First Physical Date Ch. 2
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First Physical Date Ch. 2
by Julian Gomez©

[“Leaving someone breathless makes you unforgettable.”]


Julian could only gasp as Dana shrugged her jacket off her smooth,
round shoulders. His eyes never left any inch of her guitar-shaped
body undetected from his smoldering gaze. Heart shaped ass,
smooth tummy, firm legs and the muscular calves arched as she
stood on her toes in her high heels, making Julian ache to attack her
bodily, thrusting like a demon simply using this beautiful woman with
the dancing eyes and the magnificent tongue for his own pleasure.

‘No!’ Julian thought as Dana did a tiny body wiggle, her perfectly
round ass undulating to an unheard tune. She let her own hands flow
over the sides and back to slide a finger into her mouth, the lips
closing hard and sucking at the member. She let the saliva slip from
her lips, glossing the erect, pointing finger and teasing the nail with
her tongue, smiling as Julian broke a sweat on his brow.

“Jules, aren’t you coming closer?” she breathed, making his shiver
with excitement. He was removing his blazer, the mysterious object
behind him coming away from its’ plastic wrapping.

“Put on a movie, babe.” He was surprised the words came out so
calmly as his throbbing cock pulsed with a need to find out what lay
beyond the hemline and how far he could penetrate her body in such
a small space. His jacket hit the row of seat along the wall, opposite
the large screen television. Dana pulled a ten from her purse, sliding
into the slot to activate the picture. “Now watch, and don’t turn
around to me.”

Suddenly the room was filled with fake groans and screams, a
phony, peroxide blonde with oversized tits being entered anally
shouted herself hoarse as the fuck-stud plowed at her back door
repeatedly. The porno stud grabbed a handful of silicone, twisting
the nipple and letting the shrill cries fill the small room. The room
went dark, colored blue with the television action. Dana stared at the
screen, not sure of Julian’s place in the room. A single, soft kiss on
the back of her neck, and his fast tongue, and Dana let her eyes
flutter, the anticipation and pleasure making her seep with pleasure.
His hands cupped her ass, the fingertips running along the hemline
and down the leg. She felt the cool, crisp air stalk along the inner
thighs, her honey creeping over the hood of her clit, her fine pubes
now shifting with anxiousness and arousal. His fingers slid along the
sides, more kisses peppering the neck and ears, making Dana
wince. She hoped to enjoy a reason to scream soon enough.


Dana felt the button of her skirt open, revealing the cleft of her finely
shaped ass to Julian, the zipper now opening and the material
moving away from her skin. It fell to the floor over her heels, and she
stepped out of the puddle of wool, watching the Phony-Boobed
Blonde keep her false expressions coming for the camera. Dana let
her mouth fall slack as she watched the enormous cock being fed to
the Starlet, the Stud shouting like a psycho to cream her face.

“We can do better,” Dana whispered as Julian began to let his
fingers creep over her gluteus, making her skin tingle and goose
bump like mad. She could feel the vent of crisp air hitting her knees;
the kisses making her juices simmer like a pressure cooker. His
fingers danced over her hips, and the mouth of her lover found its’
way to the back of her thighs. Dana smiled, letting her hands roam
over her firm, full breast. She enjoyed the sensation of Julian at her
feet, licking her ass, opening the cleft of her buttocks to slide his
desperate tongue deeper into her sopping honey pot. Her muscles
tightened and she felt strong hands pull her apart, a swift tongue
sliding inward, lapping up stray juices and wiggling to open her out
vagina with immediacy and a

tenderness not found in most lovers.

“That’ll be our next project, honey,” he stated, before digging one
finger into her hungry pussy. She gasped, the finger sliding past her
lips and rolling over her clit, then seeking something inside her. She
continued standing there as the sex show changed to two lesbians
hogging – Again the Phony Blonde with an equally Phony, shaved
Redhead. - And stuffing themselves with a double-ended dong. The
tongue lapped at her moist sex, and Julian enjoyed the taste of his
angel Dana. Her sweet snatch was cropped neatly, perhaps for
skimpy of bikini clothing. But she was delicious. Tender, wet, soft,
and greedy, her snatch pulling at his tongue and pistoning finger as
he crept deeper inside, trying to light her with a probe and brushing
of her G-Spot. He gasped, heaving under her blouse, rolling her hips
on his face, the succulent woman now running down his face.

“Remove your blouse,” he said before returning to licking her damp,
beautiful pussy. She shed the blouse, then continued caressing the
stiff, pointed nipples at once, knowing the lewd spectacle they made
in the darkness of the porno arcade. “Then lick your own nipples.”

Her tongue dribbled out a sliver of saliva as she reached for the
hardened perfection, her breast heaving at the idea of contact.
Again, Dana spasmed momentarily enraptured with the pleasure of
the licking Julian dished out. She felt her breath escape her body as
the fingers penetrated her womanhood, sliding in, opening her to
allow the rabid tongue to slurp at her again and again. Dana smiled,
the pleasure being too much to bear. She continued licking,
exchanging nipples and standing erect, her legs ready to buckle
despite Julian’s grip on her thighs. She wanted to cum so badly, so
powerfully, so soon.

“Oooohhh” she moaned, the powerful, single orgasm racking her
pelvis, making her loose the grip on her breast. Her mouth slid open
and her head flew back, the blonde brown hair shaking like mad.
Julian continued to lick at her, the lips pulled apart by his tongue, his
fingers now being replaced by something cold and smooth. A
scraping of metal on concrete and a chair was near her side. Julian
continued staying at his knees, yet maneuvered her gently to the
chair, bending her over it and placing her knees on the seat. Dana
gripped the back of the chair, her face along the hard, slippery edge
of the top, her knees opened and exposing her inner self to her
vulgar lover. She continued shaking, the buzzing of the long, noisy
vibrator in her pussy now churning the juices to a mind-blowing build
up of unknown proportions. A well-lubed finger slid past her
sphincter, riding inside her asshole as Julian continued licking and
pulling at her engorged clitty. Dana was shouting, begging to cum
as he teased her with the speed wandering inside the overheated
snatch, the finger rotating in and out of her bowel path and the
sensitive pussy making her quake and wiggle with the impending

“Oh Julian,” Dana cried over the frenzied lovemaking of the Phony
Blonde and Redhead on the screen. Her cries of ecstasy
overpowered the sounds and Julian could feel himself growing to
disgusting proportions. He slipped his shirt off, never letting the clit
out of his mouth, the finger fall from her asshole or the vibrator from
the pussy that saddled it frantically.

“Tell me what you want me to do,” he said between swipes at her
dripping love box. He continued at her pleasure on all three fronts,
humming to make her sensitivity more intense.

“I want you inside me,” she breathed. Dana felt her breast hitting the
cushion of the seats’ back, her hips rotating as she continued the
pleasure of the doggie-styled penetrations.

“You want me in you,” he asked, “or do you want me to fuck you?”

A gentle whisper: “I want you to fuck me.”

“Say it.”

I want you to fuck me Julian.”

The teasing to the next orgasm continued, as did his dialogue.
“Should I just lay you on the floor and put my cock in you?”

He spoke again: “Are you sure?”

Dana groaned, knowing the bastard was teasing her madly.

“If not, I can make myself come her and leave it on the floor. Then
you get me later.”

She moaned, obviously displeased. “No baby, fuck me good.
Please, fuck my pussy. It’s so hungry for you.”

He continued teasing her, letting her back arch as the tingling of her
next orgasm began at her toes and traveled through her thighs and
into her wet, slippery sex. The vibrator continued penetrating her like
a submarine seeking uncharted waters and unimagined depth.
Dana cried out as the finger left her asshole.

“I need you --*.” The words never left her mouth, the climax making
her limp as spaghetti, her energy depleted from the oozing pussy.
She felt her muscles lose control and the waves of pleasure cross
along her stomach and into her brain. She smiled. It had never been
like this before. The plastic vibrator hit the floor, bouncing once and
rolling away as sweat pooled on her back and in her knees. Julian
licked this off her and she smiled, enjoying the absolute pleasure of
the orgasm. Over her shoulder, she said softly, “My turn.”

Julian rolled her onto her feet, slipping onto the chair. He was
already naked, the purple boner waving lewdly at her. She fell to her
knees, opening her mouth and gulping the thick boner for all she
had. Her cheeks deflated, sucking the pre-cum at the tip to her taste
buds. She rolled the small, smooth testicles in her hand, juggling
them to make Julian wince with pleasure at her now teasing him. He
laughed and moaned at the same time, his body tensing with the
need for release.

“Oh baby,” he said looking at the sensual blonde on her knees in
front of him, pulling his cock with her mouth and whole being, “I just
have to fuck your face. May I fuck your face?”

Dana moaned, her hand at the base of his cock, jacking him off at
the same time as she blew him. She felt his hands tenderly cross
over her ears, holding her face and his hips pumping like mad.
Then, with dripping pop! – Dana let the stiff cock flop from her
mouth, and felt his strength lift her to her feet. Her heels clacked on
the floor, and Julian pulled her to him, kissing her heaving breast
and licking her sweaty, smooth stomach. She let her pussy dangle
over the throbbing meat, inching it slowly, the velvety silkiness
making Julian shudder with delight. She spun her thighs, grinding at
him to excite the delirium of pleasure both enjoyed with each bit of
cock her pussy swallowed. His thighs went up to meet her, burying
himself inside the moist, tender poon. Dana let her weight fall, and
she let him tighten his grip on her ass, letting her control the speed
of the ride.

“Jules,” Dana breathed as the humping went on, the chair barely
holding the two humans seeking desire in each other and the small
seat, “give me your hands.”

His grip in hers, Dana slid back, stabbing the cock deep into her
womb. Julian felt as if he were swimming in pussy. She leaned
back, and brought one leg between them, letting the flexing calf land
on his shoulder, the arm keeping it from falling back to the ground.
She humped him again, moving in circles, increasing the searing
pleasure both enjoyed from the extremely physical fuck.

“I-if y-you cum,” she said, gritting her teeth, “don’t let me fall.”

“If you’re always this good, I’ll never let you go.”

Dana humped him frantically, saying, “We haven’t even begun to get
kinky, honey.”

Both began shake as they reached meltdown, their bodies slapping
like mad and their climax pending. Dana held tight, then reached
forward, wrapping her leg over his neck, her teeth biting his shoulder
as he pounded deeper and deeper into her being, making her mind
and being shake with the flexing, pulsing cock sliding around inside
her. She felt his kisses on her body, his grip in her hands holding
like a death-lock, the need to cum feeding his spirit and body. He
plunged deeper, again and again, like a jackhammer at the wall of
her next orgasm.

Julian cried out, his lips trembling and face pinching as his veins
shot white liquid deep inside her. Dana joined him, so sensitive she
had a series of small, body rocking orgasms. She rode him limp,
and then noticed him stiffening again.

She panted, smiling at him. “Save that for later tonight. Somewhere
with a bed and a chance to sleep.”

Dressed outside, Dana and Julian were met with a thunderous
applause. He beamed, listening to the criticisms of their
performance, and the compliments. They shook hands, accepted
kisses and phone numbers and pats on the back and ass. Dana
looked at the Marquee of the Porno Mega-Store, and noticed a
small sign between two movies that said, ‘Dana & Julian LIVE –
Channel 4! Tonight Only!’

The Clerk came up with a video as Julian and Dana kissed, smiling
and walking off into the night.

© 2006 Julian Gomez

Julian Gomez is an artist & writer who lives in San Antonio, Texas

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