Closed Encounter
Story Codes: MF, Consensual, Exhibitionism

Closed Encounter
by Don Abdul

Darnell had discovered the adult bookstore quite accidentally a week ago, inside he'd seen a
couple of erotic story books he'd been trying to find for ages. Since he wasn't carrying nearly
enough cash on that visit, he planned to return later to buy them. He had planned to close early
and go to the bookstore for those books, but right after lunch break, things got very busy. He
didn't get to leave the office until 8.00 p.m. that night.

As he stepped into the bookstore, he saw her walking towards the front door. She was 5'6" tall
woman in her early fifties, the bright lights of the store paid glowing tribute to her light caramel
complexion. He was completely stunned by her graceful frame, firm build and tiny waist. She was
wearing a close fitting button down the front dress that showed off curves of her hips which
swayed quite seductively as she walked towards him.

Darnell's eyes were focused above her slim waist as he open-mouthedly admired the shape of
her ample breasts. It took all his reserve of decorum to tear himself away from the magnetism of
her awesome cleavage. He managed to shift his attention higher to her face where he
encountered her sexy brown eyes.

"Hello there, I'm sorry but I was just about to close for the day," she said with a beautiful smile on
her face. He thought her voice was as sexy as she looked, and when her words sank in, there
was a look of  great disappointment on his face. She must have noticed this because she quickly
added, "Oh what the hell, since you're already in here, you might as well look around. Say you
don't mind if I lock up then do you?"

Although, he wasn't quite sure how he'd get out of the store when he's done, he heard himself
saying' "oh no, not at all." She switched the sign in the window to "Closed", and then went over to
where he was checking out the books. She asked him what sort of books he was interested in and
he told her the titles he was after. "Mmm! You have a great taste in books, I see. I bet I could
interest you in a new author who writes along those lines as well."

As she talked, Darnell couldn't help but steal a look at what her close fitting dress was hiding, and
as she turned away to fetch the new book, he was pleased to see her booty was just as nice as
her bosom. He was both glad and disappointed that she left; disappointed because he wanted to
sneak more peeks. However he was glad because that meant she wouldn't notice the
embarrassing bulge in his pants. As he stared after her swaying hips and shaking booty, he
inhaled the lingering mix of the scent of her perfume and the natural essence of her hard day’s

After a while, his composure returned and he began to concentrate on browsing the shelves
again. He carried on until he came to the back of the store where he saw a desk and chair. He
was curious as to what the furniture was there for.

"I see you're wondering why those are there, uh?" she asked Startled, he turned quickly, and
uttered a weak;

"Yeah, sort of."

"I am so sorry, I didn't mean to startle you." she said apologetically.

The space at the back of the store was so tight, and the place soon filled with her unique
essence. Darnell again filled his lungs with her body scent as she moved even closer to him to
show him the book she had brought back. As she handed him the book their hands touch. It was
a brief, but electric contact which instantly caused Darnell's crotch to grow bigger and harder.

She must have felt something too because she instantly tried to get away quickly too Offering the
feeble excuse, "I should get you a bag to carry those books". In her haste to escape, she didn't
quite realize how tight the space was. As she tried to squeeze past between Darnell and the
Desk, her voluptuous ass grazed his crotch and this time, she really felt his raging, pulsing

Being taller than her, Darnell got a clear view of her cleavage. She had such fine skin for her
years, very few wrinkles indeed. He wondered how perky her tits would be. Not wanting the
contact to end just yet, he quickly feigned curiosity and said, "by the way, before you get the bag,
could you please tell me ...." He didn't get to complete the question as she suddenly turned to
look into his face without moving her ass from his crotch. In that instant, with both their hearts
pounding in their individual chests, they knew that lust had won over logic.

She pressed her big ass closer to his hard pulsing crotch, and savored his manhood before
turning to face him, never for a moment breaking their shared gaze. Darnell was completely out of
his depth, his mouth was so dry, and then suddenly something in her eyes seemed to flip a switch
in his mind. Then, as if by their own volition, his hands came up to her chest and gently cupped
her huge breasts. She moaned softly as his hand slipped through her dress into her bra, teasing
her erect, hard nipple, to his pleasant surprise her tits were quite firm.

Except for the distant sound of traffic, the store was quiet; the only illumination was a soft glow of
a lamp at the other side of the last shelf. This cast a shadow over their position, as he unhooked
her bra and caressed and kneaded her breasts while slowly taking off her dress, she lifted each
boob and offered her nipples to him, and moaned as he licked and then sucked on them.

She looked up into his eyes, and although no words were spoken. They told him ‘it's been a long
time, way too long'. Their eyes stayed locked as she undressed him too. When they were both
standing naked, his cock nodded lustful tribute to the beauty of her mature body.

Cupping her face, he leaned closer and planted a hot kiss on her full sexy lips. His tongue played
with hers in an intricate and deeply passionate dance. She let out an excited throaty moan, and
reached down to grasps his erect member. At the same time, his went down across her bare
shoulders finding her nipples again and gently pinching each one in turn, she responded by
kissing him with greater urgency, her growing need evident in the way her hands roamed all over
him, exploring, squeezing, scratching, pleading.

Darnell heeded her unspoken pleas, and ran his hands over the loose skin and flesh around her
stomach. As his fingers found the inside of her thighs, he raked over her fat pulsating mound.
The warmth and wetness between her legs turned him on immensely; he knew the time was right
to make a grand entry.

Grabbing the chair, Darnell sat down and then took hold of her hips, backing her up until she was
astride and facing away from him. Positioning the head of his cock against the thick line of salt n
pepper hair around her pussy, he eased the head in, an inch at a time ensuring it was lubricated
with her pussy juice.

He started pushing in and out, going deeper with each thrust, and soon she was moaning;
"Ohhh...please, please...deeper" as she began to spread her thighs wider hoping for deeper
penetration. Not wanting to tease her any further Darnell thrust his hip further and his cock hit her

"Oh Yeah!" she screamed "So sweet..... So wonderful!" "Ohhhhhhh, please, don't stop...more....
give me more..., ohhhh, Mmmmmm....."

She grabbed tightly on his knees her voluptuous ass rising and falling in tune with his thrusts. Her
clit was consumed by the fire of her long pent up lust, Darnell fed her his turgid meat pole, driving
her to the edges of climax as she relived her younger days of lust and unbridled passion.
Overwhelmed by the pleasure she tensed letting off a series of primal sounds, wishing the fire in
the depth of her loins to be quenched, her whole being shuddering and shaking.

Darnell upped the ante, by grabbing her voluptuous breast, pinching her rock hard big nipples.
She humped frantically, matching his every thrust, digging her nails into his knees, urging him on
faster and harder and deeper.

"Ooooh, God! "Ooooh God" She cried repeatedly through her tears. She screamed, as he
hammered her mature pussy further towards a heart stopping orgasmic release. Her pussy walls
started to contract and convulse as Darnell hit her hard and felt her cervix against his throbbing

"Shit!" He groaned in a deep primal voice as his body tensed and succumbed to the on-rushing
release. Whilst he was shooting his torrent of cum deep inside her mature cunt, her body
stiffened as her pussy milked his spitting dick of every last drop of cum, and then she collapsed
back against his chest. Both of them breathing heavily as they floated back to earth.


© 2011  Don Abdul

Don Abdul is a Nigerian born poet, writer and published author.  Although he works as an
occupational health & Safety advisor, he has pursued his passion for writing erotic stories since
2005. He believes writing erotica allows him the freedom to push the envelope, break taboos, and
explore issues of sex and sexuality.

His stories and e-Books cut across various genres and they have published on a variety of
magazines, journals and websites. He currently has five eBooks on the market and some more
awaiting release soon.

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