Forever Yours
Story Codes: FF. Sci-fi

Forever Yours
by David Rasmussen
Chapter 2

Stacy was about to turn 12 cycles old… which in human terms was 24
years due to the fact Stacy's homeworld counted year cycles
differently than humans (as the homeworld spun at a slower rate than

Originally (before she was exiled from her home village) she meant to
travel to her aunt's home to celebrate her birthday with Tracy, but
now it seemed it would be a double trip to celebrate both her birthday
and life together in this new home. The morning they packed up their
things and traveled to the Traveller Station she knew that this would
be the last morning in her hometown. Somehow, however, she wasn't
bitter… as long as Tracy was with her she could never be bitter about

The trip itself was spectacular, as always. The views from the
Traveller, a huge hovering train that traveled along a single long
crystalline "rail" which "guided it from station to station and
village to village, was great as always. From the coastline the train
went slowly upwards and upwards, across long valleys and scenic
grasslands up towards the mountains and their own grand views across
the wide landscapes about them.

"Wow!" Tracy whispered in admiration, her head resting on Stacy's
shoulder as she looked out the huge window. "I lived my whole life by
the sea on my homeworld so I never been up this high… the views

Stacy sighed, relishing the closeness as they watched the world pass
them by, her tail thumping happily between the two. "Can you spare a
moment for a drink?" Aunt Fiona asked, passing two soda like
carbonated drinks to the two as she turned to look at the scenery
herself. "Thank you, aunty." Stacy spoke softly, pressing the button
on top of the bottle to open it, sipping her drink as the tall trees
lining the highlands whizzed by them to either side. "Your strong,
precious." she said to Tracy, "Most people (myself included) usually
get motion sick the first time they ride on the Traveler this high up,
what with all the twists and turns the train takes along the crystal

"You both must have a strong constitution since (as I remember it)
Stacy there didn't get as sick as she's hinting about."

"I did too!"

"Your face just blew up like a airfish, that's all!" her aunt
countered, "Most people usually hurl their innards out onto the
flooring halfway up."

Cries of "AUNTIE" and "FIONA" filled the cabin.
"Thanks, Fi, really!" one of Stacy's friends named Reilly (a dog-girl
looking Collie lady said as she frowned at Fiona) "Just don't move
about if you get easily motion sick! That's what I did my first trip

"The motion sickness comes from the swaying of the train during turns
(as the hover mode is soft hover to conserve power, meaning the
slightest turn telegraphs into train tilting, with stronger turns
(like along the mountain spine trails) telegraphing as strong swaying
motions (hence the motion sickness)."

"Gee, thanks Airia." Reilly sighed. "What a smart girl like you…" (a
beautiful grey furred wolf girl) "…is doing falling in love with a
dummy like Fi is a mystery to me (and all of us in general)."

"Hey!!" Fiona retorted, frowning visibly, "Changing the subject, have
you seen the place you and Tracy are moving into yet, Stacy dearest?"

"I've been there before only twice, back when my uncle was still
alive." (turns to Tracy who looks confused) "He was abit of a black
sheep too, Tracy, so he willed me the place to live after he went on
to a better place…"

Tracy: "So…" (gently takes Stacy's hands into her own) "…he's…"

Stacy: "Living on the Golden Coast with his male husband. They're

Tracy: "…urgk…" (wipes forehead) "Well, changing subject here I've
never been to a winter home before, or a summer one for that matter
(I've been an apartment dweller my whole life it seems). So it's my
first time. And---" (gulps) "---come to think of it, it's also my
first time skiing and playing in snow as well so forgive me if I
embarrass you."

Stacy smiles her serene smile, "You could never embarrass me,
precious. Never." she whispered softly, her smile melting Tracy's cold
feeling in her stomach by a little bit.

"That's because she can't ski either and she'd probably just want to
spend lots of time at the hot springs, or at the Carbo Huts drinking
Sweet Carbolots, or just lying in her huge bed having wall to wall sex
with you."


"You know you're the only one drawing attention to us, dearest, I'm
talking in a normal voice and you're… now, now!!" (blushes as she
waves her niece off) "No need to turn red in the face like that! I'll
behave! I'll behave for the rest of the tr -- oh, wait, we're here!"

As the Traveler reached the village Fiona quickly took a few minutes
to point out every place to get hot Carbolots, hot springs to visit,
and places to buy fat thick strap on dicks and lube… until Stacy
screamed one last time and covered her face in the hood of her jacket.
It took five minutes to get her to uncover her face again.

* * * * * *

"Well…" Tracy remarked the moment they reached their new home. "…we
won't be too cramped even with your auntie and friend moving in."

The place was huge. A two story house that seemed rather Earthian in
apperarance. In fact a lot of the buildings in the village seemed like
a strange offshoot of Victorian meets Suburban Ranch homes. Just
enough elegance with enough of affordable charm to make the community
feel like a normal working girl's hometown and yet snazzy enough to
have a gated community feel to it.

The house was secluded into a cute cul-de-sac of similar homes, at the
end of the street which was lit up in beautiful lights which Fiona
warned was a year round thing. "The community had a choice between
glaring city street pods and old fashioned glowing lamps and neither
worked… so they split the difference with old fashioned glowing lamps
with streets lined with these festive glowing colorful lights… we're
not sure why but there's just something… calming about all the

"Makes it look like Christmas every day of the year." Tracy offered.

"That's nice." (Fiona) "…what's Kristmess?"

Beyond the cul-de-sac of homes was a huge hillside with lots of
privacy given by trees surrounding it, and several smaller hills
(between the streets around them) providing for plenty of space for
skiing and other winter activities. "And when it's green and hot it's
great for picnics out here…" Stacy added.

"Though it'll still have the Christmasy feel with all these lights all
year round, won't it precious."

"Yes… whatever Crispness is."

Tracy and Stacy went to move into their new bedroom of their new home
as the others went back into the downtown area to get dinner.

* * * * * *

The room (like the rest of the massive house) was large, with a giant
bed which Tracy knew she and her lover were going to be breaking in in
short order. As they set up Tracy smiled, "How many people are going
into exile with us again?"

"Just us. Auntie and her lover are moving in because they like the
idea of living here (always wanted the place). Then there's Reilly and
Grace, who are moving here since Reilly married someone from a snobby
family who thinks Reilly is beneath her life mate."

"Uh… but isn't Grace a…"

"A what?" Stacy asked, to which her love said, "A great big skunk?"

In truth Grace did resemble, in human terms, a skunk girl… but since
there was no such creature in this world Stacy only shook it off
without further comment. She didn't understand Tracy's drive, nor
would she if pressed. She did find it curious that Tracy was worried
about Grace's sense of smell. "She smells just fine." she told Tracy
once, "I don't think she has problems with her nose."

Suddenly something Fiona told her just before they boarded the
Traveler came to mind as she unpacked. "Have you ever heard of a
shrine near here? A sacred pool of spring water?"

"Yes. It's just above us in the hills near the cul-de-sac (in the
circle of trees a few clicks away)."

* * * * * * *

"What am I doing here…" Tracy muttered, looking about her in a daze.
Sneaking out after she was sure Stacy was sleeping soundly… as
as she could after sex.

Stacy slid between her lover's legs, her strap on lubed and ready as
she looked down at Tracy's waiting form. "Oh goddess you're so
beautiful." she rasped, her snout clenched as her fur seemingly stood
on end. Tracy had been dominate at first, but once worn out she gave
herself willingly to her stronger more energetic lover. Her seemingly
endless energy amazed her, how Stacy could go and go and go and never
wear out for the longest time.

First Stacy knelt down and took her lover's cunt into her snout,
giving her oral pleasure gently even as she gingerly held her jaw
filled with sharp fangs open to lovingly deliver oral pleasure to her
beloved. Tracy's hands gingerly massaged her breasts under the assault
of her lover's expert tongue and fingers, bliss rippling over her very

Suddenly Stacy moved forward, her hard rubber dick moving right up to
the very edge of her lover's cunt, just pressing against it as Stacy
breathlessly hovered over Tracy mere inches from her. Her face was
strained, her need rising again as it began to overtake her. Seconds
later she would be fucking Tracy hard, gripping her human love tight
as she sank her teeth into her love's shoulder, relentlessly fucking
as her own bliss drove her into a raging fuck frenzy, her neural dildo
transmitting every bang into Tracy's pussy right into Stacy's mind
feeding her need to cum.

Of course after this Stacy would be crying in Tracy's arms, ashamed
again that sex turned so violent in her need. Tracy never minds, even
as the little floating bot heals her shoulder wound as her lover cries
in her arms. Nothing Stacy could do would make Tracy hate her, their
love was too strong… and, she didn't want to tell Stacy this, but she
in fact loved it when her lover was this "intimate" with her. A little
pain mixed with a demonic pleasure in her lover's arms was worth it.

Just surrendering herself bodily wasn't enough though.,
As they rose to climax Tracy felt her lover's snout tighten on her
flesh, tears forming in her eyes as the inevitable rose and rose
within her. Inevitable climax, but far more than just simple climax as
during sex earlier with Tracy in charge. Far more than that.
Gripped tight in her frenzy, all she could do is rock Tracy back and
forth in her grip as Tracy erupted in orgasmic release, her head
whipping back and forth as she screamed, her whole body seemingly
cumming from cunt to tits in an endless release.

But the moment Stacy dreaded was her own release, a powerful mind
numbing cum that filtered through the rubber neural dildo and shot out
in endless strings of cum with each mechanical heave and jerk of the
device. Her jaw gripped tight one more time, and muffled her last
scream as a thick strong scented cum splattered into Tracy's cunt,
"marking" her as Stacy's in an intimate marking orgasm that was only
shared between life mates.

Tracy found herself standing in the center of a large circular area of
tall green trees, a carpet of white snow and patches of moss/rocks,
with a small pond dominating the center of the area. Briefly she
touched her hips, her cunt twitching slightly at the memory of having
sex with Stacy. She was holding up well enough, with Stacy keeping
pace as a lover should, but still she was only human and only could
take so much. But then again that's why she was there, wasn't she, so
she'd never have to worry about living up to her lover's
her mind snapped back into focus as she looked about her surroundings.

The entire pond area itself was surrounded by a small rock wall,
within the only signs of green near the glowing water could be seen
admist the wide carpet of white. It was everything she was told of by
Fiona… "B-but---" (looks about abit disappointed) "Where's the
This can't be the shrine..." (walks over to the pond looking at it
closely, wanting to touch the shimmering water yet afraid to do so.
"This is the shrine. It has to be. This pond…"

As Tracy looked on in awe, she was startled by a voice from behind
her. "This is a natural mana pool."

Quickly spinning about Tracy comes face to face with a young female
hiker (a grey furred wolf girl wearing a winter hiking outfit, her
long mane of hair abit mussed as she stumbles into the clearing
looking abit winded. "Sorry, I'm pooped…" (leans against a tree
looking on) "Don't mind me. I just came here to catch my breath."

Tracy, however, wouldn't let the topic be shifted so quickly. "Mana?"

"The planet's life force." the young female said as she waved a hand
towards the pool in a slight gesture, "The planet's lifeblood if you
will. What makes the planet live and breath, and thus capable of
sustaining living breathing… life." (sighs) "Sorry, I'm not firing on
all rods right now. Just tired."

As she again motions to the water, Tracy's attention turns back to it,
a hand reaching down to dip into the clear glowing crystal blue water.
As her hand pulls back up, she draws up some water in it, allowing it
to slip through her fingers like a sparkling blue diamond shower. Each
and every drop glittering in the moonlight (of the three moons above),
making a soft and beautiful chiming noise as it hit the still blue
surface causing ripples to form on the pond's face.

"It's beautiful." she whispered, awestruck by the spectacle.

"Just imagine what it'd be like to have a water feature in your front
yard pumping mana water like that…" (the female sighs as she
into a sitting position) "And I can't believe I said that."

"Is it true? What they say…?"

The female, already rubbing her face with a small towel from a side
pouch, looks up in confusion. "Well I get a little horny on full moons
but I'm not an animal looking to pound any cunt I run across if that
what you…" (silence) "…and that's not what you meant…" (ergh)
(cough cough) "…what did you mean, while I am capable of speaking
without shoving my leg down my throat in some embarrassing leap of
conversational logic."

"Once a year, on someone's birthday (or on the behest of somebody's
birthday), the pond grants wishes. Is that true?"

The female thinks about it, then shrugs "I wished once for it to rain
horny cheerleaders and that never happened… then again that night I
nailed Kisha the lead cheerleader and made it rain cum in her bed all
night lo--" (silence) "And I'll learn to limit my answers to yes or no
from now on."

"So it's true, then? It'll grant any wish?"

"Not exactly. Only wishes made from a good heart, and with good
intentions. (which is why it didn't make it rain little tight
outfitted pussies since I guess it's not good intentioned to beg for
orgy sex…"

Suddenly a question dawns on the female's  mind. "Do you have a wish?"

"To be honest---" Tracy sighs as she moves to sit near the female "I
really haven't felt like I had a wish worthy enough of the pond…
except… maybe a wish that'll make my lover's life easier."

"So then… what's your wish?"

Suddenly Tracy realized something "Aren't you freaked out sitting next
to a hairless featureless thing like me talking about wishes? I…"

"This village is for all of us hiding out from people with those kinds
of ignorances, remember? Anyway you're not the first hoomon I've seen,
I've seen a few (you're not my type though, hoomons are too furless
and slick skinned, I prefer a pussy I can grip my fingers into and
really get a good hold of, with a coat that's just right with enough
softness and audibility…" (sighs) "I'll shut up now."

"That'd be great, dearest."

From one side a tall woman (a black fox girl with several tails
whipping behind her as she enters), walks in. She wore ski clothes and
had one of those strange mystically charged hovering snowboard that
Fiona loved so much slung onto her back. Over one shoulder she carried
a large pack, which she held onto as if it carried something precious.
"Oh, hi. I'm on holiday and I misplaced my overtly talkative yet
beloved life mate. Have you seen a female like that? All grayish and
easily lulled into providing the most intimate details of her life…"

"Give me a break." she sighed, standing up to meet her lover. "Some of
us are not as hyper energetic about bodily flinging ourselves down
tall slopes in some sort of death wish."

"Yes you don't mind the long sex afterwards by the fireplace once I've
had my snow fun, now do you…" the black fox counters, placing a kiss
gently on her lover's snout as she walks past. "And I've see you made
a new friend. You two roll pussies while I was hitting the slopes?"

"She's not my type, you know that! Hoomons are not my type!"

"Human, deary, she's human." the black fox corrected

To Be Continued

© 2008 David Rasmussen

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