Story Codes: MF,  Consensual,  Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Oral

by Peter Schwartz

It's about 2:30 in the morning and you walk into the bedroom and catch me sitting on the
bed masturbating.  The only thing the white sheet covers are my legs.  I blush and
immediately stop and instinctively say sorry. You walk over to me and slowly run your
hand down my cheek, telling me it's okay.

  "You could have just come got me," you say in a whisper, heavy with lust.  I nod a little,
a bit stunned because your hand has worked its way down to my inner thigh.  "So, what
were you imagining, tiger?"

  "You," I reply honestly.

  "Mmmmmm, and what was I doing?"

  I blush just as hard as when you first came in the room.  I want to tell you and I don't
want to tell you, but when your hand moves to my balls I do: "You were sucking my cock."

  "Mmmmm, like this?" you reply as you bend over and place your lips on the head of my
dick.  After what seems like forever you slide down and take me whole in your mouth.  Up
and down, up and down, I feel it go as far down your throat as I can remember it ever
having gone.

  I place my hand gently on the back of your head and moan.  Loudly.

  After a while you switch to just licking and ask, "What else, were you picturing?"

  Now it's my turn.  I kiss you full on the lips, then swirl my tongue around with yours for a
full minute.  I bite your lower lip playfully and push you back on the bed.  I pull your shorts
and panties off in one quick, smooth motion and before you can say a word I'm licking
your wet pussy.

  I lick in every pattern I can think of as you now grab the back of my head and push me
in deeper.  I lick every letter of the alphabet into your sweet, sweet spot.  I stiffen my
tongue straight out and fuck you with it until you not so much as say, but whimper, "Need
your thick cock in me."

  My cock is as hard as it can get, so hard the veins in it are pushing out and pulsing.  So
after a few more licks just because I love the taste of your hot pussy, I stick my dick in
you.  Well, I stick just the head in actually, maybe a half inch at best.

  "Want more?" I tease.

  Now obviously this a game we usually both enjoy and sometimes this part of it can go
on for as long as fifteen minutes.  Not this time though.  This time you put your hands on
my ass and force me all the way inside you.

  I chuckle silently to myself, thinking how much better this is then jerking off and begin
pumping in and out of you in long, rhythmic strokes.  Maybe not exactly blushing, but
you're the one with the red cheeks now.  I can feel the heat coming off you; I feel your
pussy get even more wet.

  "Don't stop," you plead. "This is the best ever," you admit. You say many more things in
the heat of this prolonged, delicious moment, most of them I can't understand because
your eyes have rolled into the back of your head and you're somewhere else entirely.

  My cock is so sensitive right now I actually feel the thicker juices come out of you.  It
turns me on so much that you've just came that I flip you over with your ass up in the air
and start fucking you doggystyle.  So now it's even deeper and I speed up, causing you
to have another orgasm which really surprises you.  We've always had great sex but
you've never come twice back-to-back so fast in your life.

  So I pull out every trick I can think of; I rotate my hips as I pump you, I push it more to
one side then to the other, I squeeze your butt cheeks together so it will feel even tighter.  
Eventually, you cum yet again. Now I'm completely in that place, a floating animal, and
start pumping you so fast if that anyone were watching, all they'd see would be a blur of
hips, ass, arms, and legs.  We fall down a little at some point so now I'm fucking you on
your side.  You remember our code word and scream "Jaguar!" so loud I come back, back
into the moment and now your pussy feels so soft and warm and tight that I just let go and
mmmm, pump my hot, thick cum into those lips, moaning even louder than I usually do
(and believe me, my usual is pretty damned loud to begin with).  I pull out a little towards
the end of my orgasm and it still shoots all the way up to your shoulder blade.  We lay
there for a few minutes saying nothing, super-high from the release.

  I clean you myself with a tissue and then finger you lightly for a long time until I'm ready
for another round.  "Can't wait to catch you some day again," you say playfully before I
stick it back in.

© 2009 Peter Schwartz

Peter Schwartz reads so much he can’t help but write.  His stories have appeared in such
places as Nano Fiction, Pindeldyboz, Prism Review, and Dogzplot.  He loves you, he
really really does.  Learn more about him at: