Dream Lover
Story Codes: MF,  Consensual,  Exhibitionism, Oral

Dream Lover
by Lacey Ashley

Music played softly in the back ground of her mind.   His hands softly ran over her silken
skin, lightly tracing her shoulder blades, brushing by her neck, traveling down her chest
sliding between her breast. His touch was feather soft, so soft it seemed unreal. This
causing Heavenly to wonder if she opened her eyes would anyone actually be there. His
fingers ran over the thin strap of her cream colored nightie, she felt the strap sliding down
her arm. With one hand on the strap and the other hand his finger tip circled and trace
her pink nipple as it harden with each time his finger circled around it. Her mind
commanded her to open her eyes but she couldn't, it was like the power to open them had
been taken away from her. She sucked her breath in as his lips gently brushed against
her lips, she could smell his sweet breath, his tongue tasted and teased her pouty lips
leaving her wanting more.

His tongue toyed with her nipple, teasing, dancing across the hard tip. He laughed lightly
as she arched her back for him to take her nipple into his mouth. Her body was screaming
for him to suck her nipple, to capture it between his teeth. A long warm tingle traveled
throughout her body and soul. As her body shook with wanton desire he gently blew his
warm breath across the tip of her wet nipple and she felt herself moan.  Both her nipples
stood erect and wanting attention from his mouth, his touch, his teeth biting down.  With
his hands now on her waist he lifted her nightie exposing her panties and bare flat tummy.
His mouth nibble at her tummy, kissing and running his tongue up and down from her
navel to the top of her panties, tracing the outline of her navel then licking it across the
small opening. Never before had she felt such hunger for the touch of a man she did not
know or see. She could feel her heart beating in her chest, she felt her panties growing
wet and she wanted him to remove them but she could not speak to ask him, beg him to
make her his own.

He gently spread her legs apart, running his hands aimlessly up and down the inner part
of both her legs. Heavenly felt his breath close to her pussy but he had not removed her
panties.  She sucked in her breath as he began kissing her inner thigh of both legs, she
felt his tongue slowly licking the crotch of her panties as he went from one side of her
crotch to the other.  She felt the excitement mount in her as she held her breath, she
wanted more, she needed more and yet she could not speak her thoughts. It was like they
were trapped inside her mind and she had forgotten how to speak.

His tongue slide into the side of her panties and slowly delicately traces the entrance of
her very moist pussy, Heavenly moaned and thrust her hips upward to meet his mouth.  
Wanting to feel his tongue deep inside her pussy. His kisses resumed on her thighs, this
time he lightly bite into the meaty flesh, both pain and pleasure shot throughout her body.
Again he laughed, she felt him shift his body to cover hers, she felt his mouth on her neck,
he kissed her neck, nibbled it and then lightly bit it as he had done her thigh. It was then
Heavenly felt her self falling as if she had been dropped from a ledge. She fell in slow
motion like a feather dropping from the sky.

Heavenly sat up in her bed, she was completely alone. The sun was coming up. Her
nightie was still around her waist and she realized she had been dreaming, she laughed at
herself, shaking her head because it had seem so very real to her when it had simply
been a erotic dream. Her neck was sore as was the inner part of her thigh, she went to
her dresser and looked into the large mirror at her neck, there was a faint bite mark on
her neck, she quickly examined her thigh and saw there was a mark was there as well.
Neither were bad, she doubt they would even bruise but they were real.  Her dream love
had left love bite on her.  Bewildered and confused she turned and looked at her bed.  It
was then she caught sight of the flower laying innocently on her other pillow.  It was a
single perfect white orchid laying there peacefully and untouched.  The morning rays of
sun danced across the petals almost like the kiss from her Dream Lover the night before.

Suddenly afraid she thought she was not alone, she looked wildly around the room. Other
then the orchid there was no signs of anyone having been there but her.  She went to the
living room and again she found herself totally alone. Everything, everywhere she
checked showed she had been alone and no one could have gotten in. But how could a
dream so be so real?  To leave marks on her, to leave a perfect orchid on her pillow.  She
shook her head not understanding how any of it was possible, but yet the signs all pointed
to her phantom lover.  She still felt his hands on her, his mouth, she now had bite marks
from this phantom lover and she could still taste his lips and smell his sweet warm breath.  
None of it had made any sense, she was totally baffled by the whole thing.  She walked
back into her bedroom and picked up the beautiful flower, as she took in the aroma of the
exotic flower she closed her eyes and tried to remember anything that would explain what
had happened.

He stood quietly in the shadows watching her, his heart beating in his chest wanting her.  
Heavenly did not sense his being there, her mind was trying to piece together what had
taken place.  Smiling he whispered her name with his mind.  She opened her eyes when
she heard her name being whispered, she turned towards the way she thought the sound
had came but it was just shadows.  Turning he walked into the shadows and disappeared.

© 2009 Lacey Ashley