Chemistry 101
Story Codes: MF, Consensual, Exhibitionism

Chemistry 101
by NB

It was my second semester in college and I was living in a dorm in a large private
university. Being away from home was the best experience in my life. The only bad
thing was that I was failing chemistry.I didn't want to tell my parents because they
would kill me having paid almost $20,000 for my first year's tuition of college.

 I asked my roommate Jennifer if she knew anything about chemistry. She said "No...
and thank God I don't need to take it for my major."

 A friend of mine Sarah told me about a guy named Todd who tutored students in
chemistry. She gave me Todd's phone number. So I called Todd that same night.
Todd agreed to come to my dorm room that night to tutor me in chemistry.

 Later that night I heard a faint knock on the door.

 "Who is it?" I asked

 "Todd," the voice replied.

 So I opened the door. He wore a pocket protector. He was kinda nerdy looking but I
needed his help.

 Todd was really good at tutoring chemistry. In one night, I learned more about
chemistry than I had learned in my four weeks of chemistry so far.

 Todd came to my room every Thursday and Friday night to tutor me in chemistry.
We had fun studying. I even enjoyed listening to his corny jokes. Believe it or not he
became cute to me in a nerdy sort of way.

 One Thursday night just before my mid term, I kept catching Todd looking at my
breast. Then I noticed a bulge in his pants. I reached over and gave Todd a big kiss.
"Thanks Todd for tutoring me." He just sat there and smiled. I didn't think he knew
what to do. So I played with his bulge in his pants. He stared at my breast as I kept
stroking his cock from outside his pants.

 I undid his belt and slid down his pants and underwear. His pants dropped to floor
as he stepped out of them.

 And I couldn't believe it... He had the biggest cock I have ever seen!!! I thought to
myself, how bad I wanted that big cock.

 I took off all my clothing revealing my naked body to him. I straddled him in the chair
and tried to sit on his big hard cock with my wet pussy, but it was too big to get in.
Todd started to grind his hips and he slowly eased his big cock into my pussy. He
grabbed onto my ass as he began to fuck me fast and deep. I couldn't help but make
noises because he was so big. He tried to shut me up by making out with me and
occasionally putting his hand on my mouth. He moved faster and faster. The feeling
was so intense I leaned back so I could get the full impact of his manhood deep
inside me.

 He fucked me until my pussy was swollen and sore. It hurt but at the same time it felt
good. I had multiple orgasms on his big cock over and over again until I just lost
count. I told him to tell me when he was ready to cum.

 Todd took my bare breast into his hands and grabbed onto them. He tugged on
them real hard then he bit on my right nipple really hard. It kinda hurt but I loved how
he made me feel. Todd stared into my eyes then rolled his eyes back and then
closed them and said "I am ready to cum babe."

 I grabbed his cock. I started sliding my mouth up and down his cock every now and
then pulling it out to lick around his big head before putting it all the way in. He must
have liked it because he shot his load right then. I felt that hot spray against the back
of my throat!!

 I sucked and sucked then licked his cum dry. I cleaned up the remaining cum by
carefully licking his balls and cock until I had cleaned it completely.

 I told Todd to not tell anyone about us having sex. And he agreed to not tell anyone.

 Every now and again, Todd would continue to Tutor me in chemistry throughout
that semester when I needed help. And I tutored Todd in another type of chemistry.

 By the end of the semester, it was Christmas break, and I started dating a
sophomore named David. Todd stopped visiting me when he found out about me
dating David. I missed my private chemistry lessons but at the same time I really liked
David too.

© 2010 NB

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