally coming with my cock inside of
you, as you've fantasized about a hundred times.

I started to build steam, and I prepared to pull myself out of you so that I can come. I whispered this into your
ear, and you shook your head, clinging fiercely to me.

"Come inside of me, Martin."

My hips went back to work, and it wasn’t long before I exploded inside of you, filling you up with enough pent
up passion, dating back to February, to make up for any lost time. I shook as I did so, and felt you tremble
underneath me as you pushed your hips up to try and take everything I had inside of you.

Finally, I collapsed, completely spent, and curled up on the seat, pulling your nude body next to mine.  You
reached up and absently started playing with my chest hairs, a soft smile on your face. "How are we going to
make this work, old man?"

I laugh. "One day at a time, midget."
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