story codes: MF,  mind control,  

by FoxBrownFox

The message demanded that I turn off the lights and tie the blindfold

I comply - eager to please and excited by the tone of the note.

The darkness forces me to rely on my senses - and in a moment I have
transformed into a creature controlled by smell, taste and touch.

My pulse begins to race as I hear the door slam shut.

Heart - stop. Breath - caught somewhere between the fullness of my lips
and the heaviness of my chest.

My head begins to spin as I feel breath on my neck, and a hand running
slowing and deliberately down my arm. The hand slides up and down the
dip of my spine, rounding my hips and caressing my ass and we both
begin to moan.

The other hand comes alive to stroke soft breasts before stopping at my
stomach to pull me tightly into
the warm and masculine body behind me.

I'm not afraid. I want this to happen. Fear of the unknown is something
that I've overcome since we've been dealing with each other this way.
We know our limits and we know what we like most of all.

He could easily possess me, but he won't. He prefers to roll with the
waves and let passion and spontaneity guide our experiences together.

I lean back into his chest. The fantasy begins.

I can sense that he is taller than I and much stronger - and he smells
intensely masculine - familiar. He exhales and raises a hand to my face,
tracing the outline of my cheek, allowing me the sweet smell of Marnier
on his breath and crumbled herbs on his fingertips. His finger brushes
my lips, pausing just long enough for me to pull it into my mouth, softly
biting and licking it.

His weight presses into my back and his hips push seductively towards
me - grinding as I melt back into him, knowing that I can only remain
passive for just a few more moments.

These moments go on and on - I am desperately hoping he can sense
the urgency I feel. I am overwhelmed by the need to be taken, and taken
now. Hard, fast and furious; this man's essence brings out the feminine
beast and causes my breath to quicken. Is this a dream suspended - am
I awake?

My doubts linger for a second but are removed as his hand moves
quickly to my neck and snatches my baby tee down the front, ripping it
and exposing my tender breasts with their erect and aching nipples.

The reserve he previously held before this moment abruptly halts, and
his moves go into overdrive. He spins me, bringing my face to his and
kissing me deeply and passionately, hands still roaming my body,
removing any obstacles of clothing away from the softness of my curves
and imperfections.

He finds each dimple and soft spot a joy of exploration, breathing in and
out and pausing to pay honor to all of my sweetness and fullness.
Enjoying it.

I am no slacker in the urgent desire category and match his ardour,
moving quickly toward his waistline in a vain attempt to unzip him, and
release the hard, throbbing dick that had been digging into my ass only
a moment ago.

My plans are paused, when he pulls himself away from my eager hands.
I open my mouth to protest and to suggest - but he shuts me down as I
feel his head move to thigh-level. He moves into crouching position, all
the better to pull off my panties and expose my hungry fat pussy to his
cleverly skilled tongue.

I'm momentarily dumbstruck as he pushes his mouth into me, probing
tongue reaching deeper than I could have ever imagined. His juicy full
lips pull and play, as he drinks deeply from my well.

His hands manage to simultaneously grasp my buttocks and feel
between them - his long fingers sneaking into my crack and stroking
between it, adding to the ummm...enthusiasm of the moment.

Until this moment I have not uttered a sound - and I release a loud yelp
with pleasure. I feel my knees weaken, grasp the back of his head and
pull on the curl of his ear.

Here in the dark - I am under the sole control of this man - anxiously
tilting my aching body toward him- wanting to know all of him.

Taking the hint, he removes his hands from my ass and aching pussy,
and cuffs me behind the knees, catching me as I crumble, and laying me
down on the floor.

He removes the blindfold and, we-make-eye-contact.

Movement and time is stopped as we gaze and gaze into the eyes of the
lover. There is a softness and a deeper intimacy found in the eyes of this
man, and I know he is pleased to see as I see.

I see he is still fully clothed, apart from the gaping hole that is his fly and
protruding manhood.
This is the most appetizing specimen I've seen...

Suddenly, the need inside me rises and it feels as if I've never needed
anything more in my life. I steal away from his grasp to take his hardness
into my mouth, pulling and sucking - pausing to pay respects to the
sweetness of the balls that accompany the divine. He knows this routine
and is almost thrown off his mission as I gobble this manhood - Scorpio
Sun Rising.

I don't have long to devour it though, as pushes me back and rapidly
shrugs off his shirt and his jeans - returning to his continued worship of
my wetness...
and I squeal with delight.

I wrap my legs around his head, holding him to me, arching in as his
tongue strokes my clit - his mouth matching the level of raw hunger that I
had tried to share with his man-ness before.

One of his hands slips a finger into my pussy, then two, three, and four
fingers...a combination that sends me to another level of ecstasy. The
eye contact is broken only to accentuate the feeling, and I am made high
as he moves back and forth from my lips to my hips - all seeing - then all
feeling, again and again.

I feel myself edging closer and closer to orgasm with each ruthless flick
of his tongue and I begin to see a myriad of colors and feel exquisite
orgasmic joy explode around me as it hits.

Prism-like waves of emotion wash me and caress me, and I am aware
of a distant voice praising the Most High....this voice becomes clear in a
moment as my own, echoed by his own whispers of freak-nasty appoval.

Thank you baby....

I release my grip, relaxing my fingers from where they were tightly
entangled, and slowly uncross my legs so that he can move up towards
me. He gradually inches his way up towards me, methodically and
slowly; in sharp contrast to his earlier frenzied and ferocious offensive.

Delighted by this hesitant approach, I wait patiently to feel his lips
against mine once more. I taste myself on him as he kisses me
passionately and we smile .

I am captured by the curl of his eyelashes and the strength of his jaw and
cheekbone - and suddenly, the sensation of our beginning swirls into the
air again.

In a lightening movement, I cover his eyes with the slip of black satin, and
with full lush thighs surrounding him...fat delicious pussy meets
throbbing, dripping dick and I-render-him, the one surprised.

The last thing either of us can remember as we fall into each other's grip
is the eyes... and we smile and enjoy the ride

© 2007 FoxBrownFox

FoxBrownFox is a freethinker and a writer of passionate works.  She is
also the founder of FoxBrownFox PR, an entertainment and new
media-based publicity firm based in Chicago.