Club Scene
Story Codes: MF, Consensual,  Exhibitionism

Club Scene
by Syble Baker

She walked into the club with her girl looking good from head to toe. She had mocha colored skin, and
her hair was in her favorite crochet hairstyle, and her make-up was flawless. She wore a burly wood
colored Baby Phat double neck halter and flounce skirt, with heels to match. Her nails, and toe nails
were freshly done in a French manicure. She led the way through the club to the bar. As she walked she
glanced to her left, and sitting at the table was none other then “him”. She felt the center of her moisten
just at the very sight of him. His silky caramel skin, and gansta tattoos, dressed in his gear looking fly as
hell.  She turned to her friend to see if she saw who was at the table. Her girl was already looking
though, and shaking her head.

“So what you gonna do girl?” her friend asked.

“Watch.” She switched over to his table and his body guard stood up.

“Watchu want?” he said.

“I just wanted to holla at your boy real quick. I ain’t tryin’ to stay and kick it or anything.” She answered
with a charming voice.

The body guard looked back at “him” and waited for his approval. “He” nodded his head in approval and
the body guard turned back to face her. “A’ight it’s cool. Don’t be makin’ a home and shit though.”

“Thank you.” She said as she walked past the body guard and straight up to “him”. When she reached
him, she leaned over so the area just below her neck was just under “his” chin and her mouth was close
enough to his ear to kiss. She could hear him breathing in the smell of her Allure perfume, and felt his
hot breath on her neck when he exhaled. She parted her lips and before she could stop her self asked,
“Do you have your pussy lined up for the night?” She leaned back just enough to see the calm gansta
expression on his face, and leaned back in. “Cause if you don’t, I got that type of pussy that will fit your
dick like a glove.” She stood up straight and turned to walk away. Then she turned around for a last look
and said, “Hope you holla at me.” With that she turned and walked to the bar where her girl was standing.

“Gurrrl what did you say to him?” Her friend asked.

“I just handed the pussy to him girl.”

“For real?! He was watchin’ you walk over here girl.”

“Stop lyin’ girl.”

“No, he was. So what you gonna do now?” Her friend asked.

“I’m gonna wait. See if he bites. If he does then I’m gonna give him some.”

“Hell naw girl, you’re crazy.”

“No I’m not girl. I mean, when will I ever get another opportunity like this?” She asked.
“True that, true that.”

“So let’s get our drink on like we came here to do!” She said as she turned to the bartender. “Can I get a
Vodka and cranberry, and whateva my girl wants.”

After they got their drinks and were scanning the room for a table bumping to the beat of Ludacris’
Splash Waterfalls. A deep chocolate brotha with a crème suit on walked up to her. “Wanna dance?” He

“Yea, I love this song.” She answered. As she handed her friend her drink and followed him on the
dance floor. As she walked she glanced at “his” table again and saw he was watching her. She turned
her back to the table and started to roll her apple bottom booty to the beat. The brotha she was dancing
with was not a bad dancer himself and put his hand on her waist. She sauntered backwards and turned
around to face “his” table. As she moved to the beat she moved her hands to her waist and sexily
touched herself. Then she turned herself back around continuing to dance with the man that had asked
her. When the song ended she thanked the man for the dance. “You don’t wanna dance no more?”

“Naw, I gotta get back to my girl. Maybe we can dance a little later.” She said and walked back to the bar.
Just as she took her drink from her friend she felt hands wrap around her waist, and she could feel the
groin of a man against her booty. She started to turn around but the look in her friends eyes made her
stop. “I was watchin you dance for me.” A sexy deep gansta voice said in her ear.

“You think I was dancing for you huh?”

“You know you were girl. So I wanna know three things.”


“Well I know you drink, so do you smoke?

“Yes, and I do X whenever I wanna have a fuck-a-thon.” She said smoothly.

“You wanna roll then?” “He” said.

“Yes. But I have my car.”

“You can follow me then.” He let go of her waist and started for the door. She looked at her friend and
said “Gotta go girl, I’ll holla at you tomorrow…ok?”

“Fo’ sho’ girl. I’ll talk to you later. Have fun girl.”

She walked out the door to see him headed towards his motorcycle. She felt her skin get warm and her
center get wet again as she imagined riding on the bike behind him. She caught up to him and pointed
towards her car. “I’ll wait right here for you.” “He” said.

“Ok.” As she walked to her car she half expected him to peel off. Leaving her feeling stupid for thinking
he would have ever given her a chance. Though after she got in her car and pulled up to his parking
spot she was happy to see he was still there. She rolled down her window to see if he was going to give
her any directions. “Just follow me up here to the LQ real quick.” “He” said.

“Ok.” She followed him to the liquor store and he pulled up next to a blue Cadillac. “He” got off his bike
and talked to the man in the car. Then he gave him dap and hopped back on his bike. He pulled up next
to her car and said, “A’ight, we bout to roll to my crib, cool?”

“Yeah, that’s fine.” She answered; surprised she was going through so many hoops for some dick. She
followed him to his place, parked her car and followed him inside. When she got inside she sat down on
the couch. “Nice place.”

“Thanks.” “He” said. “You want a drink?”

“Yeah, surprise me.” “He” walked into his kitchen and came out with two E&J’s with Coke.


“Fo’ sho. I hooked up some pills if you’re down.” “He” said.

“Really. It’s like that?”

“Whatchu think?”

“I think you should give me that pill.” She said with a smile. “He” walked over to her and gave her a neon
green pill with a question mark on the front. She picked up her drink and took the pill. “What about you?”

“I took mine in the kitchen.” “He” said still standing before her.

She was nervous all of a sudden and wanted to say something before he thought she was all talk. “So,
how about we watch one of those movies while we wait for these to kick in?”

“Fo’ sho. Go pick one.” “He” said as he sat on the couch next to her. She could feel his leg pressed up
against hers. Now that he had sat down, the last thing she wanted to do was move. She got up anyway,
slowly though. So he could watch her booty as she got up. She walked over to the bookshelf that housed
hundreds of movies. “Do you really watch all of these?” She asked as she pulled DVD’s out one at a time
to view the covers. “Or are they just for proof?”

“Naw I watch ‘em.” “He” said with a laugh.

“Hmmm, how bout this one then?” She asked as she held the case up for him to see.

“That’s cool.” “He” got up off the couch and walked over to her. He stood before her for a moment
looking her in the eyes with a look of sheer desire. She couldn’t believe that she was actually standing in
front of “him”, in his place, and he wanted her. He took the movie from her hand and put it in the DVD
player. Then took her hand and led her back to the couch. She sat a little bit away from him knowing that
if she was to close she was liable to go crazy trying to pace herself. As they sat she wondered how long
it would take for her pill to kick in. She was more then ready to grab his dick and start rubbing it, but she
did not want to rush it. She wanted to enjoy every minute possible. As she was pondering when to make
her move, “he” leaned forward grabbed the DVD remote, and opened a drawer on the coffee table that
sat a few feet in front of the couch. He pulled out a tray and a blunt wrap. When he sat back and placed
the tray and remote on his lap, she said, “I break up you roll up?” He didn’t say a word just handed the
tray to her, picked up the remote on his lap and pressed the play button. As she began breaking it up,
she could smell how potent it was. “Damn, this stinks good.”

“Don’t it tho.” “He” answered as he placed his hand on the couch inches from her thigh, never looking
away from the TV where a long haired chocolate sista was sucking the shit out of the Mandingo dick in
front of her. She felt her center open, and get wetter as his hand rested on the couch, wishing it were on
her thigh. She took her time as she finished breaking up not wanting him to move his hand to take the
tray from her. Reluctantly though, after a few minutes she told him she was done and he moved his hand
taking the tray from her. She crossed her legs and turned her attention to the TV while he rolled the
blunt. When he was done, he lit it up, hit it a few times then passed it to her. She happily took it from him
and puffed on it herself. As they smoked and watched the Mandingo brotha lick the long haired sista’s
pussy she began to feel warm all over. It had been about fifteen to twenty minutes since she had taken
the pill and she was already starting to feel its affects. One thing was for sure, the man knew how to find
the good shit. She sat back on the couch and turned to him. “Is it cool if I take my shoes off?” He gave
her a nod of approval and she bent over to remove her shoes. As she ran her feet over his carpeted
floor she said, “So what else can I do?”

“He” looked at her for a moment as he took another puff and passed her the blunt. “Shit girl, you can
slide your sexy ass over here.” She did as he requested and was so close now that she could feel the
rhythm of his breathing begin to quicken. While taking a hit of the blunt she took her free hand and laid it
on his upper thigh with her thumb nail grazing the crotch of his pants. When he didn’t move she hit the
blunt again and pretended to concentrate on the movie. Passing the blunt back to him she slid her hand
to the inside of his thigh so it now rested under his dick, which she could feel was beginning to swell.
“He” hit it a few more times and put the doobie in the ashtray sitting on the coffee table. She was now
beginning to feel the full affects of the pill. She was feeling very hot, sexy, and knew it was now or never.
She stood up and stepped between his legs. Then straddled him and brought her face close to his. “So
what convinced you to holla at me?”

She asked as she rocked her waist back and forth so her pussy was rubbing his restrained dick.

“When you was shakin’ yo ass on the dance floor for me.” He answered as he grabbed her booty with his
hands and brought the lower part of her body closer to him. She moaned at the touch of his hands on
her booty. He was massaging it now and she could feel his cock getting harder beneath him. She wanted
to rip his pants off and stick it inside her, but instead got up and walked in front of the TV. She removed
her halter and placed it on the table near her purse. “Well then let me show it to you again.” She said as
she began to seductively take of her skirt. As it passed her apple bottom she turned around and bent
over as she slid the skirt down her legs. She stepped out and faced him, showing off her deep blue
Victoria Secret lace bra and panty set. “He” licked his lips, holding his bottom lip with his teeth for a few
moments before releasing it. She walked back over and stood before him. “You look like you need to
free up a few things there.” She said pointing towards the crotch of his pants.

“You should help me with that.” “He” said lifting his head just slightly as if to be saying what’s up. She
knelt before him and unzipped his pants with her teeth, then freed his cock from its restraints. She
looked up at him as she held the cock in her hand.

“Damn you got a sexy dick.”

“You like that huh? Why don’t you put it in your mouth then?” “He” said. She smiled pulling his dick
closer to her mouth. She licked her lips then parted them as she lowered her head just above his.
Covering his head with her mouth she couldn’t help but moan. She massaged his tip with her mouth and
tongue, then slid her mouth down his shaft. As she came back up she gripped his shaft tight and began
to suck on his head. While her other hand massaged his balls. She continued to devour his cock as he
groaned with pleasure. When she was finished she got on the couch and picked up her drink. As she sat
there leisurely drinking her drink “he” looked at her while stroking his dick. When she set the drink down
he leaned forward, slid his hands under her booty, and pulled her toward him. He bent down and kissed
her sliding his tongue in and out of her mouth. She bucked against him as the kiss deepened sending
shock waves to her pussy. He slid her bra straps down so that he could see her breasts. He cupped and
massaged them as he kissed and teased her nipples. Then he slowly kissed down her stomach covering
every inch until he reached her hot center. He kissed and massaged her with his tongue as she moaned
in ecstasy.  He licked and teased her hood as she moved her hips to his rhythm. She was overwhelmed
by sensations as he enjoyed her pussy. He increased his speed as she climaxed holding her hips so that
she could not move away. Continuing to kiss and lick her until she reached her peak again. When he
couldn’t wait anymore he stood up and removed his clothes. She changed her position on the couch so
that she was facing him now. He looked at her and seductively said, “Now let’s see how this pussy fits.”
He knelt and pushed back his coffee table, then placed his tip in her warm center. He slowly pushed
himself in grunting with every stroke. She moaned with pleasure as her walls opened up to his length.
“Damn girl you weren’t playin’ were you? This shit is tight as hell.” “He said between pumps and breathes.

“I ain’t got to lie on my pussy baby.” She said seductively. He continued to stroke and please her, as her
pussy dripped with juices. Then he caught a rhythm and began to pound her making her scream out with
delight. She bucked against him wanting to deepen her pleasure, and he pulled out and turned her over.
His cock slid inside her wetness as she pushed her pussy further down his shaft. She backed her booty
up on his dick until they came together. After they caught their breath they laid on the floor. “He” rolled
another blunt and then they laid there smoking. After hitting it she passed the blunt and crawled on top
of him. “So how did the pussy fit?” She asked gazing down at him.

“Take this.” He said handing her the blunt. She took the blunt, and then in what seemed to be one
smooth move, turned her over and picked her up. She straddled him as he walked to his bedroom. He
laid her down on his bed and she passed him back the blunt. As he got on the bed he grabbed his dick
and teased her hole with it before entering her. He grabbed her hips and bent down to whisper in her
ear, pausing to dig deeper, “Pussy fits like a glove girl… like a glove.”

© 2013 Syble Baker

An aspiring author of Erotic fiction, Syble Baker has written over 80 erotic short stories. Though
unpublished to date, her original work can be found at:
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