Free Love
story codes: MF, Exhibitionist-Voyeur

Free Love
by Randy Foster

In spite of the rose colored granny glasses, peasant blouse, and love beads Valerie
didn't buy into all the sixties "free love" shit. She told me she was in love with Reggie
Davis, and he was the only man she wanted. It didn't mean that she wouldn't fuck
another guy every now and then, but it was simply utilitarian. She was Reggie's soul
mate, even when someone else's cock was inside her.

More than once, it'd been my cock, and it still felt wonderful even if her heart wasn't
in it. I didn't really believe the cavalier attitude about sex was all it was cracked up to
be. Maybe the kids at the Height-Asbury were experiencing something we weren't in
New Mexico, but in small town America some traditions died hard. High school kids
got married when the girl got pregnant, and the girls might not wear their bras, but
they didn't burn them. No flames were taken to the draft cards either.

Reggie's hair was down to the middle of his back, but it had been shaved Marine
short just two years before. The bamboo booby trap had cost him his legs, and a
shoot that lodged in his spine made his manhood incapable of being available on
many occasions. It was Reggie who would seek my assistance on those occasions,
not Valerie.

Sometimes, Reggie would actually watch, which freaked me out at first, but in some
ways later made it a little better. Occasionally, Valerie would suck me while Reggie
would be licking her clit, then he would simply role away as I entered her. He would
then kiss her passionately as I thrust my hips hard into hers and then he'd get erect
and take over after I came. Valerie would never kiss me, though.

Vicarious sex was fine, and I felt that I was actually serving my country in an odd
way. Viet Nam didn't really bother me. War was hell, and it seemed to be a fact of life
that we'd always accepted in this country.

I hadn't dodged the draft, but some how up to that point it had dodged me. My
grades in college sucked, and it looked like I was going to flunk out soon, but in the
meantime I was helping a vet get off now and then. That should count for something.

The only problem was I wanted Valerie. Her long tanned legs and firm breasts could
get me hard just thinking about them. I could have her any time I wanted, but not all
of her. Her mind was always with Reggie. The same could be said for me to some
degree, because I never wanted to betray my friend.

When Valerie asked me to take her to the hot springs I was a little taken aback.
We'd been there many times before, but always with Reggie. The smell of fresh pine
was always refreshing, and outdoors in the summer mountains was always the best
time to get naked, squirt Sangria from a wineskin into my mouth, roll a doobie and
get laid. I had already accomplished the first two tasks as I watched Valerie disrobe
unabashedly and walk naked to one of the steaming ponds. My manhood swelled,
watching her tiptoe like a wood nymph. I wanted her, but Reggie wasn't there. She'd
blow me if I asked, or a hand job, but I don't think she'd agree to full out fucking.

"Aren't you coming?" She asked. "Bring the wine. Did you bring any grass?"

I walked over with my erection pointing north, and handed her the wineskin while I
sat on the edge of the pool and rolled the joint. I lit it, took a deep drag, and passed
it to her.

"It's okay." She said.

"What is?" I asked.

"You're excited." She said. "It's okay."

"I'm not expecting anything." I said. "But you do that to me. I can't help it."

"Make love to me, Johnnie."

"What about Reggie?"

"What about him?"

I reached down and kissed her hard on the lips, my hands cupping her breast. I felt
her nipples get hard against my hand. I pulled her out of the water, up onto a soft
bed of pine needles. I looked down at her body as the soft breeze caused goose
pimples across her wet skin. I went down on her and licked her clit lightly, then
shoved my tongue deep inside her pussy.

Soon her body was shaking with pleasure and her face red from the orgasm. She
grabbed my hair, and pulled me up. I kissed her hard and deep, our tongues
caressing each other as she grabs my cock and rubs it back and forth across her
wet pussy, and I enter her deeply the pounding her hard against the ground. I
scream out when I finally cum, and fall down against her, kissing her again. Without
being able to control it, I pull away and said. "I love you, Valerie."

Tears well up in her eyes, then she says. "I love you, too, Johnnie."

I pull out of her, and look into her eyes. Slowly I lift her up, and we slide back into the
hot steaming water. "I'm sorry." I said, finally. "I shouldn't have said that. I know you
love Reggie."

"I do, but I can't keep having sex with both of you and not love you both. It just
seems impossible."

"So what is the problem?" I asked. "Isn't that what we've been doing? Loving each
other? What's changed?"

"That all sounds so good in theory." She said, reaching for the joint. "But ultimately
Reggie wants all of my love. He'll share my body, but not my heart."

I reached for the lighter, and held it to the tip of the roach as she inhaled. "Are you
saying that if Reggie found out about this, he'd be jealous?"


I laughed. "So absurd." I said. "But what did he think I was in this equation---just a
cock? A living dildo?"

"Something like that. I think he sees you as auxiliary cock he uses until his decides
to join the party." She said, then handed me the roach as she went all the way under
the water. When she came up she slung her long blonde hair back and arched her
back. Her perky breasts pointing upwards toward the sky, nipples hard as rocks. I
felt myself coming back to life, and I wanted to make love to her again, but what she
had said bothered me.

"Are we going to tell him what we did?" I asked.

"No." She said. "He'd kill me and you, too."

"Why?" I said. "I've fucked you hundreds of times. What's the difference?"

"The difference is that I want a whole man." She said. "One whole man---not a man
and a half. It may sound shallow and selfish, but it's true. I just want to go away with



"Reggie lost his legs fighting for us." I said. "For our country. For you and me."

"That's bullshit, and you know it. He lost his legs because he didn't have the
intelligence to say 'fuck you, President Johnson.''"

"It wasn't that simple."

"Why not?" She said. And I could see sparks in her eyes.

"Two legs and a spontaneously hard cock doesn't make a man a man." I said.

She stands then steps upon the edge of the pool. I look up at her shapely body, as
she stands there with her hand on her hip. "If you want me, you can have me,
Johnnie. If you don't, then fine, but I'm leaving Reggie either way.  I love him, but I
want more."

How I had the nerve to say this, I'll never know. "I love you, Valerie. And God knows I
lust for you. But I never intended to be disloyal to Reggie.  It can never happen."

She picks up her clothes and walks towards the van. "Then I hope you guys can
learn to fuck each other, because I'm out. I'm not playing this game anymore." Then
over her shoulder she says. "You better get in the van, or I'm leaving your naked
ass out here."

I grab my clothes and follow her to the van. We drive back to town in silence. She let
me out in front of my house, and that was the last time I saw her or Reggie. She told
him. Not right away, but eventually. The last I heard he swallowed a bullet from a .45
automatic, and she moved off to Seattle.

I flunked out, and they drafted me.  If I'd said "Fuck you, President Johnson" I could
have gone to Vancouver and coaxed her across the border with me.  Instead of
sitting in the wheelchair staring at the .45 caliber in my lap.  

©2008 Randy Foster