Erotic Adventures

Erotic Adventures is the story of the life and times of two married couples, Kris
and Lloyd Johnson, Joey and Dawn Wilson.

Kris and Dawn are the best of friends. Joey and Lloyd have become friends
because of the women. Lloyd is a retired Navy Man who runs his own law firm.
Kris is a fashion designer. Dawn is a college professor and Joey is a partner
with an Architect firm.

Chapter 1 - Christmas Vacation Retreat

By Onyx Gemstones ~ a Black Jewel of a Man ~

As the snow fell on Thanksgiving, the ladies were finishing the touches on a full course turkey
dinner. The men, as usual, were in the living room watching football. The unexpected overnight
storm, had covered the area in a blanket of white.

The two ladies were sitting at the kitchen table. Kris, the older of the two, was peeling
sweet potatoes on the right side of the table. Dawn was seated to the left, snapping green
beans into a bowl. They were the best of friends, almost like sisters. They each grew up in
some strict households, so they had grown accustomed to relying on one another, but the
closeness they felt took a strange but interesting turns of events.

Dawn had been married for two years and Kris four. Their conversation had turned to
their sex life, or lack there of, in Dawn’s case.

“Joey, just doesn’t seem interested in sex anymore. Before we got married and right after
we damn near did it every day and now I am lucky if I get it once every two weeks.” Dawn
replied as she pushed the bowl to the side. She held her face as she fought to hold back
her tears, as she poured her heart out to Kris.

Kris listened and looked attentively at her friend. Kris saw the pain and frustration on
her face. And she knew that she wanted to do whatever she could to help Dawn and Joey.
Kris stood up, went and held her in her arms. Kris remained quiet, while gathering her
thoughts, as a tear rolled down Dawn’s cheek.

“Maybe you guys need to get away. Rediscover one another. All marriages go through ruts
like this but yours seems to be more serious. Whenever Lloyd and I, get into a rut, we go
away to our cabin in the mountains”

With tears welling in her eyes, Kris exclaimed, “We don’t have a cabin to get away to.”

“Yes, you do. We have been close for far to long for you not to realize, that what is mine is
yours. After all, we bought the cabin, instead of having a baby, so we can get away with or
without our friends.”

“Are you sure Lloyd won’t mind?”

“Of course not.”

With that she dried her eyes and blew her nose into a tissue.

During dinner, Kris invited Dawn and Joey to spend Christmas at Kris and Lloyd's cabin
in the woods. Lloyd looked at his wife disappointingly. He was looking forward to getting
away from all the stress and to escape from their friends with children and the holiday
blah. Kris gave him a smile that reassured him that they will be perfectly fine sharing the
cabin with them.

Christmas to childless couples, was a neon sign reminder. Soon after becoming a couple,
they are questioned, “When is the wedding?”. Then after the wedding the question is
“When are you going to have children?” At Christmas, with all the decorations, the Santa
at the mall, with the long lines of children waiting to give him their wish list, childless
couples often re-evaluate their relationship. Unlike most, both of these couples didn’t
want children yet.

The next three weeks were uneventful. The ladies shopped together at Victoria’s Secrets.
They both purchased more than three hundred dollars of lingerie. While the ladies were
shopping for the intimate getaway, The guys shopped for the supplies. They had planned
not to leave the cabin for anything. Finally, The week they all were looking forward to,
came. During the ride to the cabin, of course the subject of children came up. Lloyd
explained their position, while Dawn told then of their decision.

Lloyd’s explanation was that they wanted to wait five years, before they had children. They
wanted a chance to explore one another. And the possibilities were endless. Kris cuddled
up next to her husband, and whispered in his ear.

“My shot ran out last week, Merry Christmas, honey. This week, I am ovulating. Now is
the time.”

Instead of being upset or shocked at her actions, Lloyd turned and kissed his wife on her

Dawn explained that although they didn’t practiced birth control, they weren’t interested
in having a baby now.

“Besides, you have to do something to have one anyway!” she exclaimed.

Embarrassed by the comment, Joey nudged her in her ribs.

“What you don’t think, that they don’t already know? I tell Kris everything and she tells
Lloyd everything, so there aren’t any secrets among the four of us!”

“Chill man, don’t be embarrassed. We are family. No need to feel or act that way.”, Lloyd

Joey sighed, “I just been struggling with work in all. So I haven’t been in the mood.”

Lloyd responded, “That’s what the cabin’s for. Just relax and get away for the next ten
days. Forget about everything else except your sexy wife.”

For the final hour of the road trip, they rode peacefully, quietly.

The guys worked together to unpack the white ford expedition. First they took in the
luggage. When they returned from the truck with the groceries, the ladies were in the
bathroom with one of the bags. They didn’t think anything about it until they came out of
the bathroom together. The men stood in the kitchen awe struck. The ladies had on,
thong bikinis and high heels. They each had towels thrown over their right shoulders.
They sashayed their way to the backdoor and out to the deck, where the hot tub was.
Quickly, the men put away the perishables. They changed into their bathing trunks and
each one grab a bottle of Cristal and headed to join the ladies in the tub.

The steam rose from the tub like fog. Each of the men joined their mates. Joey opened
the first bottle, and poured a flute for everyone.

Lloyd raised his glass and spoke, ”Here’s to friendship, marriage, children and the chance
to get away from reality, even if it’s just for a week!”

They clinked glasses with one another. After taking a sip of the expensive champagne the
men took their wives into their arms and kissed them with all the skill, passion and love
that the women had married them for. Kris and Lloyd were the first to break their kiss.
When the other couple came up for air, Kris noticed that Dawn’s face was flush and her
nipples were hard.

“I told you, all you guys needed was time away together.”

Dawn blushed and slyly smiled at her friends comment. After an hour of drinking
champagne and old fashion necking, Lloyd announced he was going to fire up the grill, and
start dinner.

After enjoying a dinner of steak, corn on the cob, and potatoes, they all relaxed in front of
the fireplace with cognac. They had a blanket spread across the floor. Each of the ladies,
had their head resting in her husband’s lap. The flickering light of the fire basked the
couples. In between sips, they had started necking like teenagers again. The passion
quickly rose like the smoke coming from the fireplace. Each couple embraced like
newlyweds. Lloyd had slipped his hand under Dawn’s bikini top, and was tweaking her
nipple. Her moan caused Kris and Joey to break their embrace. They sat quietly and
watched Dawn and Lloyd. Lloyd kissed, sucked and nibbled along her neck and left a trail
a salvia has he traveled down the slope of her shoulder. With his teeth he pulled down
the strap of her top. He continued his assault on her, until she came to her senses and
realize they were not alone and being watched. Once Kris had Lloyd’s attention, he looked
over to his friends, he simply smiled.

“Sorry, I get carried away when we are up here.”, he said.

“Don’t stop on our account, I was enjoying the show.”, Dawn answered. She then placed
her hand on the bulge in her husbands lap.

Lloyd unstrapped Kris’ top, and removed it. Her 36 C’s glowed in the fireplace light. He
took her breast, as if he were weighing it and raised it to his lips. He stuck out his tongue
and circled her nipple. Kris threw her head back and groaned at the sensation. He
devoured her breasts like he had eaten a thing. He left a trail of spit as he traveled
downward. Kris had leaned back onto her elbows. He pulled the thin strand of material
between her legs, to the right. He, then licked her slit. He circled her opening with his
tongue like he had done with her nipple. Kris started to moan again and she grabbed Lloyd’
s head. She humped his face, the more he licked her, the more she humped her pussy up
to his face. Suddenly without warning, she screamed, and her body went rigid. Lloyd then
reached up to her breasts and roughly grabbed both of her breasts and then pinched her
nipples hard. He continued loving his wife until she became limp. He kissed his way back
up and kissed her. She licked his face of her juices and the she remembered, their friends
were watching and she had a mini orgasm. She whispered something in her husband’s
ear. He turned and looked as Dawn enveloped her husband’s cock. Now it was their turn
to watch.
Onyx was born in Philadelphia, Pa., and raised in southern New Jersey. He is a freelance
poet/writer. He began writing erotica as an expression of his sexual repression of a
strict household. Onyx currently lives in Voorhees, New Jersey. Comments about this
story can be emailed to
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