story codes: MF

by Eve V. Black

"Are you sure you're all right?" Paul asked Jessica for the third time that
evening, his dark eyes etched with concern. The only reply was a quick nod,
a murmured, "I'm fine."

Conceding, Paul returned to the paper he had only pretended to be
reading, his legs crossing before he slumped against the headboard of her
bed. "…If you're sure…"

She only gave another small nod, attempting to focus on the essays
scattered across her desk, though in vain. Finally, after several minutes of
trying to bury herself with the finer qualities of calculus, she stood abruptly
from her chair and began to pace, a fingernail lodged between her teeth, a
crease cutting across her brow in consternation.

An eyebrow raised from behind the newspaper with sharp eyes appraising
her every movement. He watched her rigid form carefully, her gaze flicking
every now and again to the clock across the room. Sighing, Paul folded the
paper neatly, setting it to the side atop one of the nightstands. He stood,
situating himself so that he might lean against the bedpost nearest her. His
arms folded across his bare chest as he continued to watch her nervous

"Jess." His tone was firm as he snapped her out of her anxious trance,
causing her to jump slightly at the sound of his voice.

"Did you forget I was here?" Not waiting for a reply, he crossed to her,
taking her hands in his, pressing them between their bodies.

"What the hell has gotten into you, huh?" he asked, his words considerably

"It's just… I… No. It's nothing," she mumbled, her gaze never meeting his.
"Maybe I should just go to bed. It's late." Jessica drifted listlessly away from
him to her side of the bed, pulling back the sheets as she went.

Brow furrowed, he nodded, flicking the light switch behind him, plunging the
room into a tense midnight. He slipped beneath the sheets beside her,
laying on his side, a free arm gathering her small body into his. She leaned
into him, a comforted smile daring to cross her mouth, only provoking the
tears that had been threatening at the corners of her eyes.

Gentle fingers brushed ember hair from her neck, even softer lips falling
down smooth skin. She gave a quiet moan, tilting away from his teasing
mouth, her mind jumping on the sensation as distraction. It was what she
had been waiting for, she realized as his palm ran the length of her waist,
sending cool shivers jetting to the bottom of a slowly settling stomach. She
had needed something to tear her unnerved mind from the secret she kept
from him.

She couldn't bring herself to tell him, couldn't force her tongue around the
words at his carefree touch. Betraying tears pricked at sad emerald eyes,
invisible to the silent lover behind her. With a careful breath, she turned
underneath the covers to face him. His hands immediately compensated,
drawing her closer to him.

"…Paul?" Her voice trembled to her horror, deceiving the slow tears that
had begun to burn down her cheeks.

"God… I have to tell you…" Her words choked her, a desperate guilt deep
inside her screaming for his comprehension.

"Jess, please, what is it? Tell me what's wrong."

She took several moments, a dry throat dying to spill its secrets, parted lips
laden with the heavy news. Finally, "No…I can't." As though trying to
convince herself, she shook her head. "I can't." Anxiety fell freely from
pleading eyes, hiding from his soft ones beneath the shield of darkness.

"Paul…" Whispered breath cast across his mouth as her quivering lips
pressed to his, confusion still written on his face, the same uncertainty
conveyed to her kiss.

He found he was willing then to take her words as gold, to suppress the
sudden nagging in the back of his mind as he kissed her forcefully, his
fingers becoming entangled in her hair, her lips working over his as the
tears ceased to fall. All she wanted was to spend those last hours in his
arms, even if she couldn't protect him any longer, even if she couldn't reveal
the fate looming before him. The knowledge singed at her chest, guilt
beyond reason flooding her. Betrayal of their cause would have her labeled
a traitor, betrayal of the strong arms that comforted would see her as death,
untrustworthy in the least. And it was between the two greatest evils that her
conscience suffered, battling itself, dying for the right decision.

A deep breath was drawn from between their lips as her chilled fingertips
drifted down the valley of his stomach, searching, only to be rewarded with
the ties at his waist. Those nimble fingers swiftly worked through the
drawstrings, not pausing for one dreadful moment to remove the boxers

At the foot of the dormitory building stood three men wearing three sets of
dark sunglasses, despite the black sky. They checked and rechecked the
name, the address, the clandestine rendezvous.
"This is it. Let's go."

His breath hitched in a platinum reflection of his lust as her lips slid down his
throat, her heated breath warming his skin. Easy, confident fingertips crept
beneath the band clutching his waist, beneath the rough cotton until they
danced across his flesh.

He felt his breath begin to shallow as his hips edged forward, a silent
request for her one cool touch. Obligation was instantaneous, her hand
wrapping firmly around him, gliding up and down him, over and again,
pressure increasing with every sinuous stroke.

"…Oh Jesus," he groaned, every thought lost to a pounding mind, with her
lips everywhere across his chest, her clever fingers deviously demanding
possession of him. Her own desire raged through her as she moved faster
against him, want flooding her veins unchecked in gripping desperation.

"Paul," she gasped against his skin. "Please, touch me…"
His breath came quickly, swallowing hard as he nodded. It was not a
moment before his own hand had maneuvered through the knot at her waist
and into her own undergarments. A second, two, and he thrust his fingers
deep inside her, rocking his palm against her center as she gripped him

Silently the men moved as a pronged plague, arms held taut at their sides
as they scaled staircase after staircase. They did not speak, only marched
in their phalanx, each as prepared as the other with unbreakable proficiency
and hardened hearts to match.

"Yes," she nearly hissed from behind clenched teeth, her hips rotating
against his mind numbing assault. Their bodies moved against each other,
a practiced rhythm surfacing, reaction searing through them. His fingers
slammed deeper into her, his thumb pressing firm against her center in
impassioned circles, jerking against her as she worked him harder, faster
in desperate time with his own administration. A deep moan jarred her idle
breath into gasps, her hips tilting towards his hand, furiously falling into him.
Sensation coiled through his stomach, a sort of longing only to be satisfied
with the touch daring harder against his flesh. Her jaw fell open, slack as her
back arched against his chest, her fingers never stilling against him. Her
moans fell faster from her lips, ember hair falling haphazardly across the

"…Oh God. Paul, now."

A moment and his eyes snapped open, nodding in breathless

With tense difficulty she released him, compelling the fingers grinding
relentlessly against her to do the same. The same, hurried fingertips jerked
the rest of his clothing down his waist, careful over his arousal, though not
bothering to send the garments away from his body.

It was with a fluid ease that she forced him to his back after slipping her own
night clothes from her waist. A moment and she had crawled atop him,
straddling his hips, a second away form forcing him deep into her.
"…Jess…" he breathed, his palms coasting the length of her thighs, a
choked gasp elicited when she took him a mere inch within her, hips
rocking lightly, a ringing tease at the front of his mind. He gave another
groan, the back of his head pressing into the pillows behind him, his entire
body stretching to retain control, anticipation and an already pulsing mind
screaming at him.

A devious smirk was melted instantly into ecstasy as his impatient hips
slammed upwards, crashing into hers, burying himself deep within her.
His sudden length inside her sent her flying forward, her fingers pressing
into his chest as her eyes clenched closed again. Slowly, her hips began to
rotate forward against him, his fingers steadfast at her waist, working
himself through her already pounding heat.

His heart beat furiously beneath the fingertips pressed into his skin,
crescent fingernails branding his chest with the deep scarlet of their
thrumming lust, the heat intensifying with each erratic grazing of his
hardened flesh. A tangible shudder rolled over her as a trembling thumb
found her center, lightning seeming to jet across her skin as her hips rocked
faster into him, her legs tightening at his waist as she moved up and down
him faster. Sharp, raw sensation screamed through her, sinuous strokes
from his administration brought her screeching to a halt atop him, every
muscle in her body tense.

"Paul," she gasped from behind a clenched jaw. "Paul!"

Eyes that had unconsciously fallen closed flew open at the lithe muscle
straining beneath his fingertips, her sudden unmovable hold on him. Burning
lungs threatened to collapse beneath their combined passion as he sat bolt
upright. Not a split second was wasted before he had taken her to her back,
her head cradled protectively against his chest as he went, fiery hair
swimming among  emerald sheets as his hands ran through it, pressing
their lips together in a bruising kiss. Immediately, his waist was back to
hers, slamming back into her as though she had never left him, taking her
over and again without missing a beat.

Her moans became louder as his lips broke away from hers, his forehead
meeting her collar as he drove her back into the bed, ravenous hips bearing
relentless strokes against her. A ragged groan echoed across her skin as
her hips tilted desperately forward into his, her fingers gripping his
shoulders as her body exploded beneath him. A heart stopping cry was
wrenched from her throat with her final extremity, her last foundations
against the raging storm within her being swept away beneath him.

The same stars dancing behind hooded jade eyes resounded in front of his
own as his hips came crashing into hers in one final meeting, her body
ripping him of every last ounce of energy.

A hitched moment passed, gasped breath forced into his heaving chest,
and with a groan he collapsed at her side, violently quaking fingers never
straying from her skin. A pleasant smile tugged at the corners of a weary
mouth as she buried her face at the crook of his neck, his hands still running
the warm landscape of her body, holding her tightly.

Calmed fingertips traveled to his waist, helping him back into his clothing.
As an afterthought, she tied the drawstrings back into a tight knot, sealing
him off from the rest of the world. With a sluggish, drugged motion, she
slipped back into her own bottoms, pulled the light covers around them, and
listened as their heartbeats slowed together.

Moments passed with her slender body wrapped in his arms. Her gentle
breathing cast across his parted lips with the occasional kiss pressed to
them. Finally, leaden eyelids began to slowly fall shut, blissfully oblivious.

"Stay on your toes, boys."

A sudden whispering key. The door swung easily, silently open, while ice
crept, surreptitious, into Paul's stomach. His eyes narrowed at the intruders,
immediately recognizing their dark jackets, the insignias, the obvious
disturbance in the fabric where their guns rest at their belts. A light kiss was
laid behind Jessica's ear, feigning sleep from beneath half closed eyes.
"Jess? It looks like we've got company."

"Paul Jugson, you are under arrest for the murder of Janice Graysire." The
man pulled the blankets from the bed.

In an instant Paul was to his feet, fists clenched and prepared for the fight of
his freedom.

"Paul, no."

He paused, jaw clenched at the sight of Jessica standing, near bare,
clinging helplessly to the bedpost. In that single moment of respite in the
face of his broken lover, cold steel handcuffs were clapped to his wrists,
binding him. For seconds he could not speak, freezing disbelief ringing full
speed throughout his entire body.

"You knew?"

© 2007 Eve V. Black

Eve V. Black is an up and coming author, actress, artist, and dancer. She loves
writing as much as life itself, especially within genres that pertain to the more
naughty sides of life.

Commissions for written work of any genre as well as paintings are
currently being considered and almost always accepted for very
low prices. Please email Eve at
eve.v.black@gmail.com for quotes
or more information. She hopes you enjoy the story.