Story Codes:  MF, Consensual, Incest -father/daughter

by Billy Bulge

Dear Luana,    Good news!
I got the results today - according to the computer, a trillion to 1 certainty- Dan is NOT your biological dad.
You can come down and check it out yourself or call the office if you want but the computer does not lie-
the results are in my hand and- yes, dear, he’s just a guy- you can morally and legally jump his bones.
                                                              Love and stuff,
ps. your mom’s gonna flip.

 Luana’s closed her eyes and raked her long hair with her fingers and a shiver went
through her, “ He’s not my Dad, I don’t have a Dad. He would have been great, the best
one yet, the only one yet.” She started to cry.

 After just a minute or two she sniffed, her eyes cleared and her hormones took over.  
She thought of that last sexy kiss, that bulge in his sweats, his tight ass, ‘He’s just a guy,
that means,”she looked up and smiled slyly, “I can fuck his brains out!”

 Her hand drifted between her legs, she let out a sigh, “Dan Fuller you are all mine.”
 She opened a cold bottle of Chardonnay, poured herself a tall, cold glass of wine and
gulped down the whole thing. “Mom’s gonna love this.” She reached for the phone.
“Hello Mom, guess what?” And then she spilled the beans.

  Mom was flustered, mom was crying, mom was fumbling for words. Mom begged me to
forgive her, which she did. She swore it was Dan but, maybe, just maybe, she’d done it
with two other guys at the time and well, they both could be her dad or dads.

 Luana sighed, “Mom, this is all too much right now, it’s ok, we’ll figure it out later. I love
you. “

 “Ok Luana, as long as you’re happy.”

 “I’m happy, we’ll talk soon, bye mom.”

 “Bye hon.”

   After that she called Sue at the clinic to thank her and ask about the details, computer
read-out a negative- They giggled Luana bubbling over, “So he’s not my dad and I can do
any darn thing I want with him!”

  “Right you are Luana, how wicked it all is, eh.”

  “Not any more, girl, not any more. Thanks again, Sue, bye.”

    She hung up and poured another glass of clear, white wine. Time to call Daddy Dearest.

  There’s no way she could wait a week, her body was tingling down to her little wet
woosie. She quickly punched the numbers calling his cell phone.

 “Hello, this is Dan” His voice so deep and dreamy.

 “Hi Daddy dear, I have some news for you, are you sitting down? No? Well you better find
a seat.”  

 She told him the whole story.

 He was silent for three seconds and then went absolutely nuts, he almost leaped through
the phone. He took the news exactly how she wanted him too. He asked five times- are you
sure?! are you sure?! the clinic confirmed it? He joked with her -‘Chill the wine, put on that
red lipstick, wear a black bra, make the bed’, you’re gonna get it girl! He went on and on
until his cell phone started to konk out, “ Gotta go, See you in about a week, darlin’"
 “Sure, Dad."

 “Cut that out,”

 “Ok Dan, love you, G’Bye”

 “Bye darling.”

 She was so warm and wet all over, she hung up the phone and ran into her bedroom to
finish the job.

 For the next week she cleaned the apartment, got new sheets, got out the sexy black
dress she’d wear at the door. Went to the wine shop and got the best Napa Chard she
could find.

 She did not buy condoms, “I’m on the pill and anyway, we’re not gonna fumble around,
we are gonna just DO it.” she giggled.

   The evening before he’d be home she looked around their apartment, flowers set here
and there, the wine bucket on the coffee table, the bedroom door half-open. Silk sheets.

 She could not contain herself, ‘What if we… ‘get married some day?’ She put her hand to
her open mouth. ‘Marry my former Dad! We could go on Oprah, write a book! make a
million!’.. She laughed “I’m flipped!” she fell over on the couch.
“I need more wine.”

 She went to the wine rack and got a bottle of red, opened it and started to get real

 After while she was tipsy but before bed she decided to check her email. She walked over
to the computer and turned it on. A message from Dan. O boy! She read the words on the
screen, Hi Honey, I’m going to kiss your hot lips, unhook your bra, suck your sweet, round
nipples…then push you down to your knees.. and you’re gonna do your Daddy so good… ”
    She was getting hot, he was playing the Daddy-Daughter fantasy, she felt so fun and
free with him and this daughter daddy thing was getting her real hot, she peeled off her
robe, completely naked reading his nasty words. She started touching herself and shouted
“I cannot wait for tomorrow night!”

 She got so wet she about slid off the chair and when she was done she licked her whole
middle finger, “MMMmmm.”

 She clicked it off and sat down on the soft chair by the couch. She drank the Sonoma
Cabernet till she passed out on her bed and didn’t wake up till ten the next morning.

 She woke and decided to take a walk.

 She was erupting inside and had to cool off. She put on her white tennies, her jeans and
white sweatshirt and stepped out into the blue San Francisco morning.

 She felt the wind in her face, her hair blowing back, there was a park down the street and
she ran across the broad green lawn laughing and spinning around, “I want you Dan
Fuller- SO BAD! OOOWEEE!” All she could feel was his kiss, and the stiffness in his pants.
She skipped back to the apartment not even touching the ground.

 At 6 PM She was putting on her lipstick and practicing on the mirror how she would kiss
him. Open red lips were smattered all over the mirror.

 Dan would be here soon, her heart was racing.

 With the tip of her finger she dabbed a drop of Night Sin, on each nipple and squirted it
on her chest. She lightly slipped on her black bra, clipping it in front.

 She stepped into her long, low-cut black dress, pulled it on and then straightened it up.
She was licking the edge of her lips in the mirror when the doorbell rang. ‘Ringing the bell,
how cute of him’.

  She poofed up her tits in her dress, ran to the door and swung it open.
  There stood Dan with a big white smile.

  His hair perfectly styled, a tan movie star face.

  He was in tight, faded Levis with a bulge, long-sleeve white shirt with the sleeves rolled
partway up his tan arm, so fresh-smelling and manly. She saw his tight muscled chest and
Mel Gibson smile. The thin grayish hairs showing out of his white shirt made her moist.
  And there she was- a young, green-eyed blond with sweet red lips, and a smile that
melted his kneecaps, a thin, sexy woman in a long black dress with cleavage that made his
Levis oily.  He blurted, “Come to me Baby!”

 She fell forward into his arms.

  Her red sexy mouth joined to his, the lips he’d dreamed of kissing for so long, he opened
his mouth and tasted her red lipstick and her swirling tongue.

 Her arms encircled him, her long, red-tipped fingers caressing, scratching his back and
when their lips joined madly it felt like all of heaven had melted down to one kiss and
feeling her sweet red lips melting their wetness into his, they stood freely lost forever in a
sweet, wet kiss. Tongues going crazy, fingers digging in, she went weak and moaned in his
 It finally ended with her dreamy green eyes gazing into his.

 “Whew, that was fantastic!” he said softly gazing into her eyes.

 “You have no idea.” she whispered, slowly pulling away catching her breath.
The Dad thing had drifted away, this kiss had done it, Dan was a hot guy, period, and his
manly, older-man mouth drove her mad.

 He pulled her tighter to him, rubbing her wet place with the hard stone between his legs,
he pulled her ass rubbing her against it - she moaned. He kissed her madly again and
without pulling his mouth from hers lifted her gently, strongly in his arms and carried her
through the door. She was lost, her arms round his neck not able to pull away from his lips.

He threw her on the bed and pulled his shirt off over his head.

 She turned over and pulled her hair up and over, he reached dpwn and unzipped her
long black dress, pulled it off  and tossed it behind him. She turned around smiling up at
him and unhooked her black bra in the front and wriggled out of it, her tits fell out, ‘O
God!” he sighed, seeing her perfect white cantaloupes for the first time, her hard red
nipples were sticking straight up. She sat back on her elbows, licking her lips. Her legs
spread as he unbuttoned his Levis and relieved his large, hardness, it was sticking straight
out. She leaned up and kissed the tip, held it up, took the whole head into her mouth, then
lunged down fast.  

 She worked on it till it was rock hard and oozing and she was wet. Her hands were
smoothing it down as she gazed up impishly and welcoming, into his eyes.

 Their eyes were locked together, her legs went out as they stared, he was between her,
his hardness felt perfect oozing wet along her lower stomach, his balls gently slapping
against her mound, he was coming down to kiss her, enter her. Suddenly the phone rang
in the other room, “Honey, no way!” he moaned, she held it tight, squeezing it “Don’t worry,
baby” she smiled, “let ring, I wouldn’t stop now for the world!” she kept stroking. There was
some distant garbled message on the machine and then, Beep! and silence.

  She guided it in, he thrust with all he had, her fingernails dug into his back and she went
“Ahhhh Fuck!” her eyes wide her mouth wide open. He was fully in her as far as he could
go, they moved in perfect rhythm and after eternities of churning deeply, her crying out
again and again in mad bliss-they came together- their souls breathing into each other’s

 He pulled out slowly, they lay back, their chests kept moving up and down.

 When her heart slowed she turned and smiled at her lover,

 “You’re great, I think I’m in love.” she chuckled.

 “O yea?”, he smiled, “could be.”

  He leaned over and kissed her salty lips. He fell back on the pillow, closed his eyes and
in a minute was snoring away.

 “Typical man” but she was smiling.

 She stared at him for the longest time, her new man. She was dreaming of the future,
things they’d do now that they were together.

 She got up naked and strolled into the living room noticing the little red light blipping on
and off on the answering machine. “I’ll check you in a minute, I need some wine.”

 She settled in with a glass and sat down nude on the couch. Her blond hair a mess falling
down over her round, white breasts, she could even smell herself. She took a sip of red
wine and thought dreamily.

 “Maybe we’ll go out tonight to Fisherman’s Wharf and look at the stars, I’m in love, we
have our whole life…” She glanced at the answering machine, “Okay, awready…”

 She reached over and pushed the ‘Play Message’ button. She had barely got the glass
to her mouth.

 ‘You have one new message’:

“Luana, if you’re there please pick up, this is Sue- it’s REALLY important. I am so sorry!
The computer at the DNA Lab downtown got everything screwed up or maybe I did..
whatever! … you and your mom are both L.Smith, that’s the mix-up.. but the REAL print-out
came back today about YOU Luana … and Dan IS your biological father, your REAL DAD!

I hope I’m not too late. I am so sorry…    BEEP.

 Her wineglass was already on the floor, red wine all over the rug. Her head was thrown
back, her eyes staring at the ceiling, tears streaming down her cheeks, her arms limp at
her sides, she was mumbling,

          “O God…O my fucking God.”

 Sleepy Dan with his messed up hair, tan bod and long rubbery thing was walking out of
the bedroom. He yawned and scratched his chest,
       “So darlin’ what’s the news?”

The End.        Read Part One

Copyright© 2008 Billy Bulge

Mr. Bulge has been 'freelancing' for years, freely 'lancing into all the right places. He writes
soft porn until it gets fondled and becomes hard porn. He writes long and hard and then
inserts his finished product into various organs that are receptive to his partidular slant.
Many editors, all female, have been satisfied with his literary performance and all agree
that his literary tool is well-oiled and always brings a smile to their face and in all their
spreads he fits in quite nicely.

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