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Mama dragged us kids to the Christmas eve show at the local
church. I was the eldest and wildest of the bunch mama use to
complain to papa who past on last summer. I saw that Preacher man standing in front of
our little white country church and a yearning began deep in my loins. I could not take my
eyes off of that Preacher man as he sat up in front of the stage. Mama smacked my knee
because I kept squirming around in the pew.

“Girl sit still! You got the devil in your butt?” Mama asked
getting aggravated with me as usual.

“I can’t help it mama, a restlessness has taken hold of me.” I
whispered as my white cotton panties became wet with a moistness.

I began to wonder what was causing this stirring in my private
area? Lord I can’t tell mama she would send me to the wood shed forever! I thought to
myself. My nipples began to protrude under my white silk blouse. Mama smacked my knee
hard this time with gritted teeth.

“Get yourself to the bathroom youngin’ and do something about that blouse.” Mama told me
in a stern whisper.

I rose from my seat and his eyes met mine then my chest. I
quickly tried to cover the swelling, tingling sensation in my
chest. I hurried to the bathroom before mama took her hand bag to me for not listening to
her. Oh my how I wanted that preacher man just to touch me, touch me down there.

That was twenty years ago and now today I have returned to our small country town with the
same church and same Preacher Man. This time he will not escape my adult advances as
he did at the Christmas eve dinner. I was standing under the mistletoe as he bend down to
kiss my cheek, I quickly planted my lips on his. I was eighteen and horny as hell. He quickly
flinched away from me and then scolded me.

“Young women who walk with the Lord do not behave in that
manner!” He told me in a firm voice.

I was mortified to say the least that he spurned my kiss like it
was a vile creature of evil. I hung my head down and walked home where I packed my bags
heading to New Orleans. Once in New Orleans, a fine officer of the law took me under his
wing making me a woman by screaming his name out every night. He loved pure nasty raw
sex. He gave me orgasms after orgasms with his huge tool that the Lord blessed him with.
I became very popular with the bikers... men and women that is.

I now have returned to put out the flame that still burns strong
and hungry deep into my loins. That flame was ignited twenty
years ago by that Preacher Man. I dressed in my red velvet long dress trimmed in white fur.
The dress clung to my body showing every curve. The neck line swooped low exposing my
large rounded breast. I bent over running my hands slowly up my leg and the silk stocking’s
made a wetness in my red and white velvet thongs. My black ankle boots with 12 inch
spiked heels always made my legs look so sexy. My hips moved slowly back and forth as I
looked at my self in the mirror and smiled, I was now ready to descend down on the
Preacher man like the prey of the bald eagle. I stepped into my floor length white hooded fur

“Oh my, you're looking so hot there girl.”I told myself as I looked myself up and down

I arrived at the small country church just as mama and my other siblings arrived. I had not
seen them in twenty years since the night I was humiliated and made to feel like a harlot.
Which by the way I became very good at through the years. I stepped out of my crimson red
limousine slowly as mama along with my brothers and sisters looked at the car wondering
what rich bitch was coming to visit their humble church. I looked mama in her eyes as she
eyed my white gold jewelry with diamonds and rubies that
sparkled into the night.

“Jolene...Jolene is that you child?” Mama cried out to me as her greyish blue eyes filled with

“Yes mama, it’s me . . . Jolene.” I told her as tears filled my eyes and my breast began to
heave up and down.

“My sweet Jesus thank you lord for bringing my baby girl home to us.” She cried as tears fell
down her aging face that held the wrinkles of hard times. Her hands held both of her
cheeks as she fell to her knees.

My oldest sister grabbed me and began hugging me and crying and at that moment as my
family gathered around me the hurt that I felt for so many years just flew up into the sky.

The preacher man came strolling over to see what was the ruckus in front of his church.
Our eyes met just as they did twenty years ago and a smile came over his face. I smiled
meekly at him as my family hugged and kissed me. Yet as strange as it may sound that fire
began to burn so hot, hotter then ever for him. I knew I had to have and have him I would. As
we entered the church he took my arm in his escorting me into the church and placing my
family and myself in the first pew. His eyes fell to my beating chest as he removed my coat
along with the other parishioners. Yet I felt proud of my fashion and sang the Christmas
Carols loudly filled with Christmas cheer. Through the whole Christmas show his eyes
were undressing me as my sisters and I sat in our pew giggling like we did twenty years
ago and we all felt the stern hand of mama on our knees.

Everyone gathered in around the tables filled with turkey and
hams, sweet potatoes and all of the holiday fixings. We drank egg nog and I promised
mama I would be home in the morning to spend Christmas day with her. As we all were
leaving the Preacher mans car would not start and I seized the opportunity.

I would be more then happy to give you a ride... home.” I told
him as my fingers played with the lapel of his coat.

“I don’t see any harm in it... Do you Jolene?” He asked as he
swallowed hard.

“None at all Preacher man.” I told him smiling as my eyes
sparkled as much as my jewelry.

My Limo driver drove slowly towards his house as he told me how his wife had died five
years ago and no other woman had caught his interest until recently. I looked at him
smiling as now I was curious.

“So who is the lucky woman who caught your interest Preacher man?” I asked in my slowly
southern drawl.

“I cannot lie, you have captured my interest from twenty years ago. I never meant to make
you feel dirty Jolene.” He told me .

“What?” I asked as tears filled my eyes and more wetness filled my thong.

Before I knew it I was in his arms, his lips were on mine, our
tongues began circling each others. The limo driver  closed the dark tinted window so he
would not lose his job.Our heated breath covered our windows with fog. His hand reached
inside of my dress cupping my large breast. His head bent down towards my breast and
before I took my next breath he had my nipple in his mouth. His other hand worked its way
up under my dress and up my silky thigh to my wet thong. His middle finger was now
between my lips of my pussy and the fire became an inferno. He released his hard tool
from the pants that held it captive. He pulled me over on top of him and entered me. His
hands caressed my breast as our tongues sucked and licked the others. He moaned my
name Jolene over and over as my hands and fingers ran through his hair. I cried out with a
thunderous voice Preacher man!

We laughed and kissed as teenagers who had just had sex for the first time. We ended up
at his place where we spent Christmas eve together. Our Christmas morning began when
our eyes opened and we joined together once more before he showered. I decided then to
leave so he wouldn’t feel obliged to spend Christmas with me. I felt a sadness as I left his
home. I cried in the shower at my hotel like a baby. I had come to the realization that the
flame had moved up to my heart and now it was breaking because a high class harlot
could never be the wife of a preacher man. I wore black velvet low riding bell bottoms with
white fur around the hem, with a matching black tight turtle neck shirt. I wore white gold
jewelry with black diamonds, and twelve inch black heels with diamond encrusted toes. I
drove to mama’s where all the family had gathered, I was playing with my nieces and
nephews when Santa arrived with a huge bag filled with toys. I smiled as he called each
person by name and then he called mine. How did he know I would be here? I wondered.
Mama must of told him I was here I thought to myself.

“Ho, ho, ho Jolene and Merry Christmas!” He told me taking me into his arms and kissing
me so passionately. “Tell me you will marry me.” He whispered in my ear.

I looked into his eyes and knew I wanted to say yes yet my mind told me no. When he found
out what I did in New Orleans he would not want me any more. I shook my head no as tears
welled up in my eyes.

“I can’t Preacher man, I have a past that is not fitting to be
the wife of a preacher man... Preacher man.” I whispered as I cried running to my old

“Jolene I will not let you leave me again!” He yelled out causing everyone to gasp with shock
as he chased after me.

I fell onto my bed crying  and then I felt him next to me.
” Jolene your past is your past, I am your present and future.” He told me as he placed the
diamond engagement ring on my finger.

Our hearts melted as one once we sealed our engagement with a love filled kiss. We
joined the other's in the dinning room and mama was so proud that her baby girl had
returned home to stay.

Merry Christmas !

© 2006 Erotica Writings

Author Erotica Writings has been published in Literotica, A sex stories,
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N. Central Florida with her husband Frank. Ms. Writings has been
writing since 2003 after she retired from her all female window
cleaning company in South Florida where her  four daughters and
mother still reside.

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