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David Rasmussen

As she passed her 30th year of life, Yuri began to feel the pressure.

For someone who used to live her life so loosely, and used her body to get
everywhere she wanted, now that it seemed her charms was failing she was
beginning to feel the heat of that failing in the worse way possible.

When she was a teenager it was easy to bend the world to her whims the minute
she bent.

Her back and presented… but now that was becoming harder and harder. She
hated that.

She just had to find one thing that would make her and set her… that’s when she
met Kei.

Kei was a homeless girl with incredible skills over computers. An asian american
girl just like Yuri, a little shorter than Yuri when they first met. She grew nicely
into a mature woman in stature and appearance… mature in body, yet also still
mischievous and youthful in appearance.

However, it wasn’t until Kei was 17 going on 18 when Yuri finally noticed her as
a woman for the first time.  Kei did a lot to not fit in as a normal girl. In fact she
went out of her way to be different. After all you can’t get much different than the
way she dyed her hair a loud red tone, and wore clothes that pretty much
screamed for attention.

Sure, she was a bit “out there”, and hard to understand once she was in her
element, but she could make computers do whatever she wanted and that enticed
Yuri a lot in the beginning to be near her.

It took her old favorite “job” of sex for “sale” to make Yuri see the light.

She finally found a client who wanted good old fashioned sex for services
rendered so she took him home and fucked him. Easy enough, she’d get what she
wants and he’d get laid… and he wasn‘t half bad in bed so she considered that a
“bonus”. No problem.

The next morning she woke and felt for him, but he was gone.

“Good riddance.“ she groaned, feeling a wicked smile etching itself across her

As she took her “payment” (a brand new Pentium chip of the highest caliber, not
even on the market yet) for “services rendered” and went to give it to Kei, she
mused at how easy the “work” was. He had been putty in her hands from the
moment he hit the bed, becoming her willing “subject” to her wise expert ways.
She had made him cum quite a few times and that made her feel so smug right

Without even thinking she ran the few steps to Kei’s room, barging through her
door full throttle to find her male “client” she had brought home on top of Kei,
pulling Kei’s night clothes off as she laid crumpled beneath him as he tried to
fuck her.

Yuri, standing there shocked, quickly overcame her horror as she grabbed him,
throwing him out her door. As he hit the ground she screamed at him, threatening
to kill him if he ever went near Kei again. Taking the hint, he quickly ran for it.

Once the coast was clear Yuri went back into the apartment and found Kei
crumpled in her bed sobbing. In that moment she felt her heart go out to the girl
and wanted to be with her… to hold her tight… to make it all go away if she could.
The minute Yuri held Kei tight, and Kei hugged her in return however, that’s
when it hit.

She suddenly became obsessed with protecting Kei. Not just as a meal ticket but
much more. Holding her, feeling her body close to her’s… her maturing body
pressed close to Yuri’s own, that’s when she realized that she had been friends
with Kei, partners… perhaps her feelings ran deeper… much deeper than mere
need or want.

She felt as if Kei was becoming the world to her.

She thought it was the heat of the moment. She thought those feelings would fade.

They did not. In fact slowly, but surely, those feelings grew and grew.

Still the simple matter of fact was that Kei was only 17, so Yuri held off on
exploring their feelings more. However that did not stop Kei from exploring those
same feelings that seemed to stir in her own heart just the same it did in Yuri‘s.
She poured over a lot of different websites until she found one that gave her
expression for her feelings, the same feelings Yuri was trying to avoid. Feelings
she felt Kei wasn’t ready for were reaching out to her.

As Kei neared 18 she tried more and more “romantic” things that (once again) she
learned from the internet. Stuffed animals with romantic (though unoriginal)
poems, roses, and finally (3 months before her 18th birthday) a candlelit bath --

The candlelit room was almost sensual if not for the fact that nobody would sell
Kei candles and she had to use green road flare sticks which kinda killed the

Yuri, being a sport, simply kissed Kei on the forehead and said “It’s the thought
that--“ The rest didn’t come out because Kei moved forward quickly, locking lips
to lips, and kissing Yuri hard. That shocked the hell out of her.

Yuri then locked herself into her room and masturbated for what seemed like
forever just to get thoughts of fucking Kei out of her head. She felt it. Right then,
right there, and she kind of blamed Kei for it. She confronted Yuri in her little
jammies but Yuri could feel her nude body pressed tight beneath the silky soft
coverings and it drove her wild.

The first awful thought that rose from her urges was to throw Kei onto the bed,
thrusting her legs aside as she began wantonly tribbing her hard. The rest went
downhill from there as each thought became more and more sexually aroused.
About an hour into the thoughts the useage of strap ons was dancing through her
head as her fingers dug in hard as she felt another orgasm whip her reasoning

Kei was almost 18, but looked so much older and younger at the same time.

Her body was maturing, and it was becoming harder to deny her attraction to her
on a physical basis, but Kei also had a whimsical child like charm to her which
attracted her spiritually, her charm like a bright shining beacon pushing back
Yuri’s cynical nature.

Yuri lost her virginity at 14, as usual using her body to get ahead in life. She
didn’t think of the consequences then… only now, now that it wasn’t her’s to lose,
she felt the burden of it fully on her shoulders for the first time in her life.

For the longest time she stood in her room hiding, but finally, collapsed against
her door she heard Kei’s voice whisper “Am I ugly?“

Shocked at those words Yuri quickly choked “No… no it’s not that… I don’t want
to… I don’t want to… make it meaningless.“ she rasped, vaguely trying to get
through to Kei.

“Making love to me is meaningless?“ Kei whispered.

Silly girl, she thought, it‘s not that. “If it’s done just because I’m… well, excited…
then it‘s meaningless.“

“Don’t worry, I’m horny too.“ Kei announced, causing Yuri to fall over onto her

“Gee, there goes the romance of it all.“ she whispered in defeat. Kids these days.

In her day, before she let her arrogant ego take over, she felt it was love to reach
that next level. Her crushes often coming to her in dreams where she felt that, if
she could only have that next step, a sexual moment, true love will come. The first
thing out of Kei’s mouth was how horny she was. Damn. So much for the romance
of it all.

“Teach me how to play with myself.“ Kei asked.

“I’m not playing with myself!“ Yuri cried in her own defense, “I’m just… just
frustrated… I don’t want…“

“Jerking off? Whacking yourself? I do that but not very well.“ Kei replied, “It’s not
that great in the end.”

Yuri sighed miserably, wondering what kind of high expectations Kei had in
terms of masturbation, though she thought better of asking just in case she got an
answer in turn. “Why is everything I say absorbed and reflected back out of your
mouth in such a nasty way? Only guys can whack off, I‘m -- it‘s more dignified
than THAT!”

Yuri feels her cheeks turn bright red as she tried to explain masturbation to this
young woman on the other side of the door, knowing she would be doomed to

“It‘s -- different! I‘m masturbating!“

For awhile there‘s silence, then, “If Yuri-chan teaches me to mustard-bate I won’t
ask Yuri-chan to fuck me. I‘m not pretty enough to be fucked except by dirty old

Yuri clenches her teeth, shuts her eyes, and cringes. “Goddess.“ she whispers,
“Your beautiful, Kei-chan. So beautiful, like a pretty china doll whenever I hold
you in my arms. You have no idea how badly I want to… goddess I want to fuck
you, damn it all but I can’t stop thinking of you, but I --“

“Do you hate me?” Kei asks softly, “Do you want an older woman? Not a flat
chested child like me? I wish I had real tits.“


BREASTS ABOUT TO BECOME 18 AND I… I…“ Yuri choked, rasping for breath as
she realized what she was about to say. She envisioned Kei naked, her small but
slowly growing and quite perky breasts between her fingers, the soft firm tits
molding to her touch as she leans down and takes one of the firm nipples into her
lips to suckle.

Goddess she loved Kei, loved her with all her heart! But it had to be special! It had
to be just right! Uncertain how to answer she paused, then meekly whispered “I
love you.“

But her whispers of love was too weak for Kei to hear. She merely repeated her

Yuri, defeated, finally opened her door and said “If I teach you oral sex will you
let me, wait until I’m ready to… commit to more?“

Kei nods her head up and down hard. “Is oral sex fun?”

“Let’s find out.” she replied, taking Kei’s hand as she walked her to the bed.

That’s when she taught Kei sex, if only in the oral sense, for the first time. Kei’s
fingers were all over the place the first time she licked Yuri’s sex, but eventually
she got it down right and learned how to do it to perfection. 69’ing was a little
hard since Yuri was abit taller than Kei, but somehow they managed.

Yuri, for her part, had to hold back. The first time she saw Kei’s naked slit, shaved
clean, she nearly devoured the girl whole at that moment. Her needs
overwhelmed her, she was about seconds away from full on sex… but she held

Carefully, slowly, she flicked her tongue along the longness of Kei’s sex, warming
her up (and holding herself in check) as she did. She wanted it all, every last bit of
the girl before her she wanted, and she wanted it then and there. Urges to shove
Kei into her mouth and tongue her madly tingled at the back of her mind, but she
held back and worked her slowly -- and was rewarded by Kei’s stronger efforts as
she learned to make love to Yuri as she was loved in turn.

Their first orgasm nearly choked them both, their breaths whipped away as they
came into the other’s waiting mouth. Kei nearly choked on Yuri’s cum but Yuri
masterfully swallowed her lover’s gift fully.

And, as they laid together in each other’s arms, Kei asked “What’s next?“

“I’ll tell you when you’re older.“ Yuri responded.
©2005 by David Rasmussen
All rights reserved.
by David Rasmussen
Besides being a fiction writer David also does extensive review and interview work. His
specialty is Japanese Manga/Anime and Video Game related reviews, which he does on
a weekly basis at his present site of employment
www.animeboredom.co.uk. He has his
own self run review blog
If you are interested in seeing some of his past work, you can find some of his other
fiction writings of the past over at