Freelancers - Chapter 2
by  David Rasmussen

Thus it remained until Kei was eighteen. Oral sex only, which still drove Yuri wild though she practiced great
restraint to hold herself in check. It was hard to keep herself in check though since Kei unwittingly did
everything to drive her wild without even trying.

Her body pressed close, her breath so light as she tried to keep herself calm as they embraced, thin drops
of sweat forming on her shivering body that sent little jolts into Yuri’s body as each and everyone that
touched her now sensitive skin made her nerves jump in need and desire.

It was as if she could devour her little lover whole, holding her face close to her pussy as she ate her out
with zeal and energy. It would go once, twice, three times before they finally fell apart panting and gasping in
exhaustion. It was only a few months, but she felt she could hold on as long as Kei was with her.

Months soon slipped into weeks, and as the days passed the gnawing fear that somebody would discover
their relationship and tear them apart encroached on her thoughts. Kei was almost 18 so it should all be
legal as all hell, but still she was afraid of what people would think of their relationship.

Nothing happened. Kei didn’t talk about their relationship, the cops didn’t break down the doors and drag
them out naked into the streets, nothing happened. Then weeks became days… and then the day they were
waiting finally came.

Finally Kei was ready, and so was Yuri.

On Kei’s eighteenth birthday the two took a trip to the Big Island of Hawaii.

Yuri didn’t know what was worse : having to wait or making Kei wait. They had to do the tourist thing, and of
course there was the presents and the party, but still doing it was on both of their minds for the longest
time. Several times it almost looked like Kei would lose it and attempt to jump Yuri during a bathroom
break. Thankfully that didn’t happen.

Still the day was not without incident of one kind or another that spoke volumes of Kei’s present mindset
when it came to what she would rather be doing.

Breakfast at McDonald’s went without incident, and the first part of the trip seemed to go rather well, though
she did seem to cuddle rather close on the bus which didn’t set off any alarms at all… she wasn’t used to
the huge tourist bus so she looked kind of ill half the time as the huge bus lumbered and sometimes sped
along the roads.

By the time noon came around the hints began to become more apparent.

A stop at the Mac Nut factory in Hilo put ice cream into Kei’s inventive hands, which set her mind aflame with
possibility. Without a word she fetched a plastic knife, made a long “slit” into the middle of the ice cream,
and began to lick it…. “lovingly”, moaning softly with each and every long loving lick of the vanilla mac nut ice

Yuri, half mortified and half aroused, could only sit there with a frozen expression as she watched Kei dive
into her treat with a relish that made Yuri grip the table a little too tight.

The trip through the Volcano National Park didn’t help, especially since half the time she stopped and
“rubbed” the mossy rocks… panting as she did. If the others weren’t so absorbed in their own little worlds
this display would have given Yuri a heartattack as it would have no doubt drawn a large crowd. Thankfully
nobody noted it.

The last straw was the aftermath of the tour, when they went to pick up Kei’s gift only for Kei to pick up DOA
Xtreme Beach Volleyball (Xbox), only for her (upon being asked if she liked the game) to lick the box
longingly, favoring her licks on each beautiful… well, that was that for Yuri. She couldn’t get Kei back to the
hotel room fast enough.

However the room was on ground floor, and it made Yuri nervous especially since they were almost
interrupted by a hotel employee with their dinner as they were about to make out on the bed.

To this end Yuri decided it was best to take their first time to a private beach, where nobody would see them
(or link them to their hotel registry and real identities if they were spotted by some random stranger).

There, on the beach, Yuri made love to Kei for the first time. At first they swam and took in the nighttime
moonlight as they enjoyed the beach as fully as possible, but soon that eventually made way for what they
came for.

It seemed as if Kei couldn’t undress fast enough (then again it seemed as if the entire day couldn‘t go by
fast enough), her hands yanking and pulling free her bathing suit she was wearing earlier, the fabric
threatening to tear apart as she pulled it away. Gently Yuri pulled her rear close, settling her down with a
firm grip as she smelled the young woman’s excitement, her anticipation high for what was to come.

Yuri couldn’t get enough of seeing Kei naked. Her body shivering as she laid on the beach, her legs spread
slightly apart, hands to her sides as she waited for Yuri to make the first move. Her face smiling, yet also
nervous as she eagerly waited.

Savoring this moment for a little longer Yuri took the first step, slowly lowering herself down between Kei’s
legs to bring her face close to her lover’s sex. With closed eyes she slowly moved in and took her first taste
of her now eighteen year old essence. The first lick of her tongue nearly made Kei jump out of her skin, a
strong yelp coming from her lips as she felt Yuri’s first taste.

Embolden by the reaction, Yuri licked again… and again… slowly but surely she began to get into the
rhythm of it, as Kei began to beg for more.

Her hands, formerly to her side, now grabbed down to hold Yuri tightly to her sex, her hips grinding upwards
as if demanding that she eat her young lover whole at that moment. Suddenly Kei began to whimper loudly,
and beg for more. Beg for it.

Yuri looked up, sweat glistening on her forehead as she heard Kei’s cries. Her free hand was busily
massaging and stroking her own sex, pushing herself to the limit as she helped Kei to her limit. But now,
now that Kei wanted it -- she knew she had to have it too.

They waited long enough. Now they were ready.

Quickly Yuri pulled away from Kei’s snatch, raising herself to her knees as she hoisted Kei’s legs up and
apart to allow herself access, quickly moving forward to place her own damp womanhood against Kei’s.
For a second, however, she stopped.

Kei, far gone already, could only whimper pleas but Yuri was filled with a second’s indecision. But as she
stared into Kei’s eyes she knew she was finally ready for it.

This was the moment they had waited for. Now was the time. It wasn’t penetration, but once she begins to
manipulate Kei sexually it would only be a matter of time before she’ll have to introduce Kei to a strap on to
complete her lessons in sexuality, but not tonight.

Quickly Yuri shoved her wet center onto her lover’s, her hips grinding and thrusting.

That sent Kei over the edge. Her first sexual experience and it was overwhelming her. Gasping for breath
her hands were everywhere, her mind lost in the haze that was this experience. Kei couldn’t even form
words to say her feelings, only cry out and gasp.

Yuri groaned as she felt their juices begin to flow, pre cum soaking their pleasure spots as she rode her,
the wet slapping of flesh on flesh driving her lustfully to completion.

Kei tried to shove her hand down to help, but Yuri batted it away crying “Together! I

want to come together with you!”

For a time they continued to pant and thrust, Kei’s hips wildly jerking upwards to meet

each of Yuri’s strokes, until at last with one final scream the two came…

It seemed as if time stopped. Yuri, sweating as she worked hard, felt as if it would never come. But finally
she felt the surge and almost screamed at the top of her lungs as it overwhelmed her. Kei, lost to her own
haze of bliss, finally managed to choke out Yuri’s name as she came, her body jerking frenzily as it hit her.

Yuri’s cum splashed about Kei’s bottom as she cried out, her own essence spilling forth in a wonderous
wave of crashing liquid pleasure. It lasted a few seconds, but drained everything they had out of the two of
them. Yuri collapses on top of Kei, rasping.

As they laid on the beach collapsed and regathering their breaths…

That’s when their world changed.

The wind was almost still as Kei stirred, her eyes wearily opening as she began to look about. It was late,
she knew that, she felt time pass but the exact time eluded her.

As Kei began to stir she felt Yuri’s hand grasp her face, holding her eyes tight.

Confused she tried to speak, “Yuri-ch--”

“No, honey, don’t open your eyes.” she cried softly, shivering beneath her.

Her voice was full of fear. She was afraid of something and it showed clearly. Confused, Kei tried to turn
only to feel Yuri hold her tighter. “I’m sorry… I’m sorry… I’m sorry…”


Silence. Yuri fell silent as her breath became ragged, her body tensing beneath Kei’s own, then finally Yuri
rasped, “Stay with me forever. I love you.”

Kei, uncertain what to say, simply replied, “I’m yours forever.”

Then she felt a sharp pain in her heart, and shuddered. For long seconds nothing, then she felt a wet
warmth pouring out of her, and onto Yuri’s nude body. Warm and yet… was this love? It felt so -- weird --
and it made her feel so numb as her strength faded.

Slowly but surely she felt her body slipping into numbness and -- nothing.

Is this what it means to be in love? It felt so weird.


After that Kei doesn’t remember much else. Even now it’s all a blur to Kei when she thinks back to this
moment, back when she died that night.

The pain was now gone, the warmth replaced with a warming sensation that eminated from her very soul
and filled her completely. It was warm, yet she felt as if it should have been colder as she looked about at
the darkness about her.

But, for Kei, at this most profound moment only one singular thought came to her mind in this most quiet

Boring. Not even a Matrix style computer effect to show she‘s been taken “off line“.

Double boring.

Was she-- was she dead? She didn’t know but it felt so surrealistic, though if only it was more entertaining
then she had not been so irritated by the endlessly dull darkness.

If only there’d be a 2001 style endless tunnel of lights, and a “Starchild” or something somewhat interesting
to stare at. Heck, even a Black Hole style mirrorglass tunnel would be something more than nothing.

“Is the afterlife broken?” she asked, looking about for a reset switch for exsitence.

She then heard Yuri, her eyes turning about towards her voice as she heard the words “RUN KEI!!“ in the

The vision that greeted Kei was hard for her to look at.

Yuri was being grabbed by men, a large pile of men, who were dragging her down like a

swimmer being dragged beneath the waves. Or like that shark movie Yuri showed her once that starred that
guy from SeaQuest and that movie 2010 -- whathisname -- Roy Schnider… the one they needed a bigger
boat… that movie.

Yuri was crying, but her struggles grew less and less.

Yuri’s line of sight was obscured. But she didn’t need to see what she was feeling, she knew what was
going on without looking. Her legs were splayed open and she was being raped in both her womanhood
and ass, her breasts her being raped, her mouth had a cock in it, every part of her being was being raped.
Worse, sickeningly worse, she almost felt that the fatal wound that killed her was being raped. She was a
rape toy, a cock pleasing piece of flesh and blood meant only for other’s enjoyments, being dragged into
pain and darkness, and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

Suddenly she felt something at the edge of her mind, and fear began to fill her.

Kei came closer, only to be warned off again by another scream by Yuri, words coming from her mind
instead of her filled mouth. “DON’T!! RUN!! GET AWAY!!”

The fear grew, and caused her to be dragged down further as it gripped her tight.

Yuri screamed again in a full on panic as another batch of arms appeared, trying to drag her down faster,
while more reached up towards the new prey above them.


Kei, emboldened, instead flew forward, grabbing Yuri’s flaying arms as she did. “COME ON!!” Kei cried,

“No don’t!!” Yuri cried, “MY FAULT!! MY FAULT!!”

“What’s your fault?” Kei yelled, feeling Yuri slipping from her grasp, “PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME ALONE!! IT’

Yuri, face frozen, stared up as Kei’s grip began to slip. “I love you too…”

With one final effort Kei yanked Yuri free, the faceless males flying to all sides as Yuri falls into her lover’s
strong arms, pulling them upwards and away from the horrors below.

Yuri gripped Kei tightly, crying, “He stabbed you!! He stabbed you!! Then

he… oh goddess!! Kei-chan!! Kei-chan…” she choked, and rasped as if about to puke --

but had nothing to throw up.

Kei didn’t know what Yuri meant, but she felt that it didn’t matter. She held Yuri tight as

soft feathery wings enwrapped them tight. Her lips touched briefly, then pressed into

Yuri’s, kissing her deeply and fully. Yuri resisted at first, but slowly melted into it and

became helpless in the red haired woman’s touch. As she rested her head against the

younger woman’s shoulder, she simply said to Yuri “Let’s go home.”

* * * * * *

And so that is how two most unlikely lovers ended up here. In this place.

Edenina. The Realm of Dreams. Through the power of belief.

The power of belief.

The belief that one person can change his or her part of the world they live in, be it for good or ill. Even if the
world that is changed is not the world that the person in question came from to begin with.

The belief that one opinion can change the hearts of others, and sway them to right or wrong. Or, in this
case, the belief that two people, no matter the odds and forces against them, were meant to be together.
Regardless of the separate fates others would attempt to dictate for them, and heedless of what must be.

The belief in love everlasting. And the will to defy others opposed to such a thing and believe in that love
regardless of the forces mounted against them.

In reality? Well, things are not easily changed, and fates not easily remade.

But as I said before this is Edenina, the Realm of Dreams.

And this is one such story…
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