story codes: MF

by Hasan Syree

I come to your fifth period class, half expecting you to tell me to go to class but fully
expecting you to greet me with love and affection. I crack my neck twice (as it is
what I often do at random) and open the double doors into the adjacent hallway.
Our eyes meet and I think I see something different in them but ignore it and move
forward to hug you. We hug tightly enjoying each other's embrace and then you
lean a lil closer and nibble lightly on my ear.

I almost recoil at the unexpected gesture but then get into it and lean in to give you
more access to it. You let go of my ear and move down to my neck in search of a
new place to use your mouth. "Shouldn't I be heading to class?" I say in a light
voice, surprised at how hard I'm breathing. "Do you want to?" you ask. There is a
tone of urgency in your voice that I know shouldn't be ignored. I lead you by the
hand to the 2nd floor and into an open technology classroom. Both of us
immediately drop our bags and draw as close to each other as we can. I lean down
and suck on your neck knowing exactly what response it will illicit. I move my hands
to your hips and then getting quickly bored with that slip one up the side of your
shirt and the other rubs lightly around the curve of your butt under your skirt. I pinch
and smirk when you jump. You hit me lightly and then get back in the rhythm we've
been moving to unknowingly since we came in.

I move my tongue lightly along the surface of your skin moving it up until I'm licking
your lips. We kiss and I get harder tasting you and feeling your hot tongue dance
around mine in our oral embrace. I break the kiss to look into your eyes and say "I
want you." You smile and resume our kiss. I shudder as I feel your hand rubbing the
bulge in my pants, knowing what's coming next. You try to unzip my pants but can't
at the angle your hand is pulling. "Allow me." I whisper into your ear and not only
undo the zipper but take the pants off entirely. It's a Tuesday and since I didn't have
gym all that's left on the bottom are my boxers. I take my shirt off wanting to only be
in the boxers. You bite your bottom lip looking down at my boxers where the bulge
has turned into a tent. You reach past the elastic lining and start jerking me off. I
look at you wondering for a second what has come over you but, having decided
several minutes ago that I like it. I start to take your shirt off.

You lift your arms, looking somewhat disappointed that you had to stop but then the
shirt is off and one hand is back on me with the other under your skirt. I kiss you
and put my hand under your skirt to join yours. I am surprised by what I feel, not at
the fact that you're dripping wet but that you have no panties on and you're
fingering yourself. I remove your hand and break our kiss to have you lick the two
fingers you had inside yourself. I inset three of my fingers in the place of your two
and revel in the wanton moan you let out. I pick you up by your waist and put you up
on a table. You look at me quizzically for a second before you realize what I'm about
to do. I lower my head and start to lick a spot on your thigh right by where you really
wanna be licked, leaving you crying out for me to stop teasing you. I move my head
slowly.. closer.. closer.. closer. Then I suddenly jump from one thigh to the other
making you release the breath you had been holding to start saying my name
exasperatedly. I smile and decide to oblige you, moving quickly to your clit, licking a
sucking where you want me to. You scream out something I can barely understand.

Your hips buck and you cum flooding my mouth with your juices. I get as much as I
can wanting not to waste any for the janitor's to find later on when they finally come
to clean the room. I fold my tongue, another one of my unique traits, and slip it
inside you, enjoying the temporary artificial straw. I move it in and out of you
sending waves of electricity up and down your spine. You arch your back and I see
you are about to cum again. I stop, wanting to tease you further. You raise you
head to look at me in a mix of passion and slight annoyance. I smirk and motion for
you to look downward at my slowly falling tent, not that eating you wasn't erotic
enough to keep me hard, it just wasn't the most stimulating thing. You understand
exactly what I'm thinking and slip off the desk and into a crouching position in front
of me and pull my boxers down. You take me in your mouth slowly, almost 2/3 of the
way down, but you still haven't learned to deepthroat so that's as far as it will go.
You slowly slide your mouth back to the tip, sucking hard, making my body shudder.

You move back your head back and forth rhythmically feeling me growing hard
again in your mouth. You manage a smile with me still in your mouth and say
something. I laugh, an inside joke. You get up and bend over the table. I push
inside you slowly waiting for you to get accustomed to my size. Soon we are rocking
back and forth making the tables creak. I want to tell you how good it feels to be
inside you, how much I've wanted you but I can barely breathe right let alone speak.
I just sigh heavily and increase the speed and force of my thrusts making you moan
louder. That familiar feeling is coming over me and I know that I'm going to cum
soon but I don't want to yet and it's killing me not to.

You feel me pause for a moment and look back at me concerned but then see my
face and read me perfectly. " You can cum if you want." you say facing forwards
again. I thrust harder and faster yet coming closer and closer to orgasm. I feel my
dick engorge as I pull out of you and cum. After long minutes (could have been
minutes, hours, days, we lost track of all time) of laying together in a heap,
breathing hard as the last aftershocks of orgasm subside, we get up, smile at each
other and kiss. "I love you" I say looking at your eyes. "I love you too" you say "now
let's get dressed, we might actually make it to our eighth period classes late if we

© 2008  Hasan Syree