First Physical Date Ch. 1
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First Physical Date Ch. 1
by Julian Gomez©

["The first kiss tells the person whether you're likeable or loveable."]

Julian and Dana kept kissing all through dinner and out of the parking
lot. Many perverse fantasies had already been played out online, and
now a face-to-face with the best results. He stood six-two, broad
shoulders and chest with long legs and a smile in the brown eyes
under his black hair. She was golden tanned with wavy
blonde-streaked hair, a firm, fine figure and the desires of her perky
breast jutting past the silk of her blouse. Julian had admired her ass,
noticing there existed no panty line, and perhaps no panties. This
made him throb in his silk boxers, the rutting cock moving like a
python in the underbrush.

"Did you bring a rental?"

"No", she replied, "I hoped that I wouldn't need it."

Julian smiled, saying, "That's not all springing eternal right now."

Another kiss, tongues gently lapping at one another, and hands
creeping back and forth, and Julian and Dana piled into the cab of his
pick-up truck, necking like teenagers on a first date. She let her heels
hit the floor, savoring the taste of his neck on her taste buds and
seeing his powerful arm encircle her desperately. He slick, smooth
hands went over his slacks, roaming along the thigh and tracing a line
towards the groin. She noticed the thickened wool rising in a tent,
making the beautiful young woman's eyes widening with need.

"Shit Jules, I've gotta put this in my mouth!"

Julian glided over her back and down along her ass, his thick fingers
tracing the round, warm ass. They dove under the hem, raising the
skirt gently, the air-conditioning letting the fine hair of her smooth
derriere rise, the electricity coursing through her thighs.

"No panties", he replied. "Thank you."

Dana pulled away from his kiss, looking in his eyes: "For what?"

His fingers crept further along the fissure of her buttocks, his nail
pulling the beads of sexy sweat of anticipation from her ass. "Not
even a thong..."

"Why keep it from you...or myself?" She giggled, and then groaned
as his kisses slathered her neck with bites and pecks, tantalizing her
more as she rubbed her body against his side. The truck sat idling,
music playing and Julian and Dana all over each other. His cock
ballooned to an uncomfortable curve, the stiffness restrained by the
wool pants of his suit. "Do you want to watch?"

"No. I want to participate."

Deft fingers slid over the inner thigh, Dana breathing heavily. She
could smell the musk emanating from her body. Honey slipped past
the hidden treasure of her sex, and Julian loved that even more. His
fingers swam in her warmth, her desire, and her juices.

His neck craned over hers', the fast hands creating small circles on
her breast. The firm, full nipples responded more than with the
anticipation than the air conditioning. His fingers popped open one
button, exposing more cleavage, their ripe swollen shape making the
artist hunger for the woman who traveled so far to meet him.

Dana looked in his eyes: "Privacy. Now!"

["Using a little tongue makes you noticeable."]

The truck roared out of the parking lot and onto the adjacent highway,
traveling at top speed. They didn't care about the person they almost
broad sided, or the cop too busy for pursuit with a traffic stop ten feet
from where they blew by him at 90 miles per hour. All that mattered
was sating the passions they had dwelled on for so many months via
their stories.

All that mattered was that incredibly obscene fiction becomes an
absolute truth.

["Placement of the kiss makes you memorable."]

Within minutes the couple pulled into a Porno Mega-Store. If it wasn't
inside the walls in VHS, DVD, CD-Rom, or on one of the shelves in
book, plastic, or with batteries or vinyl laces, it did not exist. This
place had private movie booths, exotic clothing, bondage items, and
a constant rotation of starlets hocking videos and photographs.

Dana slipped her heels and jacket back on, wondering what Julian
had in mind. Both came out of the truck, walking across the parking
lot to the store's doors. Both worked at trying not to look too lusty or

Dana smiled; her succulent lips making his heart skip a beat. "Did we
need something else, honey, 'cause I thought I had everything here in
my heels."

Julian smiled back, and then took her hand, saying, "Just have your
license ready. They check ID's here."

"Is this a surprise?"

"If I told you, would it still be one?"

She took his hand, clasping it and following him, her long, smooth
legs noticed by a couple of college boys who became silent when
gazing at her. They lowered their cheap sunglasses, whistling, before
noticing Julian was a happy man, but also good-sized and scary, his
black hair and goatee making seem more sinister than he was with a

'At least to the babe', one of the boys thought. 'But look at her. Who
wouldn't be good to her?! Wow!'

Opening the glass doors, they flashed they licenses at the clerk, who
gave Julian a peace sign with his fingers. Julian returned one, then a
fifty mysteriously popped in it.

"Number seven's ready", the clerk said. A key flew past their heads,
and Julian snatched it. They walked past the other patrons, the men in
the store envious of Julian and the extremely gorgeous woman with
him. Some sniffed the air as she strode by, catching perfume and
pussy juice in the air. Dana KNEW they were staring, and wondering
what Julian had in mind made her nervous and excited. Her nipples
perked up more, become hard enough to rip a hole in the material of
her blouse. She shivered, knowing the looks and not knowing what
was next.

Suddenly, Julian jumped past her, grabbing something off the shelf,
and hiding it behind his back. Dana looked at him, and then felt his
arm swim around her waist, pulling her to him possessively.

"What the hell did you just grab?" She asked playfully, uncertain about
knowing too soon.

"Besides you? You'll have to kiss me to find out."

Dana let her fingers coarse through his hair, their bodies blocking the
entrance to the private rooms. Everyone stared at the couple, her leg
wrapping around his calf, the knee rubbing his outer leg. Julian
shivered; the amazing woman then grasped his head, yanking his
head up to the ceiling. Her tongue slithered along the veins of his
neck, then under the Adam's apple, and along the chin line of his
face. Julian smiled, relishing the pleasure, moving his full hand further
away from her grasp. She pressed every inch of her body against
him, trying to reach what he had behind his back.

"Oh no", he laughed, "You'll see it soon enough."

Julian handed Dana the key, watching fascinated as she bent forward
to unlock the door of the private room. She looked over her shoulder,
smiling with anticipation at the sleazy rendezvous he had planned. A
small giggle came out, and she strode in, letting Julian get the best
possible eye-full of her perfectly exercised body.

To Be Continued...

© 2006 Julian Gomez  

Julian Gomez is an artist & writer who lives in San Antonio, Texas