Forever Yours Chapter
Story Codes:  FF, Consensual,  Sci-fi

Forever Yours Chapter 3
by David Rasmussen

"Oh, please forgive my friend, she hasn't had much contact with
humans." (turning towards Tracy) "We moved here a few weeks ago since
my family disapproved of our relationship. It's nice, but getting this
old fuddy duddy to ski is a major hardship no matter how much
"rewards" are promised to her at the end of the day."

"Now who's talking up our sex lives in public." the grey wolf
counters, falling in step behind her companion. "I've only been up on
this slope once or twice and already she's demanding I be some sort of
expert on the area. Me? I'd rather just take a picnic lunch, cuddle,
and go home and fuck but she's so gosh darn demanding! Honestly -- oh,
you live here, right?"

"My lover's auntie has a house over there--- down the hill in that cul-
de sac…"  Tracy motions back the way the two came, to which the two
women turn and look as the fox girl speaks, "Oh, you must be Fiona's
new stepdaughter. I heard she's bragging about you all over town…
to see you live up to expectations."


"Now now…" (Grey wolf female) "…no need to embarrass her, I can see
her pink flesh turning red already from the embarrassment."

The black fox female leans closer to her lover, "Speaking of
embarrassment, where's your SliderBoard again?"

It happened while she was wrapping up her wobbly run that she heard
herself scream, and felt the impact of the collision. As others ran to
see what happened, they found her lying in the snow, a male slung over
her in a 69 position as if he was eating out her…
(End Flashback)

"ALRIGHT!! ALRIGHT!!" (snarls) "I don't know how you know that but
keep it to yourself dammit."

The black fox girl smiles a toothy grin, "I'm just saying that you
know abit about embarrassment… by the way, was it good for you?"

"Cut it out." she wolf female muttered, teeth grinding and sweat
dropping from the explanation (which alone without the visual aids
made her feel all embarrassed and red from head to toe). "I had enough
of the slopes for one day, let's go home."

"Are you in a hurry?" the black fox girl suddenly calls out, turning
back to Tracy, "Well then why don't you come join us for food back at
our place? I promise we don't bite."


The walk back to their place seems rather awkwardly silent for some

* * * * * *

Back at the house -- It was 6AM when the two brought Tracy in.

"I'll get about to making breakfast, it is going to be in a few
minutes or so, please take our guest in the living room and make sure
she's comfortable."

"How was the walk?" Stacy asked, shocking the hell out of Tracy as she
met the two in the living room area. "They're friends of the family. I
thought…" (smirks) "…the first time we meet them would be during a
foursome orgy but this is as good a time to meet as ever."

"The shrine was -- (choke) -- beautiful!" Tracy remarked happily, if
abit aghast at the thoughts running through Stacy's mind.

"Don't worry too much about Eisna (the grey fur) and Bianca (the black
fur), they mean well and are nice friends… and sex with them is sweet
At that Stacy smiled a overtly warm smile that disturbed Tracy greatly.

"I don't think I ever had a orgy before."

"You'll love it, precious." (kisses Tracy softly on her cheek) "Trust


"I'm glad we could meet your beloved, Stacy." Bianca called out as she
brought breakfast in, "Don't forget now, deary."

"I won't. You'll be our first group sex experience."

"That's sweet." (smiles as she finishes the setting, motioning for
Eisna to come forward, "Come on, dear, help me set up for breakfast."

And, with that said, the two went back to setting the table.

* * * * * *

The snow crunched underfoot as the two climbed up into the woods
behind the house. The light of the full moons overhead lighting the
way as they went back towards the mana spring. This time Tracy took
Stacy with her, to see the spring and make their wish.

The wind was still, so all they could hear was the soft crunch of the
snow beneath their boots. But spending the day getting to know her two
new friends better (no sex yet but she felt it wasn't going to be long
before that changed) didn't comfort her about what they were about to

'Tell her before she makes her wish!' Tracy thought to herself,
feeling quite nervous as they walked together, uncertain what Stacy
was going to wish for… but it must have been important for her to let
Tracy escort her.

At this moment, however, all Tracy wished was they were back with the
two new friends experiencing her first taste of orgy sex than out here
in the cold, Stacy about to make her wish.

Nighttime in the cold sterile artificially built cities of her
homeworld would reach a rather cool temperature in winter, but not
this cold. She could almost swear that her face was going numb. She
just wanted to get into the warmth of the house and back into bed --
or into the arms of the cute grey furred fox girl as Stacy tasted the
virtues of the black furred woman.

All of her cold vanished when they entered the shrine clearing, and
the warmth of the mana pool restored her vitality. As they entered the
spring like environment of the shrine's area, they saw Eisna already
there waiting for them, laid out comfortably beneath a nearby tree
waiting for them.

She was wide awake and staring intently at them as they neared the
pool. "So it's time for Stacy to make her wish, eh?"

With a bit of a sigh she grabs her nearby backpack and tries to stick
her head into it, failing. With a slight sigh she passes it to Stacy,
pointing at it with one hand while looking at the two abit sheepishly.
"I bought snacks, I thought we'd chat abit before Stacy went and made
her wish."

* * * * * *

The meal was nice, crackers and cheese, but abit awkward because Tracy
sat silently eating her food and looking rather depressed. Stacy tried
to explain that she had to make her wish alone, but it didn't cheer
Tracy up to know she couldn't be there when Stacy made her wish. Eisna
was a good companion while they waited, but it still ate away at Tracy
that she couldn't be near her love during this most important moment.

A few minutes later Stacy appeared again and sat next to them, digging
into the food before her. Eisna suddenly felt the urge to hit the
slopes so she grabbed her gear and backpack and wandered off ("Bii
must be asleep now so I'm going back to the bedroom covered in snow
and totally freak her out when I jump into bed.") leaving the two the
food and drink while she wandered off.

She was being kind. She knew they wanted to be alone, and she
accommodated them (even if she seemed to have her own agenda for
running off as she did).

Stacy couldn't help feeling a bit guilty as she looked on at the sad
expression on Tracy's face. "I'm sorry you couldn't watch, but it's a
private thing only one person can do. I'm sorry my precious."

"I understand---" Tracy sighed, only to feel her love press a piece of
cheese to her lips, "I know you don't understand -- you're crying."

"I'm not crying --" (Stacy's long fingers move from Tracy's pouty lips
to her cheeks, dabbing away a few tears as she does) "----I'm sorry---
I'm such a baby---"

"I don't blame you for being sad. I made so much of a fuss about it
today I should have told you right off the bat that I had to do it

Stacy sighs, flicking away the last of the tears as she stares Tracy
straight in the eyes, "I should have told you that you couldn't watch,
but I didn't want to depress you and you were so happy with the
idea--- even though you felt abit reluctant about it."

"I was not!" she yelped in her defense, her red blush returning to her
cheeks as she sighed, her lips drooping into a pout as she tried to
put her thoughts to words. "Tell me something, will I ever know---"

"I'll explain everything soon. I promise you that much. Now smile---"
(pokes at Tracy's lips) "Nothing's more beautiful on your lips than a
smile---" (as she watches, a thin smile begins to form) "---now
there's the beloved little human I know." (watching a smile bloom with
her prodding, smiling in turn) "I know what's on your mind."

"No-- n-no you don't---"

"You---" (Tracy suddenly jumps into Stacy's arms, holding her tight)
"I want a hug!"

"You want me to stay forever with you. I want that too."

Tracy leans back, face concerned. "S-Stacy… I…" Suddenly Stacy
up, walking away. "W-wh---"

"Be right back. Hold onto that thought, beloved."

Tracy sighs, lowering her head. "She must be angry with me."

"No I'm not! (And I can totally hear you with my sensitive hearing)!

Before she could respond, a huge cot, quilt, and pillows rains on her
head burying her. For a few confused seconds she lies beneath the
pile, wiggling abit while staring upwards at the quilt in confusion,
before she felt the quilt being peeled off. "Sorry. My bad."(Stacy's
face pops into view as she looks into Mirra's eyes, smiling) "But
you're neither kitty, puppy or fox girl (I am)!" (she reaches forward,
pinching Tracy's cheeks) "But you look so precious wrapped up in the
blankets like this! Like a doll wrapped in a blanket!"

"----" the redness begins to grow in her cheeks, but this time more
happiness than shame. Her smile very wide as she quickly grabs Stacy,
pulling her into the blankets, screaming, "Pillow fight!"

"That's not a pill-- yeow!!" The two take swings at each other,
laughing, as they have their own private little slumber party brawl. A
few minutes later they dress for sleep, and curl up beneath the stars
in each others arms. The two watch the sky for awhile, pointing at the
stars in the sky high above. Finally the two fall asleep.

* * * * * *

The soft sound of moaning, and the heady scent of sex woke Tracy up to
a sight she'd not soon forget. On top of her sat Eisna in the nude,
grinning widely as she moved forward towards her captive "prey". "I
knew you couldn't resist the urge to wake for long…"


"…er… kinda helped that I…" (leans back looking abit sheepish)
hit you a few times with a pillow… (sorry about that but they're
already at it and I'm high maintenance!)"

Tracy's gaze fell upon a sight that made her gasp, only for Eisna's
fingers to shush her. "We're all friends here." she whispered, "I
don't mind sharing my lover if you don't mind…"

Black and crème fur mingled as the two rolled back and forth in a
heated 69, snouts latched on cunts they were both feverishly eating
each other out with a great flair. Heightened high pitched whines and
moans could be heard between them as they thrashed back and forth on
the blanket, sweat dripping from their furless chests as they sought
to draw succor from each one's pussies in turn.

Tracy gasped, her head snapping back to her own partner as she felt
Eisna's grey furred leg push against Tracy's wet pussy. The feeling of
the fur being forcefully rubbed up and down her cunt sent bolts of
sensation and energy through her. Without another thought she pulled
herself up into Eisna latching her mouth down onto the woman's pert
tit, suckling it madly as she shoved her own bare leg in between her
partner's spread legs in turn humping nude flesh upon nude cunt.

The world as spinning as they embraced, Eisna pulling Tracy's face up
to kiss her fully (her snout wrapping about Tracy's face to kiss her
deeply). Sensing Tracy's willingness, Eisna pushed herself back just
enough to once again offer her tits to the human, who quickly wasted
no time in glomping them quickly much to Eisna's delight. Switching
from one to the other, suckling each nipple hard and steady in turn.

Over to one side the trashing bodies of Stacy and Bianca could barely
be seen out of the corner of one eye, both women's snouts greedily
clamped onto the pussy of the other, both women entirely enraptured by
the oral sex each was performing on the other. Suddenly she saw them
tense up, arms shoving each one's legs tight over their heads, as if
muffling the shrieks to come (or to relish the moment). Seconds later
their bodies began to heave and writhe wildly, muffled cries surely
signifying release between the two… but that was all the focus she
could give on the topic, as the thing fucking her cunt became quickly
more important to her than the pussy banging her lover.

Suddenly a sickening thought came to her mind.

She was cheating on Stacy, and vice versa.

This was way too easy, too simple to let pass.

But even now as she hugged Eisna strongly, feeling their sweat kissed
tits pressed tight and close, feel their legs hump up over and over
into their pussies, the slickness forming on their thighs as they
pushed one another to release, somehow it didn't seem so wrong as long
as it was the four of them together.

Suddenly Tracy did something she never did before.
To silence her own screams of passion she clamped her teeth down on
Eisna's shoulder, feeling a rush as she smothered her face into the
grey fur of the woman fucking her, feeling the softness of skin and
fur smother her as she rose to release, pussy already drenching her
lover's leg as she banged her fiercely with it.

It wasn't cheating since they were all there, and once they caught
their breaths they'd switch partners and Tracy would get a taste of
Bianca, and Stacy would try out Eisna, and they'd still be two happy
couples even if the thought of fucking each other's lovers got them
excited. Goddess, she wished, if only her tits could cum too… the
release would be so unbearably precious she'd die just thinking of it.

Eisna held Tracy tight enough, but the moment they came she nearly
smothered her holding her tight as she raised her lips upward and
howled a strong shriek of release. Goddess! It was liberating to cum
in her arms, their bodies thrashing about as their pussies orgasmed, a
strong flow of cum draining down precum laden legs and butt. For long
unbearable seconds the cumming sensation flooded her mind, then it
ended and she fainted into Eisna's waiting arms.

Vague minutes later she felt Stacy pull her into her own grasp, even
as Bianca retrieved her lover into her own grasp, allowing them all to
lie sated and complete in each other's arms. Tracy's mind bleary as
she weakly opened her eyes to gaze upon… an all too human Stacy.

"My wish…" she whispered, "To know what it's like to be human… if
for short periods of time… my love…"

They kissed, briefly let strongly, before the last of her strength was
gone and sleep finally overtook them both.

To Be Continued

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