Cheerleaders On My Mind Part 2 of 2
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Cheerleaders On My Mind Part 2 of 2
David Rasmussen©

Tears flowed down Kitty's face as she gasped. She was sweating,
and she knew she had just came again for the third or fourth time.
She was beginning to lose count, yet her body wasn’t done with her

“I… I wonder… what Rachel looks like… in a cheerleader…”

Suddenly the world blacked out for a second. As Kitty‘s eyes
adjusted to the sudden darkness she noticed it was Rachel, in a
cheerleader‘s outfit, standing over her blocking the light. In one hand
was a little vial of some liquid, and the other a strap-on. “I see my
little love juice did it‘s work on you, lover.”

Kitty’s eyes narrowed, but she was unable to speak, her body’s
“needs” was choking her voice off as she could only rasp and gasp
over and over again.

“It’s just a little horny juice for you, since you are just too stubborn to
see what you’re missing…”

Suddenly the world flipped end over end for Rachel, Kitty’s legs
coming up behind her and snaring her, Kitty slamming the unaware
Rachel hard into the bed. As she gained the advantage she allowed
the momentum of her move to push her on top of Rachel, her hands
holding her down as she drooled over her, eyes narrowed and
fixated on her “prey” now. “Fuck… you…”

Rachel - “No kidding. Get to it, lover, or are you too impotent to…”
(eyes narrow) “…hey!! Don’t zo--”

* * * * * *

Kitty’s clothes hit’s the shower room floor, the water hitting her as
she slides into one of the stalls washing herself clean after watching
what she just saw. “Fuck.” she growled beneath the streams of
water, “Wish the head was removable… I’d love to get myself off
right now.”

She focused on cleaning herself, clenching her teeth slightly as she
resisted the urge to plunge her fingers into her sex, working herself
off beneath the warm water. “Goddess…” she hissed again, her
nipples rock hard as she groped her breasts absently.

“Kitty.” Somebody called out. It was Miss Anderson, the PE teacher
(and the other coach to the cheerleaders). A faint shiver passed
through Kitty as she thought that if one teacher did the girls no doubt
the other one did as well.

“Miss Anderson is that y--” (her hand clamps itself tight about her
mouth, silencing her) “--?!?”

She feels herself drawn backwards into her PE teacher’s nude
body, a thick strap on poking Kitty in the back as her teacher lorded
over her, it felt so thick warm and so real. Must have cost her a
pretty penny to buy such a realistic tool. “Somebody’s been a
naughty girl. Watching me with that little camera of yours, have you?”
she played, pushing Kitty into the shower wall, forcing her to kiss.
Kitty’s body was soapy and slippery as Anderson hefted Kitty’s leg
up, preparing her to take the strapon between her legs. She wasted
no time in mounting, shoving the tool deep into Kitty bringing a
scream of surprise and shock, the unexpected harsh mix of pain
and pleasure overwhelming her. “TEACHER!!” she cried, grabbing
her tight in order to keep her balance, “Fuck -- fuck --” she muttered,
the pleasure smothering her thoughts so that only feeling this good
meant anything to her.

“Oh little Kitty!” she growled, whipping her hips back and forth in a
swift consistent rate, “Your pussy is so good! Rachel’s lucky to fuck
your little cunt each and every night!”

“We’re not that cl-- AGGH!!” Kitty’s mouth is suddenly muffled as the
teacher kisses her again. She was pressed against the shower
tiles, yet thanks to Miss Anderson she managed to keep on her feet.
The water was splashing everywhere, firing all of her senses as they
were whipped into a frenzy from Anderson’s ministrations. Groggily,
Kitty grasped her teacher’s breasts and began to knead and
massage them as she grew closer and closer to orgasm. Suddenly
Miss Anderson crushed her close into her body, holding her tight as
she continued to whip into her with strong tight strokes of the strap
on. “Kitty you pretty little slut! You’re so fucking good! I love you,
precious!!” (she kisses her again, talking again only after she
breaks her long kiss) “Move in with me! We’ll fuck in my big bed
every damn day!” (her head leans back as if she could feel what the
tool was doing to Kitty) “FUCK YES!! Ohhh…” Suddenly Kitty could
almost feel as if the strapon was inflating inside of her, “Kitty!! Yes!!
Don’t hold back!! Come on!! Come on!! CUM WITH ME!!” she
screamed, her voice echoing as Kitty is overwhelmed by her
moment, her body trembling as it came hard. Miss Anderson cries
out, her body seizing up as she cums… and Kitty’s eyes widen in
shock. Her senses may have been whipped by the experience but
she felt as if her teacher had actually cum inside of her, going on
and on for the longest time in one long sustained orgasm.

As she pulls her wits together, she falls before her teacher, eyes
turning towards her and…

* * * * * *

“SNAP OUT OF IT!!” Rachel roared, slapping Kitty back into her

“R-Rachel…” she mutters, coming back to her senses as she felt
Rachel’s nude body pressed close, driving her wild again. “Shut up
and just fuck me already.”

“Hmph!” Rachel responded, “I’ll show you!” and with that she drops
between Kitty’s legs, devouring her wet slick sex with one long gulp,
licking and lapping away furiously. Kitty, gripping the bed tightly,
relinquished her will to Rachel’s commands, her near animalistic
fervor working her over. As Rachel shoved her tongue deep into her
lover, she could hear Kitty crying out her name, which drove her

“Goddess! Rachel please don’t stop! Take me take me!” (gasps)
“You’re the best thing that ever happened to me, Rachel! You! You!”

Rachel, spurred on by Kitty’s cries, flexed her free hand briefly,
feeling her muscles flex as she loosened her fingers up before
inserting them into Kitty’s pussy, alternating between plying her
tongue and fingers on her causing Kitty’s hips to buck up and down
in short jerks.

Finally unable to restrain herself anymore, Rachel spun herself
about, and presented, “Put that nasty little tongue of yours to work,
bitch, if you want me to get you off.”

At that Kitty grabbed her, dragged her in and nearly shoved her
head right up Rachel’s cunt, causing her to clamp down in order to
silence her response. It didn’t take long before Kitty plied her own
fingers on Rachel, mimicking her movements and actions move for

“Oh god you good little slut…” Rachel hissed, stopping for a second,
“Don’t stop. Don’t stop damn you. If you want to cum you better get
me off at the…” (Rachel feels Kitty leg loop up, shoving her face
back down into her slit) “EAT ME BITCH!!”

* * * * * *


Rachel - “What was all that about…”

Kitty (snitty look on her face, hand held up motioning as if “talking”)

“Talk, talk, talk…” (bleah) “If I wanted to hear so much talk I’d have
jerked off to a badly done porn flick.”

Rachel - “So says the one who screamed “EAT ME BITCH” and
nearly suffocated me on her raunchy pussy.”

Kitty - “Fuck off. I happen to wash three times daily.”

Rachel - “…” (expressionless expression) “…masturbating in the
shower doesn’t count.”

Kitty - “(-_-)”

* * * * * *

Kitty, mouth ajar and tongue wedged tight into Rachel‘s slit, began
to wail and mumble her coming orgasm. Rachel could barely speak,
and at that moment she didn‘t want to.

‘Drown me, slut.’ she thought to herself, ‘Drown me in cum. Cum.
Cum already… cum… cum… cu--”

The first wave of cum down her throat causes her to shut her eyes
tight, rolling back and forth tightly as she swallows automatically with
each new spasmic jolt as she unloads her own juices down Kitty’s
throat in turn. All the swallowing kept her from screaming, which was
good she weakly thought since she didn’t want to waste a drop of
Kitty, greedily swallowing every last bit of her essence. As their high
dropped off fast, the two rolled onto their sides and released their
grips, breaths panting as they rasped and choked, wiping away
whatever excess dripped from their lips. “Enough foreplay.” Rachel
hisses, “Ditch this little cheerleader fantasy and fuck me, a flesh and
blood real woman who shares your bed right here and right now.”

Well, that’s what she said in English… what she rasped was half
choked, half wheezed, and half scrambled. But Kitty got the gist of it.

She turned herself over wearily, plopping herself right on top of
Rachel in a huff, lying on top of her in a pile. Rachel sighed, “What
did I say…”

“Fuck off…” Kitty grumbled, (“Exactly.” Rachel retorted) “I’m…
tired… give me… a minute…”

The world didn’t want to stop spinning, so while she was down she
took the time to talk.

“You finally done playing the bases and ready to commit?” Kitty
grumbles, to which Rachel counters “Who’s playing the bases
again. Must be you and your cheerleader obsession…”

“I knew you were a cheerleader once.” she grumbled in her defense,
“But can you blame me for wanting some tail while I waited for you to
be something more than the occasional lay when you were horny.”

“I was NOT just using you as the occasional lay!” Rachel yelled, “You
never made it easy to get close to you dammit, don’t pretend you
were an easy pussy to bed.”

“Maybe not.” Kitty sighed, “Fine. I’m here now so…” (looks closely at
Rachel’s face) “…are you ready for something more than just the
occasional roll in the sack?”

“Are you?”

Silence reigned for minute on minute, both women staring at each
other wearily yet not moving an inch, until at last Kitty nodded her
head. “I’m game if you are.”

“That’s all I needed to hear.”

Rachel reared up onto all fours, pushing her weight into Kitty as she
reached over to grab a strap-on from the nightstand to the side of
the bed. Kitty, however, wouldn’t have it as she quickly looped her
legs about Rachel’s waist and flips her over onto her back, taking
control quickly. “Oh no.” she growled as her strength finally returned
to her, “Last time I let someone mount me I did the naughty with one
of our two female teachers… well, as female as a transsexual can
be that is.”

Before Rachel could respond, Kitty pushes forward and kisses her
hard. As she pulls back, she grins at her. “No I’m not pregnant. Just
because she has a dick doesn’t mean she’s shooting live ammo…
almost freaked out though when I realized she had a dick, but once I
got used to it (and was sure she wasn’t going to knock me up) I
gave her one more ride for her trouble and we called it even.”
(finishes strapping the fake penis on) “Too bad this isn’t real.” (grins
as her hand strokes the rubber) “I’d love to knock you up.”

“Not with your sterile loins.” Rachel mocked, her teeth clenching
involuntarily as Kitty pushed forward on top, pressing into her as she
pushed Rachel’s legs up almost doubling her over. Pushing in, she
held tight as they embraced, the toll between her legs buried deep
into Rachel right up to it’s hilt. Rachel let out a long, slow body
wracking moan, completely lost in the moment that embraced them.

Slowly Kitty pulled back, not quite out, and shoved forward again
bringing a fresh cry from her lover’s lips. At first she did this slowly,
getting into the rhythm starting to pump into her faster and stronger
with each flick of the hip. Each stroke upon stroke solicited fresh
groans and cries from Rachel, her body beginning to sweat as her
head rolled back and forth in a slowly growing fog of sexual bliss,
her muscles trembling as their moment grew and grew.

“Not yet…” Kitty hissed, wanting to hold off release as long as
humanly possible --- come in Rachel’s arms together in unison ---
flesh to flesh bound by this toy making them one.

“You’re -- my -- bitch…” Kitty snarled through tight teeth, “Say it.” she
commanded, her hands grabbing Rachel’s tits squeezing them
vigorously. Rachel pushed her hands up against Kitty, as if to
dislodge her, but instead she grasped Kitty’s breasts and played
with them in turn. “I’m your’s…” she cried, “I’m… your… bitch…” she
said feverishly, a fresh cry escaping her lips as she threw her head

Sensations raised high, the touch of sweat sweetened flesh on flesh
unbearable, until at last. At last.

Briefly thoughts of that teacher filled Kitty’s mind, but once it did it
faded to be replaced by Rachel’s smiling face and her beautiful
nude form.

‘I’m her’s.’ Kitty thought in a jumbled rush of release and
achievement. ‘Goddess I’m her’s.’

Their hips jerked and spasmed over and over, their juices flowing
freely down their legs, butts, and onto the bedding as they cried out
one final time, and collapsed fully sated and exhausted into each
other’s arms.

* * * * * *

“Still got your cheerleader obsession.” Rachel muttered, rolling Kitty
onto her side as they laid side by side.

“Not if you dress up in that cute little outfit, shake your thing, and let
me take you whenever I want to.”

Rachel smirked, “Well you’re easy to please, aren’t you.”

“What can I say…” Kitty rasped, “That felt -- so damn good --”
(sighs) “…I do love you… just let me catch my breath before I start to
embarrass myself if only to make you happy.”

“I don’t need you to embarrass yourself to make me happy.” Rachel
said, “I just need you.”

And with that they kissed again, pulling each other close into their
strong loving arms.

“One thing…” Rachel asked, pulling back abit. “Why cheerleaders?
Something from your past? First love I suppose was with a

Kitty thought about it for a second.

“Nah. I just read a series about a guy who banged cheerleaders
once and it sounded like fun.”

Rachel - “…” (blank expression) “…gee, you’re easy to please…”

“Don’t you know it.”


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