Freelancers 3
By  David Rasmussen

It’s true, Yuri muses to herself silently, People like Kei really do look the
most peaceful when they’re asleep!

Kei looked so serene and quiet as she slept. Her face quietly slumbering
as Yuri’s fingers traced her facial contours. Smiling, she looked at her
sleeping lover and wondered how she ever came to be so lucky as to find
the one person in the whole wide world that made her complete. That
night was the first time Kei tried a strap-on for sex.

As experiments goes it wasn’t a very big feat. The fake penis didn’t seem
very imposing since she bought herself a reasonably sized one for her
first attempts, but she waved it menacingly in front of Yuri anyway in an
attempt to look sexy. As she looked down with a halfway decent sneer on
her face, her hips wiggled as she stood over Yuri “taunting” her. “I feel
rather boy-ish wearing this thing!“

Of course she simply had to experiment earlier before showing it off to
Yuri. Her little mind wracked over the perfect way to test it for the entire
day, which wasn’t a good thing since they were at work and she became
somewhat of a space case for the majority of the day. And, once she
came up with the way, she couldn’t stop thinking about it until they got

She finally decided to give it a workout by asking for a blowjob. Yuri, abit
perplexed by the request, simply nodded her head and smiled. Now that
should be “interesting”.

Yuri, still wearing that same smile and nothing else, rose up and slowly
took it into her mouth, teasing it abit before sucking it as she would a
male erection. The minute Yuri’s lips touched it, however, it brought a
shock through Kei’s body.

She thought it was just nerves. However once the sucking began this
brought a severe yelp from Kei (who didn’t realize her “tool” had neural
feedback which was now stroking her brain with sensations as if she had
an actual penis).

Yuri’s hand slowly stroked it, gripping it tight and pumping it at it’s base
(just as Yuri was “pumping” this surpising turn of fortune for all it was
worth) as her lips tightly wrapped about it, sucking longingly. Finally
overwhelmed by the sensations, Kei shoves her back awkwardly, pre cum
dripping from it’s tip as she quickly got to her knees with it waving in
front of her, need and relentless desire clouding her judgment.
Once she got Yuri onto her back, she leaped forward, fumbling about as
she tries to push herself in, becoming all thumbs in her need. Finally
Yuri moves forward, pushing Kei’s shivering “womanhood” into her, and
lying back as she begins to thrust madly.

At first the sensation rips into her bringing a shocked scream, but as Kei
maddening thrusts began to reach her, tears rolling down her cheek from
sexual overload -- the first onslaught of pain and pleasure began to melt
into pure bliss.

Kei’s hands greedily grab at Yuri’s ample breasts, massaging and
kneading the firm flesh as she cries for Kei to fuck harder, stronger, her
young loins thrusting in and out of Yuri hard. Yuri drops her head back,
eyes wide, as she wraps her legs about Kei’s hips, urging her onwards…
her moment rising with each stroke.

Suddenly it hits her hard as she orgasms. As she shivers from the
release, Kei shoves her back and jumps on top of her, plunging her
soaked rod between Yuri’s tits.

Frantic, past the point of reason, she humps harder and harder, her face
flustered, red with need, she thrusts harder until -- at last -- she finally
cums as well.

Just as her moment is about to hit she cries “HELP ME!!” and falls back,
her arms barely supporting her as Yuri grabs the slimey rod and begans
jerking it hard, her head bobbed forward to suckle it’s tip. With one long
reverberating scream, Kei comes as the tool between her legs comes to
life. The sound of motors within the device buzz in Yuri’s hand as it
begins to piston back and forth, shooting Kei’s freshly pumped female
juices through the device and deep into Yuri’s madly sucking mouth.
For the longest time she held her body tense, feeling the unbearable
sensation rip through her sending her into a near faint from the release.
Finally she feels the last of her juices empty and her arms slip, sending
her crashing on top of Yuri’s body, gasping for breath. Kei, disoriented at
first, slowly manages to gather her wits as she she weakly chokes “You
came first!”

“Sorry…” Yuri moaned, “…you can come first next time.”

“-- Yuri-chan --“ she whispered, rolling her head to one side, feeling Yuri’
s soaked pussy against her cheek, the sweet memory of that moment
still in her mind. Gently Yuri pulls the device free, and rearranges Kei so
she can hold her in her arms. And then --

“WAKE UP!!!“
Kei’s eyes snap open as she spins her head about in a panic.

“Breakfast is ready!“ Yuri huffed, dropping Kei back into bed with a bit of
a huff.

As she walked towards the main room of their small apartment, she
closes the door hard behind her, crying out “Get up already!!“
Kei : “-- (-_-) --“

In this small apartment, three rooms (a main living area, a bedroom and
a bathroom) two women lived. In the small kitchen area, set aside from
the rest of the room, one of these women worked. Above the area
somebody has fixed a plaque, upon which the words

"Cook only EDIBLE things! Cooking failures are NOT to be fed to the

yelled,  checking the omelets one more time before flipping it onto the

“Don’t make me spank you!!“

“Is that the thanks I get for the passion I gave you last night -- and is
this edible --”

Kei groaned, half dressed as she dragged herself from the bedroom,
hands fumbling to put her work clothes on as the trudged along to
breakfast. "You won‘t die if that‘s what your implying, Kei, now eat
already!" Yuri countered, finishing the plating of the food before moving
quickly to give Kei breakfast. “Eat up and let’s go, we don’t want to miss
the train… again.”

Kei's face suddenly becomes serious and she shrugs her shoulders, "We
live right near the stop, we’ll make it -- and you missed a spot." (pointing
at the rice) Yuri sighs, chucking down a few more drops of soy sauce
before sitting down to feed herself. "It’s a lousy job but we need the
credits! At least try to act like you enjoy going to work each and every
morning and suck up to it already!”

“So when life throws you curves, you break out the mushrooms and
cheese and make omelets… and I like it better when you suck." Kei
groans, “Work’s boring. Let‘s do something fun for work.“

“And you know how much I LOVE work as much as you do.“ Yuri groans
in quick response, ”Choke up to it already. It’s a lousy job in a retail
shop but at least it pays. Better than the alternative.” (Yuri groans to
herself) “Damn, who‘d think we‘d still be wage slaves even AFTER dying.
The universe is a sick, twisted place.”

“Wanna hack for a living, like the old days.“ Kei grumbled as she ate,
bringing a fresh sigh from Yuri’s lips. “Old days are done. We’re honest
people now, remember?”

Yuri reminds her, again, not even sure she wants to be honest anymore.
The job wasn’t so terrible, but for the fact that people continued to hit on
her, and she had more “courtiers” than she did back in her bad old
dishonest days.

“If I knew working a legit job was going to be so much of a hassle I’d have
worked on my nest egg sooner.”

Still, they weren’t suffering. The work paid well, and it kept them in nice
living arrangements. The one thing about the Realm of Dreams is that, if
you worked at it, your dreams were easily obtainable. Still it was the
location of where they worked that was a downer most of the time. Lots
of teens went in there for stuff and the two found themselves ogled and
hit on more times than they could count.

Kei didn’t notice it, mostly because she had a rather laid back attitude
when working the register. Yuri, on the other hand, alternated between
false “I’m flattered”, to embarrassed, to “I’m only smiling because the
boss won’t let me kill you, but ask for a blowjob one more time and I’ll
kill you during my next break” mode.

"Look on the bright side." Yuri mustered "At least we’re the stars of our
store! People come for miles about just to see us -- sometimes not for
very wholesome reasons, mind you, but at least we’re popular.“

"I‘m popular?" Kei asks, taking her hands and hefting her breasts up,
speaking in a half droning voice that made Yuri wonder if she was
serious or not “I have push up bras to thank for my popularity then. And
my treadmill for my butt that people like. And the laundry…”

“The laundry?”

“I didn’t wear panties last week and --”

Yuri stops Kei before the rest of the explanation comes out. “However…”
Yuri sighs, a smile finally coming back on her face, “I do love your ass.
Sweet little firm thing. Sometimes after oral I just love to massage those
lovely things between my fingers as I rub that sweet pussy against my

“I like your breasts.” Kei noted, still eating, bringing a even bigger grin to
Yuri’s face.

“Yeah! Ever since we got here they firmed up quite abit! Now I got the
hard bod of a 20 year old again! Goddess it feels…”

“So that why they’re so tight.” Kei sighs. “I liked them squishy.”
Yuri face faults. “Gee… thanks. That’s EXACTLY the kind of thing I
needed to hear this morning from you.”

“Welcome.” Kei notes, going back to eating. Yuri sulks for the rest of the
This was a typical morning for them. Yuri was always first out of bed, and
always dressed before Kei could even muster the brain power to
remember that she had to wake up, let alone the strength to crawl out
from under the sheets. But waking up early for Yuri was second nature
since she believed an early riser caught the sleepyhead off guard (and
thus easy picking for quick cash).

It was look for an easy prey, work the charm, and make some breakfast
cash. But now that she was living with Kei she did everything the legit
and safe way, even if her instincts begged her to take the dirty road now
and again.

Still, even now at her age (18 going on eternity) Kei should have a better
relationship with the clock, even if time really meant nothing much in
this Realm of Dreams other than to serve as a “security blanket” for the
creatures who were born and raised to live their lives by the relentless
percision of the clock. Clearly Kei had to wake up earlier (or at least form
an understanding of how to try to be up earlier especially on work days).
"You gotta be kidding!" Yuri half yells, the stairway towards the elevated
train platform just ahead as they ran for it. “The one time the train’s on
time and we’re LATE!!“

“Isn’t it always the case?“ Kei remarks with a silly grin on her face, “Told
you we had time for lickity-licky!“

“WHAT part of KEEP our ixnay-room life ixnay can’t you grasp!!” Yuri
yells, breath ragged as she hit’s the stairs running, hand pulling her        
train card out.

“Dammit we’ll never make it!!”

“I got it covered!“ Kei cries out, slapping her visor on as she also takes
the stairs running, clearly being far more fit than Yuri she isn’t even
breaking a sweat. “How’d a computer geek -- rasp rasp -- get to -- rasp
rasp -- be so fit -- gasp gasp -- is so evil!“ Yuri hisses to herself, legs
turning to rubber as she half stumbles, half trips onto the upper level,
barely managing to shove her card in to open the gate to the platform.

“HURRY UP!!“ she cries out, shoving herself through the gateway huffing
and puffing as she did. “I’m not used to this overexertion crap!!“ she
moans, mostly to herself.

As they reach the train it begins to pull out, bringing a scream of rage
from Yuri’s
exhausted lips.


The train stops, and begins to roll backwards.
“-- eh --?” Yuri, not believing her eyes, watches as the train pulls up to
her and slows to a stop. “Kei! You see that? The train listened to--”
Kei, hands in the air as she quickly taps the “buttons” of three holo-
screens floating in front of her, smiles, “Train wasn’t too hard to hack

Yuri face faults. “-- isn’t that -- illegal.”

“Want me to send the train away?” Kei taunts, smiling. “We could find
time for licky --”

Yuri frowns and motions quickly at the train as it slows before them,

“Open the doors -- and what‘d I say about ixnay?”

“Keep it at home?” Kei notes, popping the doors open with a “push” of a
holo button.

“Bingo.” Yuri remarks blandly, pulling Kei into the train. Seconds later
the train, plus two late passengers, sets off on it’s way.

As the scenery flew by their window, Kei nudged Yuri. “Why can’t we talk
about --” (puts two fingers up to her lips (spread) and licks her tongue
outwards) “--?”

Yuri, blushing madly, turns away from Kei, opening her mind as she
talked to Kei in their thoughts. Yuri : “Not in public!”

Kei : “Why?”

Yuri : “Because.”

“Why?” Kei thought again.

Yuri : “Be-CAUSE! Women don’t go around talking about their intimate
life in public --it’s just not right. Now cut it out or no you know what
later… so behave!”

“Cut what out.” Kei thinks. “Nobody can hear us. What‘s so wrong with
being honest?”

“You know.” Yuri countered, blushing abit more from the barrage of
questions. “Just because this is private doesn’t mean I want to spell
everything out all the time!”

Kei : “Spell what out.”

Yuri : “You know, dammit!”

Kei : “What.”

If she didn’t love her so? The urge to grab Kei’s neck would have
overwhelmed her.
Ringing the bell didn’t seem to work, and for good reason. The occupants
of the apartment were out… which means they were late. “Don‘t tell me,
we missed them.”

Keiko stops in her tracks and looks back at Nina, growling abit “Don’t get
all pissy on me now! We’ll just have to go to where they work.”

“You know everything, don’t you?” Nina remarks cheerfully, “Just like a
Government worker to know more than they should about people!”

“Go fuck yourself.” Keiko grumbled, gritting her teeth and resisting the
urge to kill her “temporary partner”. As the elevator stops at ground level
and lets the two off, Nina looks about as they exit onto the street. “It’s
bad enough we have to find them, they sure won’t be very sociable once
we do find them and tell them why we were looking for them. Man that’d
so bite…“

As Nina's voice stops, Keiko hears a thump and spins around only to
find Nina pinned to the ground with a rather frisky pink wolf girl on top of
her, tongue wagging. "BITE!!


"?!?" (Nina, for once, was speechless)

“Feed me, KEIKO!! Feed me!! Feed me!!“ the pink wolf girl wailed, looking
rather energetic for someone supposidly so hungry.

"Flaya." Keiko groaned, motioning for the pink wolf girl to turn around,
“I'm over here.” Briefly Flaya stops, turns her head looks straight at
Keiko, then turns back and looks at Nina, then alternates back and forth
for a few seconds.

“Can I eat her?“

“N--N-- NO YOU CAN’T EAT ME!!!" Nina gasps, shoving the panting wolf
girl off of herself, quickly standing up as her hands brush herself clean.
"Don’t you feed this thing?! Or do you just let it eat everyone you happen
to NOT like -- which probably keeps her well fed considering how anti-
social you are!!”

“Speaking of “feed” I wonder if I can shove a can of “shut the hell up”
down your throat.“ Keiko counters, looking about for someone else to
show up. “Where’s Goldy and Eve? Why aren’t you with your -- “Keeper”

“Eve told me to get you because you missed the girls. They already
jumped a train heading to work.“ Flaya remarked, sniffing the air. “(sniff
sniff) I smell tacos, now I’m hungry!! Can we eat? I‘m hungry!”

“When are you NOT hungry.” Keiko growls, turning about and walking
towards the parking lot where they parked the Tech Shuttle they were
using. “Let‘s go. I know where they‘re going.”

"----" (Nina grits her teeth, frowns, and walks after her) “Dammit, now I’
m hungry.“

“You smell like chicken.“ Flaya notes as she walks near Nina. “Can I lick
you until…“

“KEIKO!! Your mutt’s trying to eat me!!“

“So?” Keiko remarks, still ahead of the two as they follow behind.


"You do. Eat an entire platter of the stuff on the way down and you claim

Nina couldn’t get away from Flaya fast enough.

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