Freelancers Episode 10
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Freelancers Episode 10
by David Rasmussen ©

Keiko suddenly turns towards Jack, “I think she's feeling better now with her brand new
lover… and I‘m right, ain‘t I? She‘s not the one, isn‘t she.”

At first Jack was reluctant to admit anything, but once Keiko convinced him that they were not
being listened to he began to talk. “Yuri was right. I found Rei in bed with twin girls.
Apparently she just has a taste for pussy and no real morals. She’s here, in the Realm by the
way -- apparently she vanished from Eliza’s school because people were beginning to figure
out that she wasn’t aging.

“She left her because she got tired of humping her. Going into the waking world just to poach
pussy, and dumping them when she had her fill. The slutty little bitch.“ Keiko hissed, fuming

“I put a stop to it.“ Jack assures her, “She’ll just have to be happy with her twin lovers
because the device she used to travel is now in my custody. She won’t be making anymore
trips to the waking world to take advantage of young women anymore.”

“Then who was that we saw leave with Eliza?“ Keiko asked. “If that wasn’t the skank then
who does she now have her arms around?”

“The dreams of her perfect love that Eliza left behind when she died.“ Jack answered.

Searching her old school at night, finding it hidden beneath her old teacher’s desk. The
dreams of her love, a locket with a picture of the two of them together -- inside this one small
momento was that girl’s dreams, bundled up and shoved into here for safe keeping when
her heart was breaking.

It only took a little power, and a little good intention to bring her dreams out and make a
woman Eliza could love without fear. As the new Rei was born, she stood up and asked for
Eliza. This Rei would not use or abuse her, and would be by her side forever -- fulfilling both
the dreams of the young woman, and her own at the same time.

“As long as they’re happy that’s what is important.” he whispered, his thoughts snapping out
of rememberance as Keiko pulled him back to where the others were waiting.

“By the way, how long is Nina going to be maimed again after falling awkwardly on her leg
when she was knocked down? Silence is golden after all, especially when it‘s from her

Lazarus - “Don’t say that too loud, her shu--”

Nina (from shuttle) “I HEARD THAT, YOU BITCH!!”

Lazarus - “--never mind.”

* * * * * *

The transaction took quicker than either of them would have thought. Captain Lazarus
himself brough the payment (made out in a secured credit chip) and had both of them sign
for it. Almost immediately Yuri started to put the excess of money to good use.

“So that’s it. Our first major payout.” Kei notes, barely an hour passing after their payment
arrived. “I don’t feel any richer than I was before it arrived.”

Yuri : “Don’t start that again.” she grumbles, switching to “thought” mode on the fly.

Apparently she just didn’t want to hear it being said out loud.

Kei : “Where did all the credits go?”

Yuri sighs, as if she hadn’t already explained this to her five times this morning.

“We paid off on our apartment, so now we own it. The second half went to pay for the

Kei : “Which we can’t have for three years because the Winterian church you arranged it at is
booked solid for three years.”

“Don’t start.” Yuri warned, already feeling grumpy about it. “The last will be for the household
budget and whatever was left we split for our own spending this weekend so buck up
already!” (sighs) “We’ll go to the mall and have a fun day.”

Kei looks about RealmGames, “So that’s why we came to work today?”

Yuri : “You mean that’s why we stood at work today. We were already here when it arrived,

Kei : “Yeah. That’s why we’re STILL at work then?“

Yuri : “And tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that -- stop depressing me
already, it‘s bad enough we still have to work this dead end career!!”

Kei : “The day after the day after that is our weekend.”

Yuri : “Don’t sass me. I‘m not in the mood.”

Silence, in both the physical and “thought” sense, reigned supreme.

Kei : “You‘re not going to lose bladder control everytime you have to tackle some psychotic
woman with gender issues, will you? I‘m really not into the whole golden shower routine
even if it‘s just witnessing it post fact while doing the laundry.”

Yuri‘s eyes roll over to glance at the straight faced Kei as she sits next to her, staring straight
ahead without the slighest hint of reaction to what she just said : “You know something? All
the credits in the known Universe won't make you a better person if you can’t get your mind
out of the gutter, let alone wake up at a decent hour.” (silently huffs breath in annoyance) “And
how old are you again? Sometimes I think I’m fucking someone older than me considering
at times you’re so damn lethargic.“

Kei : “It’s not my fault you made the bed too good to get up from.“

Yuri : “Don‘t blame me for that. I happen to like goose feather filled quills and comforters!”

Kei’s hands wrap around Yuri’s breasts, squeezing them. “Then why don’t you have squishy
tits to go with the squishy sheets? Titties are too firm.”

Yuri : “Some things NEVER change -- sigh.” (silence) “Ok, stop that, somebody might come

* * * * * *

Nina did not look like the happiest of campers, even if she did look like the most comfortable
of campers lying in her huge bed as she was. Still, as she glared at her visitors, you couldn’t
help but notice that she was strangely peeved with them despite the fact they came bearing

“If the gift basket was any heavier you’d think I was dying.” she grumbled, eyes glancing
about at the basket. “But at least it’s useful gifts like stuff for my handhelds and manga, so I
guess it’s not entirely bad to receive such a gift even if it looks like you’re anticipating my

“Keiko knew it’d keep your snitty comments to a minimum if she buttered you up like a
greased sorority initiation at a sorority house sex ritual!”Kei replied honestly (brutally

“-_-”… Nina looked at her as if she was insane, “And on that entirely disturbing note, WHY
are you still here? Not enough trees to pluck cats out of in the city?”

“Don’t sass us.’ Yuri shot back, taking a seat next to Nina on the bed, her lips drawing up into
a wicked little smile. “Just because Keiko had an entirely sidewards reason for doing what
she did doesn’t mean we have similar motives to our visit.”

“Hate the message, not the messenger is that it.” Nina sighed, sinking her head into the bed’
s pillows, her eyes closing tight. “Remind me again what horrible thing I did to deserve her
“wrath” anyway…”

Suddenly a shock blasts through her body jolting Nina out of her stupor, her head snapping
upwards to a surprising sight. Yuri, looking up abit slyly from her spot on the bed, Nina’s
nipple firmly between her teeth as it stiffens, says nothing as she continues to toy with Nina.
She nips the nipple once causing Nina to yelp, then returns to sucking.

As she does this, one hand reaches down between Nina’s legs and begins to masturbate

At first Nina tries to block it out, but slowly it reaches her, causing her to thrash about as well
as she could in her weakened condition, her arms flaying trying to push Yuri away, “No! No!
Stop it! I’m going to get in trouble!! Tina!!”

Yuri lifts her head, smiling wickedly as she did, “She said it’d make you happy if we had a
little fun. Don’t worry --” Yuri pulls out a small pill case, raising it to her lips, “I won’t be too
hard on you --”

Suddenly the case vanishes, leaving Yuri confused. “??”

“Naughty, naughty girls.” a soft voice called out from the door.

There, holding the case in one hand, was Nina Sex Droid lover Tina, her hand firmly holding
the case. She was dressed in a see through shirt and loose baggy shorts (her usual wear
for relaxing at home) “I told you girls that precious is a picky lover. She’d rather have the real
thing over a spell created fake dick…”

The two women quickly change modes, moving to take each of Nina’s tits into their control,
suckling each as Nina watches Tina with a firm fixated gaze. At this Tina pulls her pants
down, slipping out of them as her hand gently grasps her erection, stroking it as her optional
deployable male sex organ surged and pulsed in her grasp. Gently she reached her other
hand onto her female opening at the same time, a sweet moan escaping her lips as she
strokes herself. “And you can’t get anymore real than this, precious.”

Nina, her breath caught short, begins to gasp as she watches her lover walk towards her,
erection waving before her hungry eyes. She gently steps onto the bed, walking straight up
and offering herself to Nina. Mouth watering she quickly engulfs Tina’s dick whole as her
fingers massage and slide into her womanly passage.

Tina falls forward, hands bracing herself against the wall, her breath ragged. Kei/Yuri undo
her top, allowing her large breasts to come free which they lavish and lick the same way they
did Nina’s tits. As they both tackle her breasts, Tina rasps “One of you -- please get precious
ready -- lick her!”

Yuri, taking her cue, obediently moves to the other end of the bed, kneeling between Nina’s
legs, her face inches from her crotch. Lying down on the bed facing Nina’s private spot, she
gently licks it once -- twice -- three times -- building up a slow and steady rhythm with each
lick. Nina’s breath grows short, sharp little squeaks escaping her lips as she suckles Tina
harder. Kei, busy herself, mauls Eliza’s breasts keeping herself occupied as Yuri works.

Finally Tina pulls out, moving back towards Yuri holding the pill case towards her. “Pop one
and fuck precious’ tits please! And you, little Kei, let her eat you out please!”

Yuri takes the case, popping a pill and moving to mount Nina’s breasts while Kei, breath
growing short, moves to offer Nina her private pleasures.

This left the last of the work to Tina, gently raising Nina’s legs up as she slowly inserts
herself into her lover as the other two move into position. Yuri placing her new “member”
between Nina’s breasts while Kei moves herself close to Nina’s tongue. Confident the two
were ready, Tina flicks her hips once

hard and brings a shriek from Nina, her hands shoving Kei down onto her as her mouth
gulps the young woman in one swallow. As Kei rocks herself on top of Nina, her pussy filled
with Nina’s tongue, Yuri flicks her own hips back and forth building a steady rhythm as she
masturbates on the woman’s breasts.

Kei shuts her eyes, feeling the pleasure rip over her, Nina’s hands groping her breasts as
she keeps her slit tight against her tongue and lips. Feverishly Kei thinks out Yuri’s name,
lost in the deep haze of Nina’s lovemaking. Yuri nods her head, shutting her eyes and
thinking only of Kei. In fact, she felt that if she opened her eyes she’d see Kei beneath her…
instead of riding the green haired girl’s face.

Kei is the first to orgasm. Her head snaps back as she screams, her juices flooding Nina’s
mouth. Second is Yuri, right behind Kei as her scream sends a jolt through her that brings
her own release. Hot female jism spurts over Nina’s breasts, chest and neck as she comes.
Nina is next, with Tina right behind, her own juices shooting deep into Nina

Kei falls sideways onto the bed, gasping for breath as she rolls away from Nina. Yuri follows,
crawling towards Kei to take the younger woman up into her arms. Tina falls into Nina, their
arms wrapping about each other as they cuddle themselves into a deep sleep.
“…mistress…” she whispers, Nina holding her tight.

Wearily the two “guests” pull themselves out of bed, dress, and take their stuff.


The train was quiet today. They were on it before the onrush of people getting off from work
so they had a quiet ride. And a chance to reflect on what just happened.

“I want to do that again -- one day.“ Kei mutters, head rested against Yuri’s shoulder as they
ride the train home. Tina had, of course, paid for them to do that with Nina -- but now that they
thought of it --

“Having someone else we could depend on, be close to -- be friends with even -- and even
share occasional passion with, if only to fulfill little fantasies of ours to keep our sex lives
exciting -- that might be a good idea.“ Yuri agrees. “When you came --“

“I thought it was you.“ Kei whispered. “I wanted to scream your name. But Nina’s nice, even if
she is nasty at times -- and Tina --”

Yuri briefly thinks back to when Tina made the offer to her the first time, to give sex to Nina
way back when. They were talking in the bathroom and Yuri motioned towards the pills,
“Want one? It’ll make sex that much more fun.”

Tina shakes her head, “I am built to satisfy both genders equally.” and that’s when she
showed Yuri her

“womanhood” for the first time. Confused, Yuri stared at it -- until Tina put her hand on it,
allowing Yuri to feel it twitch and stir beneath her touch. “Please suck on it -- give me a
blowjob -- see how real it is --”

Yuri did just that. She moved between the tall woman’s legs and gave her a blowjob.

But, the thing she remembers most, was the moment Tina came.

She shut her eyes, grit her teeth and cried out “NINA!” once -- draining herself into Yuri’s
mouth. She then looked remorseful, regret coloring her features.

“I’m sorry. I’m a -- failure as a sextoy. I guess…“ (frowns) “…only someone as loving as
mistress Nina could love me.“ (sighs) “I’ll give Nina extra service tonight to apologize for my

“She doesn’t need to know.” Yuri remarked. But at this Tina turned, her face half smiling and
half frowning, “I know what I did… I‘m ashamed.”

Yuri put her head against Kei’s as her thoughts stopped flowing from that memory, and
thought talked to her. “I gave Tina a blowjob earlier. The first time we…”

Kei : “I know. She told me.”

Yuri : (silence, then …) “Aren’t you angry at me?”

Kei : “Nina ate me out… aren’t you angry at me?”

Silence as they rested against one another.

Kei : “I know you’ll never truly betray me … my one and only.”

Yuri : “And you’ll never truly betray me.”

That was all the two needed to hear, their faith in each other confirmed.

Yuri : “-- she’s sweet and all, but abit too honest for my taste…”

Kei : “Honesty sucks, eh?”

Yuri : “Silence oh teller of the “truth”. Silence.”


The End

© 2006 David Rasmussen

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