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In the Driver’s Seat
By Jan Trakin©

I was down on my luck with women. I had had many dates with women, but all of them
just wanted to be friends. Here I was, 30 years old, a successful used car salesman in
a Volksgwagen dealership located on Hollywood Boulevard, next to the Hollywood Walk
of Fame, and I could not get laid. Everyday during lunch, I would take a walk and stomp
over such stars as Marilyn Monroe wondering if my search for love and beauty would
ever come to fruition. At this point, I would have even settled for a torrid love affair with a
divorcee. Then, Candy entered my life.

I had just had lunch at the Brown Derby restaurant and was prepared for another
afternoon of lookey-lu’s, people who generally looked at cars but would not go for it,
when a young woman with long blonde hair and bluish green eyes approached me. She
was wearing tight-fitting Levi jeans and had a black Ramones t-shirt on. She did not
have a bra on so I could see the curvaceous outline of those wonderful mammarian
glands. Her nipples rippled the surface of the t-shirt, and I was immediately aroused. I
could feel the blood rushing to my pecker and I had to talk to Henry, my pet name for my
member, to calm it down. I would not be able to make a sale with a hard-on. It was the
only time I could not think about money.

“Hi,” she said. “I’m new to town, and need some wheels. I’m driving a rented car from
Budget Rent-a-Car.”
“My name is Bruce,” I said fantasizing about sucking on those nipples. “You’ve come to
the right place.”

“My name is Candy,” she replied. She was friendly enough. “What do you have? I want to
spend about $2,000. That’s how much my parents want to spend on the car. It’s my high
school graduation present.”

“Where are you from?” I asked. Employing my flirtation techniques usually helped me
make a sale with women.

“I’m from New York,” she replied. “My parents live in Great Neck, and I am a freelance
rock journalist. I live in Santa Monica on the ocean. My high school friend Susie is
visiting me from New York.”

“Oh, how nice,” I replied. I wondered what her friend looked like. If she were half as
beautiful as Candy, there was a sea of possibilities.

“Let me show you this yellow bug. It’s got only 90 thousand miles on it, and the engine
was just rebuilt. See how clean it is? I’ll give it to you for $2,000,” I said. I would give it to
her for free, I thought to myself, if only she would allow me the time to pleasure her. I
could see the faint line of her pussy through the jeans. I imagined chewing on her lips
and then penetrating her. She was so soft and innocent.

“I’ll take it,” she said. “You are the only salesman who hasn’t hustled me. I trust you even
though you are a used car salesman. And you are kind of cute, too.”

I was beaming inside. A sale and a potential date. What more could I ask for? “You’re
not too shabby yourself,” I replied in a low-key manner. “Why don’t you allow me to show
you and your friend Susie around town?”

“That would be fun,” she replied. “Let’s do the paperwork. When do you get off from

“At 5:00,” I replied amazed at my good fortune, and totally turned on to this confident, self-
assured woman. I told Henry to calm down. He was fluttering beneath my chinos. I could
feel it throbbing. I wanted to fuck her right there against the wall in the men’s room with
her panties dropped to her ankles.

We signed the papers, shook hands, and sealed the deal. Since I was commissioned, I
could come and go as I pleased. I had made my quota, went home to my apartment in
the Hollywood Hills, showered, put on my jeans, cowboy boots and suede jacket, and
drove my Corvette to Santa Monica along Pico Boulevard.

I arrived at the Elysian Fields apartment complex overlooking the Pacific Ocean just as
the sky turned pink with one of its glorious West Coast sunsets. I buzzed her apartment
And she let me in. I was brimming with confidence for a change. Afterall, I had made a
sale, and she asked me over.

I entered the apartment and there was Susie. She was about 5 feet, 4 inches tall with
short black hair and dark eyes. She was wearing tight black jeans with a white v-neck t-
shirt exposing some wonderful cleavage The fatal combination for me.

“Hi, I’m Susie,” she said. As friendly as she could be. “Do you want some beer?”

“Sure,” I replied. Again, Henry was fluttering beneath my jeans. Except this time, I did not
tell him to calm down. I did not have to worry about making a sale. And this situation had
vast potential. The apartment was beautiful. It had brand a brand new black leather
couch and a love seat. I could see the sunset through the window.

“Instead of showing me around town, why don’t we just relax and have a good time?”
Candy asked.

“Fine by me,” I said. I could feel the beer going to my loins.

I sat on the couch with my hard-on pushing at my zipper. Candy noticed it. “Why don’t you
give your lovething some air to breathe?” She kissed me with her thick lips which
reminded me of Angelina Jolie’s and they were warm and supple.

I took off my pants and shirt and Candy and Susie started undressing. Candy’s breasts
were large and pillowy. She stood in front of me. I sucked on the nipples which were
hard and erect. A bit of milk came out which was an added bonus.

“Let’s get in bed,” Candy said, and the three of us piled into the king size bed with brass

Candy sat with her back to the headboard, legs bent at the knee but wide open exposing
the deliciousness of a pubescent shaved pussy. I started munching on the luscious lips
while Susie snuck up behind me and penetrated my ass with her long lengthy fingers.
My throbbing gristle ached to get inside of either or both of them so we changed

I lay on my back, and Candy mounted me. Her pussy was throbbing and wet. I thrust my
cock into her as Susie straddled my face with her pussy. I could taste her wetness as
she and Candy raised the roof with simultaneous orgasms in a shrill Greek chorus of
moans and delight. I let off my creamy fluid into Candy, and she dismounted me with my
come dripping from her pussy. We had to rest and all had post-coital cigarettes.

“You’ve got a beautiful apartment,” I said to Candy puffing on my cigarette.

“My parents are paying the rent until I get settled or meet Mr. Right or both,” she quipped.

“And you?” I directed the conversation to Susie thinking I might have sounded a bit rude.

“I am an artist from New York. I went to the School of Visual Arts but dropped out to do
my own thing,” she replied. “I like women.”

My heart raced. My fantasy was always to watch two women making love and watch.
“Prove it,” I said forcefully, my insecurity buried beneath a bravado of machismo.

“My pleasure,” she said. “First I have a treat for you.” She got up off the bed, and stood in
front of me and started playing with herself. “I love to masturbate for men,” she said. She
put two fingers up her pussy and with the other hand squeezed her titties. She moaned
a moan of heavenly ecstacy and then pulled out her fingers to display her come.

She stuck her come-filled fingers in my mouth as Candy sucked on my monolithic
member. I came in Candy’s mouth and swallowed Susie’s come. I had never reached
such sexual heights. All my previous rejections by women melted from my memory like
butter in a simmering saucepan.

“Let’s see you two do it,” I urged like a spectator rooting for the home team at a football

Susie got back into bed and I got up and sat in the facing love seat, leaving center stage
for Susie and Candy.

Susie lay on the bottom her beautifully shaped body ready to receive pleasure from
Candy. She opened her legs for Candy who penetrated her whole hole with her tongue.
Susie was clearly enjoying this, letting out moans of pure pleasure. I sat and stroked
Henry, my twelve-inch pulsating pole until I shot streams of love fluid in the air like Old

Candy and Susie started kissing and fingering each other. I was giving my proud pecker
a brief rest, catching my breath. The women, however, needed no rest. The next thing I
knew, Candy was sitting on Susie’s face, while Susie treated her pussy to the giant
vibrator. Again, they both exploded into moans of mini-orgasmic pleasure until they both
reached the giant satisfaction of five minute multi-orgasms. We were all exhausted and
dripping with sweat.

The only thing that took away from my absolute physical satisfaction was the fact that if
Candy was a bisexual, could we ever date on a monogamous basis? I started to worry.
The girls were sprawled out on the bed having their post-coital cigarettes, and I began to
stress. Also, was Susie a permanent guest? I had to talk to Candy alone apart from
Susie—immediately. How could I approach Candy with Susie there? They seemed
really close like only women bonded. I decided I’d have to call her tomorrow from the

I gathered my things, got dressed and we all had one more beer to honor the occasion
of what I hoped was not the last of our prurient pleasures.
“Thanks for everything, Candy, Susie, ”I’ve got to go now. Give me your number, and I’ll
call you in the morning.” We all kissed goodbye like innocent children, and I drove home
into the night counting my blessings.

I slept like a log, and actually looked forward to the morning when I could touch base
with Candy. I arrived at the car dealership in the morning with a snicker on my face, and
greetings from my colleagues.

“You seem happy today,” Tim, my supervisor, said.

“Oh, yeah. I had an incredibly hot date last night,” I replied proudly. Tim had listened to
all my misfortunes with women. It felt good to gloat for a change.

“We’ve got to have a meeting,” Tim said.

“Let me first make a phone call,” I said, going into my office and dialing Candy’s number.

Candy answered. “Hello Candy, It’s Bruce,” I said in the sweetest voice I could summon

“Oh, hi,” she replied. “I’ve been thinking about you.”

With that encouragement, I summoned up the courage to confront her.

“Listen, Candy. I want to date you exclusively. Will Susie be in town for much longer?” I
asked sweetly but forcefully.

“She’s leaving soon. Her parents want her to come home and go back to school. Sure,
we can date. I’ve always gone for older men,” she replied.

“Oh, Candy, you made my day, sweetie,” I replied my machismo self giving away to my
more vulnerable side. “I’d talk to you longer, but I’ve got to head off to a meeting. I’ll call
you later.”

Tim meanwhile poked his head in the door and mused, “Ready for our meeting stud?
You can tell me about your hot date.”

“Ready as ever, Tim,” I replied beaming. “My girlfriend problems are over.”

Jan Trakin is a seasoned journalist who has been published in several community
newspapers, trade and consumer magazines. Trakin is also the author of two self-help
books. An ex-New Yorker, Jan traded her rodent-infested Manhattan apartments for a
spacious, clean one-bedroom apartment in the South Florida suburbs. Trakin is single
and lives with her cat, Squeaky.

If you have any comments, please contact Jan at
In the Driver’s Seat