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by M. Earl Smith

Summer was finally starting to fade, and the air during the 3rd week of September was brisk, it was not
uncomfortable. At this point, I had given up on figuring out how you managed to get out from under your
mother's thumb long enough for us to do what we did. Her summary judgements of a group of people that I
considered some of the finest in the world irked me to no end, but there was little I could do but suffer it, and
wait for you to decide that a world outside of what she had planned for you was worth having.

It hadn't cost much to rent the time at the pay lake, and while I've always seen using a pay lake as cheating, I
figured the privacy of having the place to ourselves was well worth it. It was relaxing, really, with a blanket on
the ground, curled up under another, watching lazily as the fish decided not to bite. I was close to you, with
you curled up against my side, and if we caught a fish or not mattered little to me.

We had laid in silence for about an hour, when you rolled over and looked at me expectantly. I grinned, and
kissed your neck. "Something on your mind, April?" I muttered into your ear as I nibble gently.

You laughed, and pushed me away. "You know, I haven't forgot about the bet you made with me. After all, I
did catch a ton of fish compared to you."

I stared at you for a moment, shaking my head. I had hoped you'd forgotten. Apparently not. "You're right. I'm
assuming you want me to pay up? Okay, what did you have in mind?"

You chuckled, and, after a quick glance around, you brought your mouth to my ear and whispered, giggling a
little bit as you did. "Eat my pussy, Daryl. Right here next to the lake."

My eyes widen in surprise, then excitement, as I lean in to bite your neck again. You shrug me off. "I said my
pussy, Daryl. I won the bet and now I'm demanding payment. Get to it."

I stared at you a moment, before shrugging and crawling under the blankets. I quickly started to work your
shorts off when you slapped me on top of the head. "Slowly," you say. "I'm going to enjoy this."

I shrugged as I slowly started to remove your shorts, inch by inch, allowing my fingers to tickle along the
outside of your thighs as I do. You shivered a little bit, yet said nothing, only taking a moment to reach
beneath the cover to play with my hair. Grinning, I slowly pulled your legs apart and start to rub your pussy
through your panties with just the tip of my fingertips, up and down, up and down, slowly. Your thighs
trembled, but you said nothing, and I have a sneaking suspicion that you were trying to watch the fishing
poles as I work.

I noticed that you're already starting to get wet. I leaned in and started to lick your panties, pushing my
tongue against your moist cunt. The hairs from my beard tickled the inside of your thighs a little, and you
shivered again, saying nothing. You did, however, take a moment to rake your fingernails through my hair.
Grinning, I continued to work my tongue in slow circles, even as my fingers came up to dance along your
panty line.

By this point, I could taste you through the thin fabric, but I paid it no attention. Instead, I rose up for a
moment, taking the band of your panties in my teeth. I slowly started to work them down your thighs, chuckling
as you raised your hips to accommodate me. Once I reached your feet, I bunched them up and tossed them
to the side. I slowly kissed my way back up your thighs, taking a moment to nibble here and there before I
arrived back at your pussy.

My tongue started to lick slow circles around your clit, although I, now and again, switched to up and down
and side to side motions, just to keep you guessing. Around the same time, I inserted my middle finger into
your pussy and started to wiggle it, first slowly, then with a little bit more fervor, as I felt your thighs squeeze in
slightly against my head. You let a soft moan escape from your lips, but little else, as you continued to rake
your fingers across my scalp.

Encouraged, my tongue continued to tease your clit as I inserted a second finger. My hand dampened even
more as I worked on you, and it is with a perverse delight that I noticed you started to slowly buck your hips,
pressing against the pressure from both my tongue and my fingers. The blanket beneath us started to soak
through, but I could not have cared less. I licked you with more excitement, feeling your juices start to drip
down my chin. My fingers worked at the same labored pace, as if I've taken your command of sloth and used
it as a challenge to tease you for as long as you could handle it.

Apparently, you'd reached your limit. Your hips bounced off the ground with excitement, and, with little
warning, save for a smothered shriek, I felt you let loose and come all over my face, engulfing me in a warm
rush of your essence. I maintained the same pace as you go through the motions of completing your orgasm
and, once you finish, you sighed with contentment and start to pull away.

My tongue never left your swollen clit as I shook my head and continued at the exact same pace that I set
earlier, clutching your thighs as I held you in place. I've fulfilled my end of the bargain, so I set out to make
you come again, to remind you who, exactly, is in charge. I worked my fingers a little faster as I raked the tips
of my teeth across your now-engorged pussy and licked some more, noting with delight that you are both
shaking and bucking against my assault. My cock hardened even more, and, with little warning, I realized your
arousal is so great that I was going to come without so much as entering you.

I came, and moaned in delight as you did the same, this time almost exploding out of the cocoon of blankets
as you do, shaking and trembling and all but shouting, barely containing your voice, lest we disturbed
someone. We collapsed in a heap, I still between your legs, and you, covered in sweat, still with enough mind
to reach down and absently stroke my hair. I kissed your stomach and chuckled, and you giggled as well.
"You're gonna have to wash this blanket,” you muttered. A fish was running with one of the lines, but neither
of us cared .I smiled, and kissed your stomach again. "Maybe I'll leave it like it is."
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