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Chapter 3 - Christmas Vacation Retreat

By Onyx Gemstones© ~ a Black Jewel of a Man ~

 When we last left the couples, Dawn was finishing licking up her husband’s cum,
and felt a tongue on her ass and pussy. She knew it wasn’t her husband, but who
was it ? Rather than spoil the moment she allowed the tongue to bring her to
orgasm. The sensation of being eaten, was heighten by the fact she didn’t know
who was doing it to her. When her orgasm hit, it hit like a ton of bricks. She gagged
on her husband’s cock as she screamed out her passion. Once her body regained it’
s composure, she opened her eyes and rolled over, only to be disappointed. As her
body calmed down from the massive cum, she looked at the other couple,
questioning. Kris and Lloyd gave no indication of who it was that gave her the earth
shattering orgasm.

 Joey stood up and went to the kitchen. He returned with four flutes of champagne.
He served each member of the party a glass. He added wood to the fire and then
stoked it until it roared to life. He stood in front of the fire, bare-ass naked and offered
to toast to the couples new found friendship.

 “We have been and always will be the best of friends. Our friendship has reached a
new passionate level. I am truly humbled by the meaning of it all. True real friends
are hard to find, and to indulge in sex like we have, only enhances our lives. I love
you all.”

 With that they friends clicked glasses and drank their champagne. Once empty,
Joey crashed his flute into the fireplace. He chuckled at the meaning of it as each
one them finished drinking and followed suit.

 Kris remarked, “The breaking of the glass, is the closure to this unwritten contract
between the four of us. We are a couple. It is us against the world and we shall
conquer it together.”

 “Here, here.” Lloyd responded.

 Reaching for his wife and his friends. They engaged in a group hug. When they
broke away from one another, the ladies had tears forming in their eyes, and the
men high-fived one another.

 In his booming voice, Joey announced, “Let the games begin.”

 Lloyd went to his truck and returned with a rope. Joey and Lloyd grabbed, dragged
and tied Kris spread eagle on the king sized bed in the master bedroom. Dawn then
blindfolded her with a scarf. Kris struggled feebly to free herself, to no avail. She was
helpless, naked and vulnerable. As she tried to relax, Dawn whispered into Kris’ ear.

 “You didn’t tell me who gave me that incredible orgasm, now it is my turn to torture

 With that said, Dawn licked and nibbled on her best friend’s ear. Kris trembled at
the sensation. As she reveled in her friends oral assault on her lobe, she had failed
to realize the tongue bath she was receiving. There was a tongue on the outside of
her right leg as well as her left leg. Kris quickly concluded that each of the men had
chosen one and was working their way up. Her apprehensions was abruptly
vanishing from her. She moaned at the feelings, her body was betraying her fear.
The sensation of having three tongues licking her, was overwhelming. Each man
reached her breasts. Timed together, they both garnished a nipple. Suckling her
nipples the men, each reach down between her legs. She arched her back, as she
felt a finger enter her pussy, and another one stroke her clit.

 Dawn was still beside her head, whispering in her ear, “You look so sexy, spread
and being serviced by two studs. Your nipples look about two inches long. You must
really be turned on by this. You are such a slut, you really enjoy this treatment ?”

 Kris screamed, “YES !!! I LOVE IT !!!” Powerfully she came. Her dirty talk combined
with the men’s actions and fired all her cylinders. She felt like she was exploding. As
her body was coming down from its high. She felt everyone stand up from the bed.
Then she felt someone getting on the bed, between her legs. She heard a pair of
footsteps walking out of the bedroom. As she wondered, what was going to happen
next, she moaned at the sensation of a tongue working on her pussy. Now she was
left with the same problem Dawn had earlier, who’s tongue was it ?

 The sensation of not knowing who was pleasuring her only heighten her arousal.
The person circled her lips and plunged deeply into her pussy. Her juices flowed
rapidly and coated her lover’s mouth and chin. The tonque was insitate, stroking in
and out, licking up and down but never quite bringing her to complete rapture. The
person licking her, had skills, and was teasing her to no end. The closer she got to
orgasm, the tonque would delay its assault on her pussy. Kris was becoming more
and more excited, yet more and more frustrated. She was blind, bound and
helpless. Whenever her moans got louder, the oral pursuit to happiness was
slowed. She began to verbalize her frustration.

 “Stop teasing me !!! I wanna cum, YOU SON OF A BITCH !!!”

But the person was tortureous, continued until Kris began to whimper and cry.

Suddenly, her hood was spread and her clit was sucked into the person’s mouth.
Her clit was being sucked and nibbled on. That was the sensation she needed and
she exploded in rapture. Her juices flowed from her like a runaway train. She didn’t
care who had given her such pleasure, she was glad to finally given release.

 Kris felt the bed move, like the person was rising, but it was quickly replaced.
Someone was lying again between her spread thighs. Kris anticipated another
tongue, her heart fluttered imagining orgasming again from oral sex. Her lips were
leaking profusely. She held her breathe, waiting, wanting. Suddenly, she felt
something cold, on her right breast. Then a sharp sudden pain on her left breast.

 “What the fuck ?” she asked to whomever was in the room.

She felt the cold then the stinging hot. Again and again. After a few minutes of this,
Kris realized she was enjoying the opposite sensations. As her breasts reacted to
each sensation, she began to feel her body begin to tense up, heading towards a
cum. She concentrated, and tried to relax and enjoy the pain and agony. Without
warning Kris felt a cock enter her vagina. She moaned at the new sensation. She
tried to raise her hips, so he could enter her deeper. He was kneeling in between
her thighs and she couldn’t feel his weight. All she could feel was his dick
pentatrating her. His pistoning became quicker. She felt a mouth on each of her
breasts. The right breast was hardening as it became warmer, from the succulent
mouth. The left breast, felt like it was being peeled as it was being sucked. Both
mouth were adept at nipple manulation. Kris’ nipples became like hard like little
diamond nubs. Kris’ moaning increased. She recognized her husband’s mouth on
her right breast and she assumed it was Dawn on her left one. After all the dick, that
was stroking in and out of her, had to be Joey. As Kris reveled in the fact that she
was the center of attention, she felt her legs being raised up. As her legs rested on
the shoulders of her new lover, Kris felt the bed move. Someone was sliding under
her. Kris’ arms were still tied over her head. She felt someone lubing her asshole.
She didn’t care for anal sex much, but Kris thought to herself, why not ? Even with the
luberacation she wasn’t prepared enough as her asshole was lowered onto this

 “UUURRRRGGGHHHH !!!!!”, she screamed.

 As her asshole dialated, she tried to relax and enjoy it. This had to be Joey. This
prick was bigger than her husband’s, Kris could feel the difference. Before she could
adjust, her legs were lowered and a dick enter her vagina as well.

 “WHAT THE FUCK ????” She again screamed.

 “Just enjoy being filled.” Dawn told her.

 “B...But I have never done anything like this”

 “We know, that’s why we are doing it.”

 Kris found her hands were no longer tied. As she stretched to circulate her blood in
her arms, she was suddenly turned over. The blindfold was removed, and she found
herself staring into her husband’s eyes. She started to rock back and forth between
the two dicks. She lowered herself to kiss Lloyd. AS they kissed, Lloyd hugged his
wife, tenderly. Joey took the hint and proceeded to slam into her ass. She moaned in
the kiss as the dick in her ass reached new depths, she had never known before.
The men started to see-saw in and out of her two holes. She began to get that
familiar feeling in her belly. An orgasm was coming on , and coming on strong. The
men were relentless. Back and forth the rocked into Kris. When Joey was balls deep
in her asshole, Lloyd was dragging his out of her pussy. And when Lloyd plunged
into her cunt, Joey was pulling out. Before Kris knew it, she was exploding in an
orgasm so powerful, that she saw stars. Just before Kris passed out she felt Joey
cum in her ass, and Lloyd blast into her womb.

 Kris didn’t know how long she had been passed out. All she knew was when she
came to, a familiar tongue was cleaning her. She open her eyes, and found the
owner of the tongue that had given her pleasure was at it again. When the tongue
had finished it’s job, it worked its way up Kris’ body until they were face to face.

 Kris looked deeply into her lovers eyes, “Dawn, I love you and what you do to me.”

 Dawn smiled and said, ”I love you too.”

 With that, the ladies kissed each other, as the men sat in the recliners watching

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Erotic Adventures: Chapter 3