Fantasy Birthday Presents
by James W. Lewis

Derrick pulled his head back as he stared at the young woman, an odd
glare painted in his eyes. Just seconds ago his hard thrusts had
distorted her pretty butterscotch-colored face and forced her to eject
unintelligible words and siren-like howls. Now, fear had apparently seized
her, forcing her bottom lip to hang and eyes trying to catapult from her

Derrick’s heart skipped. He slowly turned his head around. His ashen
face stuck in a humorous pose upon seeing who stood at the bedside.

“Oh, fuck.” His lips quivered.

Kim didn’t speak. Her blank stare locked on the woman who dared invade
her home, bedroom, and fidelity. A woman who couldn’t have been no more
than 22-years-old.

Derrick pushed himself off her and slid to the side of the bed, forcing
the rest of the bed sheets onto the floor. His overhanging belly
slightly concealed his rock-hard penis, which was still snug tight inside of
a moist condom.

“Kim, I can explain!” Derrick said. “This is Joanne and ... and”--he
cut himself off, extending his hand out to his wife.

Kim stepped back, avoiding his grasp. She shook her head and covered
her face with her hands. “How could you do this to me?” Her voice was

Derrick struggled to say the right words. “Baby, I’m ... I didn’t ...
I’m sorry,” he said, his shoulders collapsing. He turned to Joanne and
was about to tell her to get dressed when he noticed her calm look.

He frowned. “Why are you looking like that? You need to get--”

Joanne placed her index finger on his lips, silencing him. “Shhhhh,”
she commanded. She slid her hand around Derrick’s cheek and gently
moved his head toward Kim.

“How could you do this...”--Kim started again, staring at Derrick with
a hurtful look while pulling up her dress to her waist. Her voice then
transformed into a seductive tone when she finished with, “without
waiting for me?”

Kim revealed her thick brown thighs and silk panties, not too far from
Derrick’s stunned face--shapely hips and legs still looking like that
of a young woman like Joanne. She gripped each side of her panties with
her thumbs and slid them down her legs, her dress sliding back down her
ample behind as she bent over. Her dark eyes were still locked on
Derrick. A sly grin crept up the corners of his face.

“Happy 40th Birthday, baby,” she whispered, the tip of their noses
tapping each other. She leaned down further and planted a kiss on his
lips. As she rose, she winked at Joanne--the same young woman who lay
naked in a bed she didn’t belong.

Derrick sat motionless, too stunned to return Kim’s peck. He turned to
the woman behind him again, uncertain how to react. His eyebrows shot
up further upon seeing her sexy, unconcerned smile. She raised herself
up on her elbow, her braids dangling along her shoulder as she stared
into eyes yearning for answers.

“Happy Birthday, baby,” she repeated in a voice strangely similar to
Kim’s purr. She began stroking Derrick’s sweaty back. “Are you

Derrick stared at her, then shot back to his wife, catching a glimpse
of her dress slithering down her body to her ankles. He looked at her
with a giddy grin as she reached around her back to undo her bra strap.
Her bra fell to the floor, exposing her 38DD sized breasts.

“Hell yeah, I’m surprised!” he replied after a long pause. “What’s
goin’ on?”

“What you’ve always wanted,” Kim replied. “Wasn’t it your fantasy to
have two women in your bed?”

Derrick looked back at Joanne, then whipped his head around to his
wife, his smile wider than before. “Uh ... yeah! Hell yeah!”

Kim stepped out of her dress and lightly pushed Derrick back toward the
bed. Derrick leaned back toward Joanne. Kim straddled his chest and
inched her thick hips toward Derrick’s head, her shaven canal of moist
flesh inches from his jaw. His eyes gleamed with joy and anticipation as
four brown-skinned breasts dangled over his head. Joanne lowered her
mouth to his lips, her braids nearly blanketing his face.

Derrick chased Joanne’s tongue, their mouths rocking together in
rhythm. Kim’s soft lips crept down the center of his chest, forcing his
torso to twitch. She slid down his body. Hard nipples grazed his skin. Kim
circled her tongue around the area of flesh between his belly button and
manhood before her knees touched the carpet.

“Oh ... sh-shit,” Derrick said.

Joanne slid her tongue down his cheek toward his neck. He gripped his
fingers around the bed sheets, trying hard not to explode as each female
explored his most sensitive spots. Kim stroked his penis before pulling
off the condom, eyeing Derrick with a devilish grin.

Kim inched her lips and tongue around Derrick’s scrotum in slow,
measured movements, her fingers fondling his crown jewels. Shivers shot
through his body to his toes. Kim’s moist lips gently wrapped around the
tip of his member, mixing a glob of saliva in her mouth that created loud,
sensual slurps.

“You like that, baby?” Kim said in a low voice, pausing to lock her
eyes on Derrick’s trembling head. Through clenched teeth, he snorted,
gasping for air. He tried to plant his feet against the carpet to resist
the spasms coursing through his legs.

“Uh ... yeee ... I ... sheeeit!” Derrick exclaimed, creating a new
garbled word with each tender spot Joanne and Kim found with their
masterful art of tongue exploration. Joanne worked her lips in circles
around Derrick’s neck, ears, and head, brushing her smooth breasts
around his face.

After making a pit stop at both of Derrick’s nipples, Joanne zigzagged
her tongue down his chest toward the same area of sensitivity that Kim
made home. As she worked her way down, she raised her left knee over
Derrick’s head and carefully set it down next to his ear. A loud moan
escaped Derrick’s lips. He opened his eyes to see Joanne’s legs spread
over his nose, the tasty presence of her fuzzy, sweet sugar walls dancing
over him.

Joanne made her way toward the main course meal, establishing turf on
an “edible” nut. Kim moved her head to work her magic on the other side.
Derrick raised his head with a crooked grin and sighed. Two
brown-skinned women--one caramel, the other butterscotch--rotated
their mouths around his thick chocolate “Snickers” bar.

“Yeah,” he whispered, “I feel like I’m in Chocolate City.” The women

Derrick lay his head back on the bed, staring into Joanne’s mound of
youthful moistness. He placed his hands on each side of Joanne’s hips
and stuck out his tongue. As if on command, Joanne lowered herself
down on his face.

Aw yes, Derrick thought. Every man in the world should get a birthday
present like this. He smiled, preparing to get a taste of Joanne’s
“cream filling.”

Happy Birthday to me.

             The End
James W. Lewis is an up-and-coming author living in Southern
California. His credits include 3AM Magazine, VIP NY
Magazine, and Bonita Magazine. He's also a contributor to the
upcoming anthology "Help! I've turned into my Mother!" His
website is
Fantasy Birthday
©2006 by James W. Lewis
All Rights Reserved