Double Delight
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Double Delight
By Lacey Ashley

      How had he manage to hit the jackpot?  How lucky could he have been?  One his wife was out of town
visiting her mother.  Second he had not even thought he would wander into a club with his co worker, his hot
redheaded co worker.  Third she loved the idea of granting him a fantasy wish that very night.  Fourth he
was going to take her up on  the chance to fuck not just her but her redheaded friend as well.  This was
going to be his double delight, two redheads having sex with him at the same time.

      Ivy smiled up at Ben, he had no clue that she thought of making love with him all the time.  When he had
shared his fantasy with her, Ivy knew she could help grant it for him if he was serious about it.  Taking his
hand she lead him across the club's dance floor to where her best friend Lily sat nursing a drink as she had
been waiting on them to arrive.

      After several drinks and shots, dancing, flirting and rubbing up against one another, Ivy suggested they
head to her apartment.  She enjoyed the fact Ben seemed rather taken with her, the more he drank the more
his hands touched her.  Ivy felt her panties growing wetter with each touch of his hands on her skin.
      He wasn't trying to ignore Lily, truth be known he was normally a shy man.  Lily is just as hot as Ivy, but
he knew Ivy and he had wanted her since she started to work at their company.  He spent as much time as
he could with her, always finding a way to touch her arm, to brush a strand of her beautiful copper red hair
out of her eyes.  The smell of her hair was intoxicating.  At times he would have to hide the hard on he would
get just by her smile and soft touch.

      When the three of them arrived at Ivy's place, Lily excused herself to use the rest room.  Ivy offered to
make them all a drink and to put on some music.  Ben followed her into the kitchen, pinning her against the
counter, kissing her deeply.  His hands running aimlessly over her curves.
      "God Baby I want you so much," he whispered into her hair.  "I never thought you would ever agree to
this is a million years."
      "Starting without me?" Lily teased from the doorway.
      "Of course not," Ivy quickly got some ice and the bottle of scotch.

       Ben grabbed three glasses and followed behind them from the kitchen to the living room.  He felt torn
between wanting them both to wanting to being alone with Ivy.  His fantasy was to be with two redheads with
large tits. it wasn't so much watching them go down on one another more so both trying to please him and
him pleasing them.  His wife never understood his desire to be with a redhead, or his desire to be with two
redheads.  Now he had his all time fantasy in front of him, two hot redheads, both wanting him and him
wanting them.  Or did he want them both?  Everything in him wanted Ivy.  Maybe it was because she was
open to giving him his fantasy.

      He sat down in the chair as Ivy was fixing them a drink at the bar.  Lily was dancing around the living
room to some pop song on the radio.  As she caught him watching her, she begun to remove her clothing,
down to her lace bra and panties.  She danced slowly directly in front of him, straddling  his legs, grinding
against his harden cock.
      Ben unhooked her lace bra and her round full tits fell free.  With one hand wrapped around her waist,
the other hand gathered a handful of her full breast as he popped the nipple into his mouth.  She moaned
and arched her back as her body grinded his cock even more.  He could see Ivy was still at the bar slowly
nursing her scotch, watching them.  Without a second thought he picked Lily up from his lap and put her in
the chair he had just gotten up from.  The last thing he wanted was to lose out on feeling his body against
Ivy.  His cock was hard because of her kisses in the kitchen.

      He gently pushed her against the wall, tearing her blouse open, unhooking her bra.  His one hand
captured her wrist above her head as his free hand ran down the side of her body to her skirt.  With one swift
tug her skirt pooled at her feet.  Another swift pull he tore her panties away from her.  His fingers slide into
her wet pussy as he pumped in and out of her pussy his mouth covered her mouth.
      Ben felt Lily come up behind him, she worked at removing his jeans as he continued to fuck Ivy with his
fingers.  Lily was rubbing her breast against his bare back, squeezing his ass cheeks, her hand circling
around his waist finding his cock.  She begun to slide her hand slowly up and down the shaft of his very hard
cock.  He begun to bite gently on Ivy's pink nipple as he worked her pussy even deeper with his hand.
      Ivy felt the warmth spread over her as she felt her first orgasm spread over her.  As Ben felt his fingers
getting coated in her sweet pussy juices, he dropped to the floor on his knees, burying his face into her
pussy, his tongue happily fucking her harden clit.  She tasted like sweet honey, her fingers tangled into his
blondish brown hair as she spread her legs further apart for him to stick his tongue in even deeper.  She
cried out as she felt the second orgasm wrack her body.

      Ben lowered her to the floor straddling her face as he slide his still harden cock into her waiting mouth.  
He pulled Lily around so that she was no in front of him as he begun to eat hungrily at her pussy.  The
harder Ivy sucked his cock into her mouth, it amazed him how she was deep throated him.  His entire cock
was buried in her mouth and down her throat to his nut sack.            
      It excited him that she could take all of him.  He begun to pump away at her mouth as his tongue fucked
Lily's pussy.  He reached his  hand behind his back and found Ivy's still very wet pussy.   He wanted all three
of them to cum together.  He knew Lily was as close as he was, now he needed to get Ivy there.  It excited
him to know he was about to blow his entire wad into her mouth and down her throat.

      Lily came first, she cried out.... Ben shot his entire wad into Ivy's mouth and within seconds he felt her
cumin all over his fingers.  Pinching and pulling on her clit he took her into another wet orgasm.  He looked
into Ivy's beautiful blue eyes and knew he wanted to wake with her in his arms.  He had his fantasy now he
wanted Ivy all to himself.  He wanted to know how it felt to be inside of her.  Yet he didn't want to hurt Lily's

      Ben took Ivy's hand and with his free hand he took Lily's hand.  As they walked to Ivy's bedroom, Lily
pulled her hand free.  "Is something wrong Lily?" Ben asked  unsure why she pulled her hand free.

      "No Baby, I just got to get home, I have a busy day tomorrow," she stood on tip toes to kiss him softly.  
"Should you want to play again get Ivy to call me.  You my Darling have a magic tongue. "

      "Should I get going also?" Ben asked Ivy.
      "No, please stay, I was hoping you would stay the night since your wife is gone.  That is if you want too."  
Ivy spoke feeling suddenly shy.

      Ben took Ivy into his arms and kissed her deeply.  He felt himself growing hard again.  It had been a long
time since he had been turned on by a kiss.  Even stranger was he felt no guilt about what he was doing.

      They made it to Ivy's bed after several more deep kisses.  Ivy playfully shoved Ben onto the bed.  Ivy
climbed up onto his lap.  She felt his cock between her legs.  She bend at her waist, her large tits brushing
against his chest.  She kissed him playfully, as she continued to rub his chest with her breast.  His cock grew
even harder, she reached between her legs, wrapped her hand around his cock and worked it into her very
wet pussy.  Closing her eyes as he filled her, she arched her back enjoying the feel of him inside of her.

      In one swift movement, Ben flipped them causing Ivy to be on the bottom and him on top of her.  The
entire time his cock stayed inside of her tight velvet pussy.  "Open your eyes, I want to watch your expression
when we cum together.  I want to see if you enjoy me making you cum as much as I enjoy cumin for you."

      "It shouldn't take too long to make me cum Baby, I am so close again.  I love your cock inside of me."  
She reached up and ran her finger tips down his chest to his stomach.

      Ben realized he was close himself after a few strokes of  being deep inside of her.  He felt the walls of
her pussy beginning to tighten around his cock.  That alone almost set him off.  He continued pumping in and
out of her tight pussy.
      "Oh my lord," Ivy felt one wave after another wash over her as orgasm burst from her.  "Ben don't stop,"
she cried out as one more wave washed over her.

      "Damn Baby," Ben called out as he filled her pussy with his cum.  Once he was completely drained he
fell beside her on the bed.  They both trying to contain their rapid breathing.  Once his breathing and heart
rate was back to normal he leaned over taking her perfect pink nipple into his mouth.

      Ivy moaned as her fingers tangled in his hair.  She knew at that moment it was going to be a long night
with very little sleep.  She didn't mind because for now, for that moment Ben was in her apartment, in her bed
making sweet love to her.  The rest of the world she gave no thought too.

Copyright© 2013 Lacey Ashley (read more stories from Lacey below)

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