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Freelancers : Chapter 6
David Rasmussen©

The Next Day.

“Kei-chan! Wake up!!” Yuri yells, shaking Kei vigorously, “We have to eat breakfast
and then go to work! Wake up!”

Finally, after much effort, Kei rolls to one side and pokes at the silent alarm clock in
an effort to shut it off. “What h‘ppened to living on squeezy street.” Kei grumbled,
trying to roll herself back into bed. “We have to work on it first, remember?“ Yuri
grumbles, finally resorting to yanking the bedding out from under Kei to roll her onto
the floor.

“Get dressed and eat breakfast!“

“Sigh.” Kei groans from the floor, “Alright… alright…”

At breakfast Yuri seemed rather intent on talking to Kei about something. “Food…“
Kei groaned, motioning to be fed. “There’s something I want to talk to you about


Yuri stopped for a second, uncertain, then she asked what was troubling her since
she got up that morning, “It's about your online “friend” Von Hammer. Did he…”

“No he didn‘t make passes at me or talk about sex.” Kei grumbled, head collapsed
onto the table, “He was rather nice.”

“It’s always the nice ones you have to keep an eye on.“ Yuri warns as she lifts Kei’s
body and slides her plate into view, “Don’t collapse into your breakfast.“

As they began to eat, Yuri slid a piece of paper over to Kei. “I did some names last
night, what do you think?“

Kei, not even noticing, simply ate. “Tell you later.“

Yuri, however, wasn‘t going to be derailed so easily, "Well considering I made last
night sooooo special for you the way I gave you that totally perfect tittyfuck the least
you can do is give me the time of day and look at these names for our freelancing
business! There’s some real good ideas there and…“

“Freelancers.“ Kei groans, shoving more food into her mouth. “What?“

“Freelancers. Stick to that.“ Kei repeats.

Yuri, picking up the paper, glances at it and notes it was her seventh choice. “Oh.
Right. Ok then, Freelancers it is.“ she notes, sipping her drink as she glances back
at Kei who mutters “I looked before falling asleep yesterday.”

“Speaking of yesterday I see we’re not so energetic and full of pep now are we.
Welcome to my world, girl."

"You’re out of shape.“ Kei groaned.

“You’re one to talk considering it takes a lot of effort to roll you out of bed and into
clothes every morning!“ Yuri retaliates, shifting in her seat as she glares down at
Kei. "Guess I better get you up and at em’…“

Kei blearly huffed her breath at the thought, “I am up and at him… him who…“

As always Kei was only half dressed, so it was no big effort to slide down between her
legs, pull her panties to one side, and eat her pussy in one long slurping lick. That
one jolt kicked Kei in the spine right up to her brain and got her up fast. Gently
pulling Kei’s bottom upwards abit, Yuri relished in her lover’s tastes as Kei gripped
her hair, groaning incisively as she ground her sex into Yuri’s hungry mouth. It didn’t
take long, but her orgasm got some steam back into Kei as she came vigorously,
crying out as she gushed over Yuri’s face. She was up, and out of her chair in a flash,
getting dressed.

Yuri, wiping her lips clean and savoring the flavor of Kei’s passions on her lips, sat
back down to eat breakfast. But almost immediately she felt her own need. Thinking
back to the night before she remembered something -- “Kei swallowed something.”

The first thing she did was look through Kei’s stuff for clues. She found a small tube
of pills and, being curious, swallowed one. At first nothing happened, “Hope this isn’t
her “happy” pills… I don’t want to be that happy on a daily basis…“ then she felt a
tightening, and yelped as her crotch came to life. Seconds later she saw her panties
rise upwards as if -- “Oh fuck she has shemale pills? Where’d she get that shit?”

Still, not to look a gift horse in the mouth. She pulled her panties down, and began to
stroke her new “member” slowly, feeling the charges run through her body as she
gaveherself her first “male” style handjob. “I better not do this too often --” she
rasps between heaving breathes, “I might start to like it…”

Two minutes later she heard the thump and went to find Kei, now dressed, lying on
the floor groaning “Not now, mom, school’s not for another hour.”

Well, at least she once again managed to get Kei dressed.

Still, it’d be a waste to undo it -- but she was already aroused and --

Yuri quickly yanks her top up over her head and flicks her new “dick” over Kei’s perky
breasts, squeezing her smaller tits together around her shaft crying out with each
thrust against her lovely mounds. This goes on for a full minute until she comes,
crying out Kei’s name as she cums over her chest and neck.

Slowly, carefully, she then wipes the mess clean, and pulls Kei’s shirt down again
only to find herself looking at a half awake cranky girl. “I don’t fuck you when you’re

“Then wake up.” Yuri remarks with a devilish grin.

* * * * * *

The morning rush to the train seemed abit harder this morning, especially since it
looked like she would have to lug Kei to the train on her back. “We ate, I dressed,
and you’re still lethargic! Come on! Wake up already!” Yuri groaned, shaking Kei, “We
better get to work! Come on, Kei, let's roll!!”

“WE CAN'T BE LEAVING ALREADY!” Kei cried, looking about for a clock,

“Is it time yet?!?”

“Come on slowpoke, time’s wasting!”

Kei, shoving the last of her food down, quickly ran to the door (now quite energized)

“Let‘s go! Let‘s go!”

“Oh NOW we‘re awake.” she sighed, following Kei out the door.

Shoving the last of her food as she runs out, Kei’s eyes spin, hand pounding her
chest as she chokes down the last of breakfast, tears flowing with a dazed look as
she nearly chokes herself on her own food.

“Uh-- chew, girl, chew…” Yuri mutters, abit concerned, “Don’t choke to death or
anything. I’m not lugging your corpse to work.“

* * * * * *

"Wait for us! Wait!!" Yuri screams, barely managing to shove herself between the
closing doors, keeping them open for Kei to wiggle herself in with Yuri right behind

“Dammit! We almost missed the train -- again.“

Kei nodded her head, collapsing into her usual chair next to Yuri, panting, knowing
what Yuri was going to say next. “We need to wake up earlier.“

“Maybe we would have been early if you didn’t take advantage of my half sleeping body
this morning.“ Kei thought, opening her “thought” channel to Yuri.

“After I ate you out you’re going to bitch about ME relieving myself? Selfish! And you
should --”

“I know! I know -- wake up earlier, right, right, sigh-- but bed feels too good to get up
from! It’s so soft! It’s like being itsy-bitsy Kei-chan and curling up between your soft
pussy flesh! Cunty cuddles!“

Yuri looks at her as if she snapped, “Did I fuck your brain into the off position? What’
d I say about ixnay talking about ixnay?“

“Don’t go into it while we’re out?“ Kei noted.


After a long minute Kei reaches over and snuggles her face against Yuri’s breasts.
Yuri, smiling, pulls her close and leans her head to one side. “Don’t fall asleep, we
don’t want to miss our stop.”

“I won’t.” she sighs peacefully, “Too firm. Can‘t sleep.”

Yuri makes a face at Kei (“behind” her back). “Whatever.”


At their usual place at the register in RealmGames, Kei turns and looks at Yuri with
a curious _expression. “Is it alright to do this?“

“You didn’t care about appropriateness yesterday!“ Yuri countered, “Come on!

The sooner we set up our business on the RealmNet the faster we’ll get clients and
high paying jobs!“

“Yuri’s the Queen of Wishful Thinking.“ Kei mutters, continuing to punch “keys” on
the holo screens she had pulled up. “Gimme “mountains” to climb and I’m happy.“

“If it pays good money you can climb the Mount Everest of computer hack jobs! Just
get us set, that‘s all I ask!“

“I think I've got it now. I need to just finish it up and we’ll be online with our virtual
“office” momentarily.”

Long seconds passed, as time seemed to stand still, then…


Yuri grabs Kei tight, smiling a downright disturbingly silly grin as she stares at their
new online “corporate logo”. “That’s it?!? It’s up??”

“It’s up.” Kei announced half heartedly, “We even have a receptionist to take

“Show me! Show me!” Yuri prodded, eyes glued on the holo screen as the image
changed to a little office screen and a female secretary. “The last thing I had to do
was put in her dialogue. We can still change it if you want to, this won’t go up for a
few hours yet.”

“Let’s hear.” Yuri urged.

The secretary bowed, and spoke.

“Welcome to Freelancers, the troubleshooting specialists here to handle all your
unique problems! How can we be of service?”

Yuri slaps Kei on the back, face glowing from the excitement.

“For more information on our varied services, click the chart board.”

“To file for a request for help, click the clipboard.”

“To leave a message, or to ask any questions about possibly hiring us for a case,
click the phone or leave a message in the in-box.”

“We are currently online and ready to assist you. How may we be of assistance

“We are currently at work but will take your message as soon as possible.”

“We are currently off duty but will take your message as soon as possible.”

“We are currently fucking our brains out in bed, and can’t answer your message for a
time to come. Please --” (STOP)

"What?“ Kei asks. “I thought you liked “truth in advertising”?”

“There‘s truth and then there‘s stuff I‘d rather people didn‘t know about -- “ Yuri
notes, face turned from happy to deadpan _expression. “Anymore like that?“

Kei shrugs and taps a button.

“Presently my mistresses are using their tongues to eat each out. However, if you
would like to speak to them later when they’re not so occupied in oral services,

(STOP) “Yeah.” Yuri moans irritably, “Erase that too.“

* * * * * *

Two hours later.

Yuri : “Anything? (And for goddess‘ sake please tell me you didn‘t put anymore
pornographic messages on our site!)”

Kei checks the web once again, and comes back with a negative. “It just went up now.
You have to give it a few weeks -- and I took all the messages of that nature off.”

“A few weeks…” Yuri groaned, “That’s no good.“

“Nothing’s quick.“ Kei notes, playing another hand of virtual solitaire as she sits and
waits for customers. “Maybe I should restock the shelves?“

Yuri, however, was focused on the site more than on her job, “So we can cruise the
net, play solitaire or something of a more "adult" nature, but we can't get any real
work done yet?” Yuri moans irritably, “I thought this was supposed to be a Realm of
Dreams. Sure I’m getting all the important dreams fulfilled, except the one where we
become rich. When do we get that wish fulfilled again?”

“Give it a few weeks.” Kei reminds her, stashing her gear away as she moves to
restock shelves anyway. “Even dreams take time.”

“You do know if worse comes to worse and I ever go crazy? We can turn this site into
a porn den and make millions preying on the overwrought male hormones around us.”

Silence. Kei obviously was too busy stocking to listen.

“Well your no fun--” Yuri groans, flopping back into her chair as she took to watching
the ceiling. “We FINALLY find something that’ll make us a legitimate fortune and it’ll
take weeks before we can even start to hope for results to come in!“ (huffs her breath)
“The universe is conspiring against me again!“

“I don’t think the universe at large has it out for you yet, Yuri-chan.“

“It feels like the universe is out to get me. It might be paranoid but somehow I can’t
help but feel that I’m being singled out by the universe as a whole for some sort of
thing I did against it that I can’t even remember.“ (spins in her chair) “Maybe it’s just
got a sick sense of humor and I’m it’s favorite victim.”

“It’s not that bad.” Kei reminds her.

“Alright so it's not THAT bad! But still it feels like it’s that bad.”

Kei pokes her head out from the aisles she’s working and smiles.

“Can I spank you then?”

“I said they’re being bad, not I’m being bad!”

* * * * * *

"I still think she tricked us." Yuri laments.

She had be going on about one thing or another since Freelancers went online. Now
she was talking about Keiko “railroading“ them into the job of “assisting“ to capture

“Dangerous psychopath“ Von Hammer.

“These sandwiches from that fast food place are great!” Kei notes with some
happiness, taking another bite as the two walk back to the train station for the trip
back home.

Yuri sighs miserably as she takes another bite of her food, wondering how long it’d
take before “Freelancers” ever takes off and becomes popular enough for the two to
live off of the pay that comes from that alone.

Yuri mounts the stairs to the train platform easily, no running this time since the
trains home always ran a little late. Suddenly Kei wobbles abit, almost falling into
Yuri as she reaches out and grabs her. “What’s wrong? Something up with the

“I don’t know -- I feel funny.” Kei moans, allowing Yuri to walk her up the stairs and
through the gates (once she puts their cards through) onto the main platform.

“Maybe the sandwich didn’t agree with me --”

“Maybe one day we’ll be able to afford our own car. Then you can eat in comfort on the
way home, and not have to eat and run all the time.“ Yuri chides gently, trying to take
Kei’s mind off her queasy body.

Life wasn’t difficult for them that Yuri needed to have these regrets, and they were
paid well enough, and lived rather comfortably. Still… Yuri simply wanted more. With
more hard work the two could probably achieve that level of living which Yuri craved
for herself and Kei, only Yuri didn’t want to wait forever -- even if six months doesn’t
necessarily equate as “forever”.

Suddenly Yuri freezes as Kei doubles over, grasping herself tightly,

“Kei? Kei what’s wrong honey!! Kei!!”

Kei’s body shivers as she looks upwards, eyes widening, “He’s here.”

Yuri’s body tenses, her breathing stops for a second as she hear a faint shrieking
whine -- a whine that was rapidly approaching the open air platform that they were
on at that very second. “Yuri…? What---”


As she quickly shoves Kei down, a huge black fighter comes barreling out of nowhere,
barely managing to get over the train platform and back into the sky.

Everyone who was on the platform heeded Keiko’s warning, and hit the deck just as
the dark shape zoomed overhead. "What was that?!" Yuri gasps, looking quickly, then
glancing downward to make sure Kei was safe.

Kei’s eyes continued to looked skywards, towards the fighter, her face dark.

“Omegatech fighter. Alliance issued long range fighter craft.“

Yuri looks over at Kei confused, she only smiles and remarks offhandedly

“Saw it in a movie once---” (Yuri nods her head, gaze turning back towards the fighter
as it makes a sharp turn in the skies above) “-- what the hell is going on --”

Kei shudders again, her arms wrapping tightly around Yuri.

“He’s coming for me -- please Yuri -- don’t let him take me --”

* * * * * *



“Your telling me --” Captain Lazarus glumly remarks, checking the wing struts as he
turns his fighter about. “One good gust of razor feathers and that thing almost
impaled me through a skyscraper. Almost crashed and burned into that train platform
too--” (looks down) “They're OK though. And wouldn't that be a hard one to explain to
people if --”

“What's the --” The commlink buzzed and crackled, signal isn't holding solid with all
the energy being discharged into the air from Von Hammer’s presence “-- is it dow --
repor -- tus of Von Ham -- is any -- there? Res--”

“Von Hammer still has air dominance. Repeat, Von Hammer still has air dominance.
He took off again but --” (takes a look as his fighter flies over the town) “-- he's
getting more agitated.”

From his viewpoint overlooking Citadel City proper, he could see the Frigate Antares,
listing in an awkward sideways angle, sticking out of city harbor. The ship forced down
by Von Hammer, his patience diminishing in more and more obvious signs as he
makes his presence felt in the city.

“Command One to Lazarus, we’re monitoring the situation in the skies right now.
Mauna Kea reports a squadron of fighters are inbound to provide assistance in
repelling Von Hammer.”

“That’s good. Von Hammer knocked me for a loop, but I‘m…”

Von Hammer was coming back, barreling down from the sky-- and right at the train
platform Jack barely managed to avoid colliding into a few minutes ago.

“---aw damn---”

To Be Continued…

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