Chance Encounter
Story Codes: MF, Consensual, Exhibitionism

Chance Encounter
by Lacey Ashley

This man is a total ass, sexy but a total ass.  His goal in life was being the biggest pain in my
ass and I was not meaning sexual.  All he had to do was get the damn car running and instead
he stood there looking at me like I was speaking some foreign language. One thing I could not
stand was dealing with men that had a bag of rocks for a brain.  Or a man that would stand
there and give me this Lady what the fuck are you talking about look.  I was not a stupid
woman, and when a man treated me like I was just made my blood boil.  And damn this man did
that in more ways than one.

'Just fix the damn car so I can get out of this dump.' I snapped and walked to the soda machine
in the back of his garage.  I could feel his eyes burning into my ass.  I did not need to turn
around to catch him, I just knew it and smiled.  Yes a devilish smile.  Hey even this cave man
was sexy as hell.  

He came up behind me, grabbed my arm and turned me around so fast I spilled some of my
soda on his greasy shirt. Not that, that was a big deal.  But his eyes blazed brightly as he
jerked me close and his mouth covered mine in a soul searching kiss.  I dropped the soda and
wrapped my arms around his neck and returned his kiss hungrily.  Was I insane I had just met
this ass a few hours ago and all he managed to do in that time was raise my blood pressure.   
Ok maybe that was a lie, he raised other things as well and his kiss sealed it.  There was no
turning back now.  Hell I didn't want to turn back now.  He may have started this but I damn well
would be finishing it.

He pushed me against the wall, his hand reached up under my dress and grabbed the crutch
of my panties and with one pull they tore away from me.  He lifted me with one arm as he
struggled with his own jeans trying to undo them as he continued kissing me.  

I felt him lower me onto his rock hard cock, sliding deep into me.  He did not wait for me to get
totally moist as he slammed into me and I slammed into the wall.  His face lowered to my breast,
biting them leaving bite marks.  His hands cupped my ass as he continued his assault on my
now very wet pussy.  I fought to remove his shirt as my nails bit into his flesh on his back which
drove him harder into me.  His mouth found one of my nipples, he nibbled playfully with it,
sucked it and then suddenly bit down onto it, the pain shot through me and it excited him even
more.  His cock was pounding my pussy, his mouth darted to my other nipple only this time I
was ready for the pain, as he bit down I raked his back with my nails.  He called me a bitch and
slammed me against the wall. He turned me around so my face was now against the wall, he
leaned into me as he fingered my ass, I tried to slide out of his grip but he tightened it even
more as he slammed his cock into my virgin ass.  The pain about buckled me over then he
slowly worked the tight hole open and the pain quickly turned to pleasure.  While he fucked my
ass, with one hand he reached around and fingered my clit.   I felt like any minute I was going
to faint as a hot feeling rolled over me.  My body begun to tremble as I felt the orgasm rip from
me at the same time he jerked me around again and shot his cum all over my breast and
stomach.  He licked my stomach, kissed me and walked away leaving me standing there sore,
used and still fucking hot for more.

Picking up my torn panties off the garage floor, I tossed them into the trash can.  I got me
another soda and headed to the bathroom on the other side of the garage.  I took a paper
towel and wiped off the dirty smudged mirror, my long hair was a total mess, he had actually left
marks on my breast which brought a smile to my lips.  Last time I had love bites was when I was
sixteen and kissing Billy Keebler.  And when I got home with them  I was grounded for two
weeks.  Laughing I suddenly had a flash of the look of horror on my straight laced bible
thumping mother.  Not only did I kiss a complete stranger, I had great sex with him against the
wall of his garage.  My God she would totally flip out and not even make a comment about the
love bites.  Ok I told myself, this is one of those things I have done as a adult and would never
in a million years tell my sister or my mother, only my best friends would be safe and even
some of them would be also very shocked with my actions with a complete stranger.  Ok maybe
I will tell only my best friend she does some off the wall things so it would not shock her to the
point of a melt done or a busted blood vessel.

The solid knock on the door startled me back to where I was, and his rugged yummy voice
broke into my day dreams.  "Just a second," I called out to him and suddenly relieved I had
actually lock the door.

"Come on Princess get a move on it," He laughed as he knocked again.

I jerked the door open as he was about to pound on it again and he tumbled into me.  
Laughing I stepped back and watched him bite the dirty floor in front of me.  "Hey sweetie you
are a man you can run around to the back and let it rip if you needed to go that bad."

"Princess has anyone ever called you a Bitch," he got up slowly brushing the dirt from his
already greasy  jeans which looked comical seeing they were so dirty.

"Seems you like calling me that, is that your caveman words of endearment, the only thing you
missed was dragging me along the floor by the hair and carrying a big huge club back to your
man cave."

He blocked me from leaving the restroom, smiling very devilishly down at me.  It was then for
the first time I actually noticed his eyes, they were this amazing shade of green.  And his playful
smile was what kept him young and playful.  "Princess if I took you back to my man cave you
would never leave."

"Oh you think so do you?" I pushed his arm out of the way and tried to waltz past him only to
have his grab me and pulled me into his massive chest.  I looked up into those amazing green
eyes as his mouth captured mine in another sweet kiss that rocked me to my very core.  "If you
are planning to throw me down on the ground and go for round two can we not do it here."  

His laughter filled the small rest room, and I suddenly realized maybe he was not such an ass
after all.  "I came looking for you to tell you the part you need will not be here till day after
tomorrow, so was wondering if you might like some dinner and be my house guest tonight and
tomorrow night."

"How many bedrooms?"  He smiled as I continue to tease him.

"Oh but I figure you probably would sleep on the floor of my man cave, " he teased back,
kissing the tip of my nose and smiling down at me.

I finally got his real name while we headed to his house. Oh lord one more thing for my mother
to have a stroke over, which made me giggle.  I could hear her voice so full of shock, Kennedy
what are you thinking, have sex with a man you do not know in a dirty garage and even more
wrong not even knowing his name.  Did I not raise you better than this.  "By the way if this goes
any further then the cheap and easy hot sex, you have to give me your vow of not ever telling
my mother how we met."

Scott turned and smiled at me," Oh straight lace southern Baptist?  Wait till you meet my mom,
your Mom and my Mom can have a needle point night to share all the horrible things we have
done in our life and how we are going to go straight to hell."  We both laughed about that,  
"And I like the idea of more hot cheap sex with you."

He pulled me into his arms and I melted once again.  Breaking the kiss, he looked down at me
with those amazing green eyes and a slow easy smile dancing across his lips.  "Lady why is it I
can't keep my hands off you?"

"Scott I have a feeling I would be more concern if you stopped wanting to put your hands on
me."  Laughing he gently pulled me into his bedroom.

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