Story Codes: MF, Consensual,  Exhibitionism, Supernatural


Being vampire has such power sometimes and such loneliness too. Rheyven thought to himself.

“I am lonely. I have loved and lost so many over the countless years I have been alive (so to speak).
But, there was only one who had my whole heart and she was taken away from me so long ago. She
was my everything and now is she has come back to me through this mortal female. I only need to
awaken her memories from the place in her mind. So that we can be together again forever.”

He has watched this human female from the shadows for a while now, the image of his beloved. Not
knowing he has been in her dreams for months. Something more powerful than he can control has
brought him here tonight. She will be his beloved again.

He touches her face ever so lightly thinking how lovely she is sleeping, knowing her body.

She turns to lie on her back; he can see her breasts through her night shirt
Soft, round and nipples hard.

He can't help but to reach down and touch them. She moans and whispers his name.

It is then that he knows she dreaming of him.

"Sleep" he says, "dream on, for tonight I will make you want me as much as I want you.”

He sits on the bed, raises her shirt and lowers his mouth to her breasts to taste their sweetness. His
hand he slides under the covers to reach between her thighs. Finding her wet and wanting to be

He starts to massage her with his finger; she moans and opens her legs
To him.

He slides his hand inside her panties feeling her tense as he rubs on her clit and slides his finger
inside of her.

All the while he is kissing her breasts taking her hard nipple into his mouth.

She starts to move with the rhythm of his fingers inside her and trembles as she releases for him. He
knows she is ready for him now; he can not wait any longer, needs her, needs to feel himself inside of

He stands, removes his clothes. Gently removing her panties; spreading her legs he climbs on the
bed and in between them to bury his hard cock into her. He hisses with
The feel of wanting to stay there forever.

Starting to move very slowly at first...then faster as the "animal" part of him takes over.

She wraps her arms around his large shoulders, can't believe this dream feels so real...He feels her
tense as the desire for release takes over her body again.

His mouth lowers to her neck, wanting to taste her, needing to taste all of her.

Sinking his fangs into her neck, blood; life rushes into his mouth. He begins to draw the blood he
needs, to make their bond a perament one.

They explode at the same time, never having an orgasm as wonderful and powerful as this.

I look up from my book as someone clears their throat. Mr. Hanes, one of our regular customers had
his books, wanting to pay for them.

I try and smile, hoping my flushed face doesn‘t give away how turned on I really am. I take his money
and give him a receipt not wanting to make small talk, just wanting to get back to my book. Wanting to
know what happens next to the vampire and his female.

Mr. Haines looks down at the book I am reading and back up to my face.

Chuckling he says, “You like them there sex books do you?”

“They’re NOT sex books, Mr. Hanes, they are erotic paranormal romances.” I said a little gruffer than I

“Well, my wife use to read those “romance books” and then get all upset cause I wasn’t like those
men in them. I told her they are all fantasies some old maid made up in their heads and that she
needed to stop reading them. And if you know what’s good for you, you will too. Can’t find no man
with your nose stuck in those books.” he said with a smile as he picked up his books on farm
machines and left.

I knew he was kind of right. I moved here a few months ago to get away from my last man. What a
waste of 3 years he was too. Broken hearts take a while to heal. So I came back home to heal.
Moving into my parent’s old house I was planning on becoming a hermit. Just sleeping and reading.
Until I found out you have to eat once in a while and the only job I could find was sales clerk at this
book store Fact or Fiction.

My parents are gone, so the house and all the bills are mine to take care of now.

Well, at least I can still get all my favorite books at a discount.

Mr. Shane, the owner, came from the back carrying an arm load of new books to put on the shelves.
He was a friend of my Dad’s since I was little.

Smiling with that all knowing twinkle in his eye he ask, “Mr. Hanes giving you some love advice Aryel?”

“Yes, he thinks I waste too much time reading them there sex books, as he put it.” I laughed. “I like the
men in my books better. At least they don’t up and marry your friend when your back is turned. When
they fall in love it is forever. Besides I have all the “male” I care to have right here. Isn’t that right
Ebony.” Reaching down to pet Mr. Shane’s black cat lying by my feet. He raised his head and a soft
meow came out as I scratched his ear.

Mr. Shane just shook his head, “Aryel, Mr. Hanes is right in an old man’s sort of way. You won’t find a
someone with your nose stuck in those romance books and besides, you and I know to find someone
special you have to work at it. They just don’t walk out of the shadows and into your life.”

Just then the door opened and in walked the best looking guy I have seen in this town in, well forever.
I swear he could have been one of the hero’s in my books. Tall, dark and handsome is the best way
to describe him. About 6 foot, dark hair cut a little longer in the front so it hung sort of over one of his
gorgeous brown eyes. Broad shoulders, muscled arms and chest that when down into a tapered
waist. He had on a dark tee shirt that showed off a tan. (Ok, there you go he can’t be a vampire.
Vampire’s don’t have tans.)

I giggled to myself.

He stopped and asks Mr. Shane if we had any books on women’s anatomy? Mr. Shane pointed to the
medical section. He thanked him and headed that way.

Mr. Shane walked over to where I was standing behind the counter and whispered, “You can pick chin
off the counter now missy.”

I shut my mouth and looked at Mr. Shane. “Who is he?” I asked still staring at the isle he went down.

“That my girl is Dan Covin. He moved here from New York about a year ago. Lives out at the old
Covin place. Belonged to his Uncle before he passed on. He is some kind of artist, works with clay or
some such like that. Pretty good from what I hear. Kind of a strange fella though. Guess all those
artist types are.” Mr. Shane whispered back.

I tried not to stare pretending to read my book as he came back to where I stood. Placing the book he
picked “All Women” on the counter he smiled showing nice white teeth.

No Fangs, damn. I thought to myself. Trying to make small talk I said the first thing that came into my
head, “So, Mr. Shane said you work with nudes.” (OMG, did I just say that?) Smiling weakly I saw out
of the corner of my eye Mr. Shane drop the books he was placing and look at me.

“I mean you must be good with your hands.” As the words left my mouth I knew they came out very
wrong. Maybe he didn’t hear me.

He looked over at Mr. Shane who had gasped and was staring with his mouth open. Then back at me.
Starting to chuckle and then laugh out loud. Well, there you go girl, you just made a complete ass of
yourself in front of Mr. Wonderful. Trying to save some of what was left of my dignity I said, “I am
sorry. You must think I am a complete idiot.”

“No” he said through bouts of laughter, “No not at all. It’s just I have never been asked what I do in
quite that way. To answer your question I think, I work with clay and this is my first attempt at doing a
statue of a woman. Since I live alone with no woman around I thought this kind of book would help.”
He said with a twinkle in those brown eyes.

“You wouldn’t happen to be a model would you? I haven’t seen the right one until now.”

“What, who, me?!” I sputtered. “I am not a model; you think I could be?” I asked.

“Yes, you.” he said lowering his voice to a sexy whisper, “You have lovely blue eyes, soft kissable lips
and from what I can see around your clothes you have a great shape. Nice curves, nice arms and (he
leaned over the counter) lovely shaped legs.” looking up again slowly taking in all of me as he went.

I could feel the blush running from my face to my toes. “Really?” I said trying not to sound like I was

“Yes, really.” he purred. “Would you consider posing for me? I would make it worth you time. Money
wise I mean.”

Mr. Shane was standing looking at us and shaking his head as if to say NO.

“No, thank you for asking but, I don’t model and besides I don’t even know you.” I said in a hurried
voice so he wouldn’t know I was thinking about it.

He shrugged his shoulders and smiling that sexy smile of his again, gave me his charge card to pay
for the book. I gave him the receipt to sign which he did. Sliding it to me he said in a voice that would
set any woman’s heart to beating, “I put my phone number on there in case you change your mind.”
and with a wink he was out the door.

After he left Mr. Shane let out a big WHEW and came walking over to me, “I thought for a minute you
were going to say yes. The nerve of that man to ask you such a thing.”

“You weren’t really thinking about modeling for him were you?” he asked.

“I am grown woman Mr. Shane and besides I could use the extra money. What would be the harm? All
I would have to do is take my clothes off and stand there like Venus with arms.” I said with as much of
a straight face as I could muster. But, the look on Mr. Shane’s face was more than I could handle and
I burst out laughing, which made him frown at first and then laugh too.

After a few days I had tried to put Dan Covin out of my mind. But he kept creeping in there when I was
reading my book seeing his face as the image of the vampire in the story. This made the erotic
scenes more erotic. It was slow today at the shop so I had time to read and dream.

He released her neck, sealing the wounds with his tongue. He knew he had stayed too long, dawn
would be here soon, and yet he lingered at her side holding his beloved who would be his again very
soon. The changing had begun. He would have only 2 nights to bring her mind back to the woman he
once knew and loved with all his being. 2 nights to make her understand that she was not human but
vampire. Would she believe him? Would she still love him as she once did long ago before she was
taken away? If there is a God for vampires he is praying to him now. To help him bring his beloved
back to him.


He closed his eyes and kissed her soft lips one more time


before he quickly dressed them and with one


last look left into the night just as the sun was rising.

RING!!! Damn phone, “Good afternoon, Fact or Fiction. This is Aryel, how can I help.”

“I was wondering if you might have changed your mind about modeling for me.” It was Dan Covin, all
sexy “vampire voice” of him.

“ No, I haven’t changed my mind sorry. I really don’t feel comfortable doing something like that for
someone I hardly know.” I said as sweetly as I could.

“Didn’t think so. I was being kind of pushy and forgot my manners. So how about going for coffee
sometime or dinner and we can get to know each other.” he asked.

I just about jumped out of my chair waking Ebony who was sleeping in my lap; he meowed a protest
and jumped down grumbling all the way to the back and his favorite chair. If cats could grumble.

“Why yes I would like that very much.” I said into the phone. “When and where”

“Well I am kind of stuck here until the sun goes down so how about around 7 tonight?

I could pick you up there after you close.” he said.

“Ok, around 7 it is. Wait a minute how did you know when I got off?” I asked a little surprised.

He chuckled that cute chuckle of his, “the sign on the door silly lady.”

“OH.” was all I could say. “See you then.” and hung up the phone. I begged Mr. Shane to let me off
early so I could run home and change into something a little more datable. He was glad to hear Dan
had decided to become a gentleman about things and gave me the “fatherly talk” about being a lady.
I, of course smiled and shook my head yes. Kissing him on top of his bald head as I rushed out the

It was a warm summer evening so I chose to wear my blue summer halter dress with my white
sandals. Just before seven I rushed back to the shop hoping I had beat Dan there. I did so I waited by
the counter to make it look like I wasn’t waiting.

When I arrived I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. He was dressed in a black silk shirt that was
unbuttoned half way down his chest, smooth chest with just a touch of dark hair. Black dress pants
that fit very nice in the front and back. He smiled as he walked over to me. I could see in his eyes that
he liked what I had on.

“You look lovely this evening. That dress makes your blue eyes a beautiful shade of ocean blue.” he
said with a smoldering look that took my breath away. “ Are you hungry or would you prefer just to go
for coffee?” he asked

Oh, I was hungry all right but not for food. I don’t think I could have eaten a thing. “No, not really I said
but if you are we could go eat.” I said

“I had something already so if you don’t mind we could go to the coffee shop down the street.” he
said not taking his eyes from mine.

“Coffee it is then.” I said smiling. The more I looked at him the more I wanted this man.

We said our good nights to Mr. Shane and petting Ebony good night we left. Walking the 2 blocks to
the coffee shop.

We ordered our coffee and sat at a table near the back. I found he was very easy to talk to so much
so that 2 hours had gone by before I realized I had told him my semi-life story. My love and dumped
me boyfriend, my love of vampire books and of course my love of cats. My favorite being Ebony even
though he wasn‘t really mine.

He told me about being raised in Europe with a military father. That is where he found his love of art.
He started studying painting. But, he always wanted to sculpt. So, he studied there until he came to
New York and opened his own gallery. Was doing very well but was not happy with the crazy lifestyle.
Then his uncle passed and left him the house here so he came to live and work in the quiet
countryside for a while and finally try his hand at sculpting. And yes he likes cats too. Having a few
around his yard that he feeds. Bonus!

As for vampire romance books he has read a few to get the feel of what women find so sexy and hot
about being vampire. BONUS! Again.

“So,” he said, “you must like being controlled a man. By the way you speak of your vampire hero’s
they are all powerful, smart men who pursue their women until the woman falls in love. I am not
correct?” He asked with a smirk on his face.

“That is not true at all.” I said getting a little snarkie with him, “In the vampire world the men know
when they find their beloved. It is in their chemistry and they are not complete until she is by his side
mind, body and soul. Then he treats her with respect and protects her with his life. Which makes the
sex scenes hotter.” Smiling at him.

“So, you are looking for a powerful, sexy vampire to come along and sweep you off your feet and into
his bed.” He said with a smile that had me wanting him to be that.

The more he talked the more I was seduced by his sexy voice and at one point he reached out and
took my hand which sent a shockwave up my arm to my nipples making them instantly hard. I didn’t
want the night to end and was so glad when he asked if I would like to see some of his work. We
walked to his car which was a special edition 2001 white camero. He drove us to his house with was
more of a small farm house out in the country. We parked and when he came around to open my
door he leaned down to whisper, “You really do look lovely tonight. Any man would be a fool to let you

I looked up into his dark eyes and could see as well as feel the heat they were giving off as he looked
into mine. Made a girls knees weak it did, I tell you.

We went inside of this beautiful little house, the living room was nicely furnished with leather sofa and
lounge chairs on either end of the it facing each other with a very large tree trunk in the middle as a
coffee table.

The kitchen was off the room to the back of the house nice old fashion. With light yellow walls, old
fashion refrige done in white with a stove to match. 1950’s metal table in yellow with chairs to match.
On one wall he had painted an oak tree from floor to ceiling with the branches reaching across to
touch the other walls. It was beautiful; there were different birds he had painted in the branches too.

Next to the stove was a small stairway leading up to the upstairs. And off the kitchen was the mud
room which led into his studio. He opened a bottle of wine pouring 2 glasses. We went back into the
living room.

As we did I noticed on the other side of the room was a small fireplace with a mantle and over the
mantle was a painting I assumed he had done. It was of a lady in a long white gown standing in front
of a tall handsome man dressed all in black. She was leaning her head back and to the side so her
neck and shoulder was showing. She had her eyes closed as if she were asleep or in a trace. Her
hands were back, placing them on either side of the man’s hips. The man was lowering his head to
her neck as if he were going to kiss it.

“Did you paint that?” I asked not able to take my eyes from it.

“Yes” he said. “Do you like it?”

“I love it. It looks so sensual and dark. What do you call it?”

“Thought about calling it ‘Vampire’s Kiss’ what do you think?” he asked.

“That is what I would call it. Yes, that is perfect.” I said staring at the painting as with my books I put
myself there as the woman, thinking how sensual she looks, wanting to feel that way.

As I was lost in my thoughts I did not feel Dan step behind me until I felt his strong hands on my
shoulders and his breath on my ear.

“She reminds me of you.” He whispered into my ear.

This made goose bumps run down my spine. He leaned in and kissed my neck ever so softly making
heat run from his kiss to my groin. I was starting to breath heavy now, closing my eyes I could feel
myself turn my head and expose my neck for his lips.

His lips caressed down my neck to my shoulder as his hands slowly slid down my arms to wrap
around my waist, pulling me up against his strong body and his very hard erection.. I moaned softly
as his hands moved up my stomach to cup my breasts. Wanting more, needing more.

He turned me pulling me into his strong arms, kissing my lips as if they were some sweet fruit. Deeper
his kisses got more urgent. I wrapped my arms around is neck letting him take the lead, wanting to be
led where ever he wanted this to go.

Breaking the kiss and without a word he picked me up and carried me toward the kitchen.

Up the stairs to his bedroom, laying me gently on his bed which was covered with satin sheets.

“Let me undress you, I want to see all of your beautiful body.” he said in almost a moan.

“I am on fire for you; I have been ever since I saw you at the store.”

All I could do was shake my head “yes” as I had no voice to speak. I was so caught up in this real life
fantasy I didn’t want to speak thinking I would break the spell. My body was on fire too, wanting Dan’s
hands all over it. Wanting him to take my body for our pleasure.

He stood me up slowly removing my dress kissing a path on my body as the dress slide down. Then
he removed my bra leaning to taste each nipple as they became free of it.

Laying me down again he reached for my panties, hooking a finger on either side, he knelt on the
floor, pulling them down to my ankles. Slipping my sandals off then my panties. Running his hands
back up my legs I could hardly contain myself. He stopped just at my thighs and spreading them
lowered his lips to my wet womanhood. Taking his fingers and spreading the lips of my pussy he
started to caress my clit with his warm tongue. It felt like electric running through me, I was heading
for the edge of an orgasm wanting to fall over and at the same time liking what he was doing.

He raised his head and looked at me saying, “Come for me Aryel, I want you to know what it is like to
be pleasured by a man that wants to please you.” He lowered his head again and with his tongue
brought me to the biggest orgasm I have had in forever. I could hear him moan as he slid his tongue
inside me to taste me. I cried out as wave after wave of pleasure rushed over me.

He stood then and looked down at me as I panted and tried to come down off the ceiling.

As he removed his clothes he said, “You look so lovely, your body is glowing with want for me. I have
to have you now I can’t wait any longer.”

I watched as he removed his pants, seeing the muscles ripple in his arms and chest. Wanting to feel
his skin on mine, wanting his cock inside me giving me more pleasure.

He lowered himself on top of me and as he did his cock as if on its own found its way to my pleasure
zone. He hissed as he slid inside of me and I could feel my walls wrapping around his large cock. He
started to move slowly in and out. We were clinging to each other but, his weight made it hard for me
to move.

He rose up on his hands then and started to move faster, causing my inner walls to squeeze him with
each stroke. I felt my passion rising again; felt him getting bigger with each stroke. I looked up into his
face and saw my fantasy come to life above me. He was what I wanted in those books. And as he
looked down into my eyes he knew what I was thinking.

“Come with me my little vampire lover. I may not have fangs but I have all that you could want of
everything else. Let me give it to you.” he said as he thrusts once more taking us both to the end of
the book as we came together with one last hard thrust.

He fell off of me panting, pulling me into his arms and kissing the top of my head. I was for this
moment the happiest I have ever been.

“So, will you re-consider modeling for me?” he asked in a sleepy voice. “I still think you are the prefect
woman for it. And you can read while you pose if you want”

Before I could answer I heard his deep breathing knowing he was asleep. As I closed my eyes I knew I
would say yes to the modeling and hoping for more. As I fell asleep in my hero’s arms I wondered if
Rheyven was able to find is beloved again, hoping he did.

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