Story Codes: M/F, Consensual, Exhibitionism

by Irene Kine

Another 4th of July is here and another cookout. Not something I am into but
ok it will be fun.
I hope. My sister and my girlfriend tell me I spend too
much time alone working in front of my computer but, being a writer and
working on my first erotic romance novel I have a lot to do. Besides I like
it here in the world I have created; a world of romance, hot sexy men and a
heroine that is strong but, still a woman in all the ways that count.

Out there in the real world there is no such thing as a “man”, one that is
strong yet gentle, protective yet let’s me stand on my own two feet. That is
why I started writing. I knew I would not find another like my late husband,
we had such a wonderful short life together, he was my everything until
cancer took him over and for 2 long years I watched the man I love go from a
strong “do everything” guy to a weak helpless person so frail he couldn’t
stand without my help. I cared for him until the day he passed my hand on
his heart as he took his last breath. A big piece of my heart and spirit
died that day too.

That is when I threw myself into romantic book trying to find a
little happiness and romance putting myself in the roll of the heroine.
Vampire romance is my favorite maybe cause the hero can not die and is
strong, handsome and sexy as hell. My favorite scene is when they
and how powerful…when he bites her neck for the first time and she climaxes so
hard; she knows it is forever. feel like that. Anyway after a few
months, I was getting lonely and my “Danny” said I needed to find someone. He
didn’t want me to be alone after he was gone. I decided to try the Internet,
dating for the hip and in the know types.

I got onto a couple of sites started to get emails and went on a few dates
with “benefits” the sex was nice but, the men were more or less looking for
a “fuck buddy” not a steady date. After a couple of those I was done. So,
back to my books and dreaming of the “man” that would sweep me off my feet.

I got dressed and went to the picnic ground where everyone would be,
cookout and watch the fireworks later. They were all glad to see me and I to see

  My girlfriend and I don’t get to see much of each other as we work different
hours, her full-time during the day, me part time in the evenings and writing
till wee hours in the mornings. Everyone told me how good I looked now that
I had taken the time to fix myself up with a new hairdo, makeup and some semi-sexy
clothes. They said I looked 10 years younger. Good for me, I am glad I did
it. I really needed it. I knew I looked good, had my hair done, put on one of my sexy
bras my girlfriend talked me into buying and the sexy lace panties to match.
I had brought a new navy blue short skirt with a navy, red and white
stripped top with a low cut neck the bra was white lace and the panties were
navy lace. With the white sandals to top it off I looked good.

After the eating and greetings were done my girlfriend and I went for a
walk to talk an catch up, we were walking down this one trail laughing and
talking, we came to a clearing by part of the lake.  Standing by the
bank was the sexiest guy I have seen in a long time. He was not too tall,
slim but, not skinny. His hair was white but, still it looked good on him. I
was guessing he was close to my age, tan from working outside not under a
sun lamp and his arms were strong and sexy, a man that does his own work
like a farmer or mechanic.

As we walked by he looked up and I saw the prettiest blue-gray eyes I have
ever seen. He kind of smiled as our eyes locked for a second (and I hope I
smiled back). Then he turned and started to put wood on the fire he was
building , one of his buddies pushed him and pointed in my direction asking
him I guess what he was looking at. He looked up again and smiled this time
like he knew I was looking, I almost tripped over a root in the trail trying
to not look back as we walked on. My girlfriend just laughed , told me I
should go talk to him cause she has known me so long she knew what I was
thinking. I giggled like a teenager and said “ NO, I don’t go talking to
strange men, even though he was the damn sexiest guy I have seen in a long
time”. We kept walking and talking but, every once in a while I would glance
back to see if he was there? And kicking myself for not going and talking to
Oh well, there you are that is me, still shy at heart.

It was getting near dusk and everyone was getting ready for the fireworks
show over the lake. I on the other hand could not get the sexy man by the
lake off my mind. Being a writer I started to fantasize about what it would
be like if he were to kiss me and hold me in his tanned arms while touching
my breasts with those strong hands of his. I could feel my heart rate go up
and a little flutter in my groin area. OH my god I have never done that
before, I must be really in need of a date or something. I heard my
girlfriend laugh softly and lean in , “ You must be thinking of the guy by
the lake, you’re blushing!” “ I AM NOT!” I said but, laughed too, cause she
knew she was right. “Lets go see if we can find him?” she said. “No, I don’t
think so…do you think we could? No, what if he is married or something? “ I
said. “well” she said “ maybe he’s not?” “ and maybe we won’t know till we
try, come on you know you want to.” “ok” I said as we started down the path
we were on earlier. The others wanted to know where we were going, she told
them we were going to the bathroom. Hurry back they said the fireworks will
start soon. As we walked, I started to get nervous and wanted to chicken out
but, she just kept giving me little shoves down the path, telling me to go
on , go on.

As we came around the clearing where we saw him the first time I started to
get butterflies in my stomach and my knees started to knock I think, I swear
I could hear them. There by the lake near the fire he stood, alone, just him.
My girlfriend said, “see he is alone, it’s fate”. “ Go on go say Hi” At that
moment, I couldn’t move, I just stood there staring at him like a goon. Just
then he turned and looked up at us must have heard us talking, that’s when I
wanted to run but, I couldn’t move, just stared. Holy shit he is looking at
me, I wish I could melt into the ground or be invisible like my vampire
stories. He smiled and I heard him say “Hi”. My girlfriend kicked me so I
would say something, “Hhhi “ I said in my best squeaky voice. God, let me
blow up right now, please. Next thing I knew I was being drug down to where
he was by my friend and she was asking if he was alone? That we were walking
by and saw he was alone thought he might like some company. He said yes he
was alone that his friends went off to the other side of the lake to meet
some lady friends , but he wanted to stay here. All the while he was talking
he never took his eyes off mine.

He said he saw us earlier walking by, hoping we would walk by again , that
is why he stayed behind.

I couldn’t take my eyes off his eyes. I could see things there
that made my stomach flutter and my heart race. I had to look away to keep
from moaning out loud.

I heard him say to my friend, “Hi, my name is Greg and you are?”
Looking at me again, I said in a voice I didn’t know I had “ Hi, I am Ariel and this
outspoken one is my friend Kacy”. “That is a different name, Ariel, nice
name”, he said still looking into my eyes. “ thanks “ I said. “ Would you
ladies like something to drink? I have pop or tea?” “no thanks” my friend
said “ I have to get back to my husband he will be wondering where I am”.
‘Ariel you stay and keep Greg from being alone on the 4th, unless your wife
is waiting for you?” “No” he said “not married” . “Well, girlfriend maybe”
she said. “No, no girlfriend either” he said and smiled, knowing what she
was asking. He turned to me and said “ I would like it very much if you
would stay, will you?” “ Yes, I would like that”. I said.

We sat by the fire and started talking, he told me he liked working with his
hands and said he had built his house on land he brought. As he was talking
all I could think about was those strong hands building me up to a climax
while kissing my neck with his lips. I noticed he had stopped talking and
was looking at me, smiling… well, not really at me but at my lips. Damn ,did
he ask me something? I don’t know, so I said “what?” thinking that would
cover my thinking sexy thoughts. I must have been blushing because he said
to me, “ I was wondering what it would be like to kiss those lovely lips of
yours?” Just then he leaned in and kissed me, gently at first our lips just
barely touching, I closed my eyes and could feel the kiss moving from my
lips like a little electric shock all the way to my thighs. I must have
moaned a little cause he placed his hand on my neck and pulled me closer
making the kiss deeper, I opened my mouth and our tongues touched well , I
think we both moaned then. He pulled me close wrapping his arms around me
and leaning me down so I was cradled in those strong arms. The kisses got
deeper and hotter. I could hear him starting to breath harder or was that
maybe both.

He broke the kiss and looked at me “ I have never done anything like this
before but, from the first time I saw you up there on that path I wanted you. I
wanted to feel you in my arms kissing you like this. I want to touch you
all over, feel your body under my hands, there is something about you, that
I can‘t explain; you are so beautiful , I don‘t want to stop, I don‘t want to
let you go but, I will all you have to do is say no and I will stop.”
I looked up at him, looked into his eyes and could see he was telling the
truth, that he would stop if I said so. Do I want him to stop? I have never
done anything like this either, I don’t know him at all really or he me but,
there was something, something my body and heart said YES, go for it but
my mind said get a grip girl, what are you doing? Are you really
thinking about having sex with a man you just met a stranger really, he
could be a serial killer or something! No, look at his eyes this is not a
serial killer, this is the guy that just might sweep you off your feet, so
let the sweeping begin.

I smiled at him and said, “ no, please don’t stop, I like being here in your
arms, kiss me again, touch me.”

He smiled and I think he was holding his breath because he let it out in a
big “Whew”. He lowered his mouth to mine again and kissed me deeply as his
one hand slowly ran down my neck to touch the top of my breast. I moaned
into his mouth as I moved to press my breast to his hand; he found my nipple
and starting rubbing and feeling it swell at his touch. He pulled it pinching a
little not too hard just enough I could feel it all the way to my womanhood,
making me wet. He moved from kissing my lips to kissing my neck and then the
tops of my breast. I was panting now, wanting to touch him as much as he was
touching me, I was on fire and he was too, I could feel his erection
pressing on my side where I lay in his lap. The next thing I knew I was
being pulled up to my feet and being backed up against a tree, away from the
clearing. He pressed up against me rubbing his hard body against mine as he
kissed me, his tongue finding mine and we were both breathing heavy. He took
his hand and pulled my top up, moving my bra down so my breasts were bare
for his mouth and tongue to touch, I grabbed his hair as his mouth worked on
first one nipple then the other.

I was panting wanting him to never stop, feeling the wetness between my
legs making the lace of my panties damp. He reached up my thigh under my skirt
and found the wetness… moaning as he placed his finger on my mound and
started to rub back and forth. OH my god I thought I would scream if he
didn’t touch me more wanting his fingers in me, his cock in me. He pushed my
panties aside and placed a finger inside me, moving slowly at first as he
ran hot kisses down my neck and breasts, “touch me” he breathed, “ I want to
feel your hand on my cock..please” I reached down and undid his jeans
wanting to touch him, as I reached to grab his hard cock from inside his
pants. I started to stroke him as he stroked me keeping in time. He took his
thumb and started to rub my clit as he stroked me in and out with his
fingers, I could feel my climax building, knew I was getting close, he must
have known it too because all of the sudden, he grabbed my panties and ripped
them . A look of surprise must have been on my face because in a almost moan
he said “I have to be inside you now, I want to feel you climax with me
inside” and with that he entered me. Taking my leg in his hand and raising
it onto his hip he slammed into me hard . He started to move in and out we
were both panting our bodies on fire as it were.

My head was back and my arms around his neck and I could feel him getting
harder and harder. I opened my eyes and looked into his as my climax washed
over me, my whole body went into overdrive and my pussy squeezed him so
tight with spasm after spasm I let out a YES as I could feel him explode
into me and the world stopped for a second, there were fireworks all around
us, the fireworks show had started.

We just stood there for a moment trying to get our breathing back to normal,
his head was leaning on my shoulder and my head was back against the tree. I
could feel him getting soft and he slowly let my leg down as he slide out of
me. We looked at each other smiled and I said “ Well, that was….Well” he
smiled as he did up his jeans and said “ Yea, that was like nothing I have
felt before, to be honest I have never came that hard before, it was great!”
He leaned in and kissed me softly, leaning his head on mine he asked “ I
really want to see you again, I hope you feel the same?” “Yes” I said, “ I
would like that very much”. He helped me get my clothes back in order except
for my panties which I removed , he said he was sorry for that and I just
laughed and kissed him telling him it was alright.

We went and sat by the fire and watched the rest of the fireworks cuddled
together, him kissing my neck once in a while or nibbling on my ear. I threw
my panties in the fire and thanked the powers that be for this night and him

We have been dating for a couple of months and I am the happiest I have been
in along time he turned out to be everything I thought I wanted in my
romance books and the sex is great. We make our own “fireworks” in the
bedroom now.

Copyright© 2009 Irene Kine

Ms. Kine is a central Ohio native. Working at a vet clinic by day and
writing at night. She finds putting her fantasies into words a gratifying pastime.
Although she is widowed, she enjoys a full life with her 2 cats, a grown son, 3
grandchildren and a wonderful new man to inspire her. Ms Kine is working on
her first paranormal romance novel hoping it will be out sometime this year.