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Forbidden Desires
by Tiffany©

We were both married, and both unfulfilled sexually. So we had the chance
meeting of a lifetime and enjoyed each other's passion instead. It was raunchy
sex 2-3 times a week. Can't beat that, but I wasn't supposed to fall in love with
her. Where was this going to take me? There was no purpose. Fun that's all I
wanted. No strings attached wild sex a couple of times a week.

Now, I was looking down at her. She was bathed in oil, in the hot sun. Her lips
were pink with a bit of gloss. All I could think about was those lips wrapped
around my manhood. I was getting hard just thinking about it. God, she just
makes me crazy. Her sexuality was unmatched. She was insatiable, exactly what I
loved most about her.

She laid there looking very sexy. Her skin was glistening in the sun. I wanted so
much to caress her, spread her legs and devour her intensely. But she was
napping peacefully and I didn't want to disturb her. After all, we were just making
love for the past several hours. And I was dying to make tonight another
passionate one.

There was something about her, but I couldn't figure it out. Something was
extremely alluring; it wasn't just that she was beautiful. She was, but there was
more to her. She was extremely temperamental, maybe that was it, the
unpredictability of how she was for the day. Damn, sometimes I just wanted to kill
her. She drove me crazy in more than one way. At times, she pissed me off so
much and I didn't want to deal with her, but then she would whisper in my ears
how much she missed me, desired me, craved me and I was doomed. I said to
myself, alright one more month and I'm done. That was a year ago and Christ; I
am still so aroused by her.

She's starting to stir; she stretches a little, opens one eye and looks my way.
She smiles just so. She reaches out for me to hold her and kiss her. Well, I knew
where that was going to lead. I couldn't resist, so I lean into her and kiss her fully
on the lips. She purrs and moans lightly and whispers in my ears, "Can you lick
my pussy for just a little bit? Mmmm, I love that." Man, here we go again, like I
said, she's insatiable. But I got no complaints; I love nothing more than to eat her
for hours. She just tastes so good to me. And whenever I get a taste of her, my
member points straight up. It gets so hard, it hurts. That's another thing; she
always knows how to take care of me. She gives as much as she gets. Well, not
really, because I need a lot. But she would just suck on my cock for hours and
really enjoy it. Sometimes, I just want to explode in her mouth, but I savor the
moment to burst inside her pussy. I love to be inside her pussy. She is so warm
and always wet for me. Best of all, she wants me all the time. Most women are
done after an hour or two, but not her. She wants me in there for 5-6 hours and
then tells me that she just wants me to stay in a little bit longer. Just a little bit.
When she says that in her bedroom voice, I just can't hold back and get even
harder. I think I might one day die of exhaustion. But would that be so bad, die
from passionate lovemaking? I bet not many men could claim that.

She is much younger than me, so I can't quite figure out what is she doing with
me. Or why she desires me so much. She tells me that I'm all she wants and that
only my cock satisfies her. I would love to believe her, but I'm sure she tells that
to all her lovers. I give her total freedom, but in all honesty, I need her to be only
mine. I need her pussy to only want me and nobody else. There's something
about knowing there's a person out there that desires you with passionate. That
thinks about you and your cock all the time. I think that might be the biggest
strong point in our connection. But who knows and who cares? Just as long as
she is wet for me and desires me like no other, I'm in.

I'm licking her and she is spreading her legs open even further for me. She
reaches down and spreads open her clit so I can get the full taste of her. Her hot
pink long nails on the pink lips of her pussy are a sight for sore eyes. I start to
devour her the way she loves it. She tells me to stick my tongue in her hole, the
place that is reserved for my cock. She begs me to finger her and fuck her with
my tongue at the same time. I put my fingers in her pussy and spread her open
wider for my tongue to plunge in her. She is dripping with pussy juice and I'm all
too happy to lap it all up. I put my tongue in and out of her like I was fucking her
and she is cry out, begging for more. I put three fingers in her and finger fuck
her. She rocks with me and brings my fingers in deeper. My thumb goes towards
her clit and I play with all parts of her pussy. She is squirming, not knowing what
she wants next. No fear, I know what she wants next, my cock. I take my fingers
out and she says, "No, go back in me. I need to have a part of you in me.
Always." I tell her, don't worry Baby, you'll have a part of me in you soon enough.
My cock by now was so hard, I could barely stand. As I'm about to mount her,
she takes hold of my cock and pulls me towards her mouth. I hover over her, all
10". I tease her; not letting her put all of me in. She moans and says that she
loves sucking on me and is dying to deep throat me. Wow, she's a maniac, and I
love it. I lower my cock in her mouth. She takes me in. Ahhh, the feeling is
incredible. The warmth and wetness is almost like her pussy. She takes hold of
my cock again and leads the rhythm, the pace. Sometimes I think she enjoys
sucking on me as much as I enjoy being sucked on. Nothing better than oral with
someone that enjoys giving it. She licks the head, pumps him in her mouth, swirls
around her tongue. She takes him and puts him to the side, popping it in and out
of her mouth. The visual is amazing. Then she says, "Fuck my mouth." Mmmm,
she talks very sexy to me and I grow even harder for her. The veins of my cock
are full of blood and I think I might explode. She wraps her lips real tight around
my member and starts twisting and turning, creating wild sensations in me.

Then suddenly, she wiggles around and begs me to eat her pussy while she
lovingly savors my cock. Oooo, love that position. I eat her, devour her, finger
her, all the while having my cock deep in her mouth. Both sensations are doing
me in, I can't hold back and I blast cum all over her mouth. She loves that. She
grabs hold of my ass and presses firmly, making my cock go deeper into her
mouth. My body shakes from the intensity of my orgasm. She knows that this is
not the last of me, so she rights herself and places her head on my shoulder.
She asks me to make her cum and I happily oblige. I play with her pussy some
more, she spreads her clit, my finger goes in and out of her pussy. She takes
her fingers and stops all the blood from circulating into her clit. Her pussy lips fill
up, swollen from all the pumped up blood. This is my signal that her orgasm is
near. My other hand goes for her breast. She loves the combination of feelings. I
massage her breast and nipples real hard, almost kneading them. Her breath
becomes rapid. She moans softly and tells me, "Yeah, just the way I love it." I
continue swirling my fingers around, following the movement of her body. I
plunge my fingers in her one more time and I know this takes her over the edge.
I place my fingertips hard on her clit, rubbing just so. She comes with intensity,
the same as mine. He body shakes and starts to sweat. Her body jolts a bit and
then shutters. I know I have accomplished my goal. She is lying peacefully on
me, ready to take another shut eye. She smiles one more time and whispers in
my ear, "Mmmm, I just love my Teddy Bear. You are so passionate." She barely
gets the last syllable out, before she is nuzzled against me and breathing heavily.

I look down on her and I know that this is more than just passionate sex. I'm
loving the feeling that emits when I cum inside her. Love the feeling of her
stillness, as she lies next to me. It's a comfort level, one I have never felt.

Alright, I guess I'll give her two more months instead of one.

© 2015 Tiffany

Tiffany is a freelance writer in fiction and erotica. She travels half the year to exotic
destinations all over the world. Her inspirations come from her lover, her travels and a very
sexy mind.  
Forbidden Desires
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