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by M. Earl Smith

Much to my delight, my little ruse worked. You arrived on a muggy Tuesday afternoon, as I was puttering
around the tennis courts. I was trying to do as little as possible, as it was scorching hot, and the last thing I
wanted was to waste all of my energy messing around in the August heat. Plus, I had to conserve my
energy for…other affairs.

Summer classes were over at this point, so campus was all but abandoned. There were a few cars dotting
the landscape here and there, but nobody we knew, and nobody of consequence. Everyone else that was
supposed to play tennis with us had either not shown up because of a miscommunication in date, or
because they knew that there would be no tennis today.

You climbed out of your car, and we embraced, kissing for a moment before sadly breaking apart.
I nodded to my car. “Let’s go.”

You looked at me with surprise. “Where?”

I chuckled. “You pass the Native Creek archery trails on your way home. The trails are empty this time of
year, and I figured we could use some privacy.”

You hesitated, then shrugged your shoulders and climb in my car. The trails were two miles away, so there
wasn’t a lot of time to fool around, although I did manage to rub your inner thigh a little as we drove away.
We pulled into the parking lot adjacent to the trails, and there was nary a soul around, not at the trails
themselves or at the farm across the street. We climbed out of the car, kissed again, and looked at each
other, smiling. I took your hand and started to lead you down the trails.

We took our time, and for the first time in months, I was silent. There was a lot on my mind, but this wasn’t
the place to spout off about the same silly things that I normally did. Marxist revolution and Beethoven’s
Ninth make, in most people’s views, poor pillow talk. Despite all the issues that seemed to swirl around us,
things seemed to slowly be working themselves out, and I was content to let them do so, as painful as the
pace may be. We reached the seventh target, and I looked up, grinning. This was an aiming tower, about
twelve feet off the ground, built to simulate a tree stand, and at the top was a 10x10 platform.

Grinning, I pulled you towards the platform. “Let’s go.”

“You’re nuts,” you said, but you followed me up to the top. As you glanced around, you took a deep breath
and grinned. You were able to see most of the trails from atop the stand as you turned in a full circle.  
There were three targets: Targets, you noticed, that had new bull’s-eyes taped to them.

To your surprise, I reached over and pulled a bundle out of the corner. It was a bulky, tightly wrapped
blanket, and inside there were two cases. I popped the cases open with a grin. Inside were two crossbows.
I picked up the smaller of the two (a pink number that I purchased a few days ago) and handed it to you.
You looked at it for a second, grinned, and turned to point it at one of the targets. I was quickly behind
you, my hands on your hips, and, as I pulled you close, it was no small wonder that you were distracted.
I started to whisper in your ear. “Steady your hands. That’s it. Press yourself against me for balance. Stare
down the crossbow bolt, and aim directly where you want it to hit.”

My warm breath was in your ear, making you shiver, but you managed to focus and loose the arrow, which
found its home on the lower left corner of the bull’s-eye. You turned around and looked up at me, as you
offered an expectant grin. I kissed you, and pressed closer to you. “Not bad. Not bad at all.”

I pulled up a black crossbow from my side, one that is a fair bit bigger than yours, and smirked. “My turn.”
I stepped past you to take in my target. I sat my sights on the target and, without warning, your hand slid
around my cock, desperately trying to distract me from my goal. I stiffened at your touch, of course, but
said nothing as I stared down my target. I loosed the bolt and managed to hit the center of the target.
“Ha!” I said, as you shook your head and reloaded your crossbow.

I allowed you to stare down your target for a few moments, before I moved in behind you again. This time,
my hands slid underneath your shirt to cup your breasts as you tried to stare down your target. You
tensed, shivering a little, as each of my fingers gently caressed your nipples. Somehow, you managed to
maintain your focus, even as I started to kiss your neck. You fired, and the arrow hit dead center on the
target. You pulled away and looked at me, a cheeky grin on your face.

I shook my head and picked up my crossbow, as I looked for a different target. I leaned against the rail for
a better aim. I was about to pull the trigger when you slid, on your knees, between the rail and me and, in
a flash, unzipped my jeans and pulled out my cock. You started to blow me, taking my dick all the way into
your mouth, as I moaned and try to focus on the target. My shot missed wildly, but I could not have cared
less, as I tossed my crossbow aside, using a hand on the back of your head to force your mouth as far
onto my cock as you could go. You responded by clutching at my legs, and, of course, sucking with more

I took a couple of steps back and lounged in a corner of the platform, which gave me leverage to meet
each of your bobs with a thrust of my own. Your tongue worked magic on my shaft, running the length up
and down as you continued to suck. The woods were abandoned, thankfully, because the enthusiasm that
you sucked with while blowing me could be heard from half a mile away. I took your ponytail and wrapped it
around my fingers as my excitement built, coming to an end with a loud shout and a rush of hot, sticky cum
shooting down your throat.

You teased my shaft for a few moments before you pulled off of me, your tongue dancing down every inch
as you did. I chuckled, and walked over to the blanket, at which point I laid it out over top of the stand.
Inside, there was a smaller bundle. I slowly unwrapped it to reveal what was inside.

It was a sex toy. More specifically, it was a vibrator. You stared at it, and me, speechless, yet I knew exactly
what to do. I walked over and, with a chuckle, kissed you, slowly sliding my tongue into your mouth as I
pushed my hand down the front of your pants. You sighed with anticipation and pushed yourself against
me as my fingers worked your clit. As I worked on you, I stooped slightly and nibbled on your ear. “Get on
your hands and knees,” I ordered softly, nodding at the blanket.

You chuckled, and bent over, slowly lowering yourself as you gave me a show to take in. I couldn’t help but
laugh, even as my cock hardened and I undid my pants. I picked up the vibrator and put it in your left
hand, leaving you your right hand to support yourself. I eased it onto your clit and, with a turn of a knob, it
started to vibrate against your already-wet pussy. You let out a prolonged moan, and started to work the
toy back and forth against your hyper-sensitive flesh. “That’s close enough.” I say, offering a nod in
approval as I reclined slightly and stroked my cock, watching with perverse delight as the toy did its work.
The toy did its job for a few minutes as I watched and jerked myself off. Your pussy started to drip, aided
by the vibrations of the little machine and, as you reached your peak, you looked back at me with both
expecting and longing eyes.

“Come fuck me,” you said, and I was more than happy to comply, sliding behind you and easing my
hardened cock into your sopping wet pussy.

The rhythm of your hips followed the rhythm of the vibrator, and I quickly fell into line with both as we
worked frantically against one another. You came again, a torrent that gushed forth against my cock, and
within a matter of seconds, I did the same, filling you up with everything that is inside me. We tensed
together, moaning against one another as we emptied ourselves, before you dropped the toy, leaving it to
vibrate loudly against the wood.

I laughed, and we collapsed into an entangled heap. I pulled you close for a moment and whispered: “How
did you like that?”

You laughed. “Can I keep it?”

I chuckled. “The crossbow, or the vibrator?”

Your brown eyes lit up. “Both. The vibrator for when you behave, and the crossbow for when I catch you
staring at some other whore.”

You felt my breath against your neck as I lightly stroked the skin on your spine. “Deal.”
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