story code: MF, MD/FS              

by Sarah Jane Fantas

Sitting outside smoking a cigarette. Sitting in my broken lawn
furniture in front of my apartment building that is shaped like a house. I had
been cleaning, and as a ritual I wear only slutty clothes to clean the
house. It makes it so much more amusing. I had a sweater jacket over my
red vinyl shirt, so the only give away that I wasn’t dressed for work
was the amount of cleavage falling out the front of my shirt. I sat
there rubbing my eyes, thinking of things. I was lost in my head when a
man’s shoes appeared in my scope of vision. I laughed as I looked up at
him, feeling as if I should kiss his boots or curtsey. He just looked at
me in a tone that sounded more like a command than a question, face
placid and said, “Would you like to go for a walk?”

I got up to go inside. I was considering telling him to go fuck
himself. Then I locked the door and looking at my feet said, “So, where are
we going?”  He grabbed my wrist and started to lead me. We weren’t
holding hands. He had actually hooked his finger into a ring that is bound
to my wrist by a piece of leather. I’ve been wearing these bracelets for
two years now. Besides being fashionable, they are convenient in
situations like this one. I don’t know if it was the wind hitting the vinyl
through my sweater or if it was the way this man was pulling me
stumbling along, but my nipples were hard and pulsing in between fire and ice.
We were walking past the library and onto the nature trail. It was very
desolate despite the daylight. After we had been off the trail for a
while he let go of me and told me to sit. I gratefully sat down. My legs
were a little shaky from the walk and the look in his eyes.

“Take off your sweater.” He commanded with a cold glint in his blue

“It’s cold out.” I replied faking prudence.
He rolled his eyes and took off his belt.

“Take off your sweater.”

I unzipped it and grinned as I slowly shrugged it off. I placed it on
the log next to me.

“Now get on your knees.”  He was looking at my breasts and the erect
buds of my nipples pressing through the red fabric.

“Fuck You!”

He was standing over me now. He ran his thumb along my cheek. I could
feel the hard callous on his hand and my heart beat a little faster. He
then quickly took a handful of my hair and pushed me down onto my
knees. I caught the ground with my palms and tried to stand up and push him
away from me. He grabbed my wrists and pulled them above my head. He
laughed at the blush in my cheeks and he bit down on the part of my chest
where my tit’s meet. I started to kick at him. He pulled his other hand
from around my waist and in one motion was sitting on the log with me
bent over his lap. He had my wrists pinned to the small of my back and
was pushing up my skirt and pulling down my panties with the other hand,
his hand caressed my ass at first in gentle loving strokes. Then came
the pain, sharp and stingingly hard in the cold. My breath was ragged
and hard.   I could feel the smile on his face. My nipples were crushing
into his legs and becoming sore from rubbing against the fabric
of my shirt. His hand was relentless.

After awhile, m y thoughts changed to colors. Flashes of red and
orange burst forth with every wail of his hand. The heat from my swelling
pink ass started to course through my entire body. My hips started to
move side to side attempting to avoid and prolong the sensation of his
hand as fast and rough as it came down on me.

Then it stopped. He pushed me off of him, still holding my wrists, and
dragged me over to a tree. There he secured my wrists to one of the
limbs with his belt

“See huney, I was going to make this easy on you. As a good slave you
should beg me to let you live on your knees.”

So there I was stuck on my knees, my arms only low enough to keep my
mouth perfectly at crotch level and to keep my knees spread wide open.
He squatted in front of me, and I could see the bugle of his swollen
cock through his pants. He shoved his fingers roughly in my mouth, rubbing
my tongue. Then he pulled them out, wet and warm, and unceremoniously
stuck them under my panties, which were filthy and half ripped by now,
and into my hole. His cold fingers fucked me hard as I bit down on my
shoulder so as not to utter a moan that might please or displease him. If
I had made eye contact with him the beauty of the look of amusement on
his face would have sent me over the edge.

Abruptly he stood up and wiped his pussy juice soaked fingers on my
cheek and my lips. He unbuckled his pants and pulled out his hard cock.
His hand pumped his long thick shaft. He rubbed the little drip of
precum from the head of his dick onto my lips. I licked the salty mess from
my face and smiled.

“What’s so funny, slut?” he asked as he shoved his cock in my mouth
and grabbed my hair for support and leverage.

He slammed his hot dick down my throat while thrusting my head down
in time with his hips. I almost gagged but I was hopeless. Hung there,
there was nothing I could do, but let him fuck my face. If I could have, I would                          
have smiled. If he was paying attention, he would have smacked me. He                                
drove his cock into my mouth with increasing speed and started to grunt.
His face contorted into a half snarl and I knew he was about to bust.

Then he pushed me away and continued to rub my cock while looking in
my eyes. His eyes read like a homicidal love letter. I love that look.
This time I did smile and he slapped me. He threw his head back as his
hot cum squirted on my face and my breasts. I licked what was there off
my lips and looked at the ground hoping this wasn’t the end.

He put   his flaccid dick back in his pants and laughed, “You
stupid little slut. You like making me mad don’t you?”

He didn’t really want a reply and I weighed out whether to give him
one or not.

 “I love it when you treat me like a little whore.” I risked his anger
just to see what he would say.

 “I know what you were thinking, sitting outside like that. You were
just waiting for someone like me to come by and take advantage of you.  
You are lucky I was there.” He curled his fingers around the nape of my
neck and into my hair as he said this.

 “Who else knows exactly what you need?” with that his other hand
started to rub my clit. He made a circle around it as he pulled my head to
the side. All I could see was the trees and the blue sky. I could feel
the rocks and dirt making their imprint on my knees. The sun hurt my
eyes more than the belt around my wrists or the ache in my shoulders. It
hurt more than the rawness of my throat from the severe fucking it had
just received. Heat was radiating through my crotch as he continued to
push strongly on my clit, slipping his fingers inside me every couple of
moments. All I could feel was heat. Heat emanating through my body like
a giant pulse. If I kept on like this, I might lose my mind. Choking on
my screams, I came with convulsing spasms. I came and I bit my lip as I
rode the waves of my orgasm.

 Then there was a knock on the door. My eyes shot open and my breath
caught in my throat. I stood up as I zipped up my shirt just in time to
hear the key turn in the doorknob. The door swung open and he was
standing there with that same smirk on his face.

“I knew you were being bad. I can see it in the blush of your cheeks.
I can smell it in the room!” He started to unbuckle his belt as he
quietly commanded me, “Now get on your knees.”

Looking in his eyes I slowly kneeled down and put my hands behind my
back. My face was blank anticipating his next move. Inside I was smiling
because the reality of our relationship is always more fun than the
fantasy. Staring up into his eyes, I remember why I’m on my knees. I
remember why I call him sir and master. I remember why I suck his cock until
he comes in my mouth. I remember why I let him use me in whichever way
he sees fit. Looking in his eyes, I remember. His eyes kill me. Every

© 2006 Sarah Jane Fantasy