Demon in the Gruff
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Demon in the Gruff
By: Lofn Dabria

   A woman in long white gown with a slender physique named Alora stands on a beach mockingly at another
demon on a beach. Alora looks up at the night sky for a moment. She smirks and stands next to a large man
with a built body named Sef. Alora looks directly at him, “the mortal didn’t last long did she?” He growls
underneath his breath, “she didn't.” Sef runs her hands through her long blonde hair, “why do you think I said
have her first.” Her crimson white eyes stare up at him positively, “unless you can’t take a demon.”
       Alora’s eyes flutter away almost as if challenging him, “so do you still want me.” Alora grins, “I do want
you.” Sef looks her up and down, “mmm well do I look like i'm just a wolf.” He grins and strokes through his
spiked demonic hair. She arches an eyebrow, “a wolf demon...maybe you can take me on.” Sef grins and
leans closely, scenting her softly, “why do you think I can tempt you so much.” Alora looks away, “ah because
your a demon, but I personally have a fetish for wolves.Their excellent lovers.” Her grin widens, “yes, you
being demon did add to that a bit.” Sef smiles and strokes his claws down her cleavage, “well I happen to be a
fantastic lover...just expect to be covered in my juices by the end or I'll force you to swallow it all.” He purrs, “
depends on my mood.” Her mouth does an “o” shape, “ah.” Alora smirks, “I hear what you're saying.” Sef
walks closer and brings his chest to hers, “hmmm for a lustful demon girl, you trying to control yourself so
much.” She looks him directly in his eyes, “unless the other party excites me to lose control.” Alora rubs her
chest to his. Sef spanks her ass and licks her lips softly.
  Alora opens her mouth and licks his tongue back sweetly. Sef purrs and locks lips with her, sinking his claws
into her fleshy round ass. She moans into his kiss and wraps her arms around his neck pulling him closer.
Alora bites into his neck. Sef growls hard and rips away Alora’s clothes roughly, forcing his lips down onto her
neck and biting so hard. The wind blows as she feels the draft of being nude. Alora moans slightly as he bites
down onto her neck. She does the same with equal pressure. Sef squeezes her ass roughly and exposes her
body to his hungry eyes as licks down her chest. Alora he moans and moves her hands into his hair as he
licks her. Lust fills her eyes. Sef sucks her breasts and pins her down onto the blanket roughly.
    Alora moans feeling trapped underneath him as he sucks her breast. She tries to move her legs but can’t
move. Sef keeps her tight to the ground and licks around her sensitive nipple, teasing her thighs with his
fingers and opening her legs dragging his muzzle down her waist. Alora looks at him in a deep gaze, “such a
hungry obviously weren’t satisfied with the I get the full onslaught of it….” Alora doesn't
move but soft moans escape her mouth as she tries to move against. As his claws move down her thighs, she
shivers feeling mound radiate heat like a furnace. Out of her mound she drips wet aroused by his
demonstrations. Sef licks down her pelvis, constantly teasing the hood of her clit with the soft lashing of his
tongue. His paws so strong keep her legs spread so well and so dominantly, “I need something delicious,
demons are much more into darker deeper submission.”Alora arches an eyebrow and then giggles, “yes that
we do...but you're claiming…” She bites her bottom lip as he teases her with his tongue, “mmmm.” Alora
moves her head about in pleasure. Sef bites her clit between his lips and purrs loudly, “I have to claim, since
this pussy is mine.” He strokes along its wetness owning and spanking her pussy as she jumps. She jerks as
he bites her clit and moans. Alora struggles against his strong physique, “I suppose so....” Sef buries his
tongue into her pussy lifting her ass with his paws, purring loudly as he consumes her, “you suppose?” She
bites her lip again and moans out loud “mmm, indeed you do….” He smiles and flicks his tongue across her g-
spot, teasing it with his moist long tongue. Sef’s lips tightly on her pussy as his warm breath teases her clit.
She groans as her body tries to arch.
   Sef soaks up her juices on his tongue and then purrs licking his lips satisfied. He looks at her, “mmm i
should let you go so you can unleash your desires.” Alora turns her head to the side as he licked up the last
bit of her juice. She breathes deeply still underneath him. He takes a grip of her hair and pulls her into his
waist, purring whilst his tail wrapped around her back. Her head pulls forward as he sits now onto his lap.
Alora looks directly at him with her eyes clouded. Sef’s lustful eyes stares at her, “mmm now use those
naughty lips on me.” He spanks her round ass as her juices leak onto the blanket. Alora rolls eyes first and
then slams her lips onto his. She kisses him fiercely and then moves her tongue against his lips begging for
entrance. Sef wraps his arms around her back and opens her legs around his waist, purring and slapping his
lips softly against hers. Alora digs her tongue into his mouth and battles with his tongue. She wraps her arms
around his neck.
   Sef grinds against her hips, her soft skin rubbing across his smooth fur, each strand teasing across her
thighs. Alora he shivers and grinds against him. She breaks the kiss and nips his neck down to his shoulder.
Alora wraps her tail around his waist. “Mmm” he moans. Sef forces her down onto the blanket and rubs the
huge thick head of his cock across her pussy. She looks up at him smiling as she wraps her legs around his
hips. Sef purrs and squeezes her large soft breasts between his fingers,massaging them and then thrusting
between her tight lips forcefully. She moans loudly taking the demon in the gruff.

Copyright© 2015 Lofn Dabria

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