Erotic Adventures
Erotic Adventures is the story of the life and times of two married
couples, Kris and Lloyd Johnson, Joey and Dawn Wilson. Kris and Dawn
are the best of friends. Joey and Lloyd have become friends because of
the woman. Lloyd is a retired Navy Man who runs his own law firm. Kris
is a fashion designer. Dawn is a college professor and Joey is a partner
with an Architect firm.

Erotic Adventures Chapter Two
by Onyx Gemstones ~ a Black Jewel of a Man ~

Dawn was slobbering up and down her husbands cock. She loved giving
head, especially knowing that she was being watched, and also knowing
that her husband would give her a royal treatment like he always did
afterwards. With her eyes closed, she quicken her pace, and then
changed her rhythm and slowed to a tantalizing speed. Her husband was
growing impatient at her antics and grabbed her by her ears and tried to
face fuck her. She pulled off of his cock and looked into his pleading

"Not yet, honey, you gotta earn that reward."

Through panting breathes, he asked her, "What do I gotta do?”

Dawn crawled away from her husband, and rose to her feet. She slowly
slid her bikini bottoms down her shapely legs. She then unstrapped her
top. She slid down to the floor again. She spread her legs and while the
other three watched her, she pulled on her right nipple with her left
index finger and thumb. She looked at her audience, as her right hand
slowly rubbed her inner thigh. Joey stared in awe, at his sweet and
demure wife and her wanton act. Without hesitation, she dipped her
fingers into her slit. She hooked her finger inside and with an audible
pop, she removed her digits. She waggled her soaking wet finger, toward
the crowd. She drew the fingers to her mouth, and proceeded to lick her
essence from them. She shuddered and close her eyes as she savored
her flavor. When she opened her eyes, she winked at her friends and
then turned to her husband and with a crooked finger, called him to her.
With her other hand she spread the lips of her vagina and expose her
pink to him.

"Come here and make my kitty meow," she said seductively.

Joey was still stunned. With a shocked expression on his face, he
quickly crawled across the floor and buried his thick tongue in the folds
of her pussy. He licked her from top to bottom and side to side. He ate
her pussy with a vengeance; after all she had left him with blue balls a
few minutes prior. His goal was to get her to the state of arousal that
she left him with.

The room echoed with Dawn’s moans of oh’s and ah’s. Watching
intently, Lloyd and Kris had started to fondle each other. Lloyd was
stroking her breast, and Kris was rubbing his chest and pinching his
nipples. They each were getting aroused again, watching Dawn and Joey.
The scent of sex permeated the room.

Suddenly, Dawn screamed at the top of her lungs, gripping her husband’
s head, as her orgasm reached its peak. Finally, her body relaxed and
she released her vise like grip on her husband’s head. He smiled up to
her face. She looked down at him, and saw, his lips, chin and some of
his cheeks shiny with her cum. She crooked her finger again and asked
him to sit up. She kissed him with the passion he deserved. When he
broke the kiss, she licked her juices from his face, and started stroking
his hard on. When she was satisfied that his face was cleaned, she
slowly started to kiss, lick and suck her way down his torso. When she
reached his crotch, she kneeled and stuck her ass in the direction of
her friends. Her crotch was glistening with her fire.

As she took Joey into her mouth, she wiggled her ass in their direction.
She sucked his dick with the same passion that she had kissed him
with. With the thought that her friends were watching her and watching
her ass sticking high in the air, she was becoming wetter and hornier.
She licked down the side of his shaft, and took his ball into her mouth
and sucked on it gently. As she sucked it, she pulled it away from his
body. Stretching his sack, she slowly crawled to the side, so she can see
her friends, watching her. She licked her way back up his shaft, and
winked at Lloyd as she engulfed his prick and deep throated him, down
to his pubic bone. She relaxed her throat muscles and held him deep.
Up and down, up and down, she created a rhythm but never took her
eyes off of Lloyd and Kris. She was so enthralled watching them, she
wasn’t prepared when Joey blasted his cum in her mouth. After the
initial explosion, she turned and tried to swallow it all. She forgot about
her friends and turned her body again to finish drinking her husband’s

Just as he finished, she felt something behind her on her ass. She
moaned loudly, when she realized it was a tongue on her. Her moans
were growing louder as the tongue licking her backside got closer and
closer to her pussy. As the tongue, started to lick her, she clamped her
eyes shut, enjoying the sensations, when it suddenly hit her, who was
it that was licking her?

 To be continued...

Onyx was born in Philadelphia, Pa., and raised in southern New
Jersey. He is a freelance poet/writer. He began writing erotica as an
expression of his sexual repression of a strict household. Onyx
currently lives in Voorhees, New Jersey.
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Erotic Adventures Chapter Two
©2006 by Onyx Gemstones
All Rights Reserved
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