Christmas Vacation
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Christmas Vacation
by Erotica Writings

I have finished packing my bags for Ft. Lauderdale Beach, in just ten minutes, we will be
loading up our little red convertible with a white top, and we will be on our way. My two
closest friends Mary and Tory, as well as myself are spending this Christmas on Ft.
Lauderdale's strip, which we are driving from South Carolina. Well the car is loaded; the
three of us are here so let us go!

Thirteen hours later, we are sitting in front of our hotel and it is so beautiful. We parked our
car in the above ground parking lot and the three of us giggled across the garage. Inside
the hotel, we were amazed at the beauty of this place where the staff made us to feel like
stars. In our suite, we have a living room and two bedrooms; I stood on the balcony over
looking the ocean and all the cars that drove slowly along the strip. The palm trees on the
beach are so beautiful, and the water looks like glass, it is so calm. I ran into my room as
our house cleaner was putting our clothes away and I grabbed my bag with my white
bathing suit with the red fringe on the top and bottom with my red sarong. Mary wore a
black one piece and Tory's was just opposite of mine.

We walked down the main stream of the strip listening to the sound of the live music
playing and we each bought a palm hat from the man who was making them from the
palm tree branches. We realized we were starving when we noticed the aroma of the food
cooking. We sat out on the sidewalk at the tables where we ordered conch fritters and fries
with frozen rumrunners. Mary danced with a tall Jamaican man, I watched as he taught her
how to dance to the reggae music playing. We laughed and told stories about ourselves
and now it was my turn to dance with him. He took my red hair down from the bun I was
wearing and it flowed to my waist where he now had his hands moving my hips slowly up
and down and around. His hands slid down my thighs to my knees that he parted slightly
and bent just enough so I could move them in a circular movement. My hands were now
on his shoulders while his hands were on my waist, our bodies moved together in slow
perfect rhythm, I began to feel a strong stirring in my loins. His brown eyes penetrated my
eyes as my breathing was becoming harder just as my nipples were as well.

His hands tightened on my waist and our bodies were now grazing each other's softly.
"Would you like to continue this tonight?" He asked me as Tory broke in between us.

"Now it is my turn to dance with him Janelle." She smiled pushing me to the side.

I sat back at the table with Mary who had now ordered shrimp. "I figured she was going to
cut in during my dance." She said eyeing her shrimp. "No please don't eat me lady I got a
family." She said as she stuck the shrimp in her mouth. "Too late shrimp my belly wants
you." she said drinking another rumrunner.

"You better go slowly on those Mary." I told her watching him watching me as Tory tried to
captivate him.

Tory and this milk chocolate, delicious looking man came back to the table to join us. "Oh
my Jordan you are a fantastic dancer." she told him as he sat his chair next to mine.

"Are we still on for tonight?" He asked me smiling and taking my hand gently into his.

"Yes that would be great." I said with a huge smile and feeling like a student at
twenty-eight-years old.

"Well I am in, what about you Mary?" Tory asked knowing he was just asking me out.

"Sure, but I need to go lay down." She said feeling the effect of the drinks.

"Well its 5 o'clock now, I will see you ladies to your room and come back at nine to pick you
three beautiful ladies up." He told us trying not to hurt anyone's feelings.

He walked us three women to our room and gently kissed each of us on the forehead as
he left us. I fell asleep on the couch while Tory and Mary slept in each of the rooms. When I
finally woke up it was three in the morning. Mary came staggering out of her room, Tory
however was nowhere in our suite.

"Well I guess someone is having fun tonight." I said with tears burning my eyes.

"I set my clock, but someone turned it off." She told me knowing how I felt.

"I guess she wanted him pretty bad huh?" I told her as we opened the doors to the patio.

We both screamed, he screamed falling off the lounger he was sleeping on. Mary and I
tried to help him up, but we began laughing too hard and landed on top of him. He looked
at us cross-eyed which had us laughing even harder. Finally, we gathered our composure
and were on our feet and I was happy to see him.

"Where's Tory?" Mary asked.

"She got mad at me because I would not take her out without this beautiful lady on my
arm." He said look into my eyes. "Shall we go get some food?" He asked us.

"Sounds good to me I am starving." Mary said as she went to change.

I looked into his eyes as he pulled me close to his body and kissed me with his soft full
lips. His large fingers gently ran over my face and through my hair as his tongue began
exploring my mouth.

"You taste so sweet; I promise we will take it as slow as you want to take it." He said and
began smothering me in passionate kisses.

He pushed me away so I could go dress; I changed into a pair of black slacks and a black
half shirt with a heart on it. I wore my black heels and the three of us were off to go to
breakfast on East Las Olas at a restaurant that stayed open twenty-four hours. Then I saw
her, Tory with three guys and all were drunk and staggering back towards the beach. We
finished our breakfast and headed back to the room to make sure Mary got back safely.

A week had past and I had been with Jordan everyday. Mary had even met a nice boy here
named Anthony; Tory however had just about slept with every guy on Ft. Lauderdale Beach.
I had decided tonight I would give Jordan his Christmas gift a red teddy with black lace that
he could take off me. We had the room to ourselves and we were decorating the tree, we
placed the gifts under it as we sipped eggnog and bourbon while listening to The
Christmas Song by Nat king Cole. We had the lights dimmed and the patio doors opened.
I handed him his gift, He looked surprised when he opened it and saw the teddy.

I took him by the hand, leading him into the bedroom where we would make love for the
first time; I lit the candles and poured us some more eggnog. I then took the teddy from
him. I went into the bathroom where I changed into it, when I entered the room; He laid in
the bed, as well looking so handsome, the moonlight shinning in on the bed from the
opened patio doors. I walked slowly and seductively out of the bathroom feeling his eyes
undressing me as I neared the bed when I suddenly stopped in my tracks. With a sly
smile, I dove on top of him. We tumbled and rolled in the bed in between kisses and soft
caresses. Then slowly his fingers began to remove the thin straps from my shoulders as I
sat straddled on top of him, I could feel his throbbing erection against my moist wet
softness between my thighs. His fingers were unsnapping the crotch and the teddy was
going over my head and to the floor. Our kisses were so hot, so passionate with our
tongues licking the others while taking turns sucking softly on our tingly tongues. I felt his
erection go deep with in me, I gasp for air with my head tilted backwards as he moaned
feeling my hot passionate filled juices covering every inch of his hard, throbbing erection.
His large hands caressed both of my breasts while he suckled on each nipple
simultaneously. Our breathing was becoming fast and hard while mingling in with our
moans of complete passion when the most extreme wave of ecstasy over came us at the
exact moment. We lay silently in the moment of pure erotic bliss falling off into a
peace-filled sleep.

The next morning Jordan brought me breakfast in bed dressed as a nude Santa who only
wore his hat! After breakfast, we dressed and under the tree were so many gifts to open for
each one of us. That night Jordan and I decided I was going to come back for New Years
with Mary, only we were going to be making Florida our home.

Season's Greetings

© 2006 Erotica Writings

Author Erotica Writings has been published in Literotica, A sex
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cleaning company in South Florida where her  four daughters and
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