Date Night
codes: MF,  rape

Date Night
By Wanda Morris-Jones

Roslyn had to work late again, as usual. She gets home to relieve
the sitter then she has to drop the kids over to her mom’s house.
This is date night with the hubby but she really isn’t up for going
out. Carl calls to say he’ll be a few minutes late and that she better
be ripe and ready for some fun. He expresses that he wants to do
something different. Since he’s going to be late Roslyn has time to
enjoy a glass of wine after her shower.

The bittersweet drink causes her temperature to rise a bit. Roslyn
opens the sliding glass door to let some fresh air into the house.
The wine mixed with the summer night’s breeze AND the shower
is a bad combination for anyone who has plans to go out. A heavy
gust sweeps through the screen of the door and presses down on
Roslyn’s relaxed frame. Her eyelids flutter as she is about to drop
into a deep sleep.


A leather hand is covering her mouth and part of her nostrils.
Roslyn struggles to pull the hand away from her mouth, or at least
her nostrils, so she can breathe. Her lids are raised to their limit as
she looks into the eyes of a ski-masked face. The masked intruder
mumbles for her not to make a sound.

“Are you alone?”

Roslyn is afraid to answer. The man compresses her mouth so
hard that her teeth cause pain to the inside of her cheeks. He
repeats the question but with less patience. Roslyn, scared
shitless, decides the truth may set her free at the end of the ordeal.
She nods her head slowly.

The intruder’s eyes feast on the naked flesh beneath Roslyn’s
disheveled robe. In her slumber, the black, silk robe twisted around
and under her body that now her stomach, one breast and her
freshly shaven hairs are exposed. The man’s free hand loosens
the belt of the robe to reveal Roslyn’s body. Her 38D breast shifts
to the side a little since she is still on her back.

“Why would you fall asleep like this? Door open and nobody else
in the house…”

Her mouth is still covered.

“Tsk-tsk!” says the masked man as he shakes his head and
reaches down next to the couch. The point of a metal letter opener
is roughly traced along the length of her nude body. Her nipples
are taunted by it; poking until they become hard and erect. The
poking, mixed with the smell of the intruder’s new leather gloves, is
turning her on. To terrorize Roslyn more, the rounded end of the
opener is slid down her writhing body then guided between her
legs. Now she is terrified. Not by the stranger’s presence; by the
fact that she has voluntarily opened her legs.

The masked intruder watches Roslyn’s facial expressions and at
how her body reacts to the teasing. On the rounded end of the
opener there is a tiny hole. It catches the tip of her clit. Waves of
desire wash onto her shore. Roslyn squeezes her eyes shut to try
and fight the urge to touch herself. A guttural chuckle brings her
back to reality when she hears, “Lady, this is too easy. This would
be more fun for you if you tried to resist”.

SMACK! The intruder smacks her breast with much force. It
angers Roslyn. He orders her to close her eyes but she shakes her
head furiously. Her face is then smacked where the leather glove
clinched her skin. Roslyn attempts to scream which causes the
masked marauder to squeeze her other breast like it was a stress-
relieving toy. The pointy end of the letter opener is pressed in her

“If you scream I will ram this thing in your ribs!”

The belt of Roslyn’s robe is removed then shoved into her mouth.

Titty smacks turn to sucks and Roslyn’s nipples betray her by
standing at attention even though her mind orders them to play

“Lie on her hands.”

A sinister laugh is made when the man pushes the button of what
looks to be a flashlight. It is then rubbed over her nipples; now
swollen and painful. The light is trailed down her stomach then over
her shaven mound then to the entrance of her fleshy cave. Another
button is pushed, “Open sesame!”, and a vibration is felt at her
opening; insisting that she permit its entry.

Ain’t that a bitch! Roslyn recognizes the phrase used as one that
her husband uses sometimes. She cannot believe Carl had gone
to this extreme. She is mad because she was initially scared and
hating herself for getting aroused by who she thought was a
stranger- no, a burglar or rapist. Roslyn is tempted to remove the
bothersome gag but doesn’t. She decides to play along with Carl’s
game. Roslyn opens sesame.

The index finger of his leathered hand is slowly inserted inside of
Roslyn’s slippery vagina. He rotates the finger just enough to wet
the smooth material so he can slide it easily across her clit. It
doesn’t take much titillating for the head of her clit to gorge with
blood. This time the middle finger of the same hand is moistened
along with the index partner. Roslyn arches her spine and tosses
her head with low moans. A warm breath blows on her hot spot
and her clit. That makes Roslyn suck her stomach in then sit erect.
To her surprise she is shoved back with great strength.

“Lay your ass down!”

Carl is taking this role a little too serious.

“Matter of fact” he says as he yanks her up by her arm, “turn over
and hike your ass in the air. I want to see what you got in your

Roslyn cannot control her snickering even with the belt in her mouth.

“You think this is funny!?!”

The whacks on her donkey ass feel the same as the ones she’s
had by her leather paddle. Roslyn smiles to herself because she
spent a lot of money for that paddle when she could’ve just bought
a pair of leather gloves for her and Carl…for the bedroom. Her hair
is used to pull her up as he leans her over the back of the couch.
The hair pulling really get her juices flowing. She spreads her
knees apart on the seat of the couch while the man kneels on the
floor behind her. As ordered, Roslyn spreads the cheeks of her
ass. The light of the vibrator has been on for so long that Roslyn
feels the heat emitting from it as it shines near her wet lips.

One leather finger is dipped at a time then each is slid up and
down her clit. Roslyn’s legs are about to give out on her. She
moans deeply and buries her face into the couch cushion. The
finger dipping is repeated but instead of teasing her clit they tease
her anus. Roslyn sort of stiffens because the fun is being
interrupted by apprehension. Her ass has always been a ‘NO
ENTRY ZONE’ when it came to their sex life. For some reason,
maybe it’s the wine, Roslyn is secretly wishing for it to be stroked.

The sensation ends and she is a bit disappointed. Instead of the
rear entry, three leathered fingers are rapidly thrust between her
slick walls then slowly removed. This is done three more times with
the vibrator humming against her clit at a low speed. Roslyn bites
down on the soaked satin in her mouth to stifle her cries of
pleasure. She releases her ass so she can tweak her nipples.
Both sides of Roslyn’s ass is smacked, “I said spread ‘em!” She
squeals as she shakes off the sting. Roslyn’s French manicured
nails make indentations into her flesh.

The angry intruder wets his thick fingers inside of Roslyn then taps
them against her clit and lips. The leather-tapping-flesh sound
heckles the monster; it threatens to break free. It eagerly awaits
action. The masked brute shoves the vibrator deep inside of
Roslyn. Her scream is muffled. The head of the toy is bent so the
rotating motion is knocking on the door of her g-spot. Roslyn is
about to faint; she can’t take much more. The vibrator is removed
and her upper body collapses into the back of the couch. Roslyn’s
inner muscles are having seizures.

Her ass is smacked then rubbed. Roslyn doesn’t know how she
has been able to hold on to her cheeks as weak as she feels.
SPIT! She feels a warm wetness snail over her ass hole then
something is gradually introduced where nothing leathery should
be introduced. Roslyn holds her breath with fear but cannot seem
to let go of her ass. With nine skillful fingers a condom wrapper is
torn open and then the condom is slid over the erect penis. His
dick and finger move in a synchronized dance as they
communicate through the thin membrane between Roslyn’s

Roslyn is flooded with a kind of ecstasy like she’s never
experienced. Her ears are ringing and the room is swaying. The
climb to orgasmic bliss weakens Roslyn. She automatically
pushes her ass towards his thrusts. Oh, how the ends of her hair
start to tingle. With one hand, she presses the vibrator against her
neglected clit. Her punisher is too preoccupied with the tasks at
hand (no pun intended) to notice.

It’s time for the finale. Roslyn feels the surge of fluid expand his
veins and she, too, is approaching the finish line. Her waist is
taken aggressively and used as a rein to control the pounding of
her ass. The condom is snatched off then hot cum is shot across
Roslyn’s ass. At this precise moment, the front door opens and
Roslyn’s husband crosses the threshold. As he does this he is
placing a black ski mask over his face; he is dressed in black.
Before the mask covers his mouth it is quickly removed. Roslyn
swears she is seeing things, due to her dizzying state of mind, until
the front door is slammed shut.

“WHAT THE FUCK!?!” is voiced by the three of them. Carl’s is
hollered in anger, Roslyn’s is muffled by the gag in her mouth and
the intruder’s is said with breathless agitation. The slamming of the
door startled him. Cum squirted on his black pants. The intruder
looks up to face the similarly dressed man. Mind you, Roslyn is still
in her same position and the stranger hasn’t stopped smearing his

The masked man pulls up his pants and says, “Yo man, my bad! I
didn’t know anybody was scheduled for this crib”. He gathers the
tools of his trade as he continues, “I saw the patio door open and
the screen was unlocked. Actually, I was on my way next door and
figured the office had given me the wrong address”. Roslyn is
scrambling around for her robe. Once she has it, she removes the
robe belt from her mouth and takes a big swallow before uttering,
“Baby…I thought he was you!”

It turns out that there is a market for hiring men to pose as burglars
so they can sexually assault their clients. There isn’t any real harm
or abuse performed unless specifically stated in the contract and
that costs extra. Luckily, Roslyn’s neighbor hadn’t paid the extra
fee. Needless to say, Carl insists on removing role play from their
sex life. Roslyn, on the other hand, fell asleep on the couch at least
four times a year…with the patio door unlocked. Many times she
has fantasized about being sexually assaulted

© 2007 Wanda Morris-Jones

Wanda  was born and raised in Southern NJ.  She is a 38 year
olds wife with two children.  Wanda has two novels that she has
written and hope to have them published by the end of this year.  
She use to write poems in high school but stopped shortly after
that time.  She has ALWAYS been an avid reader and use to talk
about writing movie scripts with her brother.  Wanda decided to
write her first book in 2004 and hasn stopped writing. She submits
her works to anyone who will allow her to achieve her goal at
becoming a full-time freelance writer/author.