Story Codes: M/F, Consensual, Masturbation,  Exhibitionism

by Erotica Writings

Fred is my buddy, he helps me out with sex when there isn't anyone else around. He is really
cute looking too, purple all over, about nine inches long and hums to perfection. I can still
remember when I picked Fred up, I was in the adult video shop trying to find the perfect porn
to take home with my wine when I saw him and had to have him. He was purple and shiny
and his batteries were even supplied for our first night of pure pleasure. I picked up the
package that held him tightly and ran my fingers along his side so slowly licking my mouth to
moisten my lips. A smile emerged on my face thinking how good he would make the movie,
we walked up to the man at the check out desk, I paid for Fred and we walked out of that
shop as best friends.

Now we both were a little uncomfortable the first time we did it, I was lying on the bed with
Fred all propped up on the pillow next to me and every so often I would slowly run my long
red nail down Fred's side wondering what my purple friend might taste like. I gently picked
him up off the pillow holding him between my two hands and using just the tip of my tongue I
softly licked the head of Fred tasting his latex, he needs some more flavor I thought, so I
slowly placed him in just the entrance of my hot juicy pussy. Smiling at Fred with my thick
juice on his head I placed it between my red glistening lips sucking it off. That felt so good I
turned Fred on and placed him back into my pussy, my legs spread wider and my other hand
is twisting my nipples until they feel the burning sensation.

Oh my Fred felt so good vibrating the walls of my pussy that was becoming wetter, hotter and
oh so very, very horny. My hips are bucking up and down and slowly around. Oh how I
wanted to explode watching the blonde being fucked by that huge black cock on my T.V.
screen. Beads of sweat formed above my top lip, I bit my bottom lip as the orgasm shot
through my body causing me to moan out so loud from the hot erotic pleasure my new friend
had just given to me.

A week had gone by since I last seen Fred and tonight Dave had stopped by for a fuck in the
sack, as I was on top of his hard tanned body I reached into the drawer removing Fred from
my drawer and placing him in my ass while Dave's cock was working my pussy over and
biting my nipples with his teeth and Fred was drilling my ass making me scream so loud like a
wild animal when I finally came all over Dave's big hard throbbing cock. Dave laid smiling at
me as I wiped Fred down with some alcohol swabs and grabbed him from me, he pushed me
back and began licking my pussy with Fred inside of my now dripping cunt. Oh, oh he was
driving me completely wild as I first spread my legs as far open as I could then closing them
tightly on his head as he and Fred worked on my cunt.

My nipples were so hard to my touch as I fucked Dave's face over and over until my pussy
shot so hard the moist explosive orgasm all in his mouth, over his lips and all over Fred. I
was trying to crawl backwards up the bed on my back from the powerful orgasm. Now Dave
had me on my hands and knees fucking my ass with his cock, while I had Fred fucking my clit
and oh my I was never so hot, so horny from all of this fucking from Fred and Dave that we
both came so hard at the exact same time.

I remember the time when my friend Rick came over for the night he was laying on the bed
on his stomach sound asleep when I removed Fred from drawer and turned him on. I smiled
down at Fred as he vibrated in my hand and then I sat on Ricks back and began to massage
him and rubbing my naked body over his and this was really turning me on I ran Fred over
his back and down to my pussy and that's when Rick flipped me on my back grabbing Fred
and straddled my face sticking his cock into my mouth and plunging Fred into my aching
pussy until we both exploded from this erotic moment of sucking his cum out of his cock and
being pleasured myself with Fred.

Fred and I are still together and we have even added some more color to our friends, Blue
Joe and Black Jack. Well I need to go and fuck one of my friends have an erotic day baby.

© 2009 Erotica Writings