Forever Yours 4
Story Codes: FF/Lesbian, Consensual, Sci-fi

Forever Yours 4
by David Rasmussen

The sound of sobbing woke Stacy. In her normal fox girl form (since
Tracy could barely make love to the new human Stacy without becoming
guilt ridden) she pulled Tracy into her arms and held her tight,
cuddling her as she cried in her sleep. She didn't need to ask what
was wrong, Tracy had been beating herself up emotionally over Stacy
becoming human to grow closer to her… she felt guilty about it,
feeling that she pressured Stacy into doing something she didn't have to do
to prove her love to Tracy.

"But I wanted to do this…" she whispered, closing her eyes as she held
her love tight, "Why are you suffering for it. Why…"

She didn't want to worry Stacy, trying her best to keep her feeling
in… but it wasn't working, though Stacy would never tell Tracy that
her attempts to shield Stacy was failing.

* * * * * *

"But hey, hey hey!" Eisna complained as she stared across the
breakfast table, "You keep on going on like that, you'll make ME cry!!"

"You crying would be an improvement if you weren't being sarcastic."
Bianca countered as she continued to cook the morning meal, "She
thinks she pressured you to be like her just to keep ahold of her
love, which was bad since she felt that she had to work for your
love…" (sighs) "It'll pass, Stace, trust us… this will all pass and
you two will be just fine."

"Not really. I mean look!!" (Eisna holds up an image of Stacy as a
human (taken that morning as Eisna caught Stacy in the bathroom
grooming for the morning). "How can you smell with that non existent
nose! (And your teeth is so average! Don't go chewing any flank steak
in this form)!"

Stacy looks confused, "But it's easier to hydrate my skin in my human
form!!" (touching her furry face as she speaks) "All this fur gets in
the way if you want to keep dry skin away you know."

Eisna - "And what's wrong with licking?!?" (humph!) "…if it's good
enough for me and Bianca there, it's good enough for you!"

Bianca frowns, "Except the furball part."

As the two bicker, Stacy's mind wanders to that morning when she
finally told Tracy she knew Tracy was suffering.

Tracy sighs, leaning against her love as they sit upright in bed, the
morning light streaming through the windows behind them. "I am so
fricking stupid."

"My sweet human love could never be stupid." Stacy countered, stealing
a kiss. "You're my precious love. I don't care how silly you think you
are as long as we're together to be silly together!"

"You're not silly."

"One day, my love, you'll see how silly I can be." Stacy chides
gently, "You'll see soon enough I'm sure… like sooner than you think."

* * * * * *


As the door flies open Bianca jumps, yelping in a panic as a rather
jubilant Tracy waltzes in and sits right next to her love. "ACK! Don't
do that!!" she complains, looking back severely, "Did you have to
shock several years off my lifespan just as I'm making the morning
constitutional… ah, done." (and with that she quickly puts out the
plates and begins plating the huge circular egg/pancake looking things
with something akin to meat and cheese sticking out of it). "Eat your
Pongyangs and let's get… get…" (sits down to her own food) "What are
we doing tomorrow again?"

"Christmas." Tracy answered, eating the food before her with a bit of
energy and flair. "It's the end of the year so we're celebrating the
birth of our lord Jesus Christ, wishing for peace on all worlds and
good will to everyone."

"This is also that human holiday with a jolly elderly guy in a big red
suit, who rides around on Raingear and gives presents to all the
people on your world… so, what, he's a rich dude with too much time on
his hands, like that Batman person you told us about…" (blinks)
"…Batman, Santa Man, Easter Rabbit Man, Valentine's Man… what's with
this human need to dress up in gaudy clothes and deliver things to
others (be it harsh beatings, packaged gifts, eggs and candy or bouts
of horniness)?"

"Love isn't horniness, Eisna." Bianca sighed.

"It is when I'm in love."

At this point, it has to be said that plans to move in with Stacy's
family went south when the two made love with these two, and they
insisted on the duo moving into their home for foursome fun. At first
it seemed awkward to move in with a couple Tracy just met, but
eventually she stopped questioning and accepted the whole idea of
moving in with the couple.

Of course when Stacy told her that they could get married as a
foursome and become wife and wife and wife and wife was still trying
to go down as easily as the food was right now, but she felt that
she'd soon be as accepting of that aspect of her new life on this
world as she accepted other changes to her life.

But all Tracy was focused on was the fact it was, on her old
homeworld, Mid December. Christmas, back home, was almost here.
Sure, here it was the middle of the long year, and while they did
celebrate a holiday almost similar to Christmas here it was quite
different in certain ways.

"So…" (Eisna remarks as she puts out the angel cookie in front of the
foursome) "…on your world you celebrate the birth of a savior named
Jesus Christ on this Christmas day."

(Eisna then picks up a snow globe and plonks it down next to the
cookie) "Here on our world we celebrate the end of the long snowy
period when we can begin going out on picnics and beach days and so
forth. By the abyss it's freezing cold when the daylight grows short
and the white stuff begins piling up all over the place…" (looks out
the window) "Of course on this mountain it snows quite abit more than
in the valleys but I'm OK with the fhwow-fhwow." (sighs) "All this
decorating for the month and celebrating was abit awkward since it
seems we're the only people on the block celebrating this Jesus
person's birth…" (shrugs) "Good thing this thing you call "Christmas
Lights" and public works safety lights are one in the same, so it
wasn't too hard to come by them… though I don't think I will ever pay
the bill again after all the strange looks I got concerning the

"And yet you were so cute asking for those lights. Who did you say
worries nightly about being viciously raped by furless invaders? The
one marrying one of the so-called "furless invaders"?"


"Chill, chill." Eisna quickly answers, waving a hand before her as if
attempting to chant forth a warding spell against Stacy's burst of
anger, "We got the lights, didn't we? And then we went and put up a
tree in the house…" (sighs) "…I thought carpenters turned trees into
stuff, not sit trees in their place, string safety lights all over it,
then proceed to stare at said tree for hours on end while listening to
festive music and watching specials on the vidsphere conveying the
holiday spirit while shilling merchandise from the stores during the
thing called "commercial breaks"."

"It's part of the tradition…" Tracy countered, "Though I don't think
Jesus started it (definitely not the holiday merchandising thing he
didn't start that)."

"Anyway…" Bianca interjected, "We already did our shopping and we'll
be cooking a Christmas dinner tonight and wait for… for…" (looks at
Tracy) "…you to sneak downstairs after we all fall asleep and leave
fat human presents under our tree… is that right? Guess that means we
should make sure you're on the outer part of the bed after sex so it's
easier for you to sneak out."

Tracy (blushing) "Uh… right."

Silence. Everyone turns to Eisna waiting for the inevitable remark.
She merely turns to Bianca and pushes her plate forward, "Feed me."

"I already fed you…" (sighs) "Alright, alright, hold on." And with
that she started to cook, sparring Eisna a brief glance over her
shoulder as she did. "You're sure got an appetite on you today, any
reason why?"

"All this talk of fat humans and all nighters and late night raids
makes me hungry. That and I want to make sure I don't succumb too
quickly before I spy to watch if there's going to be any hot Santa sex


"Like that song Tracy has on her music maker. "I Saw Mommy Fucking
Santa Claus"… and don't say that's not it because almost to the end
they undress and he totally takes her right in front of the kid…

Bianca flips the food over with a blank expression, "I'm not even
going to justify that with an answer."

* * * * * *

True enough that night Tracy did exactly as Bianca said she would (and
she even dressed up in a red santa suit she made just for the
occasion), sneak downstairs early in the morning to leave presents
under the tree. As she placed the last gift she felt someone gently
press their fingers onto the top of her head pressing her red cap
down. "Admit it, you couldn't even think of celebrating this holiday
without the dress up."

Tracy sighed, her eyes turning to the source of the voice behind her.
"I'm sorry, Bianca, sorry…" (smiles as Bianca allows her up, Tracy's
eyes going up and down the fox female's small revealing lingere as she
stares briefly before focusing on her own clothes) "But it does set
the holiday mood, doesn't it?" (raises her arms and does a slow spin
to show off her red outfit) "I was hoping precious would come down and
have sex with Santa in front of the fireplace but…"

"I thought you'd never ask."

Their eyes turned to greet Stacy, naked and in her feral form looking
at her love with the most hungry expression. "Now are you going to let
me unwrap my present early? I've been a good good girl… though…" (her
outstretched hand gently touches Tracy's quivering lips, moving along
her face touching her cheek then moving into her hair to run her
fingers through it lightly) "…I heard Santa loves a good naughty girl
from time to time. Right?"

Tracy's lips quickly touch Stacy's wrist, kissing softly as they come
close, arms wrapping about as they kiss passionately, Tracy speaking
as their lips separate. "Santa loves a good naughty girl now and then…
so be a bad girl and open your "present" early will you…"

They kiss again, Stacy's hands gingerly tugging and pulling away at
the red suit slowly baring her love. First the bottoms which reveal
Tracy's nude rear, her feet gingerly stepping out of her red bottoms
as she kicks them away, even as Stacy moves to disrobe her top in

"Hey!" Eisna hisses, "Somebody's trying to masturbate while watching
the couple down there… OOHH!!"

"Oh I know, Eis, I know…" Bianca coos as she slides against her
lover's back, hand slipping between her love's legs. "Wouldn't you
rather have a little… helping hand…? I… woo!" (embraces Eisna fully)
"Yeah, baby. You keep working your tail right up there… yeah baby… and
I'll make you a happy girl…"

"You're so… high maintenance…" Eisna growls, feverishly watching the
sex before her even as she surrenders herself to her lover's touch.

Breathing heavy, Tracy feels the thick quilt rug (of course furries
wouldn't use things made with fur in their homes -- unless they were
mass murderers or the…)

Everyone - "EISNA!!"


A mass of writhing limbs, the two kiss passionately (Stacy's head
tilted sideways so her tongue could wiggle it's way into Tracy's
smaller human mouth). A sharp whining moan could be heard from the two
as each woman's hands drift from cuddling and caressing the massaging
either woman's heaving breasts, their nipples hard to the touch. Along
her thighs Tracy could feel the faint swish swish of her love's tail
as it whipped about in a frenzy, as each one ground one thigh up into
the other's pussy riding it in turn.

Their kiss breaks, Tracy's head whipping back and forth, "GODDESS!!"
she cries out, "I'm going to cum right now!!"

"Not yet!! Not yet!!" Stacy screams in response, "Don't cum without
me! Not yet! Not yet! Don't!!"

"Don't stop!! Don't stop!!"

Tracy shut her eyes, her arms wrapping back about Stacy as they bucked
against each other, sweat dripping down her body as she … suddenly she
grabbed on tight and flipped the fox woman over onto her back, pushing
herself onto her knees as she gripped onto Stacy's legs pulling apart
to mount her like a male taking a female mate. Her pussy dug into her
lover's cunt, grinding and humping into each other as Tracy took
control of the pace and stride of the love making. "Rub it! Rub it!"
she cried, "Please I can't -- please goddess CUM!!"

Barely able to respond, Stacy's finger stumble to find her mound, a
little help from Tracy putting her hand onto her sweet spot. Hot and
fevered so close to release her fingers pressed down and rubbed in
quick circles rubbing her nub and clit in quick succession.

A thought suddenly came to Stacy's lust numbed mind.
"Tracy!!" she cried, "Let me taste you!! Let me…" (her form shifts,
her fur vanishing as her human side comes forth) "LET ME SUCK YOUR

Quickly she shifted once again, embracing her pussy to lips and lips
to pussy, faces buried between each other's thighs as they drove their
tongues into each other's womanhood, half a minute later switching to
alternating rapid licking and deep penetrations once they lapped out
the first blush of precum satisfying their need to taste the other for
the moment. Tracy's fingers reached up to press on her love's pearly
nub, lightly twirling and rubbing it as Stacy rewarded her by
mimicking her finger play in turn.

Muscles tensed, bodies felt strained as the feeling of rising and
rising reached it's high pinnacle, followed by the sweet falling
onrush of release, both women locking lips to clit lapping and
suckling to catch every last drop of cum as it splayed from each
woman's cunt in turn, their bodies twitching and bucking under
release… breathing labored as each women's sweet cum splattered into
the other's waiting mouth draining satisfactorily until both women
were drained and content. Unable to stop, they rolled back and forth
weakly as their tongue weakly lapped the other's clit over and over
licking away every last trace of cum off the other woman until they
could separate long enough to pull each other up face to face. Stacy,
shifting back to her fox form, pulls the red quilt about them wrapping
themselves up in each other's loving arms.

"So…" she gasped, still catching her breath, "Did I make Santa's naughty list?"

"I think…" (sigh gasps) "…you're going to be Santa's good girl this year."

"Only if I can be naughty… when I wa--"


Suddenly Eisna and Bianca roll into the scene, off the staircase. A
minute later the quilt is rolled out again and all four women are
lying in a pile together (Bianca with Eisna and Stacy and Tracy)
before the fireplace.

"I can see why you became like Tracy…" Eisna sighed, "It's impossible
to 88 with these mouths…" (holds her jaw weakly with one hand, tapping
it with a finger) "…the species wasn't made for pussy to lip to lip to
pussy sex."

"I think it's called a 69, Eis, not 88."

"Whatever. All I know is my neck hurts trying to get into a good
position to do it… then we rolled down the stairs after cumming
awkwardly onto each other's faces…" (Bianca dips a finger along
Eisna's snout wiping away another swipe of girlcum) "But don't I taste
good to you?" she cooed, dipping her finger into her love's mouth
allowing her to suck it as her lover presents a fingerful of her own
cum for Bianca in turn.

"Merry Christmas my love."

The two kiss, as Tracy and Stacy kiss in turn.
"Merry Christmas."


"Let's make shiarpmalons and cocoalatte and drench it in cum and make
a…mmpphh… wait wait!!" (pulls away for a second) "Come on, a few good
cums and…"

"I'm not jerking off enough times to make a cum laden dessert
precious. Stop while you're ahead."

Stacy - "My cunt hurts just thinking of it."

Tracy - "Zzzzzzz…" (fallen asleep nuzzled against Stacy's breasts)

"…you three are so boring… (come on, even the most money desperate
woman can cum enough times into a cup to decorate a pudding glass)…"

Merry Christmas!

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© 2008 David Rasmussen

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