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Chris's First Time
by Ralph Greco, Jr©

"You can have them tonight..." she said, scooting up on the bed to present her meaty
breasts to my face.

What could I say to such a wonderful offer except moan even deeper?!

"...only after you come though," my best friend added and then lay down to face me yet

Chris looked into deep into my blue eyes with her own, guiding my own hand down my
own belly. In seconds we snaked the heel of my palm to my dark pubic hair and I spread
my index finger and thumb between my wet lips. Arching my back I started only the
slightest tickle across my clit. If Chris wanted to watch me, lie here and tease me with the
close proximity of her warm breasts, her coy words and big blue eyes then I was going to
damn well take my time coming!

"Yesss..." she sighed, rubbing her sharp nipples against my own hard ones.

Breast to breast then, and although I'm not as endowed, my own 36B's felt great pushing
against Chris's heavy D's. I snaked my fingers deeper into myself as we pressed closer
and I smelled my friend's slight perfume, felt her chest rise and fall to her deep breathing.
"That's it, that's it," Chris said, undulating next to me.

Her pouty lower lip was lifting on the right side as it always did when she was interested
in something and I silently applauded myself that I could make Chris so 'interested'; God
knew, she had had me interested the minute she had opened her top in the car...even

"Let me suck 'um," I said. "Please, let me!"

"These?" Chris said, faking surprise. She leaned back then and pushed her breasts
together to form an impossibly tight cleavage. "You've always wanted to, huh?"

I could stand it no longer. I grabbed my clit with my index and first fingers and began the
hard circular twisting I knew would get me coming in seconds.

"Oh God," I screamed as Chris kept her position and her breasts tightly squeezed.  I had
tried all evening at dinner not to stare at her low cut sweater but Chris's breasts are just
too round and big for me (or anyone) to ignore. I loved the stares she received in the
restaurant tonight (and any night really), from both women and men, but having the
privilege to see her like this, having her trust me enough to have me be the first women
she was ever with, made me so hot my head was about to explode.

That Chris was keeping her distance, egging my on like she was but not touching beyond
rubbing her breasts to mine, didn't matter in the least. Like I said, this was a new
experience for my best friend, besides, I was scheming even then as I felt myself rise, as
I clutched my tight ass and I moaned deep; I was planning on touching Chris plenty after I

There was no way I was going to let a body like hers not feel all I could make it feel.
"Come for me," she whispered as I pressed my rock hard clit and felt my juices run down
my hand.

"Oh...Go..." I tried.

"Ah ha," I said as Chris smiled even wider and I shook through the orgasm. "Good honey.
Good," my best friend said as I sighed and she rolled into me.

I literally whimpered as Chris leaned into me and planted a quick but hot kiss to my
spread lips. In a way this kiss, the first Chris had ever given another woman in this
context, was almost as sensual to me as her lying here topless.

"Here's your reward," she announced after our lips parted.

My friend leaned back, scooted a bit up the bed and then thrust her breasts to my mouth.
Riding the sticky dregs of my orgasm I suckled, first my friend's right breast then her left.
"Oh, suck...Suck!" Chris growled as I did just that!

I lapped like the good puppy I envisioned myself to be at that moment: big breasts
smothering me as I licked from hard nipple to hard nipple, pulling at the dark aureole;
gulping as much of each breast as I could in my mouth at once, then releasing and
burrowing to the other. When I heard Chris's moaning begin to deepen, nearly to the point
of her whimpering, I released my mouth from her thick cleavage and looked up at her.

"Now, it's your turn," I challenged.

Chris looked up at me as I kneeled over her, smiling wide.

"How do you want me?" she asked through a whisper.

Still so wet I just looked down at the lean girl below me: Chris's hard powdery belly; her
big breasts; her blonde hair falling across her slightly freckled shoulders. She was a
vision and if I had not wanted my own sweet revenge, if I had not wanted to make her
come deep and long this first time with a woman, I could have stayed there over her just
drinking in her wonderful body and pretty face.


I didn't say a word as I reached out to Chris's hips and easily rolled her onto her back.
Odd as it was, I really had had enough of my friend's breasts for the moment; I wanted to
concentrate on getting Chris's pants and panties off and then really showing her what
years of being a lesbian had taught me. She had teased me, now I was going to give her
the tongue lashing of her life. If this was indeed a one shot deal, if this was the only night
of lesbian sex Chris would ever allow, then I was going to make her remember my strong
tongue and the heights another woman could bring her to.

I felt like I was on a mission now!

Chris was steaming hot and ready when I pealed down her sweats and faced her blue
cotton thong. I nuzzled my face across her pussy, kneading my nose into the cotton that
separated my mouth from her hot little mound. I mouthed her a few minutes like that
while she lay back and thrashed her head side to side, her straight blonde mane
cascading across her fluffy pillow. Spreading her thighs even more I heard her gulp as I
kneeled and ran my long nails across her panties and to her hips again.

"You are mine now," I promised.

"F...u...c...k," she stuttered.

I pealed down her thong and Chris actually cried out when her trim triangle sprouted into
view. I managed the thong all the way down her long legs and off her feet and I smiled as
I looked up to see my friend's upper inner thighs quivering.

"All mine," I added and then I dove down to Chris's blonde triangle.

As I had suspected she would, Chris tried to scoot back up the bed. I wasn't insulted of
course, I knew my friend was hot for me, but a woman's mouth on her pussy was new to
her. Easy I spread her thick lips with my tongue and let Chris's light smell fill my face as I

"," she hollowly protested.

Chris tasted just like the virgin I knew she was to all this. Her little clit hard like a button,
popping its head out to meet my darting tongue, I positioned myself flat across my best
friends thighs and buried my face deep into her wetness.

"Ro, oh. Oh!" she mewed.

I knew I had her. I flicked my tongue across her button, wanting to prolong her impending
orgasm. Like I said, I wanted to make this first time for Chris a great time, I wanted her to
remember and I wanted her to want me because God knew I wanted to do this
again...and again. Driving down the hour to see her for our monthly get-togethers could
really be fun now with the promise of a night like this looming in our future. Ten years is a
long time to fester an attraction that you are sure you will never get to act on; God, shows
how wrong I could be! So I knew I had to really 'send her to the moon' with this orgasm,
taking Chris in a way that would engage her, body and mind.

I managed a hand under Chris's little ass and began to snake my fingers between her

"Cla...Claire," she said, opening her eyes then to look down at me as I looked up at her.
I nearly stopped my fingers in her ass but Chris was smiling as she glared down at me.
"I...I never, I..." she tried.

I wasn't about to remind Chris that fingers up her ass wasn't the only 'never' happening
this evening for her, but instead I lay my head back down, spread her wet lips with my
tongue again and snaked my index finger up to her budding anus.
"Jesus," Chris yelped above me. "Oh Jesus Claire, oh sweet Jesus!"  

Chris started squirming so much I had to hold her in place by pushing my face deeper
into her pussy while planting my finger up her from behind. She was shuttering now,
whimpering from deep in her throat and I could tell by the thick juices lapping my cheeks
that she was really building for a heavy explosion; she was so wet I couldn't tell what was
her juice and my saliva. I felt my own pussy filling up again and I started rubbing myself
against the bed as Chris clenched her ass around my fingers. Easing my finger just up to
her hole I felt the bed shake as Chris cried out to my tentative purchase in her anus.
"Mmmm," I moaned into her and Chris all but bucked on the bed.

Suckling that button of her clit I managed my hand in just a whisper more and held onto
Chris as she began to cry.

"Claire!" she gulped as her entire body tightened.

Planting her ass with my finger I sucked hard on her engorged clit.

"Claire!" she repeated as I felt her lips quiver and her back arch.

The warm squish of Chris's juices released down my face as I held my lips to her clit and
managed my finger in even deeper.

"Nooooooo," she managed through her deep tears.

Chris came for what seemed five minutes, literally spilling herself into my mouth! Arched
back, ass cheeks clenched around my finger, pussy pressed up hard against my nose
she let loose and I stayed with her until she was spent and sighing little spurts of tears.

It's two weeks later and I'm preparing to leave for Chris's house in the next hour. We have
talked as much as always on the phone but neither of us have spoken yet about my last
visit. We had fallen asleep in each other's arms that night and the next morning went out
to breakfast as usual, hung-out for a few hours until it was time for me to leave her-with
only a quick kiss on the cheek-come late afternoon. If our time together was a one time
occurrence then I knew I had provided Chris, and she me, with one hell of a  memory.

But I was wondering, as I packed my sexy black leather G-string, why Chris insisted that
we see each other now only two weeks later, when a month usually passed between our
I was sure that Chris's first time would prove not to be her only time!

© 2006 Ralph Greco, Jr

Ralph is a 44 year old NJ resident. Ralph has published world-wide in small press,
major maket, on-line; on coffee can lables and buttons; Ralph is an Ascap licensed
songwriter and actually began his  writing career penning 800# pre-recorded phone sex
Chris's First Time