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Freelancers : Chapter 5
By  David Rasmussen

The sound of footfalls echoes through the darkness, with the vast landscape of
the main central "hub" of Edenina overhead as far as the eyes can scan and the
lights of Citadel City providing the backdrop, shadowy figures dash across the
building's rooftops in chase. “Why did I let you talk me into this?!?” Yuri rasps,
leaping from one rooftop to another, “I’m no good at this! I’m a thinker, not an
extra in a cop show!” (Kei bounds forward after her target, running quickly like
a hyperactive rabbit) “For goddess’ sake slow down!”

Finally, after long minutes of pursuit, the first shadow is cornered. Kei tackles
down the creature, and struggles with it a few seconds before it easily bats her
aside and jumps into the air -- only to be grabbed at the scruff of the neck by
Yuri. “Told you you needed to work out more!” Kei scolded, Yuri holding the
strange dog like dark creature up with one arm.

“What an ugly looking creature! Pathetic too considering how easy it was to --”

BAM!! The creature slams into Yuri, throwing her backwards into a nearby wall.
Shaking it off, Yuri pulls herself together and glares at the cocky dog like
Darkling as it bounces back and forth in front of her.

“Got your second wind? Well I’ll knock that cockiness of yours down a few

The creature dashes forward, once again knocking her aside, laughing as it toys
with her.

"Shit needs a time out." She hisses, pulling herself once again up onto her
feet. BASH!!

It attacks quickly, slamming itself down near Yuri sending her skittering
backwards to avoid it’s attacks. Yuri easily dodges the flurry of strikes, but Kei
can barely scurry out of the way before the claws rip the metal bars she was
just leaning on to shreds.


“I'm OK!“ she cried out, rolling free and clear as the bars come crashing to the
ground behind her, shattered and broken. “We have to catch that thing now!“

“I know! I know! Hold on!”

Yuri leaps forward, arms outstretched to try and snag the thing. The creature
tries to avoid her, but just isn‘t quick enough. With a lunging grab, Yuri snags
onto the beast and holds it tight, it‘s legs kicking as she struggles to bring it
down. “NOW WHAT!!” she cries out, feeling the beast beginning to snap free
from her grip.

Kei, holo-screens up, scans for information on Darklings. “Hold on, I’m
checking now…“

“CHECK FASTER!!“ Yuri screams, her grip slowly weakening on the thing.

The data screens spun by fast as Kei punched up screen after screen, quickly
gathering information as she did, her eyes moving quickly as she speed read
everything before her. “It‘s a focused nightmare! A Darkling that is phobia
specific! It solicits fear of dogs from the target in question. This means the
best way to get rid of one is…”

“IS?!?” Yuri yells, struggling to hold the thing in her arms as it tries to wiggle
itself free.

“Finish the sentence!!”

Kei quickly jumps forward and looks about, “Need a newspaper.”

“NEWSPAPER?!?” Yuri shrieks, the beast wiggling harder and harder in her
arms, making her grip loosen slowly, “THIS ISN’T THE TIME TO GET CAUGHT

Finding a discarded paper to one side, Kei rolls it up and marches forward
waving it menacingly. Yuri steps back, “Hey wait! What are you…”

Kei swings, hitting the dog thing on the head once, “BAD DOG!” she says in a
firm voice. “Cough it up and go home!” The dog bares it’s fangs and growls, only
to be met with a second whack on it’s head. “COUGH it up and go HOME!”

One more whack on it’s head and it’s face turns from angry to confused. Two
more and it finally whimpers, head lolling from one side to another ashamed.

“Ok. Put it down.” Kei asks, motioning with the paper that the dog thing should
be released. Reluctantly Yuri does as she is told, and watches as the dog thing
walks in circles a few times, and then proceed to “puke” up five cats and a
kitten (asleep) before disappearing into the shadows.

“There’s kitty!” Kei whispers happily, picking up the little kitten and showing it
to Yuri. “We got what we came for.”

“Yeah, yeah…” Yuri sighs, picking up the other five cats, “And more than that. I
don’t know what compelled you to do what you did -- eww, these things are
sticky with monster slobber!!”

As they left work a little earlier Kei noticed a small girl crying. When she asked
what was wrong she said a thing stole her kitty from her. Sure enough the
thing was nearby taunting the girl, and Kei immediately promised to get kitty
back (leaping after the beast as it shoved kitty down it’s throat). Yuri,
convinced the kitty was already dinner, ran after Kei trying to stop her. But Kei
wouldn’t listen to a word she said, and ran recklessly after the thing until they
caught up to it. “How did you know kitty was alive?”

Kei shrugged, blushing, “I didn’t! I figured we could just catch it and then pick
up a new kitty for her on the way back!”

THIS --” (?) “-- OW!!” (Yuri pulls at the cats in her arms, who were getting too
“attached” to her as they mewled and meowed) “Damn things are clawing me!

Ouch!! Dammit! Stop it you evil fur -- OW!!”

Kei was already one step ahead of Yuri as she motions towards the stairs, “Let’
s go return them to their owners. I already contacted them and they’ll meet us
down at a nearby foodcourt.”

“Yeah… yeah… ouch! Let’s get a box to put these things in…” Yuri grumbles,
following Kei as she continues to try and make the cats stop clawing her,
“Better yet, let’s get a sack to throw these mewling things in before they cut me
to death -- if that‘s even possible considering I‘m already “dead“.” (stops) “How’
d you contact their owners anyway?

We didn’t even have time to find out where that girl lived, let alone who these
five evil hellspawn belong to… ouch… You don’t know who owns them!”

“The web does!” and, with that, she pulls up a screen with the images of the
cats, with the words “LOST - REWARD OFFERED” on each. “And we’ll go back
to RealmGames because the girl is waiting for us there.”

Yuri, however, wasn‘t too thrilled. "Great. Think they’ll give us enough so I can
pay for a medico healer on the way home? Ouch!! Damn things are going to scar
me for “life” --

DAMMIT!! Ouch! Ouch… I hate my “life“."

Somehow all five cats slept through the wait for their owners to return, even
with Yuri screeching “ouch” “ouch” “ouch” (and a long chain of obscenities) the
whole time as they unconsciously groped and scratched her.

* * * * * *

If Yuri wasn’t too pleased with holding the cats, and ergo being clawed by them
like a living breathing scratching post, she was in a far better mood once she
picked up a medico healer from an Eternal Drug Store and the two were on the
train back home.

For the longest time she held the shiny Credit Chip in her hands, staring at it
endlessly, occasionally rubbing it against her face (once Kei convinced her that
it wouldn’t damage the PlastiSteel card in anyway by doing so). “Do you know
what this is? Do you?”

Kei, abit groggy from the capturing of the Darkling, only yawned. “It’s a

hybrid data storage card akin to a credit card used for financial transaction.
Invented in the year 2146 by…” (yawn) “I want to eat the leftover spaghetti
when we get home and fall asleep.”

“Sure. Sure.” Yuri absently muttered, waving off Kei’s lack of enthusiasm, “But
it’s also MONEY! Credit! Dinero! Moolah! And all we had to do was drag down
one itsy bitsy little “dog” thing for it!”

“You sure changed your tune suddenly.” Kei noted, eyes drooping abit, “Did the
“dog” give you rabies? You’re talking kinda funny and I don‘t know why… is it
that time of the month again?”

Yuri frowns, shoving Kei once to get her attention focused (and to wake her
up), “No the “doggy” didn’t give me rabies or PMS! The amount of credits they
gave us for finding those cats were obscene! I mean if I knew doing something
like that was so easy I’d be looking for lost cats day in and day out! It‘s easy
money for nothing!”

Briefly the image of their apartment becoming a cat sanctuary, with Yuri
bringing home every stray she found and “ransoming” them back to their
owners crossed Kei’s mind. She simply shrugged it off and said “It stops being
a good thing when you just drag them home for money. Then it‘s illegal.” her
head collapses against Yuri’s shoulder, a yawn on her lips, “Tell me about it
tomorrow when I’m awake.”

Yuri, undaunted, continued. “I wasn’t thinking of bringing cats home on a
regular basis! Maybe once in awhile if we ever find one, sure, I mean I can live
with that and-- hey! Wake up!” (shakes Kei again to get her partially awake)
“Anyway I bring you home on a daily basis, and your more than enough pussy to
clean after and feed on a daily basis.”

“-- hey --” Kei groans, too tired to argue. “So… what…?”

“So…” Yuri smirks, already taking the ball and running with it towards the
inevitable conclusion, “Let’s make a job of this! We could make a mint off of
this kind of work!”

“Kitties make me sleepy. Too much work.” Kei sighs, followed by another yawn.

“And here I thought you were the girl willing to climb any “mountain”!“ Yuri

Kei looked at Yuri with her bleary eyes, and sighed one more time for good
measure. “Tomorrow. Tonight feed me, bathe me, and fuck me -- in that order“
Kei mutters half awake, yawning once again.

“Don’t do that…“ Yuri complains, yawning as she does, “It’s contagious… Kei!”
(pushes Kei a few times) “Stay focused on the big picture! I meant the trouble
shooting thing! If people pay this much just for a cat being returned imagine
how much they’ll pay for other easy to do things! Let’s offer our services as two
hip hard working women ready to take on any job for the right price! Think of
it!” (the gears in Yuri’s head spinning at Warp 7 as she thought of the
possibilities) “We’d finally be doing something RESPECTIBLE! No more counter
work in some half-ass gaming store! We’d be doing cool ass shit like on TV! Get
a nice car, drive around looking bad ass, getting lingere models to give us
threesomes! It could be ours! And to top it all off people will show us R-E-S-P-
E-C-T! That more than anything makes me want to sing!”

Kei - “…please don’t sing…” (muttering half awake)

Yuri - “Not to mention the fact that people would pay us up the buttocks just
to do simple things like find cats, or fix broken relationships, set the clock on
their entertainment systems so it stops flashing 12:00 (which makes no sense
since time doesn’t have much meaning here) or get them a raise or something!
I mean we could be living the easy life just doing things people are too lazy to
do themselves! We’d be rich!!”

Kei, too tired to argue, merely rubs her head against Yuri’s arm in a vain
attempt to get comfortable. “Does that mean you’ll help boys too lazy to jerk
off? I heard they‘re too lazy to do that some--” (yawn)

Briefly the horrible image of her last “john” trying to rape Kei comes to mind.
“No way.” (smiles, nudging Kei back to being awake) “No more sex for money.

It’ll all be totally straight up honest work! Now don’t fall asleep! I’m not
carrying your ass back to the apartment -- again!”

“Meanie…” Kei grumbles.

* * * * * *

Kei, her muscles relaxing inside the huge bath in their mid sized bathroom,
looked at Yuri (opposite of her) and sighed. “No more extra work talk!” she
moaned, leaning her head back to stare at the ceiling. The bath was huge,
which was abit awkward since the room consisted of a sink, a small shower
area, a huge bath and that’s it. Apparently being “dead” had an advantage… no
need for waste disposal since the body absorbed all “food”

and turned it into energy. Still all the food in the world wouldn’t make Yuri any
better at long distance cross country track or more fit to jump from building to
building to building. Still it did save time on trips to the bathroom.

“I think we should stick to consulting and trouble shooting, try not to take too
many jobs that require a lot of running around.” Yuri remarked, already making
mental plans in her head concerning the “future” of their “second job”. Kei
simply ignored her and pushed the rubber duck of her’s around the tub waiting
for her to get all of this out of her system. “Quack quack quack” she’d chime,
pushing ducky around waiting and waiting…until Yuri finally grabbed ducky and
sighed. “Alright! I get the point! No more business talk!” (sighs) “What now?”

Kei pushes Yuri back, a playful _expression on her face as she reaches under
the water,

“No more talk! More fuck, less business!”

“That’s not entirely kos--” Yuri begins, her words failing her as Kei plunges two
fingers into her sex. “Eek! Fuck kosher.” she moans, one hand grasping Kei’s
hand, motioning for her to do it faster, her other hand sliding between Kei’s
legs to return the favor.

Kei suddenly pushes back, out of Yuri’s range, wresting her hand free from her
lover’s grip as she smiles, “I have a surprise for you!”

“WHAT? N-n-now? But I was just getting into it!!” Yuri cried. Kei shakes her
head and motioned for Yuri to shut her eyes. “You’ll like this! Now close your
eyes, spread your legs and trust me!”

Not feeling the urge to be argumentative, she did exactly what she was told.
Seconds passed, nothing. She heard Kei swallow -- but nothing.

Finally she felt Kei move into her arms, and a strap on at her private spot.
Before she could act Kei fell forward, thrusting into her in one swoop. She cried
out, nearly falling into the water at the shock. Kei thrusting awkwardly as she

“GODDESS KEI SLOW DOWN!!” Yuri screamed.

“I’m slipping!” Kei cried out, “I’m trying to -- there!” (finally gets set) “-- oh fuck
too late --” she groans, and goes back to slamming her hard. Yuri, the idea of
finesse and ease gone, simply gave herself up to Kei fully and without
complaint. It felt too damn good to argue about it at this point.

The soap made their skin feel super soft, so that each stroke sent never before
felt sensations shotgunning through them, they were in heaven. Kei gasped as
her moment hit, Yuri’s moment not far behind as she came along with her
lover, both crying out as they released their pleasures together.

Kei falls forward into Yuri’s waiting arms, the two cuddling tightly as Kei gasps
for breath. “That -- was -- good.” she sighed.

Yuri smiled, her breath already returned. “Now it’s my turn.”

Before Kei could resist, Yuri shoves her back, Kei’s arms blindly lashing out to
grab the tubs sides before she fell into the water, her bottoms coming up
towards Yuri’s face.

“Wait I’m not ready yet!!” she cried.

Yuri’s mouth nimbly engulfed her “womanhood”, sucking it madly. Kei’s grip
weakens as she feels new tidal waves of hot pleasure roar through her body.
Yuri’s hands grope around Kei’s bottom, only for her to stop.

“W-wh-what!!” Kei groans, hot and bothered by Yuri’s ministrations.

“There’s no str -- WHAT THE FUCK!!”

Yuri just noticed that Kei wasn’t wearing a strap on. Kei, however, was too far
gone to talk story now. “GET OUT!!”


“LIE DOWN!! I GOTTA CUM!!” she screamed, “It’s going to vanish soon!! Please
I just gotta do it NOW!! I want to cum between your tits! Please!!”

Obediently Yuri quickly gets out of the tub, lying down on the floor using a
towel as a bathmat. Kei stumbles out, quickly jumping on top of Yuri, grabbing
her breasts and shoving her dick in between them. With a harsh yelp she
thrusts herself in, her dick shuddering as she begins to flick her hips back and
forth quickly. “Please cum! Please cum! Please cum! Please cum!”

Yuri leans forward, her tongue lashing the tip of Kei’s “womanhood” as it
thrusts over and over again, until at last her breath freezes, her hips stop as
she feels it about to happen. Yuri grabs Kei and quickly pushes her back onto
the tub, kneeling before her, breasts squeezed tight, as she rams her tits up
and down over and over until Kei shudders one more time and comes. From the
tip of her “femalehood” a thick spurt of female cum shoots out, and again and
again, until at last it falls limply down and changes back to her womanly sex.
Kei feels her love’s strong arms scoop her up, and carry her to bed.

“Where’d you get that?” she asked quietly.

“Not now --” Kei moans, her strength gone, “-- tomorrow --”

Yuri nods her head, kissing Kei once firmly on the lips as their bed opens
before them, the two falling into their soft sheets and into a deep, restful sleep.

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Freelancers : Chapter 5
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