Cream Pastry
Story Codes:  MF, Consensual,  Exhibitionism, Masturbation

Cream Pastry
by phonejo

I have a different schedule from my wife. So I have the days to myself, for part of the week. This morning I got up
had some coffee, and noticed my 7inch cock was very horny. It just kept staying 3/4 hard while I started to get
some pastries out for breakfast. I forgot to mention I enjoy lounging around in the mornings completed naked.

   I also leave the bay window blinds open in the kitchen breakfast nook, just in case some of our sexy neighbors
might be home for the day. I like the thought of someone seeing me stroking my dick in the kitchen, it usually adds
to my excitement. Well this morning, being very horned up, I was already starting to jack my dick to full size.

   As I put the apple strudel pastries in the toaster, I had an idea. I wonder if I could open one or two sides of the
pastries and be able to slide my dick into them, making me a fuck tube? Now of course my dick is extremely hard
and excited. As I take them out of the toaster, piping hot, I take a fork and slide along the side of them, opening
one on one side to form a pocket with three sides, and the other I opened on two sides to form a tunnel.

   Then I placed them together on some paper towels on the edge of the breakfast table. Now I am just the right
height for me to spread my legs some and it lowered the my dick right in front of my hot fuck tunnel. I grab my dick
and start a slow jacking all the way up and down the hard shaft, the whole time thinking when that apple filling
inside cools off a little I cant wait to stick my dick in my new fuck pastry!!

   As I continue to jack off my dick with one hand I start sliding my fingers in the pastry to check how hot it is, and
when I think the temp is just right, I slowly point my fat cock head at the pastry opening. Then I grab each side and
squeeze it so it opens up more, and slid my head right inside. The filling was so hot my dick jumped, so i pulled
back a little, then slid back inside the first pastry.

   Beginning to pick a rhythm I am now slowly fucking the first one and inching into the second, which is closed on
the other end. My dick is feeling amazing, as I fuck all the way into both of them!! Now getting a good solo fuck
going, I glance up at the window, and think I see someone watching, but not sure, shaded on that house, and
sunny on my side, so it was hard to tell.

   However, that was all it took to push me over the edge, thinking someone was watching my new solo fuck scene.
As the cum started to build in my balls, I picked up the speed and really gave my pastries a fucking, then my first
blast of cum filled the pocket as I let out a big moan.

   I just kept fucking as I came so my cum was shooting all over both on the inside. As I slowed down, I pulled out
and finished dripping the last cum on top of them. Then with my dick still very hard and covered with apple filling
and cum, I started sliding my fingers up the sides of my dick, scooping up the filling and cum mixture, and slurping
right off my fingers and down my throat!!

   This seemed to turn me on even more because my dick stayed hard as ever. I continued till my dick was
completely clean. I quickly turned my attention to my breakfast and started eating my cum filled pastries, while I
slowly stroked my still hard dick. I was surprised how good they were and how hot it made me.

©2012 phonejo

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