Cheerleaders On My Mind Part 1 of 2
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Cheerleaders On My Mind Part 1 of 2
David Rasmussen©

The world went brown and semi dark with a soft pakt and the “appearance
“ of a strange package on her face. "What's this?" Kitty grumbled
incoherently, one hand lifting/rattling the package as she laid on the couch.

“How should I know, do I look like your personal secretary? (You don‘t fuck
me nearly enough to hold that kind of menial position for you).” the voice of
her roommate responded, her attitude as flat as her imagination. “It came
in the mail, it has your name on it, that’s all I know. If it’s a bomb then lucky
you, it’ll finally help you get those cheerleaders out of your head… for a

“Must be something I ordered, I guess. Whatever.”

Her roommate Rachel shrugged her shoulders as she sat back in the
nearby chair and looked on, “The box is way too light to be books or DVDs
or camera equipment, though I guess it could be some lightweight new
naughty toy to keep you “going” while you have fantasies about tight little
college women in little itsy bitsy costumes doing retarded cheers for guys
with bulging muscles and small brains.”

“Out.” Kitty hissed, pointing towards the door. Seconds later Rachel
complied, “Don’t break it before I get to borrow it.”


As the door closes behind Rachel, Kitty’s hands shaky with curiousity
begins to pull open the package as she raised herself into a sitting
position until she could peer into it. Inside she found… “Must be Rachel’s
idea of a joke.”

Inside the package was a pair of crimson red panties with the college
school’s logo that the two were going to. The kind of panties popular with
the cheerleading squad, by the way. It felt slightly damp, as if someone had
just used it to masturbate. It even smelled of sex as she slightly sniffed at it
curiously. “Hmph. With my luck it was some guy’s wetdream toy until
Rachel bought it off of him in order to “present“ me with it. That’d be just my

Still it was tempting, and it was women’s panties even if it might have once
held a man’s dick before she held it. So with a little trepidation she quickly
pulled them onto her bare rear and laid there gasping slightly, the hint of
what could possibly have been one of those cheerleader’s dampness
between her legs enticing her.

Surrendering herself to her feelings she closed her eyes as she laid there,
feeling the tingly sensations play all over her senses. “I wonder if her
boyfriend fucked her while she wore this, flooding it with her pussy juices
as she came… hell, wonder if her girlfriend fucked her with this on… that‘d
be tasty.”

Her thoughts wandered.

“Yes, yes, I know the dampness can only come from masturbating with the
panties on but call me imaginative.”

* * * * * *


As Kitty checked the view of her hidden remote controlled camera again
she could feel her heart pounding. She was trying out her new equipment
that she hid in the cheerleader’s locker room, watching a recorded length
of “survelliance” after the girl’s practice. The data the camera gathered
was transmitted through a small laptop in Kitty’s room, saved to her
harddrive for her to look over at her discresion.

She was on a roll with her new voyuerism hobby, having already hidden a
few camera in various places she knew she could get the best shots. And
as an added bonus she found the best place to set up from copying her
male counterparts (while going the extra steps to hide her gear even better
than they hid theirs just in case an overtly sensitive cheerleader managed
to sense something was amiss during “happy hour”).“

“Only you would call women showering “happy hour“, you know that don‘t
you.” A familiar voice called out as she entered the room.

“Gimme a break, Rachel. Just come over here and check it, you‘re just in
time after all.”

“Oh, dear, masturbation theater. Heaven forbid I miss THAT!” Rachel
hissed, pulling up a chair next to Kitty anyway. “By the way what the fuck is
up with “Kitty‘s room“ a few lines above, we share the damn room you
ballsy egomonger.”

“Whatever, whatever… look! Here!” (Kitty points at the screen with a few
quick jabs of her finger) “I just got this today! What do you think?”

“I think the day they figure out your spying on the cheerleaders showering
is the day you get banned from all the areas the cheerleaders go… hope
you don’t mind only being able to go to all the nerdy spots.”

Kitty frowns, “Fuck you, it gets better in a minute.”

“Oh, really,” Rachel remarked flippantly, “Well that‘s what I came down here
for but I see your too busy whacking off to unattainable snobby tightly
wound bitches to fuck your own roommate. Nice girl. Thanks for the

“What present?” Kitty asked, sighing as she realized what she meant.
“Yeah, yeah, I know. I owe you one.”

“Is that all… whoa, look at that! (Guess you already saw this)!” Rachel
whispered, pointing at the screen. “Your bad influence is rubbing off on
them… weird as it may sound…” (gasps her breath) “…oh dear goddess
is that the cheerleader’s coach taking that girl’s towel off? Goddess she’s
about to jump her right there… fuck look at her tits, they’re so damn big
and… ogh!”

On the video the older woman slowly, carefully licked and suckled her
younger lover’s tits, all the while wiggling herself out of her bottoms
allowing her pants and panties to fall to the floor as she worked on her
gasping lover. Horny as heck, the younger woman dropped onto her
knees, forcing the older woman back to the shower stall wall as she dove
into her pussy, lapping and sucking away as she numbly removes her top,
baring herself fully as her lover serviced her forcefully. Once done her
hands grasp the back of the younger woman’s head, holding her tight to
her pussy as her head tilts back (eyes tightly shut), begging her to make
her cum hard.

Suddenly the younger one pulls the older woman down onto a towel laid
sprawled out on the floor, straddling her in a sixty nine position once she
assumed a laying position. Without hesistation she attacks her younger
lover’s pussy with relish, grasping her rear and diving into her honied
pussy as she went back to minstrating to her in turn. Licking, suckling her
“pearl”, alternating between fingering and licking back and forth, she
worked feverishly to draw the spunk of her moment onto her lips quicker
and quicker.

Kitty, lost in the moment, barely registered Rachel leaning over her,
pushing her hand down into her panties and her wet sex as they watched
transfixed by the twosome’s lovemaking. Wildly flicking her hand up and
down her mound, she brought for a rasping cry from Kitty’s lips as she
leaned back to watch, giving Rachel greater access to her own sex as they
watched the two wildly eating each other out on the video. Turning away
from the image, Kitty grabbed at her roommate’s pants, pulling it down so
she could bury her face in her lover’s pussy as she felt Rachel slump over
her, hand still managing to work Kitty’s sex despite the awkward position
they were now in. Pulling away, Rachel grabbed Kitty and dragged her
towards the bed, shoving her in first before climbing over her locking their
hips together in a tribad position wildly shoving her hot sex against Kitty’s
as they fucked. Lying back on the huge bed their hands groped their own
tits in turn, heads bobbing from watching her lover’s reactions back to the
screen as the cheerleader and her mentor had also switched to a tribad
position on the towel, howling out their passions as they rode each other

Slowly they build to climax, writhing in unison along with the couple on the
screen, crying out as they did as their hips humped up and down over and
over again driving them closer and closer to climax. Fucking madly,
screaming each other’s name as their sexes grow wetter and wetter, until
at long last --

* * * * * *

"Gasp!" Kitty cries out, shuddering as she felt herself cum. For long
moments she sat there shivering, arm jerking mindlessly as she rode out
the moment for as long as possible, her energy draining away as the last
of her moment faded in her mind‘s eye.

Weakly she leaned back in her chair, the new panties from the box (now
covered in her own cum) coming up to her face so she could breathe in the
essence of her orgasm intermixed with the womanly fluids of it‘s past
owner. “Oh goddess I never did that before…“ she hissed, shutting her
eyes as she took another breath of the soft warm material pressed against
her face. Masturbating was one thing, but doing it with this strange woman’
s panties was another thing… yet somehow it really exited her all the
same, as if the panties were getting her all horny and she didn’t know why.
“I‘m just worn out from my overwrought hormones, that‘s all. I really need to
take a nap before study session tonight… relax and get over this…
goddess I‘m really hard up tonight ain‘t I.”

As she went into her bedroom, thoughts of her sexy memories of doing it
with Rachel while they watched the vid hot in her mind, her mind began to
wander as her body hit the bed.

* * * * * *

Catching a cheerleader unaware as she caught her breath on the field of
the empty football stadium was almost a dream for her. In fact it was a
dream of her. Slowly sneaking up on the hunched over woman, shivering
and shaking as she caught her breath, she grabbed her from behind and
hugged her tight. At first she’s shocked, but she slowly succumbs to Kitty’s
advances and becomes like putty in her grip, allowing herself to be taken
by Kitty.

She reaches down beneath the cheerleader’s skirt, masturbating her as
she slowly plies pressure on her back bringing the young cheerleader to
her knees. One hand reached beneath the woman’s perky uniform,
groping her mid sized breast while her other hand gently rubbed her slowly
growing wetter panties, bringing gasp after whimpering gasp from her as
she slipped into total bliss.

Finally unable to contain herself she pushes her down onto the ground,
ripping away her panties before pulling her back onto all fours. Pulling
down her own pants she takes position behind her, grabbing her arms and
pulling them back as she forces her captive’s legs apart and mounts her.
Pussy on pussy, she rocks her hips back and forth slapping her own sex
into her captive’s bare naked hairles sex over and over, working into a
rhythm keeping her in just the right position by force. Taunting her, driving
her wild while keeping her moment just beyond her reach… until she could’
nt take it anymore. Throwing her onto her back she straddles her leg
between her legs as she rides her captive’s leg in turn towards orgasm.

Right there on the field, nude bodies thrashing wildly, desperately fucking.
Their bodies wound tight as they continued harder and harder, no longer
caring who would see them as long as they got off together, fully in their
nasty lovemaking on the grass. Goddess. Just thinking about fucking her
made Kitty horny.

* * * * * *

“Agh!!” Kitty cries out, rolling back and forth as she came again, her
fingers rhytmically pushing out the last gasps from her lips as her moment
drained her again. “Oh fuck it, oh fuck, fuck, fuck…” Kitty mumbled, pulling
her hand quickly away from her pussy as she rolled back and forth. “Wow,
that was fucking intense…” she rasped, the red panties refusing to leave
her sex as it clung onto it as if it didn‘t want to relinquish it‘s place on her
sex. Finally Kitty pulled it away and tossed it to one side, her body feeling
totally sensitive from the repeated orgasms. “Wow… just rubbing myself
what those… is too damn intense… goddess that was a rush…”

She turned her gaze towards her closet, sweating bullets. “I’ll get up later.
Right now I just want to sleep.”

As she collapses on her back, breath rasping as she calmed down, she
felt as if she just couldn’t come anymore. Suddenly her body jerked and
seized, a soft something dropping onto her pussy. Too weak to even look,
Kitty’s hips wiggled in distress slightly, just enough so she could feel that
there was a soft pile of material on her sex. “Goddess it can’t be those

Suddenly everything went hazy as her mind slipped into another distraction.

“Oh what the heck… one more time.”

* * * * * *

Rachel gets jealous everything I get my thing on for cheerleaders. What a
little whiner.

Guess I should keep my roommate happy now and then, especially since I
do need her to help pay the rent and other things so, well, it all works out
for the best if she gets laid every so often.

I waited until she's alone in bed (which really isn‘t too hard since she‘s ultra
picky about the pussy she allows in between the sheets with her), sleeping,
until I crawl in with her. Come to think of it, now that I got this close look at
her in a straight state of mind, she's actually quite beautiful in the
moonlight. I can't help shivering as I draw near, naked as I am. I gently
move forward and kiss her, feeling my lips pressed against her lips, my
body jittery as all heck as I prepare to make out with her. As I kiss I feel her
stirring, as her hands gently caress my form -- goddess, I'm so reaching
her and it‘s getting me hot!

As we kiss her hands slide down between my legs, playing lightly with my
pussy as we kiss strongly. She then slowly tugs off her nightie clothes (she
just gets horny wearing soft cottons over any real need to wear the
nighties). One of her eyes pops open as she smiles, licking her lips. “Well
it’s about time.” she rasps.

* * * * * *

“I really should fuck her more often.“ Kitty sighs, her hand grabbing the red
panties as she breathlessly wiggles and strokes herself with the panties
between her fingers and her sex, fastening onto her vagina and sending
her into sexual bliss beyond bliss. She went back to her thoughts.

* * * * * *

I lean forward and took ahold of one of Rachel’s breasts, suckling on the
nipple as it grew stiff and hard between my lips (which really didn‘t take
long since her cotton top always leaves her nipples erect. It‘s strong
hardness tantalizes her tongue as it stroked and rubbed it again and
again. Her fingers played with her own nipples, hardening them as a moan
of approval escaped her lips. As she groaned, her hands held me close,
her voice a thin whisper. "That's it-- goddess don't stop precious-- more--"

Briefly I shuddered, and moved in for the sexual kill.

I wanted her to feel good, didn't I? No sacrifice is too great for her

Slowly I pushed her back, thrusting my wet center of pleasure onto her
sweet spot, bringing a gasp from each of us as our pleasures touched and
rubbed together. I know, I know, I just did that with big busty cheerleader
girl on the football field (variation) but why stop doing a good thing? Still,
Rachel was being abit selfish with me, as she didn't want to reach that
point just yet, she wanted more.

She gently pulled me forward, rotating me around until I was face to face
with her sweetness, and her face was close to my slit. For long seconds
we savored the view, gently prodding and touching each others' pleasures,
until at last we couldn't take it anymore and dove in.

Together, in unison, our tongue struck each other's clits and we both shook
from the pleasure that shot through us. Rachel practically devours me in
one go, the devilish little slut that she is. I nearly scream but manage to
keep my wits and focus on her, sending waves of pleasure through her as
she does likewise.

I try to emulate her, and devour her sex in one long lick, and am rewarded
for my efforts with her cries and

moans which increase with each second. As her efforts grow more
perverse I feel myself being shocked into her mouth, she was taking me
whole and it felt insanely beautiful to be taken that way. Shoving two
fingers into her slit, I shove my tongue into her and devour her whole
myself. To counter this she shoves her middle finger into me, bringing my
world crashing down into a shock filled world of bliss and pleasure.

felt like it was going to explode and I was riding on top of it ready to
explode with it.

Finally everything did explode, and with a long soul wracking groan that
was muffled by Rachel's smooth perfectly trim pussy, I came hard. My
juices were hungrily swallowed by her as her own juices filled my greedy
mouth, splashing about it and running all over my face as I tried to
consume every drop of

her essence. After long seconds I collapsed onto her, my face plastered
against her pussy as my breath was ragged and wasted.

Goddess she was perfect.

To Be Concluded

© 2007
David Rasmussen

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