Forever Yours
Story Codes: FF. Sci-fi

Forever Yours
by David Rasmussen

Chapter 1

The wind whipped through her, chilling her to the bone even through her thick
battle armor. The tall grass about her whipped about as she ran towards the
slowly expanding portal gate, her thoughts only on destroying the anchors that
was solidifying the gate.

The world was alien to her, dropped on a planet as the beachhead group set to
prepare for the coming of the gatherers and harvesters to strip the world of
natural resources.

But it was her first outbound mission on a uninhabited planet, so she wasn‘t as
hardened or bitter as her associates in concerns to the mission at hand. For all
intent and purposes she was a bright eyed bushy tailed youth of so-so
appearance, and greater enthusiasm. She sported short dirty blonde hair, and
an overall likable personality (which she supposed was at least minor
compensation for being neither ridiculously knock dead beautiful or rich). Taking
the new girl on what should have been a simple mission to a normal uninhabited
planet didn‘t seem like much, but once things went out and it turned out to be
anything but a simple mission… then they no doubt regretted assigning her to
the mission.

The anamorphic humanoids she was “violently” introduced to (via a long fall into
the middle of a farming community from a tall cliff) were quite peaceful, and knew
nothing of violence even if violence was about to be visited upon them by an
invading force meant to steal the planet’s vital resources. They were fairly well
off technology wise, using a strange mix of strange “tech” and what could only be
referred to as “magic” in their lives. Things powered by fossil fuels back on
homeworld was powered by a strange mystical energy tapped from the planet’s
own “leylines” of cosmic power, providing a limitless source of energy (as energy
spent was absorbed back into the leylines and flowed once again to be tapped
and then remerged). A source of pure neverending “Natural” energy, perfect for
a world hungry for energy to the point that it stripped alien worlds of the very
resources they used up in mass quantities on their own world.
But she wasn’t fighting for ideals, morals or a just cause.

The moment she was smitten with “Stacy“ she knew that things couldn‘t go on as
she was ordered. Stacy was her caretaker assigned to her as she healed from
her injuries. She was assigned to her when her battered body shocked several
farmers when she was pushed off a cliff by a backstabbing teammate. Stacy was
a young female of 20 years, height wise she came up to her (Tracy) height, up to
shoulder height, though her size disadvantage didn’t speak of strength as Stacy
was strong enough to benchpress Tracy (which she did once to carry her to
medical aid).

Overall in appearance shee was humanoid (in fact from the neck down to her
pussy she was all human female in appearance (as this large area on her front
was bare of fur and very human in skin appearance and tone)).

The rest of her was human like as well except for a few points.

Her body for the most part (except the front) was covered in a short soft fur, a
light peach cream color with streaks of a darker carmel along the back and down
the limbs like racing stripes). Her fingers had strong retractable claws that she
used to climb things, scale trees or ascend up the side of certain structures or
barriers. Her feet were like humans, but had more flexibility and strength
(allowing her to jump longer and higher than humans). Finally she had her long
fluffy tail and feral facial appearance (half human/half fox in appearance with a
short snout, thick furry ears (soft and so cute looking) and a long mane of hair
striped a hot pink (tied up into a ponytail).

When Tracy fell in love with her, that was the moment she decided to put a stop
to the planetary harvest planned by the human homeworld before it began. And
once she could get back on her feet she had been running ragged trying to stop
the portals, this one being the last of the portals to shut down..

As she raised her large rifle she began to pick off the portal spheres one at a
time, collapsing the portal in upon itself. As she shot the last one the portal
exploded violently -- a first as all the other portals collapsed harmlessly.
Obviously her former allies (who had fled the world once she began collapsing
the portals) knew what Tracy was up to and decided to destroy the last portal on
their own, punishing him as he was thrown by the explosion. Spiteful of them. As
she hit the ground, rolling over a few times painfully, he briefly thought of Stacy.
Then she fell into darkness.

Briefly she woke up to Stacy, face full of worry, picking her up to carry out of harm
‘s way. She could hear words, talking, but they were speaking in the language
Tracy knew as that world’s native tongue so he couldn’t understand it (only
through little spell straps worn around the neck could they speak other
languages). As she fell back into darkness she felt as if something important was
about to happen.

And she couldn’t be more right about that even if she tried.

* * * * * *
When she woke up about 2 and a half weeks had passed, and Stacy had

Stacy was there by the bedside waiting for her to wake. Her warm reassuring
smile comforting Tracy as she opened her eyes. It was as if nothing had
happened, but in fact quite abit had happened.

After she brought Tracy back to the village to be cared for, as she told the story
to Tracy, it seemed the her village council had tried to separate them only for
Stacy to become violent at the thought. The specifics wasn’t clear, and she
refused to say more, but in the end they clipped one of her ears (as a sign of her
disgrace) and banished her from the village with Tracy forever. So, as it seemed,
they were now homeless since this world had as much backwards beliefs about
gays/lesbians as her own homeworld.. And that’s when she told Tracy of a place
to settle down in an area where people didn’t mind “foreigners” (or couples of
same sex relationships).

While Tracy was healing it seemed Stacy took it upon herself to make
arrangements for the two of them along with her female friends to take a trip up
to a mountainside village to relocate. A trip for skiing, relaxation and celebration
of the passing of a year… as well as a trip to relocate the duo and give them a
new start in a bias free community.

Stacy’s adopted aunt Fiona (a human red fox hybrid, mostly human except for
the fur, long red tail and feral features including her cute short snout nose and
furry ears) invited them all up to celebrate with family and friends, as well as to
make a life for themselves in the community away from the “lesser educated“.
Not in any condition to argue or protest Tracy did what she was told and was
promptly dismissed into Stacy’s care for the trip.

Tonight, however, on the eve of the trip she wasn’t sleeping very well.

Tracy sighed deeply, curled up abit in her motel bed feeling rather miserable.
“I am so damn useless…” she sighed, thinking to herself how she could have
done something to stop what happened to Stacy. If only she wasn’t unconscious
for so long she could have spared Stacy the humiliation of being branded an

Damn fools doing that to her, she thought, feeling the bitterness fade as she felt
sleep slowly reaching out to take her. She had more important things to worry

Sleep somehow overtook her.

She dreamed that she was walking through the grocery store naked, on her own
as Stacy sometimes insisted on doing some shopping herself. As she walked
about picking up a few things on their list she was approached by an older gent
who was praiseful of Tracy’s actions to save their world. He then brought up
Stacy, and when she mentioned dinner the gentleman promptly pointed at the list
and recommended buying a specific meat. “Ladies always feed their mates it
before sex. Makes them real animals in bed!”

But, as the wolf male (grey tinted coat) grinned his silly grin, she guessed her
talking companion knew a thing or two of being an “animal” in bed (pun intended).
Still the thought of bringing it up, what the older male said, made her feel most
uncomfortable, especially since she knew she picked up that exact meat he
mentioned just a few minutes ago. She couldn’t bring herself to ask -- too afraid
of what Stacy would say. She just didn’t know how to phrase it, she guessed.

It felt a tad bit like disappointment to be served pasta for dinner then, the meat in
question not coming into play without a mention or afterthought. Still she did
manage to keep her poker face even as it was killing her on the inside to wonder
what was happening with the meat she picked up. Still, if Stacy didn’t want to talk
about it.

That’s when she, with a playful grin, said “Only male wolves get horny eating
meat. It’s an old wives’ tale every race gets turned on by red meat.“

“Selfish!” she hissed at herself in anger back in her bed, berating her own
feelings for Stacy. “It’s not fair to force her to have sex just because I’m ready for
it. Lusting for it… evil… I don’t want to hurt her, rush it, make a mistake --” (teeth
clenches as she holds back the onrush of emotion) “Errgghh…”

“We’re not a mistake.” the comforting voice in the back of his mind whispered, as
two strong loving arms wrapped themselves about her, as she felt her lover’s
nude form press against her back. “I‘m not a child.”

“Sorry.” Tracy mumbled half heartedly, feeling abit drained by her inner ragings.
At that apology Stacy giggled and said “My precious doesn’t need to be sorry. I
should be.” (a brief kiss in the back of the neck, causing Tracy to shudder) “I can’
t wait anymore. I’m non-existent as far as family goes so I don’t have anyone to
explain my sex life to. It’s my body in anycase, and my decision who to share
myself with… not theirs.“

“I’m an idiot.” she sighed inwardly.

“Then I’m an idiot too.“ Stacy countered, “I have to tell you -- show you how I feel
for you. Let you know I’ll always be there for you, as you‘ve been here for me.
Let you know I want to be your one and true, hold you tight and never let go.”

Suddenly her thoughts fled as she rolled over and kissed Stacy full on, Stacy’s
short snout clamped lightly over Tracy’s cheeks as their tongues danced and
“embraced”. Their arms holding each other’s nude forms tight, intoxicating to
Tracy’s already needy disposition).

‘To spend all my days with her, forever sharing her bed as life mates. Oh

Fingers slowly pinch and toy with Stacy's nipples as she leans her head back,
Tracy leans forward to kiss her neck as she toys with Stacy’s nipples. “Naughty
girl!” she sighed breathlessly, relishing in Stacy’s body, “You drive me wild just
by being alive!!“

Stacy's hand knew what to do, as she manually masturbated her lover’s sex,
bringing throaty groans and moans from her as she did so. Stacy’s touch burned
her on a sensual level, her body shuddering as Stacy worked her over. Not
wanting to leave Stacy out she returned the favor, methodically working Stacy’s
own clean shaven pussy with her fingers as Stacy did likewise in turn. Tit for tat,
so to say.

They went on, for long moments, masturbating each other until at last Stacy
could take it no more, spreading her legs she impaled Tracy’s pussy on her
thigh, even as she moved to catch her own cunt on top of Tracy’s thigh. Both
women cried out, clinging onto each other as each worked to hump the other
woman repeatedly on their slowly moistening thigh. First their breaths caught,
then breathing became ragged as their precum soaked their thighs, a feeling of
impending release spurring their actions to greater heights. Their hands kept
busy, first by embracing each other then by massaging each other’s tits, fingers
pulling and pinching hard nipples and massaging soft tits in turn.Stacy’s head
whipped back and forth, her short snout ajar as a high pitched mewling howl
indicated that she was enjoying her dual ravishment overtaking her. Goddess,
this was heaven.

They both began to tense as their moments rose, Tracy’s eyes focused only on
Stacy before her as they made love, sweat rolling from their bodies as they
strained closer towards release. Stacy suddenly nudges Tracy’s arms out of the
way and embraced her fully, locking their bodies tight as their thighs continued
humping like mad towards impending release, their mouths once again locked in
a deep soul searing kiss.

It worked. The dual ravishment of pussy humping and their bodies tightly
embraced acted like a drug pushing the both of them quicker to climax. The
room filled with the sound of their passions, the heat of their love climbing higher
and higher.

As the moment hit, and climax came, as they both screamed, body rigid and
tense as waves of undying pleasure washed over them. The moment lasted
seemingly forever, and Tracy’s whole body felt like one large pussy cumming
forever and ever over her lover’s soft body. Then, finally the collapsed into bed
exhausted from the ordeal, unable to move for what seemed the longest time
cuddling and petting.

Goddess, Tracy thought, we’re going to be like this forever and ever… the two of

Slowly, they fell into a deep sleep, naked and embraced in each other's arms,
dead to the world and only real to each other as dreams overtook them.

To Be Continued

© 2008 David Rasmussen

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