Story Codes: MF, Consensual, Exhibitionist

Dexter (an excerpt from the book)
by Nikiel N. Hannah

(The Beginning)

She told him to come by the house around 4:15 pm, because that would be a safe
enough time to be sure that no one would be home.  The time was now 1:15 p.m.,
three hours to go.  And just thinking about her made his pants grow a bulge.  He
thought back to when he stopped by to see if his best friend Richard was back
from visiting his aunt in Morristown some two weeks earlier. Although Richard
wasn’t home, his mother was.

 “Richard’s not home August. Would you like to come in and wait for him? He
should be here shortly.”  August entered the house and asked was her husband
home, “no” was her reply.

 “Would you like something to drink Honey?” asked Mrs. Saperstein.

 “Yes please; thank you.”  August sat there and drank his iced tea as Mrs.
Saperstein continued her cleaning. She was thirty-seven and was only twenty
when she married Mr. Saperstein; he at that time was forty-five and by the time of
Mrs. Saperstein’s twenty-first birthday, Richard was born.

August sat on the couch and watched as Mrs. Saperstein stretched to dust off the
ceiling fan in the living room.  Her body was prefect in every way in August’s eyes.  
Her ass he thought was bitable, plump and firm. He had seen her before in a
sports bra and drooled over her breast.  To August, his best friend’s mother was
perfect. There too were times when Mrs. Saperstein had caught him staring just a
little too long, but never called him on it.  He was her son’s best friend, he was a
baby compared to her; a teenager, but eventually someone she could see herself

 “August, would you mind holding the ladder steady as I dust the top of the
doorway?”  August complied happily.  He held that ladder and must have
readjusted dick via his pants pocket so that its erect state wouldn’t be evident. But
it was, and she caught him moving it around a couple of times.  Her ass was in his
face as she began to step down off of the ladder. His eyes closed and the ladder
shook, she missed a stepped and fell backwards, barely being caught by August.
She braced herself by grabbing on to August’s chest as he caught and held her
tightly.  With one hand on his chest, the other was positioned well on his crotch.
She eyed his chest then looked him in the eyes as she began rubbing his crotch,
and to her surprise he was more endowed than she had anticipated.  He helped
her back up to her feet and then stared at her. She backed away as he was going
in for a kiss.  Just as August retook his seat and picked up his glass of iced tea,
Mr. Saperstein walked in with Richard.

 “August are you ok?” August comes too as his teacher called his name.


 “Class is over and you better get a move on before you’re late to your next one.”

 “Oh yeah, sure thing.”  August packed up his book bag and carried it in front of
him trying to conceal the excitement from his reminiscing. It was now 2:15pm and
he was in science lab. He watched the clock like a hawk. He thought about Mrs.
Saperstein and damn near exploded. The clock now read 2:30, then 2:45, then 3:
00 p.m.—school was out.  August, at his locker was visited by his best friend

 “What’s up man? What’cha up to later?”  August’s previous erection had melted
away. He didn’t know what to say so he lied. “I have a job interview.”  Little did he
know that those words would haunt him for over twenty-years to come.

 “Really, where?” asked Richard.

 “You know me man; I don’t like to speak about things like this unless it’s a go!”

 “You and your supersticious ass.” Said Richard, while shaking his head.

 “You know me.”  August, tried not to be visibly nervous turned back to face his

 “Alright then, I hit you up later after I get out of practice. Probably around seven
or some shit like that. Cool?”

 “No doubt.”  August breathed a deep sigh of relief and looked at his watch—it
was 3:15pm.  He left school and took the back roads to the Saperstein house,
trying to kill the hour.  And just like clock work he showed up at exactly 4:15pm. He
nervously rang the door bell. As he waited for the door to open studied the
ground and then his sneakers.  The door opened and his eyes climbed the
physique of Mrs. Saperstein. She was wearing black patent leather pumps and no
stockings. She seemed to have some smooth ass legs. Her robe was weakly tied
around her waist revealing the skin between her breasts.

 “Come on in.” She said.  She closed the door and took August’s book bag and
placed it on the couch where he had sat some two weeks earlier.  She modeled
her outfit for him opening her robe, revealing her breast a nice tight six pack and
freshly shaven pussy.

 “Did you see Richard at school today?”

 “Yes.” August said nervously as she began to unbutton his shirt.

 “He wanted to know what I was doing after school.”

 “Oh really?”

 “Yes, but I told him that I had a job interview.”  She laughed at August’s response.

 “A job interview?” She commented. “Well, lets see if you’re qualified.” She began
to explore the inside of his mouth with her tongue. She took his hand and placed it
between her legs. He rubbed her pussy timidly. She could feel his fingers walking
around inside of her. Her excitement was evident.  His fingers went from walking to
swimming.  Before long he was reaching the top step of her house, carrying her,
her legs wrapped around his waist headed straight to her bedroom; his finger still
played in her pussy as he carried her.  She buried her face in his neck, licking it
with a forceful tongue.  He placed her on the side of the bed. She removed his
jeans while sucking on his chest and eventually his nipples.  With his pants off she
began playing with herself bidding August to come and join. August playingly
pushes her back on the bed and kneels down. His tongue parts the already moist
lips of her pussy. Sweet and juicy he thinks to himself. He then slowly runs his
finger in her as far as possible; moving it in a circular motion then pulling it out
placing it her mouth. She sucked it dry. August was on his knees for fifteen
minutes, seven of which was spent chasing her around on the bed with his tongue
as she inched away in pleasure. When he stopped, her legs were shaking
uncontrollably. Her body was spasiming which caused her breast to dance on her
chest. His dick became harder than it was previously. Her nipples were reaching
for the ceiling; then entered his mouth one at a time. He didn’t just pleasure her
nipples, but the entire breast. Moving his tongue along the outside, then to the
base and then making a slow beeline to the insides of each breast. His strong
tongue finally danced atop of each harden prize.  She was in heaven. There had
been countless nights when she had to finish herself off. Her husband, twenty-five
years her senior would seem to finish the race before even coming out of the
starting blocks; but this wasn’t going to be one of those instances. She was in her
sexual prime as was August, and she couldn’t wait for his dick to be in her.  Taking
a breast in each hand, he pushed them together and placed both nipples into his
mouth.  She bit her bottom lip, damn near drawing blood in order not to make a
sound. But it didn’t work. Her moans began lightly, but ended heavy. Goosebumps
mounted, her nipples re-hardened and her eyes stretched open to the size of
silver dollars when he decided to go back down on her and surrounded her clit
with his lips: humming on it while applying a little pressure with his tongue. He
heard her moan again, “Yes August…yes…I…love…the… way…that…you eat my
p…u…s.…s…y…Ahh...shit, don’t stop! Please don’t stop! I’m about…to…come.”

 She came hard and fast. His tongue reminded her of the bullet that she picked
up at a pleasure party. Before he stopped, she came two more times. He then
walked around the bed to the where her head was. Upside down she pulled down
his boxer briefs and took to the head of his dick like a moth to a flame.  August
dick fed her, pushing himself in her mouth with increasing speed; and she loved
the way he tasted; so much so that she relaxed her jaws so he could get it all in.
His legs began to shack and knees almost buckled right before he exploded in her
mouth. She spat none of it out!  It was too sacred to her. His orgasm was
intensified by her sucking it out as he came.  She loved every bit of it—good til’
the last drop.

 Pulling out, a little tenderness rested on the head of his dick. But alls fair in
lusting and fucking: he thought to himself.  Still hard he climbs onto the bed and
pushed his dick into her still wet pussy. He fucked her hard. Her pussy was so
tight. Too tight to say that she was married. But hey, if her hubby won’t fuck her,
he sure as hell would.  And he did just that, August fucked her without regard to
her comfort level; with no mercy. His pumping paralyzed her. His dick was bigger
than what she’d ever expected. His balls continuously slammed up against her
ass, which was wet from her own juices running out of her. The sounds that his
dick and her pussy made together hypnotized her. Her husband had never fucked
her like this. As a matter of fact he had never fucked her at all.  A few more
minutes went by and she felt him erupt again. But this time he drenched her pussy’
s walls.  Droplets of sweat landed on her breast from his forehead. She jumped
and tightened her stomach as he pulled his dick out of her even more wet pussy.
He lay down beside her and breathed deeply.

 “You are a mothafucka.” She said with a smile.  August smiled and said, “Lets
leave your son out of this.”  They both laughed.

 “But seriously August, I don’t want you to think that I go around fucking my son’s
friends.”  August didn’t really care. She had fucked him and that was all that

 “What am I?” He said smiling.

 “You are the first, the one and only. And if you want the job, as you put it earlier
to my son, it’s yours.”

 “And your husband, what about him?”

 “He’s my husband, but from now on you’re my dick. And a husband will never
come between a woman and her dick. Especially if he himself never gives up the
dick only the penis.”

 “So now I’m your dick?” August laughed.

 “Damn right. Dexter is mine.”

 “Dexter?” August says with confusion on his face.

 “Dexter St. Jock.”  Then she sat up and began sucking Dexter off.

© 2008 Nikiel N. Hannah

Having written several short stories and receiving local praise from book clubs and
online magazines, his first novel
Concrete Eyes (1996) found a rest stop within
libraries in NJ. In 2001 he received a certificate of merit from Writers Digest for
their National Self-Publishers Book Awards Competition pertaining to Concrete
Eyes.  He followed up Concrete Eyes with another book that was well received
When All Else Fails, We Cry (2002)--hailed by African American readers
as, 'The male version of Waiting to Exhale!'

With those successes behind him, Nikiel N. Hannah decided to step out on a limb
and try a new genre much different from the one in which he found earlier
success. He embarked on writing suspense thrillers, trying to fine-tune his ability
to keep the readers attention from the very first page; and thus in 2005 his third
Spider Lily (2004) was born. Loosely based on the famous yet allusive serial
killer Jack the Ripper, Nikiel has over three thousand copies in print to date.

Now with his new book
DEXTER that will be released in September fans of Nikiel N.
Hannah will be served a heaping portion of sex, laughter, excitement and
suspense; in other words this book is pure EROTICA!  From his character driven
stories Nikiel N. Hannah has shown that his readers will definitely get their moneys