codes: MF, Exhibitionist

by Joe Wordsworth

That time of the evening came quicker than I thought it would. It always
does. I mean, Beth and I had been friends for years--she was just about my
best friend ever and knew me longer than anyone else. And every time she
came to visit me, that "end of the night" sleeping arrangement lingered in the

Oh, I tried to play it off--each time. "I think I'll go to bed"... "You can stay here
if you like"... "C'mon, get some sleep"... etc. While I never had any real
designs on hooking up with her, I can't deny that the thought was ever
present in my mind every time she snuggled up next to me. "This is just a
friend thing", I'd think to myself, praying she wouldn't notice the massive
hard-on I'd be sporting most of the night.

I mean, Beth is just... everything I want in a woman.

She's pretty, intelligent, shapely, blessed with some of the finest breasts
God ever decided to put down on this earth, and a strange sexual
personality. She's curious, open, and interested sexually in a wide variety of
things (which appealed to me and my fairly hard to please demands), but at
the same time she's a shy girl, inhibited. Like there's a painfully erotic and
aroused woman that only comes out at the right time, with the right person.
She's got it goin' on, that's for sure.

It was one of those moments you don't guess happens very often. Right up
there with that sinking feeling in your stomach when you fall a long ways or a
strange sound that comes out as a result of laughing too hard. It happens. It
just doesn't happen too terribly often.

I was laying there, trying to look like I was sleeping, trying to sleep while I was
looking, and looking at who was sleeping... she was curled around my right
side, eyes shut, and breathing fairly sweetly and regular. Every nerve in my
body was firing like the Fourth of July and I wasn't sure what I was supposed
to do. I mean, I had dreamed about moments like this all the time. Her, so
innocently sleeping, and me just rolling into her, licking her lips and sliding
hands to warm, wet places.

I must have layed there quietly for several minutes debating even the
slightest movement--for fear of waking her and her sleepily rolling into a new
position that didn't include my arm, shoulder, and right leg. I wanted to move
closer, perhaps turn and put my other arm around her. I wanted to move
closer and graze the harder and more erected parts of me against her in
that suggestive way that has no subtlety to it whatsoever, but... no... that'd
be presumptuous. She's not here to be hit on. Let the girl sleep.


My right hand made a discovery. It sent back word from the New World to the
King Overthinking and Queen Pulse that excited them both beyond belief.
My hand, which had thought it had completed an expedition to her back, to
rest there and hold her, had in fact discovered just the edge of a perfectly
soft and pajama'ed breast. Large, firm, soft, entirely too erotic. The whole
picture was torture as I froze for a moment trying to comprehend what was
happening. I spent the next unmoving minutes in a personal tizzy...
dichotomies coming and going, ethical structures being built and destroyed.
Here was a girl, an attractive girl, one whom I had never seriously
considered being intimate with on several levels, curled around me like
lovers curl... on the other hand, she wasn't interested in me like that--or
hadn't been in any serious way, she had a life outside of mine, she just
wanted to nap with a friend, be held a little, be safe.

What to do?

The buzzing in my brain must have made a noise, because she moved a
little in her sleep and curled up tighter to me... my hand started acting on its
own accord with its new found range of motion and started stroking her side
like someone lazily petting a calico cat in their lap. Oh, this is a bad idea--I
kept thinking. She'll wake up and be a little embarrassed and think me a total
pervert. Or worse... one of "those" guys. The kind that mac on sleeping

But, with her so close, I found it hard to dwell on those things... I could hear
her soft breath, I was holding a beautiful woman in my arms and I didn't want
to ruin it. I nestled in closer and that's when I heard it.

A little quicker. A little harder. She started breathing a little of both. Was
she... asleep? Was this a game? The kind you play while sitting next to little
Suzie Johnson in the third grade and inching your hand nearer and neaerer
during the movie? I started stroking her a little more firmly, a littler more
boldly... and her breath quickened a little more.

It was right then that everyone in the world, all two of us, knew we couldn't
stop the inevitable. As I leaned over, and she leaned up, and my lips met
hers. It was sweet. Simple. Romantic. It was a very big turning point for both
of us. We held on to each other, kissed, and whispered words that still keep
me too warm at night...

"I entirely want you..."

"I was thinking the same thing."

The next hours, and hours, until well past dawn, were a blur. But I remember
sliding my hands down her body and finding her pussy shaved... her
reaction to my touch both emphatic and subdued at the same time. She was
so wet... so hot. It didn't take long before I pulled her pants down and locked
her thighs still while I tasted that beautiful cunt that I had been thinking about
for years.

It was everything I thought it'd be. Maybe ten seconds into licking her, she
came for the first time. Her whole body shuddered and I heard a very audible
"O-hhh-hhh... oh-hh-h God!!!" It was a sight, watching her writh against my
tongue, her eyes clenched shut, her hands around the back of my head. It
was the first of a dozen orgasms that night. I made my home right between
her smooth legs and ate her pretty pussy for the next hour, almost, climax
after climax ripped through her and every once in a while, she almost fought
to pull my mouth away for just a moment's break. A break that never quite

By this time, I was turned on more than I had been in months. My cock was
hard, swollen, and fiercely demanding attention. So, I slid up beween her
legs, curled my arms around her, and kissed her as I worked myself into her.
She was tight. So much tighter than I thought she'd be... it took some work,
but after a moment or two, I slid smoothly into her wet pussy and began
rocking back and forth to her moans. "Oh, god, yes, mmm.... yes... yes..."

The whole scene was hot. I was in love. And she was cumming over and
over. We spent the rest of the night fucking and fondling each other, sweat
pouring off our bodies, and the room filled with pleas like "fuck me, please,
fuck me" and whispers of "I love you."  

© 2015 Joe Wordsworth
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